Anal porn with teen mari moore runs wild first anal quest creampie anal sex

Anal porn with teen mari moore runs wild first anal quest creampie anal sex
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I have always been more submissive in the bedroom. My wife and I take turns being in control but I enjoy being tied down much more than being in control. I have always wondered what it was like to be a sex slave for a woman that really knew what she was doing and one day my curiosity got the best of me. I posted an add online and described what I was looking for.

29 male. looking for a sexy female to dominate and humiliate for an evening. I enjoy being restrained, spanked, and having my ass played with. I would love a chance to be a slave for a woman that really knows what she is doing. That was it. I kept it short because I knew that it was a real long shot that anyone would answer me. My wife has scratched the surface of my fantasies before and will even finger my ass when she gives me head sometimes but that really just leaves me wanting more.

So there I sat, with my add out there for anyone to see. Time seemed to move slowly and I sat there almost expecting a response within minutes.

I thought that there must me lots of women that wanted to control a man and make him worship her. maybe there are, but they were not looking at my add that morning.

frustrated and alittle disapointed, I went to work. I kept checking my phone to see if I had any responses but just some junk mail. Work got bathroom lesbian sex with lisa and sandra and I forgot about it for a while. As I was driving home I remembered and had to pull over to check.

It had been over three hours since i had checked.

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There it was, a response that made me hard almost instantly. It was a short message that said that she might be able to work with me on a price and time to meet. She attached a pic that made me want to cum right there in the car.

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It was a close up of the front of her body. tight stomach, black lace thong and thigh high stockings. I didn't know what to do.

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several messages later we had worked out a price and a time to meet. She made it very clear to me that she was going to be the one in charge and I will not have any control over what happens when we meet. I was fine with that. It was just what I was looking for. She said that she would come to my home the following day when my wife was working and that I should be clean and have the cash ready. That morning as my wife left for work I was almost too excited. I almost had to jerk off to calm down but I knew that I should wait.

The knock on the door made my dick hard. I answered it and there stood the hottest woman I could have asked for. Maybe around 5'9" but much taller with the heels that she had on. Tan rain coat that went to just above her knee. Black hair, green eyes and not too much makeup.

I would guess she was around 35 years old. She walked in and said that I was to call her mistress and that I should not talk any more unless she asks me to. She told me to undress and show her to my bedroom. "this is the room where you fuck your hot little wife?" "yes" i said as she held a photo of my wife and I that was on our dresser. "well after today you will always think of me when you are fuckin in this room and maybe even some other rooms in this house" I was excited for the prospect of being abused all around my own house.

She took off her coat and I other wife fucking other man in other house to see what I had been craving for so long. Black Teddy, black thong, black thigh highs, black stilettos.

I almost came.

"Sit down on the floor and kiss my legs" She sat on the bed and I gladly sat at her feet and began to kiss my way up her sexy legs.

I tried to take my time but I really wanted to taste her pussy so I made my move.

"not so fast slave, you do not get the pleasure of tasting me until I tell you to" With that being said she took a pair of handcuffs from her bag and handcuffed me british slut michelle thorne lesbian action on the sofa the bottom of the bed post so that I could not get off the floor. I stayed there on my knees as she looked around the room.

She went to my wifes dresser and found the panty drawer. "do you get off playing with your wifes panties when she is not around?" To answer that truthfully I would have said no but I wanted to see where this was going. "yes Mistress" "Well then get off to these after I am gone" she took out a pair of my wifes panties and put them down the front of her own panties. " I have been wet all morning thinking about coming here" she worked her pussy hard with those panties and I thought that she was going to push them all the way in and have an orgasm but she stopped just before.

she pulled them out and walked over to me. "open your mouth slave and hold these for me" She stuffed them into my mouth and I pretended not to enjoy it but I longed to taster her. Once I had my gag, she continued to explore. She found the drawer that we keep our sextoys in and gave me a wicked smile.

She took some of them out and set them on the bed. Two butt plugs, one dildo, one vibrator and some lube. she left the rest in the drawer and again sat down infront of me. Too be continued.