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Mother duter sex her boy frind
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im trying something a little different this chapter, and hopefully fans of the series will still enjoy. As always, all feedback is welcomed. -phenylalanine Despite her newfound determination Tegan was still anxious as she stepped back into the store from the private area with Angus. Her stomach felt unsettled but that could have something to do with the contents of it rather than anxiety.

Would all the participants still be lingering outside waiting for her? Or would they simply have come and gone, pun intended? She had a moment of hesitation but stepped forward, determined to face whatever was ahead.

Her face was glossy with traces of dried semen and she had chosen to expose her chest because why shouldn't she have that right? She was tired of being ashamed of her body, and if men wanted to stare, then let them. Somewhat to her disappointment, her boldness did not have the expected payoff. The store was nearly empty again, with only one man among the shelves. He glanced in her direction when she exited from the back room and did a brief double-take when he noticed her tits were out, but then went back to his browsing.

Was he a 'friend of Simon', one of the this wicked legal age teenager beauteous girl who had visited her in the gloryhole, or just a random patron who had wandered in after the chaos?

Simon of course had resumed his place at the counter, assuming he had in fact been one of her visitors. She led Angus through the shelves, keeping her hand in his for comfort as she added a few other items to her basket. She had picked conservatively before but now that she was the one who had paid, she was more liberal. She picked up a few assorted toys both for her upcoming domination debut and her own amusement. When she placed the basket on the counter for Simon to begin tallying up he gave an appreciate eyebrow raise looking at her nipples, then began to sort the items into bags.

There was no point ringing them up through the register so Tegan had no idea how much her efforts were worth fetish maid fucks in shiny latex lingerie real terms. It didn't really matter, but it did make her wonder what she'd be worth id she decided to start selling her body instead of giving it away. Mentally that was a line she just couldn't cross, at least not all the time.

"There you go, love." Simon handed her the bags and Angus, ever the gentleman, reached out to take them for her. "Thank you, Simon." Tegan replied, with a smile.

"Pleasure was all mine. I hope you won't be a stranger." "We'll see." She turned and led Angus back outside and down the stairs to the street. The evening had grown chilly and she shivered in the cool air, her exposed nipples responding in kind. She took a moment to take in the night air while Angus loaded their shopping into the back of his SUV. The street remained devoid of traffic and pedestrians. The lack of an audience was making her attempt at exhibitionism frustratingly easy.

After they got into the car Tegan pulled on her seatbelt and there was a long silence while Angus pulled away from the store and headed for home.

"Can we keep this between us?" Tegan enquired once they were underway. "O' course." "It's just I know you tell Brandon and Sam about what we do together. But not this, ok/" "Alright." "As strange as it might sound, I don't think the others would really understand." "Yeh think they might get jealous?

Taking it ou'side our group?" "Well yes, but that's not really what I meant. I mean I don't think they understand me and my boundaries.

Not the way you do. When you push me, I still feel like I can trust you." She sighed. "Is invasion of a gigantic knob hardcore and blowjob weird?" "Who am ah tae say, really?" Tegan laughed, turning back to the window. "Do you remember the story I told you? About my last boyfriend?" Tegan mused absently as she watched the world roll by through the window. "The petrol station one?" "Yeah." "What about it?" "I think I knew then that this is the person I am.

It's caused me a lot of anxiety lately, but now that I've accepted it, I feel a lot calmer. I realise now it's why I told you that story." She paused for a moment then turned back to Angus, resting a hand on his thigh. "So I just wanted to say thank you." "My pleasure, lass.

Literally." They drove in silence for a while as Tegan reclined her seat and stared at the ceiling of the car, resting her hands on her belly. She still had her tits exposed and was happy to keep them that way, not that there was much other traffic on the road. She rubbed her thighs together, feeling an ache inside her from the monstrous cock that had capped off the evening's adventure.

"What's next?" She asked, breaking the silence. "Tonight?" Angus queried "I was just headed home." "I meant in general.

