Daddy tits birthday sex butt not for dad

Daddy tits birthday sex butt not for dad
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My name is Kevin I just turned 40 in December, I am well built and I've been told quite a few times that I am very attractive. Every day I have all type of women hitting on me and i can see the desire and lust in their eyes. However none of them can compare to Jessica my 16 year old daughter. i think she was built to show all women what it is that they should look likeshe is very sexy, she has long straight blond hair with highlights, she has a perfect slim and curved body that matches beautifully with her size 34c breasts.

Day after day all i could think of was going into my big tit milf anal gang bang in porn theater room and having her do everything to me that comes to my mind.

One day she came home from school dressed as a slut (like always). Her mom was at work at the time and i had nothing to do. i asked her " why do you think its o.k. to dress like a slut, do you want guys to treat you like one" she answered " no dad I'm 16 i can do whatever the hell i want stay out of my business" she then started to go up the stairs and into her room. As she went up the stairs i cold see that under her white miniskirt she had a thong on which give me a clear view of her firm round ass.

i scowled at her for dressing as a slut because that's what i thought a father should do.

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i wanted to punish her even more i wanted to ram my cock deep into her tight little pussy and make her suck me until i came onto her face. The thing is that even though she acted like she hated me i knew that she secretly wanted me like i wanted her.

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When she was younger i used to sneak into her room while her mother was asleep and i would wake her up and make her suck my cock, i could tell that she liked it and i always licked her little pussy in return. Tonight i knew that i was going to do it again. After her mom came home she took a shower and around ten o clock fell asleep.

i went into the bathroom and i took a shower as well. Then after making sure that my wife was snoring in her bed i crept my way into my daughter's room which was unlocked. i woke up my daughter like i used to do and from the moment she saw me she knew what was going to happen. "Get out of room" she told me. i looked at her up and down admiring her body and wondering how it would feel to slide my 8 inch cock in her and said" what the fuck makes you think that I'm going to listen to a little slut like you?".

"I'm going to tell mom" she said and i replied "tell her i don't care". Then without letting her even respond i put my hand over her mouth and threw her onto the bed.

She fought back and i could here her trying to tell me to stop.

All she had on were a bra and a pair of pink panties. i took out a kitchen knife that i had grabbed earlier and i told her that if she didn't do what i wanted that i would cut her. Reluctantly i felt her body ease up and she stopped moving.

i removed my hand from her mouth and told her to not make a sound. Then i told her to get up and take off her underwear. she did as i told her and i knew that she wanted me bad because i noticed her pussy was wet and she slowly stripped of her clothes even giving me a little dance.

i then told her " get on your knees now" once again she did as told and i just grabbed her head close to my erect cock and told her to suck it. she pulled my cock out of my boxer and into her mouth, I felt position session with a slut hardcore and blowjob if i was going to explode and i couldn't stand how patient she was being i grabbed her by the back of her head and just began to fuck her mouth as hard as i could.

i felt her gagging but i didn't care. Her hot wet mouth felt way to good on my cock to give a shit about how she felt. i loved the way my cock would slide into her warm mouth, hit the back, and then come back out again. i knew i was going to come but i wasn't ready yet. i pulled my dick out of her mouth and i saw her rub her cheeks because of how sore i made them.

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Then i threw her onto her bed again and i put one leg over my shoulder and positioned my cock so that it would be right on her clit. her pussy was dripping wet and with the tip of me cock a pressed down on her clit and rubbed her juices all over her pussy so that i could easily slide in.

i pushed my cock into her pussy and i almost came as i made it all the way in. i began to pound my dick into her pussy making sure that she liked it just as much as i did.

her pussy felt amazingly tight and very hot and wet i could feel her walls closing in on my dick when she came and shouted under me. i was ready to come too but i didn't want to, instead i got up and positioned her in doggy style and continued to fuck her deeply until she came againthis time i could feel her warm cum dripping onto my dick, i couldn't hold my self much longer, i grabbed her and pushed her onto the floor, i grabbed her hair and told her to open her mouth, then in the biggest wave of pleasure that i had ever felt i came into her mouth and i watched as she swallowed all of my cum and cleaned off any that dripped out.

i couldn't stand anymore and felt incredibly weak. i fell on her bed and as she got up she kissed me and said " about time you fucked me!! i don't dress like this for nothing" i was shocked to see the huge grin sienna is the boss brunette and big tits she had on her face. She went into the bathroom to clean up and so did i. the end. please leave your comments and tell me whether i should make a part 2 or not