Mom punishes playfellows daughter bondage she tongues the jism out of the doctors ass

Mom punishes playfellows daughter bondage she tongues the jism out of the doctors ass
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It wasn't a good start to the day, I arrived at my desk and I could see there was a letter waiting for me, it said "Private & Confidential", I eagerly ripped open the envelope and started the read the letter. It started well enough with "Thank you for applying for the post of &hellip.", I skipped ahead and found the dreaded word "unfortunately".

I didn't need to read any more, I new what it was going to say; that I hadn't got the job. AGAIN! That was the third time my boss Mr. Smethers had passed me over and picked someone else for promotion. I seethed in frustration all day, I wanted to get back at him for doing this to me again, I wanted to get even, but how?

It was a few days later that a plan came into my head, I hadn't worked out the details yet but I thought that somehow I could get my revenge through his daughter Sara who also worked in the office. She was young and beautiful and very popular with the guys.

Over the next few days I started to take opportunities to chat to Sara, only a little bit at first but I gradually built up the "chance meetings" and so on until we had a good relationship, she even started to talk to me as we passed on corridors, that was nice, she was a lovely 18 year old girl with long black hair and a sexy girly giggle. One rainy morning as I was approaching the office in my car, I saw her hurrying along the pavement in the rain, I stopped the car and signalled to her to get in.

She did do willingly, she was making the seat of my car wet but I didn't mind. "No brolly?" I asked breezily. "No" she said "I left it behind at the house". I smiled at her and then suddenly blurted out "You look sexy when you're wet!"my heart pounded, I hadn't meant to say that out loud. Had I said too much?

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It was with great relief that I heard her say "Well thank you kind Sir" and she smiled at me in a cute shy way. As the day was drawing to a close, she passed by my desk.

I apologised to her for what I had said earlier in the car, she said "You don't have to apologise! &hellip. but does that mean I'm not sexy when I'm dry ?", "No, of course not, I meant that.

you … err &hellip." I stammered.

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She giggled her girly giggle and walked off showing off her sexy female wiggle as she did so. Only a few minutes later I received an email from her asking if I wanted to come to a party this weekend, I replied that I would love to.

She replied stating beauties submit to sex serf hardcore bondage it was at "Daddy's House".

I replied and explained the situation about my not getting promotion again. I waited for her reply but it was several minutes later that she sent a one line email, it said "Come to the back gate at midnight".

The moon seemed to be shining particularly brightly as I made my way to the back gate, my watch showed 23:58, good I'm not late I thought. I tried the door catch but it was locked, several minutes went passed and I began to wonder if I had come on the wrong day. Eventually I heard some foot steps, they were female, it sounded like someone wearing high heels, the catch swung up, the gate opened and there she stood looking like an angel in the moonlight.

"Sorry I'm late" she whispered, before I could say anything she took me by the hand and led me to the Pool House right next to a large, dimly lit pool. "Get undressed, we're going for a dip" she whispered in my ear. Without having to be asked twice I proceeded to disrobe, she wiggled out of her dress and then posed seductively for me in her bra & panties. I looked at her slender figure with her long black hair resting on her gorgeous breasts and I felt a tingle in my briefs.

I said "Aren't you going to take your bra & panties off?". "Thats your job!" she giggled "But you have to catch me first", and with that she turned and ran out of the pool house, dived into the pool and proceeded to swim underwater.

She was obviously and strong swimmer and confident in the water, but that was ok, so was I. I dived in after her and a few moments later I was able to grab her ankle and pulled her towards me, we were both underwater and jojkiss full sex stories brazzers tried to wiggle free but I held her underneath me and proceeded to undo her bra, it came off and we both made for the surface.

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She surfaced spluttering and giggling at the same time, "Ooh you naughty man!" she squealed. Her long wet hair was draped over her exposed breasts, "Mmm. you're sexy when you're wet" I replied with a grin. I pulled her towards me so that our bodies were touching. She put one arm round my neck and her other arm went down inside my briefs.

"Oooh hello Mr Big" she squealed. It was a corny line but I wasn't going to argue. Taking her lead I put my hand down inside her panties and stroked her wet, smooth pussy.

Without warning she submerged under the water and started to take down my briefs, they were soon round my ankles and I stepped out of them. Before she could surface I grabbed her waist and pulled her panties down her long sexy legs.

For the second time she surfaced spluttering and giggling, but before she could say anything I kissed her hard, pulling her naked body up against mine.

She wrapped her arms round my neck and I could feel her legs wrapping themselves round my waist, I was fully erect and I gently raised her up out of the water and then down onto my hard cock, she gasped slightly as I slid myself all the way in, it was a magic moment and I nearly came there and then. Suddenly there was disturbance in the garden. "Sara ?!" someone shouted.

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We both instantly knew that voice, it was Sara's Dad and we was looking for her. There was no time to run back into the pool house, "hold your breath" I whispered and submerged under the water taking Sara down with me.

We opened our eyes and looked at each other, as tense at the situation was, it was also highly erotic I and couldn't help giving Sara some gentle thrusts, this made some bubbles escape from her mouth and I stopped. We stayed under the water at the dark end of the pool for what seemed like ages, finally I could not hold my breath any longer and we surfaced.

Sara's Dad had gone back into the house.

We caught our breaths and then embraced, her body was still wrapped round me and I was still inside her. "Mmmm. that was fun" she whispered. "Lets do it again but this time you have to fuck me harder" and she tightened her pussy muscles round my hard cock. "Hold tight then" I instructed. I took a breath and submerged, taking her under the water with me again.

I started thrusting, slowly at first. Her big sexy eyes were looking straight at me. I squeezed her slim body between me and the edge of the pool. With each thrust, bubbles escaped from her mouth. I rotated her round so she was no longer up against the pool edge and she bent her curvaceous naked body backwards and closed her eyes. I kept thrusting, I could tell I was close to cumming but I tried to hold off for as long as possible.

Finally I could not hold back any longer and I exploded deep inside her. She screamed under water releasing a mass of bubbles from her open mouth.

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My lungs were aching and we surfaced together and breathed deeply for what seemed like several minutes. There were no words needed, finally she kissed me hard and then playfully said "that was amazing we must do it again sometime", "I must go back to the party now or Daddy will start looking for me again". Under cover of the darkness we made our way back to the pool house, she pulled her dress over her still wet body, blew me a kiss and said "see you tomorrow Mr.

Big". "See you nasty and wet japanese oral stimulation hardcore blowjob sexy" I replied and with that she was gone. The next day in the office, rumours were rife that something had happened at the party and I kept my a low profile. I smiled to myself, my boss had screwed me over with the promotion but I had screwed his daughter and I might well do it again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~