Like, where do we even go from here?" "Yeh mean how can we raise the stakes even further? What'd yeh have in mind?" "Not necessarily raising the stakes, I don't even know how you would…" she trailed off, picturing some kind of marathon group sex, visions of bukkake porn she'd seen flitting through her head. "…I guess I mean more of the public aspect.

The risk element." "Ah have a few ideas." Angus said cryptically "If yeh have the nerve." "I don't know about nerve, but I think I am running out of shame." "Aye?" "I used to really hate l am sleeping fakd dad body, you know.

My tiny tits, my flat ass." She shifted slightly in her seat, turning to face him. "Tell me honestly, do I have a nice body or do you guys only like it because I let you do whatever you want to me?" "Honestly? If ah had my pick ah might go for bigger tits." Angus shrugged "But ah really like 'em in all sizes, and the part that really counts to me is the nipples." He glanced over at her, only taking his eyes off the road for a moment.

"And those are world class as far as ah'm concerned." "You don't think my butt's too small?" "Nay lass, it's firm, and not being too big makes it easier tae fuck." "You do like to fuck my ass." Tegan said in a mock wistful tone. "But do you think other men would like my body?" "Different blokes like different girls.

Aye, ah think a lot of men would, some men might pass. It's just the way o' things." "Brandon has a girlfriend." Tegan said abruptly after a short silence. "He does, does he?" "Well, he likes a girl. He's going to ask her out. I think she probably likes him too." Tegan sighed. "He said her tits are bigger than mine." "Hard for them tae be smaller." Angus glanced over "Nae offence meant." "None taken." Tegan laughed.

"He said he'd choose a real girlfriend over me, given the option." "Also fair. Is this why yeh're worried?" "Not worried, just curious about what men really want." "Tae cum mostly, but ah think relationships are important too. 'Specially for lads o' Brandon's age. In yeh sunny leon hotvsex story down yeh just wannae fuck all the time.

In yeh early twenties yeh want to hug an' kiss and think about the future. Brandon's getting' tae that age." "And in the late twenties?" "Yeh've had a relationship o' two and if they havnae worked out yeh become cynical and just wannae fuck some pretty young girl with perky tits who lets yeh put it in her bum." After they arrived home and went inside, Tegan shed her dress then went to bed.

The night had exhausted her and she was grateful that she had not had to face Brandon and Sam, who had apparently gone to bed while she and Angus were out. She still wondered if there would be any pangs of jealousy, speculation about what occurred on their outing, and whether either of the other men would seek to replicate it. She rose late the next morning and as far as she was aware, was not disturbed while she slept in. After a light breakfast of muesli with almond milk she attended to some yoga and pelvic exercises.

Her thoughts constantly drifted back to the previous anna polina la journaliste porn story. Before she might have tried to reconcile her wanton behavior in some way but now she accepted it as part of who she was which made it a lot easier to meditate on. Knowing what she really wanted out of this life she'd chosen for herself was doing wonders for her anxiety around it.

After her exercises she took inventory of the bags of purchases she'd hurriedly stashed in her closet the night before.

There were a few objects she didn't remember selecting, perhaps she'd picked them up by accident in her delirium. Not only were there a couple of outfits as well as range of restraints, whipping objects and other odds and ends, she had apparently picked up a couple of vibrators, impressive higher end looking ones with a range of features, the kind she would probably never had bought for herself under normal circumstances.

Maybe Angus slipped those in for his own amusement, for a future one-girl show that sometimes served as entertainment in the household. Resisting the urge to take some of the toys for a test drive, she unpacked everything and organized it while she formulated her plans. Brandon arrived home shortly after lunch, his morning classes over and apparently the afternoon off. When he came through the front door he was startled to find Tegan standing in the centre of the living room, the blinds shuttered blocking out most of the natural light from outside.

She was dressed in a tight red corset with matching elbow-length gloves, a masquerade ball styled half-mask that covered her face from the nose up, black stockings and red vinyl heels. The corset didn't cover her chest but pushed up her modest bust, making her nipples peek out over the top of the half-cups.

teen double dildo doggy sly stepmom catches a fox She was also, apart from the stockings and shoes, naked from the hips down, her intimidating visage not reduced in the slightest by the fact her fiery bush was on display. Brandon set his bag down slowly, as if afraid of making any sudden movements. "Um…" he started, and Tegan cracked a riding crop against her palm, making a satisfying leather on leather slap despite the fact both products were fake.

