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Hard dick plows beauteous teen cum hole hardcore blowjob
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Haku watched as Naruto stood up and Hinata got on all fours like some kind of animal. In front of the pale eyed girl was her master's cock, hard and waiting.

Hinata then crawled a little closer so that she was about an inch away. Hinata then gave the tip a long and slow lick and then watched it bounce up and down. Once it stopped, her tongue began to circle around the head before she moved forward and took the whole thing into her mouth. She then began to bob her head as she began to give him a blow job. Naruto's sigh of pleasure was all that she needed to know that he was pleased with what she was doing.

Once again, Haku's mind was beginning to play tricks on her. She once again saw herself in Hinata's place, sucking the blond off with a look of ecstasy. Part of her was now wanting it so badly, wanting to submit just so that she sex with chocolate lovely hottie interracial and hardcore have some release. She wanted to cum so badly and clones hands were only adding fuel to the fire.

But the other part of her resisted as much as it could. These people were the ones who had helped in killing her master. She could never submit to them no matter what. Death would be better.

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Now Haku moaned as the hand that had been kneeling her breast was now focusing on her nipple. A single finger was tracing around the tit as Naruto used wind chakra to cool it, slowly causing sparks of pleasure to course through her skin. Then the finger gave it a flick before pinching it causing Haku to moan loudly.

The real Naruto looked at Haku out of the corner of his eye. She was doing well, but he wondered how much she would be able to take. The plan for breaking her was simple, keep building up the pleasure but deny her any sort of release.

To bring her to the brink and then stop. And she would forced to watch mature and sexy beauty from the neighbor on cam she could have as it was going on. It would only be when she begged Naruto to become his slave would he allow her the release that she would so desperately need. "Hinata-chan," moaned Naruto after a few minutes. "I'm going to cum!" Hinata responded by sucking on him even harder until his life giving seed filled her mouth.

There was a lot, but she managed to swallow most of it with only a tiny bit escaping her lips. She then turned around so that she was facing Haku. She smiled seeing how wet she was and knowing how badly her body wanted this. It was only her stubborn mind that refused her master and Hinata would do what she needed to do in order to make her see the truth.

Hinata turned her head to look at her master and then shook her rear at his still hard cock. "Naruto-sama, I'm r-ready," she said. "P-Please stick it i-in my p-pussy." Naruto smiled as he laid his hand Hinata's ass. "As you wish," said Naruto as he inserted his cock into her dripping hole.

He started out slowly causing Hinata to moan and her eyes to be half open. Once he was all the way in, he pulled out slowly and then repeated the process. Each time he went a little faster until he was slamming it in and out of Hinata who was now shaking her head back and forth.

Haku watched in amazement at what was happening in front of her. She had never seen this in person. Sure she had seen it in porno and read a couple books, but they paled in comparison of what she was seeing now.

She was amazed at how quickly the Hyuuga had become a slut craving only her masters cock. 'Does it really feel that good?' she wondered. Then her eyes widened as the clone inserted a finger into her pussy! "Don't," she moaned. She could feel the clone behind her smirk and it began to pump the finger in and out. "But you're so wet Haku-chan," replied the clone.

"You should really be more honest with yourself.

If you do that then you'll be able to feel even better. Don't you want that Haku-chan? Don't you want to be more like Hinata-chan? To have that kind of pleasure everyday for the rest of your life? It could happen if you just submit and say that you'll be my slave." Haku didn't reply with words, but shook her head.

The real Naruto saw this banging of cute teenie hardcore and blowjob decided to take it up a bit.

He stopped for a moment which caused Hinata to moan is disappointment since she was already getting close to her orgasm. Naruto leaned down and wrapped his arms around her waist. Then he leaned backwards so that she was on top and he was on his back. Hinata was surprised at this, to say the least. So far he had never tried anything like this before.

However, she soon got over his surprise has be began to move his hips. The pleasure began to return and Hinata began to bounce up and down on his shaft. Haku was cursing her own mind. Hinata was now face up, bouncing up and down in front of her showing her everything.

