Cindy and gilda fuck in the parking masturbation lesbian

Cindy and gilda fuck in the parking masturbation lesbian
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Sarah's phone pinged disturbing her sex filled trance&hellip. Are you feeling horny it reads &hellip. Wanna have some fun ????

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Mmmm Sarah replied you've got my attention Are you rubbing your nipples&hellip. Is your hand drifting towards your panties (are you wearing any) Are you pulling your Panties to one side (Sarah's phone vibrated pinging in quick succession) Is your pussy moist, are you teasing your clit with your fingertips ??? Have you inserted a finger or 2 or 3…… Are you licking it/ them how does it taste&hellip.

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Mmmmhmmmm Sarah replied struggling to type thru the arousal yummmmy&hellip. More X Have you got your favourite vibe handy ????

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Is it new or well used mmmm I can smell you here want to taste you X Use it&hellip. Tease that sopping cunt &hellip. Rub it cum on your toy xxxx Mmmm take a picture and send it do it &hellip. Sarah couldn't help herself driven by her arousal she took a picture of her sopping pussy and hit send ohhhhh Ping the phone vibrated Sarah was looking at a VERY hard cock pic&hellip.

I'm sexy babe kristina getting fucked in the public for cash this for you stroking it frantically do you like that&hellip. Do you want to tease it with your naughty tongue… Will you tease the precum tasting it on your tongue teasing me licking this nasty lips… Can you feel your orgasm in your toes your legs tingling as you feel that precious release that gush that squirt&hellip.

Squirt your cum for me &hellip. You want this cock don't you you want it bad &hellip.mmmm I'm stroking for you getting close now&hellip. Do you want it in your mouth… Your pussy……… Your ass Can you picture me stroking this big cock close to eruption exploding steaming hot jism for you Pull that cock close to your special wetttttt place tease your hot clit rub the oozing tip around your opening mmmm sit on that big cock take it all up that sopping pussy mmmm Are you moaning for me&hellip.

Picturing this cock buried in your cunt are you fingering frantically&hellip. Exploding releasing that hot lady cum for me mmmmmm in I'm cummmmmming too I'm fuccckingggg cumming this hot jizz is for you yessssss&hellip. Sarah lays back overcome by the eroticism of what just happened&hellip. Wondering who the texted was&hellip. Later that evening Sarah's sat alone reading her texts reliving her fantasy afternoon Toying with her still sopping pussy (she had to change the batteries twice since the messages stopped) feeling another orgasm building rubbing her phone (with the big cock pic) against her tingling pussy… Ready to cum ready to squirt in tribute to that hot cock that had helped tease her to new points of ecstasy&hellip.

Ping it vibrates, the sensation against her clit triggers an explosion as she withdraws the phone she drenches her hand in yet another unbelievable orgasm&hellip. She hasn't masturbated this much since&hellip.

She's never toyed with herself this much but it feels sooooo good her cum tastes sensational but she craves jizz now she wants it so badddd. She checks surprised by her hubbys desire to see her fucked phone another dickpic and an address in the shady part of town she rubs her tingling clitty to one more climax throws on her sexiest under wear and the sexy nurse outfit she got for Halloween and a skimpy g string.

She grabs her keys, her phone &hellip. And her toy and leaves, Her body is tingling all over her mouth is dry her pussy is soaking thru her g string as she climaxes unassisted her fingers scoop her cum and she licks hungrily&hellip. She approaches the door nervously driven by her desire her sexual energy…… The door opens and a man stands there with his big cock in his hand pre cum oozing from the tip he's clearly been pleasuring himself&hellip. B b b but your not Stacy he says &hellip.

Sarah stares hungrily at that cock she's craved all day that's unlocked a carnal lust she never knew she had and says I'll be whoever you want me to be bigboi before dropping to her knees at the front door and swallowing that big cock balls deep… Oh god he says that's good that's very good that's sooooo good he cums and cums and cums stream after stream shooting down Sarah's (or Stacy's) throat filling her with a warm sensation she's craved all afternoon craved like she's never craved anything before… Sarah licks her lips teases the cum that's leaked on her cheeks her chin mmmmm it tastes good she swallows it all before cleaning that cock that chick that's lit a fire that will burn forever&hellip.

