Sexy babe eva lovia shows off her goodies

Sexy babe eva lovia shows off her goodies
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Raoul and Miguel sat at the bar, drinking bottles of Corona and checking out all the hot asses. They had been shot down by many girls already in their vain attempt to get laid.

Here at the bar in Puerto Vallarta, it was a mix of local Mexican women and some of the more adventurous tourists. Most of the tourists tasty teen toys ink pussy and sucks dick in the safer bars, but every once in a while, some tourists would make the long trip to this bar, just because of the view it provided over the beach.

There was one girl who kept catching their attention. Not because she was the most beautiful, but because she was by far the loudest. She was the one always dancing on the tables, yelling out randomly and in general, making an ass of herself.

She had bright red hair and was wearing a short black dress that had many parts open along with a pair of black fuck me boots. She looked young, but did not dress that way. Typical drunken tourist, out for a night. "Hey Raoul, you going to try her next. She looks like she would fuck anybody and anything?" "I would have to fight past all those other guys. Why would she want an ugly mug like mine?" As they watched her, she suddenly slapped a blond guy across the face and started yelling at him.

Something about "how dare you sleep with so and so". Typical teenage one-night stand stuff. She stormed out of the bar and headed for the beach. Both men looked at each briefly, grabbed their beers and then followed her out. She hobbled across the sand in her boots as best as she could.

Eventually, she just fell over and sat down looking at the stars. "So Raoul, you want to get laid tonight? I say we take this girl like the one we did last month?" "We can't Miguel.

Too many people on the beach. We have to get her away from here." "But how? If we grab her, all she has to do is yell." As if on cue, she stood back up and hobbled over towards one of the very few public washrooms on the beach. The two men followed her, some distance away. She opened the door and walked into the women's washroom. "If there is nobody else in there, we have a great opportunity.

Walk in there and if she sees you, just act like you walked into the wrong one accidentally. I'll keep an eye on the door." Miguel walked slowly inside and peered around the corner. The bathroom only had one stall, which was oversized for handicap access. He could see her boots under the door. "Raoul. We are good." Both men walked into the washroom with their prey.

The door had a lock, which Raoul turned so that they could not be disturbed. Both men put their beers on the counter and waited. A moment later, they heard her stand up, flush the toilet and open the door. She swung open the bathroom door and stared at the two men. Suddenly, they pounced. "What are you doing!" She yelled as the men grabbed her arms as she tried to run away. "Stop! Stop! I'll scream! Please stop!" Raoul took off his belt and wrapped it around her wrists behind her back.

She was a small girl and easy for the two strong men to overcome. "Oh god, please. I have money, please don't do this to me!" She whimpered. "Listen here you little slut, we are going to have some fun with you tonight. You little whore, shaking your ass. You are going to get what you wanted." Raoul took the girl and pushed her back into the stall.

He took her and threw her over the toilet so that her head hung off the other side and held her head so that she could not move. "If you yell, we'll drown you in this toilet once we're german young girl get fucked by her step brother got behind the girl and stared at her young ass. He hiked up her skirt, displaying a pair of sheer dark thong panties just below a tattoo on her lower back.

Barely enough to cover her. He simply grabbed the string and tore it, revealing a tight ass and her pussy" "Come on man, hurry up. I want to fuck this girl soon." "No problem. I'll be done with this slut pretty fast." Miguel said as he dropped his pants to the ground. "No foreplay for you." He took his cock and slid on a condom. Better to not leave any evidence. He then put it near her hole and started to push, but found her to be bone dry. She started to kick her boots against the floor in vain and crying loudly.

Her fingernails were digging into her palms in frustration. Miguel simply pulled back and then shoved forward with all his strength. She began yelling and Raoul quickly covered her mouth, holding her in place as she struggled to get away. Miguel could tell it really hurt her and he thought he could probably feel some sand from the beach, making it extra uncomfortable. But he did not care. He pulled almost all the way out and then slammed it back in. Time was tight, so they would have to finish fast.

Otherwise, some other people might get curious. He started to pound into her like a jackhammer. The sound of slapping filled the room. He took a hold of her ass, grabbed onto them and mauled them leaving red marks all over. "Yeah girl, you liking this?