Haku could see the blonds cock in the pale eyed girls slit. She could see every bounce of the girl's breasts.

And her mind was once again making her see herself in Hinata's place. It also didn't help matters as the clone had added a second finger into her pussy. "Naruto-sama I'm going to cum," cried Hinata. "Oh Kami I'm going to cum! Please cum inside of me Naruto-sama. Shoot it INSIDE OF ME!" Hinata screamed that last part as both she and Naruto came at the same time. It saw so intense that her eyes seemed to roll in back of her head. And once it was over she fell backwards onto her master's chest.

There the two lay for awhile allowing Haku to watch as cum began to drip out of Hinata's pussy. Soon, Haku felt something land of her breast. She looked down and saw that it was drool. It was then that she realized that she was drooling! Back over with Naruto and Hinata, Naruto had gently rolled Hinata off of him. As she lay on the floor, he walked over to Haku. Once he was close enough, the blond bent down and cupped one of her cheeks.

"I can tell you're close Haku-chan," said Naruto. Haku shut her eyes and nodded. There was no point in lying as her pussy was leaking her fluids faster than ever. So was so close. "Then would you like to cum now Haku-chan? I'll let you if you swear to become mine." "I…"began Haku as the clone began to speed up a little.

It wasn't yet enough to push her over the edge, but it was dangerously close. "You what Haku-chan?" asked the real one. "I…won't," said Haku at last. "I will never betray Zabuza-sama.

Never!" As soon as she said that, the clone vanished causing Haku's eyes to widen in shock. "No," she said as she realized that her orgasm wouldn't come now. Naruto smiled at her. "I'll let you rest for a while and then we'll continue," he said as he walked back to his slave.

For the rest the day and into the night, both Naruto and Hinata played with Haku. They played with her, teased her, brought her to the edge every time, but always denied her the release that she wanted.

They both sucked her breasts while their hands played with her pussy. They hung her from the ceiling while she watched them have sex once again. They fucking morom chic anne is well worth it did it right over her head as Hinata's juices and Naruto's cum dripped onto her face.

But still she did not give in. Then next morning, Haku awoke to find that she was alone. However, in her moth was a gag with a ring in it which kept her mouth open. She then looked down and saw that there were two egg shaped vibrators on her tit. They were tapped onto her by black tape in an X pattern. A moment later they began to vibrate and she could feel the there was another one near her clit. Her back arched as she tried to scream, but the gag got in the way. After a short time, the vibrators stopped and left Haku on the edge once again.

She would have cursed if she could. Little did she know that in a half an hour they would start up again. -x- "So how is to going?" asked Kakashi. "Have you learned anything from your prisoner?" Naruto stopped his training with Hinata to look over at the jonin.

It had been four days since he had started his 'sessions' with Haku. He could tell that she was getting closer to submitting to him with each day. He had also learned a great deal about her. "Well," said Naruto. "I learned that she has the power to use ice by combining water and wind chakra. Also, Gato might try to attack us soon. That's about all I've been able to find out." Well, this wasn't true. In fact, he had learned a great deal about her as a person.

But Naruto thought that it would be better not to tell Kakashi some of her more personal stuff. "I see," said Kakashi. "Well, have you considered giving her to the village breeding program? If you did that then we would be able to bring back her bloodline much quicker. Also, you would gain some favor from the council." "You mean you want me to send her to a place where they'll rape her all the time?" demanded Naruto as his eyes narrowed a bit.

"Hai," said Kakashi. "You would be doing a great service to the village by making it stronger." "Like hell I'll do that!" shouted Naruto. "Listen," began Kakashi a bit more seriously. "I think my student has already told you what he thinks about your idea," said Kurenai as she appeared before them. She then gave Kakashi a cold glare. "I would appreciate it if you would not try to force this on him.

He is my student after all." "You're too easy on them," replied Kakashi. "This is very important and could help the village as a whole one day. Not to mention save a dying bloodline. I don't see the problem." "I bet you don't," replied Kurenai as she glared at him even harder.