"Silence, worm!" Tegan bellowed, forcing her voice an octave or two deeper than usual in the hopes it would sound domineering, rather than accidentally masculine.

When Brandon said nothing further she pointed the crop at him. "Disrobe." She ordered. Brandon began to comply, kicking off his shoes and socks, stripping off his t-shirt and removed his jeans until he was clad only his in boxer-briefs. Tegan waggled the crop at his underwear "I didn't tell you to stop." "T, I wanted to tell you&hellip." Brandon began to object but Tegan cut him off again. "I said silence! Lose the underwear. You don't want me to have to say it a third time." Brandon again complied and Tegan pointed the crop at the floor in front of her.

"Now come here, hands on your head." She ordered, her voice gentler, waiting as he approached. When he was standing before he she ran the tip of the crop down his chest, lightly tapping his flaccid member then circling around behind him, running the crop down his back and playfully mama japonesa borracha y follada por hijo his ass.

She leaned in behind him to whisper in his ear. "Our safeword is 'Morocco'. Repeat it." "Morocco" Brandon parroted. Tegan circled back in front of him, placing the tip of the crop under his chin. "Very good." "Tegan, I really…" Brandon began but Tegan placed the tip of the crop to his lips. "I know what you are going to tell me Brandon. You spoke with Yeong. You have a date with her. You are concerned about being unfaithful. Just nod if I'm correct." Brandon nodded.

"That is why," Tegan continued "I am doing this now, before your date. We can have that discussion later. If you do not wish to proceed on those terms, say the safeword." Brandon seemed hesitant but ultimately remained silent. When it as clear he was done thinking about it Tegan nodded and turned away, walking over to the polished dining table where a few of her recent purchases were spread out.

She returned with the crop tucked under her arm with a set of padded leather cuffs, a silicon cockring. "Hold this" she instructed, holding the ring up to his mouth. Without hesitation Brandon opened his mouth and took the ring gently in his teeth.

Tegan circled behind him again then took down his arms from on his head, pulling them behind him where she fastened the cuffs, pulling the straps tight. She returned to his front and took the ring from his mouth and placed it in her own to coat it in her own saliva. Glancing down. He was, perhaps unsurprisingly, starting to grow hard. In her heels she was about his height so she interlaced her feet with hers and pulled herself bodily against him, trapping his cock between her thighs and griding her shaved lower lips against the top of his shaft, biting his earlobe as she felt his body respond to her touch.

aFter rubbing herself against him a few more moments she stepped back then took the cockring from her mouth before gently easing it over his shaft, using both hands to push it down to the base, causing Brandon to grunt softly. It fit snugly but not tightly, which seemed to be about right. She grasped his cock gently in one hand and gave it a few light strokes to encourage it along, gently kissing his cheek before she stepped back again to survey her handiwork. She took the crop from under her arm and traced it down the side of his neck and pushed down on his shoulder.

"Kneel." She commanded, pushing down with the crop as he carefully sank to his knees, then she unwound a strip of fabric from her wrist and placed the crop between his teeth, which he obligingly held for her. She stood close to him, her crotch level with his eyes. "Take one last look, Brandon." She said coolly "One last good look at the pussy that's been taking care of all your needs." It was perhaps a meaningless taunt even if he wanted to remain faithful, however long his courting of Yeong lasted, he'd probably still see her naked around the house on a daily basis.

But she was going to enjoy teasing him; that was the whole point. She draped a thigh over his shoulder, pushing her slit in his face, letting him smell her sex as she began to wind the strip of fabric around his head as a makeshift blindfold. After making a few passes with the cloth she knotted it behind his head then stepped back again.

His dick was now mostly erect. She had read the point of the ring was to reduce bloodflow out, making his erections harder and last longer, and she assumed it was working as intended. She took the crop from between Brandon's teeth and tapped him under the chin with it.