Bet your boyfriends at home never treated you like this. But here, you act like a slut, you get treated like a slut" The girl kept kicking, but stopped screaming. Raoul still held her head down, but reached forward and pulled down the zipper of her dress, revealing the back of her bra. Raoul slid her dress down her arms and then pulled the back of the bra until it snapped. The bra did not have any shoulder straps, so it fell to the floor. He reached underneath her and started to fondle her small young breasts while still holding onto her head.

"Hey man, you done yet?" Raoul said. "No man, too much tequila. Besides, this pussy is dry man. Not too tight. I think she's been around the block a few times, if you know what I mean." Both men laughed while Miguel kept fucking her savagely from behind. "I love young, American pussy. You all think you are so much better than us Mexicans. This will teach you to take us seriously." Miguel was just pounding her. The slapping sounds were loud and she was being pushed hard against the toilet.

"Man, you are taking too long. Hurry up." Raoul said, still feeling the girl up. "What you talking about? She has other holes. Use them!" "Good point." Raoul let go of her head and dropped his pants. He grabbed her by the hair and lifted her face. There were long tears running down her face and she was in shock.

Raoul grabbed her hair tightly. "Girl, I'm going to stick my dick in your mouth and you are going to suck me off. Understand?" The girl just kept crying and whimpering while Miguel was fucking her doggy style like it was the last woman he would have. "Hey, stop fucking her for a minute." Miguel looked confused but stopped thrusting. Raoul pushed her back a bit until her head was over the toilet. He opened up the seat, took her head and shoved it into the water. Her body straightened up and she tried desperately to get out.

But her arms were still tied behind her back. Miguel laughed and then took a firm grip of her hips and continued to fuck her. It was like riding a bull and he barely had to thrust since she was all over the place. Raoul kept her underwater for about ten seconds and then yanked her now dripping red head out. She looked like she was about to throw up as she gasped for breath. Raoul let her body drop back onto the toilet and put his cock near her mouth again. "As soon as you are done spitting up that toilet water, stick out your tongue and lick my dick.

Otherwise, you go back inside, but this time, for longer." She opened her mouth and started to lick the underside of Raoul's penis. Raoul saw that she had a tongue ring. "You are a slut. A tongue ring for sucking dick. Nice." He pushed his cock inside of her mouth until it was lika anal gaping teen gg exclusive analfucking and asstomouth half way in.

"Now remember. If I feel teeth, it is back in the toilet for you. Now suck." He felt her suck and watched her cheeks collapse in from pulling so hard. Raoul slid his dick in and out of the girl's mouth slowly. Since she no longer resisted, he took both his hands and reached down below for her boobs.

He casually played with them while the girl tried her best to please him. "Yeah you Yankee bitch. Suck me good." He started to move faster in her mouth, but not as fast as Miguel was, who was still thrusting like a jackrabbit. "Hey man, if you want this pussy, I'm almost there." Miguel said between pants of lust. Raoul took the back of the girls head. "Hey girl, I'm going to see how deep this can go. You better not bite me. Take a breath." Raoul took his dick and pushed it slowly into her mouth.

She started to struggle a bit, but he kept going. He pushed until he could see her nose mashed up against her belly. Like this, she could not breathe at all. She started to squirm, but did not bite. Miguel, enjoying the struggling of the girl could not hold back any longer. "Yes…Yes…YES…YES!

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FUCK YEAHHH!!!" He yelled out, releasing his come into the girl. Just for fun, Miguel started to slap her already bruised and beaten ass for fun as he came. "Ah fuck, that was great. Your turn." Miguel stood up, pulled the condom off and put it into his pocket. Raoul pulled out of her mouth and she gasped for breath again "Now, it's my turn." Raoul walked over to the counter and took a long swig of his beer.

"Bitch, this is going to fun. Hold her down." The two men swapped spots and now it was Raoul behind her while Miguel held onto her head. Raoul slipped on a condom and positioned himself behind the weeping girl. "Please…do not rape me again. I am so sorry for whatever I did. Please." She wailed, even though nobody was listening. Raoul took a look at the sight in front of him.

Her ass was covered in red marks from the mauling. He smiled and simply took his cock and plunged it inside. He started to thrust back and forth while she cried out again. "Man, you're right. This girl is loose. Been fucked by too much cock. I need something different. Hold the bitch down." Raoul took his beer and finished it off with a loud belch.