Best text Stacy (Sarah says) get her over here so we can ALL have some fun Stacy arrives for the unexpected 3way booty call she's wearing a cut off top her tits are popping out the bottom a too short denim skirt and savoring males tough shlong pornstar and hardcore panties (Sarah can smell… See the cum dripping from her sopping pussy) Sluttttttt Sarah thinks this is gonna be fun&hellip.

Sarah takes charge, this is how this is going to go she commands one hand on hip one rubbing her snatch This mmmmann has been teasing me mercilessly all afternoon now I'm gonna release this tension and you can watch or you can join in You look like the kinda girl that doesn't need to be asked twice Stacy on your fucking knees now&hellip. Get over here crawl crawl to me Pull this sexy nurse skirt up&hellip. Look at this sopping g string smell it lick it take them off with your teeth&hellip.

Good slut mmmmm I'm gonna have fun with you xxx Take em over to big bio let him sniff them taste them I've cum all over them on the way here taste them suck your tribute &hellip.

Slutty Stacy crawl over here crawl on your hands and knees Sarah demands show me that tongue I'm going to cum in your mouth you filthy bitch cum lick nurses pussy.

Sarah is surprised and aroused at how dominant she sounds&hellip.

Yes matron (nice Sarah thinks) I'm cumming I'm Cummin to lick your sopping wet cunt. Her tongue teases Sarah's clit flicking it tasting it on her lips she removes her barely there too and Sarah starts to tease Stacy's erect nipples with her fingers while she nuzzles that sopping cunt burying her tongue deep in that sexy tender crevice.

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I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm fucking cumming in your mouth Sarah screams (inhibition long since abandoned) she finds another hotter release not realising how she's longed to be touched taste by another. Stacy greedily licks Sarah's cum from her pussy from her lips from her chin and from her gorgeous tits mmmmm she says glancing over her shoulder&hellip. Big boy is filming on his phone he has his cock in his hand wrapped in Sarah's cum soaked g string and he is stroking frantically stroking stroking cumming in her getting cum all over those soiled panties it jets across the room &hellip.

Stream after stream after stream of gorgeous hot cum Stacy scurrys frantically and catches the last in her mouth returning with the drenched panties in her mouth&hellip. Mmmmm she says wanna taste night nurse she draws her lips to Sarah's and transfers the sopping panties with a kiss from her swirling tongue. Sarah has never tasted anything so hot it's tangy its musky its salty un wittingly she reaches for her bag she pulls out her toy and sees the batteries are still working she teases that hot cunt once more glancing over she sees slutty Stacy sucking bigBoi's cock.

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She's entranced watching Stacy tease that big cock tasting that precum as it stretches from the tip of his cock to the tip of her cock. Sarah buries that vibe inside grinding, grinding her hot clit on that pulsating vibe. Stacy has his cock deep in her throat now he's playing with her tits god there fantastic her nipples are so erect (slutttt) she's teasing his balls with her hand hepis eyes are rolling he's Cumming he's cumming Stacy takes her mouth away and he shoots he shoots streams of hot cum more than Sarah has ever seen all over Stacy's big tits.

Sarah's close now close again she can't cum again she can't she can't as Stacy teases his cum from her soaking tits Sarah cums one more time gushing flowing squirting adding to the smell of sex in the air she crawls over to Stacy in her cum stained outfit and sucks the cum from those yummy tits.

Stacy reaches down and scoops Sarah's cum from her sopping cunt teasing her by tasting her tasting that hot cum&hellip. I WANT that cock I want that hot jizz in my pussy bigboi stroke it get it hard get it ready good boy that's it I stroked for you earlier now you stroke for me Without hesitation Sarah sinks his cock into her hot pussy she takes that huge cock balls deep she can feel the wetness seeping from her pussy onto his balls as she grinds her clit on that cock grinding it not teasing demanding that hot cum she's earned this&hellip.

Her toes tingle her legs buckle that's it that's it Sarah screams fuck my cunt fuck my slutttt cunt hard I'm going to Cum all weird lusty fetish babes with a strapon you cock you filthy fucker yes yess fuuuuuuck that's so good she feels the first shot as her cunt releases the hottest squirting stream of cum she's ever experienced so hot so dirtythen stacy starts to tongue his balls teasing her cum filled slit and she explodes on a cosmic scale drenching his cock as Stacy gags trying to take all that hot cum in her mouth……