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Force iporn tv xxxx story mp3 porn
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Bella's been my best friend for as long as I could remember. We were in the same class in second grade, and even though girls were icky then, she wasn't much of a girl. She loved sports, mostly basketball and football. I was a football player, so we met at recess, playing football.

I was the quarterback and she was a receiver, running down almost every bad ball I threw, which was a lot since we were in second grade. We continued on like that through elementary school and up to middle school, when she joined the football team and was in most of my classes. We grew really close then, between class, practice, games, and studying together, there was barely a second we weren't with each other.

In that time, we both began to grow up. During middle school, we both matured physically, I grew from a scrawny little blond kid into a fit, tall man. In eighth grade, I shot up to 6'1" and my body began to fill out, but I didn't gain much weight. I stayed lean and muscular from the constant workouts, but never weighted much more than 175 pounds.

I grew my hair out a little longer, but not too long that I couldn't see in my helmet. Bella, however, became a stunner. While I am a 5 at best, she became a 10.

She always had tanned english sex storys full com and a pretty face, but she grew in all the right places. She grew to be 5'7" or 5'8" and the rest of her body caught up to it. At first, she was basically flat everywhere, but by the time high school started, she had grown a knockout set of breasts, probably big C's or small D's, and a perfect, tight looking ass.

It was then I started having dreams about my best friend, dreams where she would come in and seduce me and we would fuck our brains out. I would imagine her naked, seeing her boobs and nipples and wondering how much hair she had on her pussy, if any. Was it a light brown like on her head, or darker brown? Did she trim it? Shave it?

Let it grow? In my adulterous japanese wife fucked in the bathroom, hormonal teenage mind, these were questions that needed answers. We start our story on the day of the 8th grade farewell dance. My friends had talked me into going, and I, in turn, told Bella to go. "Zack," she told me, a pout on her face, "Why should I have to go?" "We haven't gone to any of the dances Bella, and I have to go." I reasoned with her.

Maybe not bareback is filthy in a basement best way to go, but it made sense in my naive mind, "Besides, I need someone there who won't make fun of me." "Why would anyone make fun of you?" She looked worried now, and put her hand on my arm.

We had been studying math, but this was much more important. "Everyone makes fun of me, except when you're there. I guess you scare them away or something." I was looking down at the floor in embarrassment and defeat, I had never told Bella about my bullying issue, and now I was scared for her response. "Okay Zack, I'll come." I looked over to her to see a smile on her face, "and we'll stop those bullies too." And with that settled, we went back to studying, and inside, I couldn't wait.

On the night of the dance, we were each going alone, at least, without a significant other. I had broken up with my girlfriend Kelly a few weeks before. Well, she broke up with me. She thought I was seeing someone else, and in a way, she was right. I only had eyes for Bella. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of hot girls around school, especially in Bella's friends, but she was the only one I wanted. Bella only dated older guys though, and I never understood it. I tried asking her once, and her answer broke my heart.

"I don't jessica simpson gets fucked by her sister ashley, I guess they're more mature." She had said "I'm mature." I told her, and she'd laughed "You are, very mature, but we're best friends Zack, we can't have a relationship." I laughed it off, but inside, my dreams were crushed.

She'd never want me, even though she was all I wanted. The night of the dance, she had sent me a picture around the time I was going to leave. It was her, in her stunning dress. She had her hair done nice, in some form of ponytail thing that looked way fancier. She never wore makeup, and her face, as always, looked perfect.

Her dress was a royal blue, darker than her mesmerizing blue eyes. It was tight on the torso, not tight enough that you could see every dip and divot on her body, but tight enough to show off her flat stomach and perfect tits. She showed a little cleavage, and the top of her boobs was just as tan as the rest of her body.

Her dress was looser down her legs and butt, but still showed off her tight ass and toned thighs. The caption on her picture was "How do I look?" "Beautiful," was all I could reply, and then I was stolen out the door by my friends. We arrived at the dance, and mostly stayed in one corner, not doing much at all.

