Blonde ex gf showing bj talents in pov style blowjob

Blonde ex gf showing bj talents in pov style blowjob
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The old woman was a favorite visit of mine. I would wait til I saw his car leave and the go up her way. She loved my dick and would suck me and let me fuck her several times each time I would visit. I kept looking at her ass everytime she would let me fuck her and I decided I was going to try to fuck her in the ass. I knew it turned me on to have my ass fucked and I hoped it would turn her on too. After I had gone from their house from the day I fucked her, I went home to clean the fish I had caoght.

My step mother was kind of watching out for me when I got home. It was about 11 o'clock in the morning and I could tell she had something on her mind. I thought I knew pretty well what it was she wanted.

I figured she wanted to check out my butt and finger fuck it some. But today I was going to let her finger fuck me and I was thinking of a way for her to start to maybe jack-me off or suck me or I didn't really know what I was going to try but I already had a raging hard on and I was going to try something when she took me in the house.

"Where have you been," she asked me "Been fishing up by the pear orchard" "That where you caught these fish from this morning?" she asked. "Yep" I said. "Just these three: "Well, get them cleaned and come on in the house and clean up. I teacher and student xxx viedos the kids on over to theri grandma's house and I kinda need to check you out while they are gone. You know I haven't checked you out in a little while.

We've got some time when you are through.

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If you would like that I mean? "Well, I'll tell you what I can do. I can leave them on the stringer and put them in the pond and come in and clean up, if you would like. Then yoou can check me out." "Why don't we do it that way" she said "This check up might take a little time." I grabbed my fish and ran down to the tank that was fifty yards or so away and put them out into the pond. My butt was starting to twitch already. As I finished cleaning up I walked into my bedroom and she suggested that I remove my pants and throw them into the dirty clothes because they smelled like fish.

I removed them and my underwear at the same time and all of a sudden I felt her hand on my ass heeeks.She was gently rubbing them and fingering my asshole at the same time. My dick sprang to a hardness that was strong at the same time. I stood up and went back to the bed and laid across it and raised my ass towards her. She applied some vaseline to it and began to push her finger into my asshole.

She put her hand under my stomach and pulled me closer and I could hear her sniffing my ass. As she began to saw her finger in and out of my asshole I began to get into the flow of her ruthm. Damn, it felt good. Her hand had touched the head of my prick as mommy gives you a futa facial strapon pov big tits brie white reached under me to pull me closer.

It usually didn't get too close but today we were at home by ourselves and I think she was a little careless. I gently began to turn my body towards her and she immediately began to pick up her pace of fingerfucking me. She was getting so fast that it was beginning to move my body in rythm to her fingerfucking. Man this was too good to be true.

I lifted my leg and let her arm go between my legs and I started to stand up. By now my dick was facing her and was just about even with her mouth. I looked down and her eyes were closed and she was fucking me for all that she was worth.

I gently pushed my hips forward and my dick toughed her lips. Tha's when her eyes flew open and she was looking right into my dick. This was too good to be true for me. I began to let the rythm of her buttfucking me move my dick into contact with her lips.

IT WORKED!!! She opened her mouth and took my dick into it. Then she closed her lips aroound it and began to suck me as she buttfucked me. I just about lost it.

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I gently took her head into my hands and began to fuck her in the mouth and try guy really enjoys fucking mother id like to fuck hardcore blowjob keep from shoving my 7 and 1/2 inches down her throat. But, as I was about to find out, that wasn't a worry. She was maknig groaning and moaning noises as she slurped on my dick.

She began to allow me to slip it a little further down her throat with each stoke. She was liking the mouth fucking I was giving her and I was liking it too. I gently took the back of her head into both of my hands and began to apply pressure to it and gently force my dick further down her throad when all of a sudden i completely disappeared into her mouth.

She had swallowed it completely and it was at that point I began to squirt come down her throad. I mean she shouldn't be hungry for a week because Briana banks distracts him well x traordinary pictures filled her stomach with all of the giz I had and I held her head in that position for a few seconds and I began to feel her tongue work up and down the under side of my dick.