"Stand up." She ran the tip of the crop down his chest again then used it to idly push his erection around. Sufficiently amused she turned back to the table and took up a tube of lube, drizzling a small amount on her gloved fingers before turning back to Brandon and taking his cock in her hand, watching him squirm as she smeared the gel all over his shaft and started stroking him with a loose fist at a casual pace, a lazy, slippery handjob, feeling his cock swell in her hand.

She hoped that the ring wasn't making things uncomfortable for him. She leaned in close and whispered as she jerked him off. "I'm doing this because it amuses me to watch you squirm." She squeezed his cock a little tighter "if you're a good boy and obey me I will make this pleasurable. Understand?" "Yes." Brandon grunted, and Tegan whipped him lightly on the thigh with the crop in her other hand, a warning shot, Brandon let out a started yell. "Right now, you call me Mistress, or Mistress Tegan.

Do you understand?" "Yes." Brandon said, and Tegan hit him again, harder this time.

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"You clearly don't." Tegan growled in his ear "Try again, do you understand?" "Yes Mistress Tegan." Brandon said "Better." Tegan daughter walks in room naked dad, resuming the handjob.

She eased into a steady rhythm, watching Brandon's face as he bit his lip. She could feel his dick flexing in her hand and started whispering in his ear again, using a sultry a voice as she could muster. "You gonna cum, B? You gonna shoot your load for me?" "Yes. Mistress Tegan" He grunted, and she immediately released his cock, watching it twitch as Brandon let out a disappointed groan, his hips shaking as his cock fucked the empty air.

"Not right now you aren't." Tegan said smugly. "Because you need to learn patience." Using her non-lubed hand that was holding the crop, she gripped his hair and started to pull him towards the couch.

He obligingly followed her and she sat down with her ass right on the edge of the couch, pulling him in close and draped her thighs over his shoulders, pulling his face down to her crotch.

"You will get to cum when I tell you you may cum, do you understand?" "Yes Mistress Tegan." Brandon answered. "Very good. For now, you may lick my pussy." She reclined on the couch as Brandon started to explore her labia with his mouth and tongue. His technique was, as ever, unrefined and probably not helped by the fact he was blindfolded and couldn't use his hands, but this was not about her pleasure.

Sure, it felt nice, but she wasn't trying to get off. Right at this moment it was about power. She watched his face moving between her thighs, feeling his tongue lap at her slit and lips suck at her clit. She let out little moans to encourage him, occasionally speaking at him as she idly used the crop to play with his hair from her reclined position.

"You need to learn japanese beautiful babe gets a hard fuck place, Brandon." She cooed "Up until now, you'd had it easy, with a girl who'll just spread her legs for you on command. But from now on you're going to have to work for it." She centered the crop on his forehead and pushed his head back. "That means putting your own pleasure second." She pushed against him with one heeled foot and instructed him to lean back, using her crop to tap on his inner thighs to make him spread them apart, then reached down to take the head of his cock in her fingertips, massaging it gently, pinching the fleshy part anal fuck of nice looking brazilian honey hardcore and blowjob the underside of the head and rubbing it between her fingertips.

Brandon's cock throbbed in response, she could feel it twitching as he tensed his muscles. She gradually eased back until she was just using one finger, barely touching the underside, balancing it on a fingertip with the gentlest of caresses. "Let's take a walk down memory lane B." she said as Brandon let out a grunt of frustration.

She must have gotten him very close that time. "Top three moments of our recent affair. Think back to the times that felt the best for you, and how good I made you feel." "Uh…" Brandon started, clearly struggling to focus "My favourites?" "Yes, the best three.

Hurry up." She took her fingertip away from his dock, partially as punishment but partially to remove the distraction. "Uhh, um&hellip." Brandon stammered.

"The first uh… the first time I finished in your mouth." Tegan resumed stroking him, using just the one finger again. "Mm, if I recall correctly that was the second time I made you cum, wasn't it? The first one was a little… early." She said teasingly. "Yeah." Brandon said, almost guiltily. She wrapped her fingers around his cock and gave it a gentle squeeze, making him buck his hips slightly. "You aren't done, two more. And no cumming." She kept her fingers wrapped around his cock.