That is, until Bella came over and pulled me out of my seat and onto the dance floor. It was a slower song, I don't know the name, and she grabbed my hand and pulled me with her. "What are we doing?" I asked her loudly over the music. "What, I can't dance with my best friend?" She asked, a beautiful smile on her face "I don't know how to dance." "I know, silly.

That's why it's a slow song. Just hold onto me and I'll do the rest." She put my hands around her waist and she wrapped her arms around my neck and we started swaying to the beat.

For the entire song, we danced slowly, and I enjoyed every second of it. It was like a dream to me, holding her so close. When the song was coming to a close, she pulled me in for a tight hug, pressing her breasts against me, whispering in my ear, "Thank you Zack, I loved it." "I did too Bella." She tightened the hug even more and her breasts crushed against me. They were incredibly firm from what I could feel, and I felt a rising in my pants.

I broke the hug british punishment cummie the painal cum cat she could feel me, I think, telling her I had to go to the bathroom. With that, I left her, embarrassed and nervous that she noticed my boner. The rest of the dance was uneventful, mostly me hiding away in fear of her being mad at me. But she wasn't, she never brought it up.

Freshman year of high school came and went, and our relationship was the same. We still talked and studied all the time, but now our talks included relationships. I haven't had much luck, but Bella has had a few good boyfriends lasting for a few months. As far as I knew, nothing had happened between anyone. I decided to quit football, and the basketball team was pressuring me to play.

I didn't really want to, but Bella was ecstatic when she found out. Not wanting to tell her I didn't want to play, I told her I wasn't any good. So, that summer, she decided to teach me to play basketball. The last day of school was boring as usual, just waiting to leave and start summer. I left and went home to shoot some hoops, Bella was picked up by her bis zum anschlag rein in den mund at the time Kyle Davids. He was 21 and a douche, I don't understand why she went out with him.

I always told her he was bad news, but she never listened. That is, until later that night. My phone dinged and I saw a message from Bella, "Z, need u." "What's up?" I texted her "Something happened." Was her reply Now I was worried, "What was it?" "It was with Kyle." That asshole. I would kick his ass the next time I saw him. "Bella, tell me what happened." The flood gates let out then. "We went to a movie and he was getting kinda kissy and wanted to do that stuff, but I told him no.

I didn't want to do anything in public. So, we went back to his car and he took me to his house. I thought we were just going to hang out, and we sat on his couch.

He told me we were celebrating the last day of school and kissed me really hard. It was a good kiss, but I didn't notice until we stopped that he had his pants undone. He pulled them off and his you know what was hard." "Bella, are you okay?

Did he make you do anything?" I was seeing red now, I was going to beat the living shit out of this kid if I saw him again. "I don't know." "What do you mean you don't know? Did you do anything?" "Yeah, but I don't think he made me do it. When he pulled it out, he told me to help him and touch it. I haven't ever seen one, so I started to rub him and then he asked me to suck him, so I did for a little and then he cane in my mouth.

I started coughing and spit it out and then he yelled at me and threw me out of his house. Am I a slut? Did I do something wrong?" "No Bella, no, you're not a slut." I told her, "He made you do it and that's not your fault." I waited there for a minute for her reply, almost shaking from my anger and my nerves.

It broke my heart to see her in pain like this, and it filled me with spite for whoever made her feel this pain.

Finally, a message came from her, "Promise I didn't do anything wrong and you don't hate me?" "Of course I promise," I immediately text back, "Youre my best friend and I love you." Shit, I let the cat out of the bag then.

"I love you too Zack," was her stunning reply. I sat there in silence trying to figure out what it meant all night.

Did she love me as a friend? Or is it something more? Or was it just her intense emotions stirring something false up inside her? Later dirty brunette teen i trusted him and he d his priesthood authority week, my first basketball lesson came. I drove over to Bella's house in my beat up old Taurus and headed into the back to see her already on the court her dad made.

It was cut out of the backyard and made of bricks, with lights on each hoop and white lines meticulously painted around it.

The bricks were worn into a brown color from the countless years of Bella's practicing. It was the sight of her that captured me, though. Her long brown hair was in a messy bun atop her head, with a white Nike headband around it.

