Domination and teen threesome balcony chases a hefty plug fucktoy around the room

Domination and teen threesome balcony chases a hefty plug fucktoy around the room
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It was sweltering hot on a Saturday morning so I decided to go swimming, the beach and the pool was packed so I decided it would be better to go to hike up to the waterfall near my house it was a good hour hike so I pack a sleeping bag and some food I couldn't see the point in walking back that day a cool change was due the next morning and headed out.

About halfway there I could hear rustling in the bushes on the side of the path.

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I didn't pay much attention at first as there were often roos and emus about, but then I noticed that they were following me. I looked around but couldn't see anything, so I walked a little further. The noise had stopped, so I forgot about, thinking my mind was playing tricks on me. I was almost at the falls when the noise started again. I looked around and still couldn't see anyone and thought it must have been my mind again. I set up my sleeping bag and had something to eat. Sitting by the falls in the shade of the tall ghostly gums was so nice, I decided lay down for a rest before swimming, I removed my clothes and laid down the.

Watching the sun dancing around my naked body as it shone through the leaves on the trees hypnotised me into a deep sleep. Next thing I know I could feel cool moist lips kiss the inside of my thigh, this startled anime girl is getting missionary hardcore and animated I screamed and I looked down to find my neighbour leaning over me.

(I had been watching him at night whilst I masturbate a lot, as he sits by his fire in his back yard. His long hair with that fresh out of bed look, shirt off just sitting there.) He gently whispered it ok beautiful just lay back and relax.

I saw you watching me last night whilst you gently moaned with pleasure.

(I went pink when he said this) and I'm here to make you scream. I laid back into the soft comfort of my sleeping bag as he placed his hands on my hips gently flipping me onto my stomach. He started pouring oil on my back in a fine drizzle, he then started massaging my shoulder. He rubbed down my arms as I sank further into relaxation. After massaging every part of my back he gently turned me over again, and started the processes over again, more oil more massaging until I was almost asleep, then he gently opened my legs leaning in to kiss me using his tongue to massage the outside of my lips gently separating then to reach my clit as he passed it.

I was no longer falling asleep, but instead craving more than just the massage. I asked him to take me and with this he stood up.

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Undone his belt and dropped his pants, his penis sprung straight up busty ladyboy suck me good by fyst69 tube porn the air. He lifted his singlet off aver his head, then leaning down he picked me up cradling me in his arms, silently he walked me into the water deeper and deeper we reach the water crashing down around our heads and as we walked through it opened out into a cave walking into the deep blue cavernous cave he sat me down on a rock just beneath the water surface puling me close, he gently lent in his lips slightly open kissing me for just a second before puling me closer again kissing my neck his beard tickling as he gently pulled me onto his hard penis so I was still leaning on the ledge fully inside me he held me firmly as he slowly and gently made love to me, rhythmically sliding in and out of my hot throbbing pussy, as I moaned he moved faster and faster making me moan louder, and the louder I got the faster he pounded, still holding me tightly I could control the moans any longer I started to scream, "FUCK ME" he got faster and faster I felt my legs start to shake then the shaking moved through my body as it did I screamed out again I was cuming, my pussy throbbing I lost control of all my muscles and as I did he slowly laid me back into the water supporting my head with him hands allowing the water to circle my face he slowed his movements allowing me to get my breath back, as I pulled my body up again still with him gently massaging my insides with his hard lightening rod he pulled me in close kissing me long and hard, I started moaning again, and as I moan he pounded harder and as he pounded harder I moaned louder, I could feel another orgasm surfacing again trying to hold off powerless to stop it again I felt shaking between my legs as I screamed with pure ecstasy, I felt him start to tense up but still he gently laid me back supporting my head with his hand this time he used his other hand to gently rub my clit as he spilled his hot sticky juice inside me still hard and inside me he lifted me up sitting me this time only on his dick he walked me out into deeper water under the falls he started kissing me again until he went soft inside me my legs wrapped around his waist.

I slowly lowered my legs standing in front of him still kissing passionately.

After a long time we separated both of us swimming back to the shore climbing up onto the grass we laid down my head resting on his chest I fell asleep in his arms.

Sometime later he woke me again this time kissing my mouth and we started again over and over all night long making love in and out of the water, standing sitting and laying, every time he bought me to multiple screaming body shattering orgasms multiple time before, eating sleeping and starting again.