Theoretically if he thust cute teen gags on cock and takes in it her pooper hips the lube would make a useful fuck tunnel of her hand.

She wondered if he would have the willpower not to. "Second, that time that we just watched each other masturbate close up. Watching you play with yourself while I jerked off in front of your face." "Interesting. I guess it helps that you also got to cum all over my face while watching me orgasm." She paused, continuing to hold his cock. "And third?" "Third uh… the first time we did it." "Did what, Brandon?" "Sex." "We fucked, didn't we Brandon?

Say it, the first time you got to fuck me. And call me Mistress" "The first time I fucked you, Mistress." "You came early that time as well." Tegan said, releasing his cock from her hand, ignoring the subtle movement of his hips as his engorged cock thrust at empty air.

She spoke as she busied herself with taking off her heels. "Is there a reason two of your favourite memories so far involve that?" "They were just my first times, Mistress." Brandon paused.

"And they involved you licking up my jizz off yourself." "Alright." Tegan murmured as she removed her stockings and squeezed out some lube between her biggest and second toe. She hooked her foot under his cock and started to work his shaft into the gap, using her foot for long slow strokes.

Having never done this before she hoped it felt good as well as being weird and confusing. "Is that something you like, watching me eat cum?" "Yes Mistress Tegan." Brandon answered simply. "What's your favourite way to feed me your cum?" "When I cum on your tits, and you scoop it off up and lick it off your fingers." Brandon groaned.

"Do you fantasize about it?" Tegan enquired, rubbing her foot down so that her toes were pressing against the base, using the sole of her foot to idly massage his balls.

"Yes Mistress." Brandon said again, his voice a little strained. "You filthy boy. What's your ultimate cum fantasy?" "I want to see you eat cum from another girl." Brandon said without hesitation. He must have already been thinking about it, Tegan mused. "I see, anywhere in particular?" Tegan kept up small movements of her foot, gently working the base of his cock with her toes.

"I wanna see you lick it off her tits, and from her pussy." "Oh really?" Tegan said playfully "In this scenario do you put the cum in her pussy first, then I clean up your mess?" "Uh-huh" Brandon nodded.

She used the sole of her foot to push his cock up against his belly and press against it, jiggling her foot to keep working it as Brandon groaned. "And whose pussy am I cleaning up for you?" she purred, assuming she already had the answer. "I uh… I haven't really thought about that." "Liar." Tegan pressed down on his cock with her bare foot, pressing it against his belly. "Go on, admit it. Tell Mistress Tegan your filthy little secret." "Yeong!" Brandon groaned "I admit it." "Mistress." Tegan prompted.

"I admit it, Mistress." "You've had a crush on Yeong for so long, all the while you've been pumping your cock and draining your balls into my holes. Poor confused boy." She used her big toe to stroke the underside of his cock, keeping it mashed against his belly.

"Pining for the girl next door while all your needs are sated at home." Brandon only grunted in response and Tegan felt his cock flexing under her foot. "Poor boy." Tegan repeated as she began caressing his shaft with the sole of her foot, easing it between her toes again.

"This might be the last time you ever cum for me. So what's left, B? I think the only thing I can do is… not let you cum at all." Tegan took her foot off his cock and used his discarded shirt to wipe the lube off her toes before standing up, tossing it aside. She walked around behind him and pushed on his back forcing him to lean forward. She kept pushing, her foot planted on his back until his head touched the carpet, his butt up on the air. Tegan ran the crop down his back to his ass crack then lightly tapped him on the tailbone.

"You've taken great pleasure at my expense, my poor abused holes might never be the same. I'm going to give you a parting gift to remember me by when you're lying with Yeong." Tegan drew back then struck, lashing the crop across his upturned ass cheeks. She refrained from doing it too hard but mihichiki deals cock in each of her cremy holes effort still produced a surprisingly loud snapping sound and Brandon let out a yelp of surprise and pain.

Covering for her surprise Tegan forced the commanding tone back into her voice. "Count it, worm. We're doing ten strokes." "Uh… one?" Brandon responded. "One what?" "One, Mistress?" "That's right, worm. And don't forget again." She raised the crop and struck him again. She tried to maintain the same power as she had on the first blow, feeling it was sufficient for her purposes.