She wore a tight, form fitting light blue Under Armour shirt, and when she turned her back, I could make out the straps of the sports bra underneath. She had on a pair of bright pink short athletic shorts with sunny leons xxx story fucking same blue on the piping of the side. By short, I mean minuscule, really. They only reached a few inches past her perfect butt, showing off miles and miles of her toned bronze thighs.

I set my bag down on the wooden bench and we began my lesson. Bella had me shoot from different spots on the court to take a look, and it was ugly, at best. She found something in my shot, a hitch, she said, and set off to fix it. We were out there for hours fixing this "hitch," but nothing happened.

For some reason, this became her goal of the summer. She was determined to fix whatever was wrong with my shot, and I didn't really care, I just loved the time with her. Before every lesson, I would play through my mind how I would tell her my true feelings, but every time, I chickened out. I was nervous it would ruin our friendship, and decided to keep my desires inside as fantasy.

That is, until her best friend Katy's party. "Come in Zack," she goaded me between drinks on the court, "you have to come." "Bella, you know parties aren't my thing." "I do," she smiled, "but we gotta get you out! Maybe you'll even find a girl!" "Bella," I whined, a signal of my defeat. She flashed a triumphant smile at that, and gave me the details of the party. "Don't worry Zack, I know you'll enjoy it," she said with a wink as I departed.

Now, what the hell? Is she into me? I was beyond confused now, but I sped home to prepare.

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I hopped in he shower and scrubbed every inch of my body. I stepped out, dripping wet and dried off before looking at my naked body in the mirror. Everyone does, I know you do, don't lie. I was fit enough, I guess, I was skinny, with a little definition in my chest and arms. But my pubic area was a worry. I know I had decent size, around 7 or 8 inches, but I also had a thick bush of light brown hair around it.

I found myself wondering if Bella would like it all bushy like that, and I thought no girl would. So, I grabbed some trimmers and started trimming until it was close cropped all around my dick. It looked even bigger now without all that hair. Feeling satisfied, I got dressed and headed to the party. When I showed up at Katy's house, I saw there was nowhere left to park but the street. And even that was getting packed.

I must've drove around for over 15 minutes trying to find a spot, and I did, about a block away. So, I walked the whole block in disdain, but eventually made it to kitchen sex mom rep san sex stories party. As soon as I stepped in, I took in the sight of people at my school getting drunk, I'm assuming. They all had red Solo cups in hand and some were stumbling around. Great. I cautiously entered and began to search for Bella, and I found her seated in the living room with the rest of her basketball team.

Katy, a redhead with lightly tanned skin and a slim figure, was to her right and they both came up to greet me. "So glad you made it Zack!" Katy yelled over the blaring rap music. "Yeah, I'm not so sure." I replied, hoping I was heard. Bella giggled, so at I guess she heard me. "Just wait, we'll get you going soon enough." She put a cup in my hand and smiled. "What even is this?" I asked. In the dark, looking into the cup did nothing, and I'm guessing I wouldn't be able to tell what it was if it wasn't so dark.

"Punch," Bella kept the same grin on her face, "but DiDi added something extra to it." DiDi was the center for the team, a big black lady.

She was really easy going and funny, so I didn't mind her, but she was scary when she got worked up. Bella must've seen the skepticism of my face, as she told me, "Come on Zack, it won't kill you." So, I took a drink, and it wasn't that bad. In fact, I felt like I wanted more. Throughout the party, I stayed near the team, and we drank more and more.

Soon, I was drunk, considering I've never drank before. So, the girls just made fun of me, calling me a lightweight, that sort of thing. I could tell they were getting a little tipsy too, well, most of them. Bella and Taylor didn't seem to be into the whole drinking thing. At some point, Katy and DiDi pulled me away from the pack and were trying to set me up with a girl.

"Come on Zack, there's gotta be at least one chick here you wanna bang." DiDi goaded me. "And if there is?" I ask, probably slurring and skeptical "We'll set you up," Katy told me matter-of-factly. "We can set you up with anyone here." "I'm not sure," I think I said, although it sounded more like "I nah shre." Katy giggled, a high pitch sound, but very happy sounding, and started pointing out girls, "What about Ashley?" Ashley was one of the popular girls, she had light brown hair and pale skin with slight freckles on her face.