Man that was a blow job to beat all blow jobs. This woman was good at it and she enjoyed having a dick shoved down her throat. She began to pull her mouthand throat off my dick and to suck on the end of my dick to pull all of the left behind cum on out of it. She slurped and tongued my dick until I was close to cumming again. I was now still rock hard " would you like me to suck you some more?

she said " I'll take anything yoou can give me" I said, gently pushing my dick back into her mouth and heading back for her tonsild. ":You have the sweetest tasting cock I've tasted in years" she said as shc took it out of her mouth again and began to suck in the heaf of it. "We've got at least a couple of hours for me to check your butt, if you like. I think we might get to know each other a little better.: I was in heaven. I had just had the best blow job of my life and I was going to get some more.

I put my hands on her ears and began to roughly shove my dick back into her mouth. She greedily took it back into her mouth and down her throat until te hair on my dick was next to her nose and then she bit down onto my dick with her teeth. and scraped my total lenght of dick with her teeth. Then deep throating me again she repeated this. I had never had that happen before. Man was it good. This woman was a talented blow-job artist. At this point I just let her go. I began to relax and let her have her way with me.

And that's when the good part started. She began to run her tougur up and down the side of my dick and began to tongue my balls. I fell back on the bed and let her go. I felt her tongue start darting under my balls and I moved my legs apart and let her have better access. Man was that ever the right move because I began to feel her tongue start to try to find my saahole.

She was trying to tongue my ass. I raised my legs and let her have it. She stuck that long lanky tongue of hers right into my opened up asshole/ My ass had been probed enough that it was loose and when her tongue got through lubing it it began to go further into it.

She began to tongue fuck my butt. With this happening it didn't take long before I began to cum again. I began to cum in buckets. It fell on the side of her face and into her hair. It ran down her face onto her throat It ran down my dick onto her hand and all over my balls and down the crack of my ass.

She began to lick it up. Man this woman was a true died in the wool cock sucker. She slurped my cum like it was nectar. she cleaned my balls and cock with her tongue and stuck it down my pee hole getting all of the remainder of the cum out she could.

She loved to suck, lick, dick and lick asshole. She could tongue fuck a snakes butt and loved doing it. As I lay there trying to regain my composure I realized that my dick was still hard. Not rock hard like it had been but it was still solid. She began to suck me and play with my asshole and I felt the hardness return.

"Damn!" I heard her say "This thing has nine lives. It's still rock hard. Ragazza ninfomane si fa scopare da uomo anziano do ou suppose we can do with it now?" "It hasn't had any pussy yet" I said "I don't know whose pussy it's been in this morning but it's had some pussy today" Caught, I thought.

I had fucked the old woman up on the hill. She had given me a blow job and promised me a good butt fucking by her old man later. So that was the pussy she smelled. But it hadn't seemed to bother her when she began to suck me before so I guess she liked pussy too. Ablout the time I began to worry about it she stood up next to the bed and reached up under her dress and pulled off her panties. Then with a little bit of a flourish she lifted her right leg up over me and settled her cutn to within a quarter inch of my now still upright dick.

and without saying a word sat straight down on it and sunk my dick deep into her warm wet pussy. I instinctively went into a fucking motion.

driving my dick into her and knowing I was getting close to cumming. I stabbed my dick into her and began to thrust it harder and deeper and harder and deeper and over and over. I began to feel my nuts draw up. I knew I was on the verge of blowing my wad.

She sensed that I was close and began to ride me in a thrusting and grinding motion. I began to shoot my wad and for the fifth or sixth time today I was cumming. I still shot a wad of cum up her cunt that would have made almost any man proud.

She felt it as it hit her insides and she went over the top with a climactic wave. She climaxed and tensed up and her face turned red and she began to let out a low sexual groan. She pulled up to almost all of my dick was out of her cunt and then shoved it back in. She did this several times and then went completely lax on my chest. Breathing so hard I thought she was ill. "Oh man" she said "That's scat slave in toilet in mouth 2019 best fuck I've had in years.

Do you think you can get that pussy soaked cock of yours up just one more time before supper?" "I don't know for sure but i'll bet if you suck me off again it will get hard even quicker" And with that she pulled her pussy off of my dick with a plop and I could see that her pussy was dripping cum out of it and I could feel it on my dick and on my groin area.

I couldn't believe how flexible and how different a woman she was when she was turned on. One minute she had her finger up my ass finger fucking me and then the next she had my dick down her throad swallowing my cum. Man I was already liking this. But I was beginning to think of how I could get back at her for fucking me in the but with her fingers and those candles she had made.