"Two, Mistress." Brandon responded, with less of a yelp in his voice this time. This was almost going too easily. She struck again. "Three, Mistress." By the tenth stroke Brandon's cheeks were a glowing sea of red welts and she nearly took pity on him, but resolved to see it through.

She snapped the crop against his battered ass one last time, throwing a bit of extra zing into it. "Ten, Mistress!" Brandon exclaimed with a groan. She wasn't sure if he was enjoying it or hating it until she grabbed him by black guy girl sexy porn sex stories story hair and pulled him upright again, his cock still swollen, an angry red colour as the cockring kept him hard.

She assumed if he was truly turned off non cockring could keep him that way. "Good, you've done very well." She ran the crop down his chest to his groin and used the tip to toy with his cock some more. "Thank you, Mistress." "You much be aching with the need to release." She caressed his balls with the crop, making him flinch, and lowered her voice to a whisper.

"Tell me how much you need it." "Please Mistress Tegan, I need it. I'm going to explode." "How badly do you need it?" "Please Mistress, I'll do anything." "Oh, really?" "Yes Mistress." "Ok B, I'll make you a deal.

This one last time you can cum wherever you want. Pink any of your nasty, filthy favourite places to cum inside me, or on my skin." She set down the crop and knelt next to him, taking his dick in her hand and gently stroking him. He was rock hard and she could feel his pulse pounding in the palm of her hand. "Just one catch." "Please Mistress." "You have to clean it up this time. With your mouth." She could see the hesitation immediately transform his face. She gave his cock a squeeze reminding him what was at stake.

This might be the last time he ever got to have her and she'd been edging him and teasing him for at least an hour, which had to be messing with his thoughts. "Choose wisely, slave. Is that a price you're willing to pay?" "I don't know Mistress." "I've swallowed dozens of your loads, and you get hard thinking about me sucking your spunk out of your girlfriend, not to mention all the times you've gone pussy to mouth on me… but if it's too much for you… we can just end the game here." Tegan released his cock from her hand and stood up, her voice airily dismissive.

"I'll just go get dressed before I untie you." "Wait!" Brandon exclaimed. "Wait what?" Tegan asked bemusedly. "Wait… Mistress." He sighed. "So the game is still on?" "Yes Mistress." "Then you've decided." "I want to fuck your pussy, Mistress." "Oh really?" Tegan playfully teased him. "And why is that?" "Because I want to be inside you one last time and if I have to uh…" "Eat your own cum?" Tegan interjected.

"…do that, then I would also want to taste your pussy at the same time, Mistress." Brandon finished, timidly. "A sensible compromise, for slave. Now beg for it, you little worm." Tegan ordered took him by the shoulders and pushed him back onto his ass so he was seated on the floor, propping himself up on his elbows with his restrained hands. She stood astride him. "Tell me what's going to happen." "You're going to let me fuck your pussy Mistress." "Yes, for the last time." Tegan gently lowered herself to her knees, her cunt poised just above his twitching cock.

"And then what?" "I'm… I'm going to clean it with my mouth, Mistress." "Very good." Tegan spread her lips with her fingers and sank onto him, lowering herself onto his aching length. She was sodden inside, the anticipation and the exercise of her control over him had her nearly as ready to go as Brandon was. She was under no illusion Brandon would last long enough to enable her to come as well but that was ok. She wasted no time, rocking her hips as she raised and lowered herself on him.

She added a gentle rotation to her hips as she rode his cock, foxy latina minx has her beaver plugged it push against her walls like an iron rod.

"Misstress?" Brandon panted. "What is it, slave?" Tegan demanded breathlessly, continuing she screams out of ecstasy from the sexual delight young old pornstars slide her wet tunnel up and down his shaft.

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"Can you take the blindfold off, please? So I can see you?" "No, slave. Right now I am not for you to look at for your own enjoyment." She sat down on him hard, using the heat of her vagina to make the point.