She was tall, not as tall as Bella, but around Katy's height, 5'5" or 5'6" and slim. Her tits were larger than Katy's, but smaller than Bella's, I'd guess a C-cup. "Nah," I told them. "Well, we're gonna need a little help here Zack," DiDi said, annoyed "Is there a girl here?" Katy asked "Yeah," I had fallen into one word replies, I think it made me sound better than trying to spit out a sentence.

"Is she on the team?" DiDi asked, now sounding excited. "Yeah." "Oh, I bet it's Taylor," Katy guessed. Taylor sweethearts share cock at the casting hardcore blowjob a nice girl, one of my few friends that were popular, and she also was pretty.

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Her petite megan rain fucks her friends bf in the glory hole wasn't the most beautiful, but the rest of her body made up for it. She had short blonde hair cut above her shoulders and soft blue eyes. She was a little taller than Katy, and her body looked completely toned.

Not muscular like those bodybuilders, but toned and firm. She had smaller tits like Katy, probably a B cup, and a flat looking stomach.

She also had a perky bubble butt, probably her best feature, but she wasn't who I had my eyes on. "Nope." They started rattling off everyone on the team, even themselves at one point, which I felt the need to apologize for. Finally, it hit DiDi, "Oh my god, you wanna bang Bella!" I felt my face flush as she said it. Katy just laughed "You totally do!

Oh, good luck with that, she won't do anything with anyone." "But you guys said you could set me up with anybody!" In my drunken state, I felt deceived. "Listen Zack," DiDi started, "We can try, but that just ain't happening.

If you wanted Taylor that'd be hard enough, but Bella's impossible." "Fine," I said, completely defeated. "Do you want us to get you a little slut to play with?" DiDi asked "No, I'll just go home." "Zack, you can't drive, you drank way too much.

Just head upstairs and find mom big hips sex son bed and crash, it's okay." "Thanks," I muttered and headed upstairs, at least I think I did.

I don't remember anything else, but I do remember waking up the next morning, or afternoon, it was like 2 when I finally came to, on Bella's couch. I saw her standing next to me with a cup in hand, "Drink this," she said, "it'll make you feel better." I did, and it was a cup of orange juice. "Alright," she said after a few minutes, "get up, it's time to practice." "Bella," I groaned. "I know, you feel like shit," she told me, "but getting moving will make you feel better." After a while, we got up and headed out to the court.

Today was long range day, apparently, as she had me shooting threes all day long. And it was ugly, believe me. So bad, that she felt she had to give me an incentive. "Hey Zack, make 3 in a row and I'll take my shirt off," she grabbed the hem of her black shirt for emphasis. I took the pass from her and lines up my shot.

I made sure to square my shoulders to the hoop and let it fly. The ball tossed and turned in the air all the way down through the white net, giving me one. She positioned me in the left corner now, and I shot again, making it again off the backboard this time. I looked over at Bella as she passed me the ball again.

She had a nervous look on her face, but began to tease me, lifting the shirt up over part of her bronzed stomach. "Take the shot Zack," she taunted, "maybe you'll see more." I was on the right side of the court this time, and shot it up.

It seemed to take forever for the orange ball to drop down, but all it met was orange rim, clanging off to the left. "You know," she continued to taunt me, "there's always next time. "Yeah, whatever." Honestly, I didn't believe there would be a next time, but there was.

Every so often, she'd give me a challenge like that, and I never came close. She'd make fun of me, calling me a choker or the a Cowboy, since Dallas could never win anything, but it was all fun. But every night, I would go home and imagine what would happen if she did have to take her shirt off. I'd imagine what bra she was wearing and how much cleavage it showed. I'd imagine she'd take it another step, and challenge me to make her take her shorts off and I'd imagine all the way until she was naked.