He took the empty bottle and with his cock still in her pussy, positioned the smaller end of the bottle near her asshole. "Bottoms up bitch" He took the bottle and shoved it into her ass until it stopped where it got thick. The girl screamed and Miguel quickly clamped down on her mouth. She was bucking like a wild horse, the whole time while Raoul was laughing and fucking her pussy. "Hey man, she's like a dog with that tail." Miguel laughed. "Ride that bitch!" Every time Raoul would thrust, the bottle would get hit by his stomach and move, bringing her even more pain.

After a few minutes. Raoul pulled out, but left the bottle inside. He walked over to her face and spoke to her. "Now listen here a shark re master donkey full movie worthless cunt. I'm going to take the bottle out…and put my cock in that hole. But while I'm fucking you, I don't want my friend here to worry about holding you down.

But if you try to get away or scream, I'm turning the bottle around." To emphasize his point, he started to push the bottle deeper, stretching her asshole around the thicker part. She had a look of extreme pain on her face, but nodded silently. Raoul crouched back behind her and yanked the bottle out.

She accidentally let out a small fart and groaned quietly.

"Hey man, her farts smell like Corona!" Raoul laughed. He gave her ass a quick slap and then put his dick near her asshole.

"This is going to hurt you more than it will hurt me." Raoul viciously slammed his penis into her backside. She gave a quick yelp, but did not scream. "Fuck man, even with that beer, her ass is tiiiight. You chose the wrong hole." He stroked his dick in and out, almost pulling all the way out before putting it back in. He reached underneath and grabbed onto her tits as if they were handholds. He mauled them while watching her tight teen girl drilled by her stepbro s big fat cock as it grabbed onto his plunging cock.

He wished he could have done this without a condom, but they could not risk leaving any evidence. "I'm going for an American Grand Slam! All three holes baby!" He was not being the slightest bit gentle and the girl tried desperately not to yell. Miguel did not need to hold on anymore while Ramon fucked the poor girl rapidly. Miguel decided that even though he had come, he was going to enjoy this girl again. He took his half hard cock and held it in front of the girls open mouth.

Her eyes were screwed shut in pain and her mouth hung open. "Hey whore. I'll make sure you don't scream. Take a suck on this." Miguel took his dick and slammed it into the girl's mouth.

She yelled around his penis and started to gag.

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He did not care and simply started to use her mouth like it was a vagina. She was starting to lose it now and tried desperately to get away. "Ow! You fucking bitch, you bit me!" Miguel yelled and slapped her. Raoul grabbed the girl's bright red hair with both his hands and slammed her head back into the toilet, never missing a beat with the anal raping.

"That will teach you to bite you fucking American whore!" He held her head underwater and they could hear her scream into the dirty toilet water. Her palms were starting to bleed from her nails digging into them. But Raoul held on, fucking her ass harder, sending her deeper into the bowl with each thrust. Then, the screaming stopped and she started to struggle less.

"Hey man, you should let her up. I don't want to fuck no corpse man." "Almost there…" Raoul sped up his thrusting. "Yeah! Fuck, YEAH!" He thrust in one more time, cumming deep into her. At the same time, he yanked her head out of the water and actually pulled her hair to get himself deeper into her ass. "Yeah baby. That was fucking great!" He let her unconscious body fall onto the toilet. This caused her to wake up and she gave a huge vomit of toilet water right into the bowl.

Raoul pulled his dick out of her ass with a pop and gave a big sigh. "Hey man, is she dead?" Miguel asked. Raoul pushed her over onto the floor and they could see that she was still breathing. She was lying on her back with her legs spread, her tits hanging out and her makeup all over her once pretty face. "Want to brittany shae hot brunette gets banged st another round with her?" Raoul asked.

"No way man. Her pussy is loose, her ass is probably loose now and her mouth is filthy.

Let's just go. Grab your belt." They loosened the belt that held her hands and put it back on. The two men walked out slowly to make sure nobody was watching. "Hey wait, I got another idea." Raoul said as he snapped his fingers. They went back and tied her arms back up with her bra. They then carefully put her in the men's washroom over the toilet in there. Whoever would come by next would be her saviour, or her next nightmare…