Shyla stylez is a lusty blond pornstar

Shyla stylez is a lusty blond pornstar
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Laying in bed, Amber was thinking about how different she was just a year ago. Now as a junior in high school, life seem completely different. Her sophomore year was anything but ordinary. She has always been the shy Asian girl no one notices all through freshman year. That summer she decided it was time for a change. She died her hair from jet black a light brown. But her biggest change was getting rid of her school nerd glasses. Even though she still wasn't the prettiest girl around her confident was so much higher.

In the fall she start sophomore year with her new founded smile. In one of her classes she meet a girl named Alexia, who was gorgeous the classic blonde hair blue eyes look.

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Alexia and Amber became friends instantly. Alexia changed Amber from okay to a drop dead hot Asian girl. She thought Amber how to put on make up and mix outfits. But the most important thing Amber learned that year was making out. Amber never had a bf before or even a guy who looked her way. The first guy she kissed was just some dude alexia introduced her to at a party.

Amber was really nervous but once she got started she never stopped. But she was still a virgin, she knew if she got pregnant her mom would kick her out and disown her. At the end of the year party Alexia throw, was where Amber met Tony.

He was 6' 2 with a killer smile and hard washboard abs. Amber knew at 1st sight Tony was gonna be the one. Amber played it cool and made her way across the room. Once Tony caught the smile on Amber's face, he sent one right back. Their convo. started out pretty normal about school and their fav. Type of music but anyone could have told you they had chemistry. At the end of my sister the school girl jade nile party they traded numbers and hugged goodbye.

Amber was disappointed he didn't try to kiss her but this only made her want to taste his lips more. About a week later on Saturday morning her cell phone went off and it was Tony. She wanted to ask him why it took him so long to call but she kept her cool. She answered the phone " hey sexy, missed me" was what Tony said. The sound of his deep voice made her shiver a little.

He asked her how she was doing and did she have any plans for Friday night. She wanted to play hard to get so she replied that she was busy. It wasn't free to her that he made her wait so long. He knew what Amber was trying to do here and knew exactly how to respond. He said he was really disappointed to hear that and said he had something reallyyyyy special planned for the both of them.

Amber could feel her nipples harden at Tony's every word.

Her voice was very shaky when she said " well, I can always change my plans but tell me what this something special is first".

" you'll just have to find out". Tony was in total control.

Amber couldn't wait so she asked Tony if this something special can be moved up. It completely shocked her when he said "nope sorry, sexy." The way he was making her want him was unbearable. So the plans were set for Friday, he was going to pick her up at 8.

First thing Amber did when she got off the phone was call alexia, but no one picked up. So amber decided to walk over to alexia house which was only a few blocks from her own. She knocked on the door and no one answer. She wasn't that surprise because she knew alexia parents were on a vacation that whole week. She was walking down the steps when alexia opened the door. Amber ran sexy dark brown teen cant live without the taste of a huge palpitating shaft the house and told alexia what just happened not noticing alexia hair was a mess and she had on only panties and that the shirt she was wearing was from yesterday.

Amber looked at Alexia who looked very pleased at the moment and asked her what was up. The amber heard the upstairs' shower go off. Alexia winked and said " hmmm… I have an idea. Since you're meeting Tony this Friday we need to find you something special to wear and teach you a few treats". Amber asked what kind of treats were Alexia referring to though she already knew.

Alexia dragged Amber upstairs into her bedroom and told her to have a sit on bed. Amber felt a little uncomfortable yet excited.

" I think we're close enough friends now so I' going to let u watch me fuck Jon. Watch carefully so you'll be more prepared for Tony". Jon was alexia's 18 yr-old bf. Amber didn't know what to say at all. She was really excited and started feel a warmth grow between her legs. Jon walked back into the room with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

Water was still dropping off him. He wasn't as tall as Tony but he had the same washboard abs. Alexia told him she wanted him now right in front of her best friend.

He seem really turned on by this. Amber noticed Alexia's hand was under Jon towel and by the look on Jon's face he was really getting into it. Alexia kissed Jon passionately for a few minuets then ripped off his towel. He was naked, completely naked and Amber let out a little moan. She could tell his dick was about 7ins long and very thick. Alexia got on her knees and gave amber a smile. Then put Jon prick into her mouth and started moving her head up n down in a slow motion.

Within seconds Jon was moaning and tell alexia to suck it faster. She looked like she knew what she was really doing, Amber got a lil jealous. She hoped Tony dick was gonna be this big n fat. Alexia was using her tongue now to lick the head of Jon's dick. Kissing and toying around with it in her mouth.

A small amount of clear liquid came out of the tip. Alexia commended amber to come over n finish Jon off. Amber was shocked and went weak in the knee. She was unable to move from the bed and alexia could tell so she order her bf to go to amber. Alexia order amber to open her mouth and she did. Jon place his prick inside. Amber was really wet now. She start to suck on it like alexia did but couldn't take it all in.

she tasted the clear liquid warm and sweet. She started to get the hang of it and sucked hard. Alexia was on the bed next to amber now, she was rubbing her wet pussy over her panties with one hand and using the other she was striking Jon's dick. Amber was working alexis loves lexingtons big cock inside her tight pussy the tip while alexia stroked the rest. Jon started to move his dick against alexia's strokes.

His cock was nice and lubed up by amber's and alexia's saliva along with his cum.

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The wanking felt really good. Soon he exploded all over amber's mouth. The taste and smell of his hot cum was fucking great. Alexia reached over on amber's jean and started to unbutton them. Amber felt soaked and made no attempts to stop alexia. Sunny leone hot nude backdoor amber was left in only her pink bra and pink thong.

Even though she was only a 32b she had the prefect shape tits and a pretty cute little ass. Alexia pulled off her shirt and revealed she had on no bra.

Her beautiful 36 Cs and quarter size tits really were a wonder.

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Alexia got up and waked over to Jon who was standing there waiting them and stroking his hardon. Alexia slipped out of her panties in one quick move and started making out w/ Jon again.

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Amber watched as Jon hands slides down alexia's back side and they were squeezing her ass. Then his hands went down further right on her cunt and him used two fingers to rub from front to back. Alexia started to let out quiet moans.

Hearing her best friends cries of pleasure made Amber very horny, she already had her fingers inside her pussy. She was fingering herself as she watched Jon finger alexia. She matched his speed. Alexia stopped him after for what seemed hours and she went over to amber while Jon followed her very move.

She looked into amber's eyes then turned back to Jon. "show amber how talented your tongue is" she said to Jon. " Gladly" He answered. Jon got onto the bed and moved amber's legs apart even though they already were.

He bent his head and started kissing her from the belly button. Then her stomach. Then her public hair. He could smell her excitement. Then went to work on group session with naughty doxies smalltits and homemade clit.

He moved his tongue all around it sending amber into compete ecstasy. Alexia went and removed amber's bra and was now sucking the left nipple. Her nipples harden fast and went from very light brown to a nice dark brown now.

Amber couldn't believe she was getting the royal treatment. This was her first sexual experience. She felt she was in heaven. She never thought about a threesome but here she was w/ her best friend and her best friend's boyfriend. But she still wanted to save her cherry for Tony. Amber had her…… To be continued