After all, that was my biggest dream, to have Isabella Nash in front of me, naked. And then my dreams would take it every which way, with my clothes falling off and us falling into bed and making love.

That was my dream, I wanted to lose my virginity to my best friend Bella. ——————————————————— It was almost time to go back to school, 2 weeks to be exact, and I was getting better.

Well, that or Bella just told me that so I'd keep practicing. But, in all honesty, I was getting better. I could hit most shots now, and I was much better at dribbling. I still never won one of Bella's challenges, until that hot summer day. It had to be around 95 degrees, but Bella insisted we still practiced.

So, I mopped my way through the gate to her privacy fence and onto the court. As we were warming up, as if that was needed on a day like that, she asked me "What's up Zack? You're looking a little down there." "It's just too hot for this Bella," I complained, "I mean, who wants to be outside in this? And we decided to play basketball on top of it!" "I know Zack, but it's hot days like this that really make you better." She always had something uplifting to tell me when I was down like that.

She could give me a philosophical coach line or go somewhere completely different, like she was about to, "And I wouldn't mind losing some clothes today either. Hit a three from each corner and the top in a row and I'll take my shirt off." "I hope you're finally ready to strip Bella," I taunted as I walked over to the left corner, "Because today is the day." "I'll believe it when I see it Gardner," she threw back, calling me by my last name as all the jocks do, "Now shoot the ball." I did, and the swooshing sound of the net was satisfying.

I moved over to the center of the court and shot another one, another one straight in the net. I could tell she was getting nervous, and my heart model babe in bikini sucking stud dick picked up by a lot as I stood in the final corner, ready to shoot. This time, she didn't taunt me or show off her stomach, she just stood there waiting.

And, unlike last time, the drama was gone, nothing but net. "Yes!" I cried as the ball sailed in, fist pumping in the air. "Time to take that shirt off!" She stood in the paint waiting for a moment, and then pulled off the gray tank top. However, she wasn't wearing a sports bra today, it was a blue and black bikini top. I could see tan lines on her collar as she adjusted the straps.

The top showed off the tops of her tanned tits, and I loved the view. They looked perky and firm, and I longed to have them in my hands. "Wow," I muttered under my breath. I think Bella heard me, since she started blushing before passing the ball back to me. "Keep shooting Gardner." For the rest of the day, we practiced like that, and I loved every second of it. Whenever she would shoot or go for a layup, her boobs bounced in the top, yearning to free er fickt mit der freundin seiner neuen frau geiler sex. But they never did.

The last day of summer was much cooler, in the mid 70s, and I was happy as I walked through the privacy gate to Bella's court, and even happier when I saw her.

She was already warming up, and her attire was what surprised me. She had her customary white headband on, but her shirt was missing. Only a white sports bra remained, with a little triangle cut to show some cleavage. She also was wearing black Adidas shorts, with the three white stripes on the short sides. "Stop staring Zack and get warmed up!" She yelled at me. I just laughed and headed out. We shot around for a while, joking around and having fun. Then, Bella turned to me, with a semi serious look on her face, "Alright Zack, it's out last practice before school starts, so you've got to show me what you've learned." "Okay Bella, what do you have in mind?" "One on one up to three, me against you." "Why do I feel like there's a catch?" Her evil looking grin had me worried.

"If you score a point, the other person takes something off. Until they're naked." Holy shit. My mind went blank. A chance to see Bella, my best friend, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen naked? You bet I'd take it. "Deal," I said, "you want ball first?" "Nope, you take it, you're gonna need it." I started out at the three point line, dribbling in my left hand.

I tried to go left, and she let me, I ran down the key and to the hoop, laying one in. "That's one!" I shouted triumphantly. I turned around to see Bella waiting for me, her thumbs in the hot playgirl rides like a wild pro pornstar hardcore of her shorts. We locked eyes, and then she wicked fingers of gorgeous virgin hardcore blowjob them down, bending over as she did.

They hit the ground and she stepped out of them, kicking them off the court. She stood there for a second, her hands on her hips, letting me gaze in awe at her near naked body. Her strong bronze legs seemed to go forever, finally meeting underneath her black panties.

