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Gloryhole minnesota anal america dating dickwatch
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He drooled into cute amateur blonde milf gives handjob 2 tube porn mouth and then spit on her face. Yea that's it, fucking white trash.

He spit on her again, the saliva dripping down her face. Shawn, lets see her Bitch Ass Man. Yea let's see the ass. Show us her White Fucking ASS. Bend over Bitch. Shawn pushed Lisa's head down. He pulled her shorts down to her knees. Bend over and show the boys. Lisa bent over her ass exposed to all the black teens. Yea, Yea that's it. That is be fine for fucking. Shake it Bitch.

Guys were yelling everything. Lisa shook her ass for them. Yea that's it, FucKing Fine. She felt Shawn pull her shorts down and off. Spread those legs. Bend over and pull those ass cheeks apart. O Yea, Lets see more of that pussy.

Spread those pussy Lips. Yea. Shawn slapped her bitch ass. Open that pussy up. SMAAACK, another slap to her ass. Lisa felt ready to pass out. The screaming the smell, the humiliation, bent over. She reached back and pulled apart her pussy lips to the cheers of the teens. Ya Dats fine shit, shake it. Yea spread it. We angela white foot fuck domination fuck dat shit, dats for sho.

Got dat right. Yea. Lets see the rest, Man, yea howz bout dem white tits. Shawn motioned to the big heavy black kid, come on up man. Lamar, Lamar, Lamar the guys chanted.

Lamar was smiling. A big MFER for his age.He grabbed the bitch by her hair and straightened her up. He had his crotch up against her naked ass. He dropped his pants and rubbed his cock up against her. Now das what cumin yo way bitch.

He reached around and grabbed her breasts. Shawn was laughing. Lamar ripped off her top with one power sweep of his hand.

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Now dats what I talkin bout. He took his hands and started to massage Lisa's tits, squeezing and pinching. All of sudden milk squirted out. Damm BITCH yelled Shawn. MILK THE BITCH MILK THE BITCH the other guys started screaming.

Shawn put his face next to the squirting bitch meat. Shoot sum of dat on my face. Laughed Shawn. Lamar squeezed sending streams of bitch milk over Shawn. WHHHOOOOOO. The guys were laughing. Shawn dropped his drawers.

Shawn and Lamar pinned Lisa between them. She could feel their hard black cocks against her. Shawn kissed Lisa. Lick dat milk off my face you fucking white whore. Lisa ran her tongue over Shawns face licking up her own milk. Dats it little whore, lick it all up. Now dance bitch. Lisa started dancing rubbing up against the two black teen studs.

Lisa knew what was coming. Hard black cock fucking. First these two but she knew the others would be next. Music Blaring. Kids shouting.

Cocks Rubbing up against her. Lamar reached around Lisa's head and put his hands in her mouth spreading it wide open. Shawn spit in her mouth and then put three fingers in it. Bitch, my cock is going to be next. All of sudden it was a madhouse. A Bitch real amateur girlfriends enjoys their very first sextape feeding frenzy. Lisa was surrounded by all the kids. They were pushing shoving, laughing.

Hands were all over her, pinching, groping slapping. Suddenly they were all quiet, Lisa lay on the ground as the wanna-be hoods surrounded her. Git up on yo knees bitch. Yea git up. A hand grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up on her knees. Looking around all Lisa could see was young black dicks. She bowed her head, trembling, shaking again terrorized. Git you head up and beg for it.

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Beg for black cock, yuk no u want whore. Oh, please no, don't do this. Please. Smaaack. Lis took a slap to the head from behind. Beg for it. Malik one of the older friends, grabbed her by the hair and put a knife to her neck.

A mean looking guy for his age he looked like he meant business. I am gonna cut you bitch, that's what a white piece of trash like you deserves.

Malik put that knife down. Shawn's uncle Lamont yelled. No, I am gonna cut her up. I am not gonna tell you again, step away.

Malik backed away. Fuck U all, gutless Uncle Toms. Bitch, I'll be back and we gonna have a real party, not like this bullshit. Fuck You all.

Was Maliks parting words. Lamont walked over by Lisa, I saved your stupid white ass fo now. Suck my nephew Shawn while his friends watch.

Lisa was still shaking from Invasion of a gigantic knob hardcore and blowjob as he took Shawn's cock in her mouth. That's it now, suck the brother. The boys were laughing, cheering, jeering. One Month Later. Lisa lay in her bed. When Lamont was gone, she was always chained.

The door opened, she had not expected Lamont for some time. The lights went on and she could see it was Malik, one of the teens, who had said he would cut her. I says I be back Bitch and here I am. We gonna party. He flashed his knife for Lisa to see. You gonna feel this but first we gonna have sum fun.

He stuck his knife in the pole by the bed. He got on top of Lisa. Now U gonna git some real fucking. Sum black cock fucking. U worthless pice of meat, all u good fo is fuckin, Im gonna fuck Da shit outda dat white ass of yo's. His face had this surprised look. Lisa never hesitated. She twisted the knife in his gut and pulled up over and out ready for a second thrust but it was not necessary. Malik collapsed on top of her. She quickly pushed him aside. He was laying barely able to move. She watched him.

She watched his eyes as she took her knife down to his waist and cut his cock off.

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She held it for him to watch and stuffed it in his mouth. He was choking on his own dick. Now who is doing the cutting, Bitch. Laughed Lisa. That's a message for Lamont. She thought. She looked him in the eye and ran the knife across his throat. He gurgled for a moment.

His eyes were glassy but seemed to retain that surprised look. Lisa had waited along time for horny natural tit euro girlfriend sluts lick their pussy outdoors moment.

It went back to her gang rape from Lamont's nephew and his friends. She had not been locked up properly and when she was left alone she was able to find an extra key Lamont used to lock up her chain. She also found a knife to hide by her bed. She couldn't find a way out because everything was locked up. She had waited for the right time. Lamont would unlock her but it would be hard to catch him by surprise.It was hard but she was patient. Malik coming had forced her hand.

He would have killed her. Getting on top of her at the bed gave her the perfect opening. She used the knife like her Dad had told her. Don't hesitate, no regrets. Lisa quickly looked for clothes but could only find some of the "whore clothes" Lamont made her wear so she quickly washed and dressed. She had the key that somehow Malik had gotten to let herself out. She found some old shoes and put on a coat What was outside? Where was she? Where would she find help? To be Continued