Pal jerks off previous to beauties hardcore blowjob

Pal jerks off previous to beauties hardcore blowjob
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My name is Rebecca; I'm a seventeen year old high school student who has a nice life. I'm rich, have a good set of parents, and to top It all off, I'm hot.

I know that's pretty narcissistic but I am. I have long wavy black hair, green eyes, a nice thin figure, I'm 5'7" and I have an amazing rack. Or at least that's what my boyfriend tells me whenever we have sex. He says fucking tits is his favorite especially if they are over a C cup. Anyway, this story has nothing to do with him, well it does but not in the beginning. This story starts off with me stumbling in on my father having sex with a woman who wasn't my mother.

It was an odd experience for me, for the first time in my life I wanted my father's cock up in my pussy and it was driving me crazy. I watched as he fondled her breasts and shoved his seven inch cock into her awaiting pussy. I can remember my fingers gently gliding over my clit as I leaned against a wall. That was my first experience with such feelings and this is when my fantasies began.

Every day I would come up with something different but the one that turned me on the most was him gang banging me with several of his friends.

I couldn't get enough of it and two weeks after my first fantasy I began to devise a plan, I had come up with the perfect Idea to get my pussy fucked but I gorgeous brunette shows off her body and masturbates masturabte and webcam to start out small.

I began to parade around the house in skimpy clothing hoping my father would notice. He did. He would watch me as I crossed the dining room or the path from my room to my bedroom. I started to walk nude to the bathroom for a shower, and on nights when I was masturbating, I'd leave my door open.

After a couple weeks of playing cat and mouse I picked the perfect day to seduce him. Well actually, you could say the perfect night. It was a special night, Daddy's poker night. He was just with his boys and my mother went to her friend's house. I made sure to wear something that would attract his attention, a short skirt with no panties and a tight shirt with no bra so my nipples would stick out.

It was just about time for his friends to start arriving which gave me ample time to seduce my father. I walked out of my room and found my Father; a little nervous I stood on the other side of the counter in my living room and nonchalantly leaned down.

"Are you almost ready daddy?" I asked him softly using a cute voice. "Uh yeah." He smiled and turned to me, his eyes soon averting to my breasts.

"R-Rebecca, go put on something…other than that." He said almost too quickly. I could tell he liked it, so I began to advance. "What are you talking about? I look fine, I'm about to go out." I gently ran my fingers over his package and he flinch his cock pulsating. "But…I wanted to know if I could go out first." My father stared at me, his eyes on my breasts.

"Y-Yes, just go now, I have a lot more things to prepare." He rambled. I laughed a bit and pushed a fork onto the ground. I made sure to bend over enough so he would see my pussy and by the groan I heard, I knew he did. I turned back around and placed the fork in the sink. "Opps I'm sorry for dropping it." I laughed again and shook my head.

"But you said you were almost ready, right." I watched my father intently as he looked me up and down one more time, his cock pushing harder against his pants.

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He turned away from me and shook his head. "I…Forgot about something." He spoke, I could tell he felt frustrated. This was my chance, I knew it was. I hugged my father from behind and started to rub my fingers over his throbbing cock. "Your cock seems to be asking me to have some fun; I'll gladly help accommodate your needs." I whispered seductively taking his cock out of his pants and rubbing it.

My father groaned again and shook his head. "Rebecca…no, we can't do this!" He spoke biting his lip. I smiled and began to mess with his balls as well. "I know you want me." I spoke grinning. My father turned his body towards me and I got down on my hands and knees. I took his cock and ran my tongue over it before sticking it in my mouth.

It tasted so good. My father put his hands behind the back of my head and began to move his hips; he liked this just as much as I did.

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He moaned my name over and over again as I sucked his cock, his balls tightened and as he groaned, he came in my mouth. I lapped up every last drop of his seamen and smiled.

"Daddy." I whispered. "Fuck me." It didn't take him long to pick me up and put me on the kitchen counter. He pulled down my shirt started sucking my hard nipples. "Oh Daddy." I spoke biting my lip. His right hand went straight to my pussy and his left went to my other breast.

After a couple minutes my opened both of my legs and started to lick my awaiting clit. I gasped and started to rock back and forth. "Oh yes." I spoke rubbing both of my tit's.

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"Oh my god please…I don't want to wait anymore, stuff you cock into me!" I moaned. My father looked at me and laughed.

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"You teased me; I'm going to make you suffer as well." My father kissed me, our tongues intertwining exploring our mouths. He stuck two of his fingers up my pussy and two in my ass. I let out a small scream but it was muffled by our kisses.

My Dad went in and out slower, faster, and then faster adding fingers the faster he went. I made louder noises and soon he stopped pulling his fingers out. I looked at him and pleaded for his perfect cock, I wanted it so bad. My father soon gave in and shoved his huge member into my awaiting pussy. I gasped and moaned loudly as he julia ann my friend mom in slowly. "Oh daddy…" He smiled.

"Baby you're so hot; I've wanted this for a long time." I nodded. If only he knew how long I wanted him. As he started to get faster the door bell rang. He didn't stop. "D-Daddy the door." I spoke groaning. "No, not yet." He responded pushing faster and faster.

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It didn't take long for him to get worked up knowing that the person at the door could well be my mother. "I'm cumming!" I screamed. He nodded. "Me too." He held onto me pushing faster and faster until he unloaded a load of seamen into my pussy.

I took deep breaths smiling. "If those are your friends…can we I play the game too?" He nodded and we cleaned up getting ready for our guests. Still horny, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and these men had no idea.

I opened the door and smiled looking at the five men in front of me. "Welcome." -To Be Continued-