Finally, she broke my trance, "Check it up Z, or else you won't see anything else." I quickly got the ball and then checked it, pushing to her left.

Despite the lack of clothes, Bella seemed as comfortable as ever on the court. I tried to drive on her again, but she poked it away and chased the ball down, starting off on my right. She started to drive on me, but I over-pursued and she pulled up a mid-range shot, getting nothing but net. "Lose the shirt Zack," she taunted. "Oh, I see," I shot back as I pulled my shirt off, "you get to pick what I take off, but you pick what you take off." We checked the ball, "Don't worry, if you can score again, you can pick what I take off." She winked and then blew past me, laying one in easily.

"You have to put up more of a fight than that, nasty japanese mother is so wild and horny know." She just loved talking smack to me. I quickly disposed of my shorts, leaving me only in my grey boxers. I could feel my dick starting to harden in my boxers, and I prayed she didn't notice it. We checked it up again without a word, and she started to dribble to her left.

I followed her closely, determined not to lose my last piece of clothes left. She tried to cross me over, and I poked at the ball, but nothing from either side. She drove, finally, putting up a teardrop from the foul line that missed off to the right. I grabbed the rebound and cleared it hurriedly. I was in the right corner now, Bella giving me a small lane to the basket down the baseline. I took it, barreling down as fast as I could, which was a little too fast as I had to try a reverse layup to even think about scoring.

Shockingly, it missed as my momentum carried me away. By the time I could get back to the game, she had thrown it up and in. I lost. As I walked back towards her, Bella's face was covered in a devilish smile. As I approached the key, Bella beckoned to me, "Lose them, Zack." "Do I really have to do this?" I asked, hoping there was a way out besides showing my best friend my boner "Yeah, you do." I blushed and swore under my breath, there was no way I was getting out of this.

I reached down and stripped off my last piece of clothing, leaving bald slut rides on a long shaft cumshot facial hard dick out in the open for my beautiful best friend to gaze upon. "Impressive Zack," she told me, whistling as she took in my naked body. "How big is is?" She looked into my eyes now, daring me to answer "Uh, like, 7 inches?" I stammered, I wasn't expecting her to take such interest in my cock.

"Very nice," she seductively told me as she walked closer. Finally she was right next to me, inches from my hard dick, "One more round Zack, loser gets naked, winner can get dressed, we go inside and everything stays off." A chance to see Bella naked? You bet I'll jump at that, "Deal." I said, looking straight into her hazel eyes. She smiled and tossed me the ball, "You can start, you're going to need it." With a wink, she was ready to defend. I started going to my right, as I usually do, but she didn't attack me.

Instead, she stayed back, almost daring me to pull up from there. This distance from the hoop, however, was a struggle for me, and she knew that. I tried a crossover to go down the lane, but she was firmly planted in my way, not fooled in the slightest by my move. She only smiled at me, waiting for my next move. I tried a step back, and missed it, clanging loudly off of the rim. The ball bounced high and we both jumped for it, my naked cock brushing against her strong legs. I don't think she noticed it as she pulled the rebound down and took it out to the left corner.

There, she stared at me, a look of triumph in her eyes. I think I even caught her glancing to my dick. Honestly, if it weren't for the incidental contact when going for the rebound, I wouldn't even register the fact I was still naked with her. Her glance threw me off guard and she took advantage of it, burning past me and laying it in. I lost. Again. She laughed and pulled her shorts on, covering only a little more of her beautiful legs. I grabbed my clothes and we headed inside, her taunting me the whole way.

When we got inside, she didn't go to put a shirt on, electing to stay in her bra. We sat down on the couch and turned on a game, it was still baseball season, so one of those games was on. We watched the game, my dick never softening, and in the sixth, she turned to me, "Does that ever get soft?" "I mean, yeah." I nervously replied.

She just kept looking from it to me, a knowing smile on her face "Well, why isn't it?" "You know why Bella." She started to inch closer to me, leaning in closer to my crotch "Do you want," she paused, almost teasing me, "to go take care of that?" "No Bella, I don't." She stayed just as close as before, not moving an inch, "Are you sure?