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Could I be so brave as to try to butt fuck her too? Just about the time I lost my concentration she looked down at my dick and slowly put her lips around the head of my dick. I was amazed that she was going to suck my dick that still had her pussy on it again.

But she did. She began to make slow slurping sounds and noises and began to bob her head up and down the full length of my dick. and suck me very gently. Her hand dound its way under my ass and her inger again found its way into my asshole.

INSTANT HARDON as she began to massage my asshole with her long finger. In just a matter of a few minutes she again had me as hard as I had been earlier that day. I noticed she was working wtih her buttons on her dress as she began to remove it. I watched as she pulled it over head.

She was now almost totally naked as she worked the clasp on her bra to remove it. She grabbed my cock with both of her hands and began to stroke it very fast and very hard.

She just kept looking at it and murmering something about it being hard for so long. I didn't care. I was getting pussy and sucking and just about anything I wanted for right now without any question. I began a fucking motion with my hips, and she began to put her mouth all over it. She ran her tongue up and down the side of it and stuck it into her mouth and down her throat.

She began to jack me off very hard and very quick as she licked the head of my dick over and over. I started to turn myself around just a little like I was going to get off the bed, because I was going to try to fuck her in the ass. She let me get turned around a little bit and then threw her leg over my head and pushed my face straight up into her pussy. She then began to force her cunt down into my face.

I hadn't had a pussy in my face yet but as turned on as I was at the time it seeme like a good idea, so I began to lash out at her pussy lips with my tongue. She went absolutely wild and clasp her legs around my head and began to ride my head like she had ridden my dick just a little while ago. Pussy, cum and probably some piss were coming out of her pussy and it seemed like it was in buckets.

I new where it all came from and I enjoyed sticking my tongue and chin up her twat as far as I could. I slid my hand around her butt and began to slowly scoop some cum up on my finger and then slowly began to insert it into her ass. She was a wild woman. She pushed back onto my finger and began to buck and fuck it very hard. I was pretty sure that I was going to succeed now.and I slid my butt off the bed and my head from between her legs and stood up slowly.

She was in the doggie position and I grasped her hips and pulled them towards me. She was pretty sure she was going to get a good doggie fuck right about now but I was going to try something else. I guided my dick up to the lips of her pussy and teased her cunt with the head of my dick like I was going to fuck her there. I had gotten a big glob of cum on the head of my dick and moved it up and down to make sure it was lubed well enough.

She was moaning and looking at me and backing up towards me like she was trying to get me to stick my dick up her pussy. There Glamorous pornstar assfucked deeply pornstars and fetish was just about ready to stick my dick in her when I raised the head up about a half an inch and began to push on her ass.

I thought she might try to pull away so I had a good grip on her hips and was pushing as hard as I could on her rosebut when it spread open and I began to watch my dick disappear into her asshole. Deeper and deeper it went until the hair on my body was right next to her asshole. She began to wiggle her ass and I began to hump.

I began to fuck her like I had seen the bull fuck the cow. I had my dick in a place that was so tight I was about to loose control and shoot my wad deep in her bowels. Damn, her ass was good. I knew I liked it before but now I was convinced that I was an asshole slave. I began to push her hips slowly away from me and then puyll them back until you could hear them slap against my body.

I began to pound her ass and pound it hard. I could hear her groan and moan and grunt and make obscene noises. She began to spout obscene words. Yelling at me to pound her ass and to fuck the shit out of her. I was only to0 pleased to give her the fucking she was screaming for.

I felt my nuts start to tighten up and I began to cum This time I didn't feel near as much come out of my dick but I don't think it made her any difference. I was now "The Man" and I was going to be able to get in her panties and up her ass at just about any time I wanted too. And if I had my way that was going to be pretty often. She stopped wiggling and began to slowly pull herself off of being inpaled by me. She let my dick slowly come out of her ass.

It popped a little when it exited and her ass stayed in a nice round "O" shape for several inutes after I pulled it out. She slowly turned around and anal tulip whore porn theater gang bang my now softening dick in her mouth and began to slurp on xxx malayalam sex sex stories story once more.

"I don't know if I'll have the energy to fix supper or not " She said."but I'll catch me a short rest and have it on the table by the time your daddy gets here. You want to do this maybe again tomorrow?" "I'll give it a try" I said. "Do you reckon you could give me a blow job when your ready to start?" I asked. With that she ran her tongue around the head of my dick and winked at me and got up and went to fix us some supper.