"I'm letting you have my cunt, that is more than you deserve." "Sorry Mistress." Brandon groaned. "All will be forgiven, slave. When you fill my cunt then lick it clean." Tegan leaned back bracing her hands on Brandon's thighs then began to move her hips with an uncommon vigor.

She didn't normally ride on top mostly her housemates were content to be on top, perhaps for the feeling of power it gave them. When they wanted her to ride it was a more casual affair. But now Tegan dictated the terms of their encounter and she was going to drain every last drop from Brandon's swollen balls. She was getting off on the idea of him being made to eat her out her creamy snatch after blowing the biggest load of his life. It didn't take long.

With a strangled groan that indicated that the sudden change of pace had taken him by surprise, Brandon arched his back, his shoulders shaking. She didn't know if he was trying to urge his orgasm on or hold it back but abruptly the tone of his groan changed from a high strangled noise to the low guttural grunt of relief and she felt his cock pulse, his hot seed splashing up against her cervix. She kept riding him while he still remained hard inside her, feeling his cock sliding around in a fresh delivery of sticky lubricant.

Brandon's legs twitched and spasmed as she continued to torture his post-orgasm sensitive cock. She imagined she could feel him squirt again, at least two more times, but she couldn't be certain of that. She she finally felt him soften, his meat no longer resisting the gentle squeeze of her kegels, she slowly stood up, his sticky cock falling limp from her snug crevice.

A cursory examination with a fingertip was enough to confirm what she had expected: she was a mess down there. Whether it was the sheer size of the load or the extensive post orgasm fucking, Brandon had his work cut out for him. "Here it comes slave, the payment for your prize." She stood over him and pulled his head to her sloppy slit. She detected a hint of resistance as his mouth met her lower lips and he inhaled the scent of their mixed fluids for the first time but she held him in place.

Truthfully, she wouldn't make him go through with it if he wanted to refuse. But she didn't want to let him believe that. She would honour the safeword if he said it, but she didn't hear a sound. She felt him open his mouth and start to lick her pussy lips. Gradually he became more enthusiastic. Maybe keen to get it over with, maybe it wasn't as terrible as he had imagined in his mind.

Tegan had been swallowing jizz since she was a teenager and at this point didn't really see the big fuss, but supposed there was a mild homophobic barrier that even an open minded man had to cross.

She mused that perhaps as long as he could rationalize it pretty kitten is gaping tight muff in closeup and climaxing being his own, and still licking a woman's genitalia, it didn't really count.

Increasingly, Tegan was of the view that these sexual spectrum labels were meaningless and was adopting the philosophy of doing whatever felt good. His mouth was pleasant as ever, almost entrancing as his tongue explored around her clit. She flexed her muscles, pushing out any of his spunk that had remained up inside her and he instinctively responded by pushing his tongue against her hole to collect it.

After a few minutes, she released his head and stepped around him, crouching behind him to release the cuffs and murmur in his girls out west squirting hairy lesbian pussies as she slipped off the blindfold, then helped Brandon to his feet as he rubbed his wrists and shoulders, stiff from being held in position for all that time. He seemed to be having difficulty looking at her and she wasn't sure what to say.

The word aftercare popped into her mind, but surely she hadn't harmed him in this little scene? "Uh, scene's over. Everything ok?" Brandon nodded. "You sure?" "Yeah, it is. I just uh… you know, don't know if I can look at you." "Let's talk it out over some tea, if you like." "Oh, no. Well I mean yes. It's super awkward and I'm kinda spinning. But uh. You know… you're still kinda mostly naked." Tegan glanced down at herself and her corset that left her crotch and breasts exposed.

"Wait is this because of what I said earlier?" Tegan smiled, trying not to giggle. "That was just me being bossy. You know, for the roleplay." "Oh." "B, I'm still gonna be living here, probably still hanging out in the nude and, you know… being with Angus and Sam. If you want to be faithful to Yeong that's your choice and I respect it.

But I don't think there's any way you're going to stop seeing me in the nude." Tegan shrugged.

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"Besides, I figure you'd be used to it by now." "Yeah, I guess that's true." Brandon smiled. "Now, how about that tea?"