That can't be comfortable." "Fine." I gave in, heading up to the bathroom she told me to go to. I went in and locked the door, opening the toilet seat and standing over it. I spit on my hand and started to stroke my cock, thinking back to Bella on her underwear so close to my body, dreaming about her taking a hold of me and making me cum.

Within minutes, my white cum shot out and into the toilet, a light moan escaping my lips. I cleaned up and went back downstairs, watching the rest of the game naked with Bella. For weeks, this carried on. I never got her to strip past her bra and panties, and I always ended up naked and jacking off in the bathroom.

She never made a move to do anything, and honestly, I never thought she wanted to. That is, until my birthday rolled along. The party was great, lots of beer and Bella got the whole basketball team to come. As usual, Bella wasn't drinking, but she was off doing things with Taylor somewhere. I was left with DiDi and Katy again, talking about my love life, or lack thereof. I didn't tell them about the strip basketball with Bella, but they asked anyway.

"How's the loving coming with Bella?" DiDi asked with a grin. "The same as before," I feigned disappointment, "no progress at all." "Well I think you'll make some soon," Katy said.

"What do you mean?" "She's been talking about what to get you, and some of us have given her some, well, less than appropriate answers if you know what I mean." DiDi only smiled and winked "There's also a few girls on the team that might be interested in you," Katy told me, smiling. "Who?" I asked, desperately wanting at least a little action, but the girls only laughed, "Can't tell you that." Presents came and went, Bella got me a nice new t-shirt and my favorite band's new CD, and that was it.

The party ended, without any action. The next day, we practiced as usual, and I ended up naked, as usual. We went inside, my hard dick flopping between my legs as we talked about the party. "Did you like all your presents?" She asked me, genuinely wanting to know. "Yeah, I did," I told her "Good," she paused, "Was there anything else you wanted?" I hesitated, thinking to my conversations with DiDi and Katy, but I didn't touch that, not wanting to make anything weird, "Not really, I didn't have a specific thing I wanted." At this time, we were inside, and she looked at me, "Would you like another one?" "Sure," I told her, about to go take care of my boner.

"Good, now stay here." She told me, making me sit. "What do-" I stopped as she got on her knees between my legs.

"Bella, you don't have to." "I know," she said, trailing her soft hands around my thighs, "but I want to." With that, she held my cock up high and licked from the base by my balls up to the tip. She swirled her hot tongue around my head and then sucked it into her mouth. I couldn't hold back a moan as I slid into her mouth. She didn't make any loud slurping noises, she just took as much as she could, about half of me, and then pulled back.

She left my tip in her mouth and started to bob her head up and mom room sleep son come fhok forced on me, her hand toying with whatever didn't fit. She continued to bob up and down on me, picking up her pace as she went.

She readjusted and looked up into my eyes as she took as much of me cock into her mouth as she could. The sight of my cock trapped between the lips of my beautiful best friend sent me over the edge. Without warning, my hips thrusted up and my cum shot out into her unsuspecting throat. I felt her pull back as I continued to spew semen into her mouth. For her credit though, she kept me in her mouth until every last drop was deposited into her mouth.

When I finally stopped shooting into Bella's mouth, she xxx pawn waitress desperate for cash ends up selling her ass off of me and started to spit it out, coughing the whole time. "I'm sorry!" I started to apologize "It's fine Zack," she said between coughs, "I just need some warning next time." "Next time?" I asked incredulously "Unless you want this to be a one time thing." She looked down to my semi-hard cock as she said it.

"No!" I quickly replied, probably way too excited, "I mean, I'd love to do it again." "Me too." She said, and with that, we went back to watching tv. After the game ended, I got dressed and went home. At home, I played some video games for a long time, and then decided to get ready for bed.

As I laid there in bed, my mind drifted to the earlier events: my dick between Bella's lips, shooting my cum into her mouth, and her saying there would be a next time. What would next time entail? Would she just suck me off again? I wouldn't be opposed to that at all, it was the greatest feeling I've had in my young life.

I drifted off to sleep thinking of what was to come