Kakashi sighed. "Very well then," he replied hot chicks picked up for bangvan anal orgy he began to limp away. As he did so, he began to think of another way to get what he wanted. -x- About an hour later, Hinata was giving Haku a sponge bath.

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It was the first one she had since she got here and she needed to get the scent of sweat and sex off of her. The water was nice and warm on her skin making Haku grateful for this. "So," said Haku as Hinata washed her back. "Can I ask you something?" "H-Hai," replied Hinata.

"Are you happy being with Naruto?" asked Haku. Hinata nearly dropped the sponge in surprise. "I'm just curious, that's all so don't get the wrong idea." "Hai, I'm v-very happy," replied Hinata truthfully. "I have w-wanted to be with h-him since I was very little. My m-master has always been everything that I w-want to be. He is also s-so kind, so hard working, and so c-caring. He may be s-stubborn at times, but that's just another thing that makes h-him Naruto-sama." "Don't you miss your family?" asked Haku.

At that, Hinata's head lowered a bit. "My f-family doesn't really want m-me," said Hinata. "In fact, t-they have told me m-many times how worthless I am. They d-didn't waste any time t-throwing away all p-possessions once I graduated from the a-academy." "I'm sorry," replied Haku. "But I bet that Naruto's family is nice to you." Hinata shook her head. "Naruto-sama is a-an o-orphan," said Hinata. "He's b-been one all h-his life. In fact, you have a l-lot in common with him.

He has b-been hated for most of his life and he never k-knew why for the longest time. But that h-has never stopped him from trying t-to prove that they are wrong about him. He a-always gets right back up and tries a-again." After that, Hinata began to wash Haku's front while paying extra special attention to the girl's breasts. -x- Later that night, Haku lay fuck marathons my mom captured on spy camera the ground thinking about what she had talked about with Hinata.

They were very similar. They both knew the pain of being hated and the joy of finding someone who acknowledged their existence.

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Perhaps that's why he was trying to make her submit to him. And Hinata knew what it was like to have a father who was a real bastard. It was hard to tell whose was worse. Hers had tried to kill her after he killed her mother while Hinata's kept her and abused her every day until they kicked her out. A thought crossed her mind that I might not be bad living with them.

Before she could dismiss the thought, the door opened and in stepped two people. However, it wasn't who she was expecting. It was Sasuke and Sakura. The two walked over to her and as they did, Haku noticed that there was something in Sasuke's hand. It was a needle and it was full of some kind of yellow liquid. Once Sasuke was in front of her, he looked down at her with a cold and uncaring look that made the girls skin crawl.

"Well," he said after a while. "I'm not surprised that the dobe failed to tame you. So it looks like it's up to me to show him how it's done." He then held up the syringe.

"This is a powerful aphrodisiac that is also very addicting. In fact, after a couple of injections you'll be helplessly hooked on it for life. You will crave sex all the time and won't care who gives it to you. It'll be perfect for someone going to the breeding center." Haku's eyes widened casual teen sex oranges and casual sex she heard this.

She shook her head and tried to get away, but failed due to her restraints. This couldn't be happening. This wasn't what she wanted. She was going to be treated like some kind of animal for the rest of her life because of this…monster in front of her. She wanted to scream but the pink haired girl had already moved behind her and placed a hand over her mouth.

She had also moved Haku into a sitting position to make it easier for her master. Haku looked at the girl with a pleading look, but Sakura just looked away. Now, Sasuke had bent down and was slowly brining the needle closer to her arm. Haku closed her eyes and prepared for the worst.

Silently she begged for someone to save her. She wanted Naruto to appear and rescue her from this place. But she knew that the odds of that happening were so low that there wasn't a snowballs chance in hell. Then, she heard something that sounded like a fist hitting flesh. She opened her eyes to see Naruto with his fist extended and Sasuke on the ground with a bruised cheek.

"What the hell are you doing?!" demanded Naruto. "I'm just doing what needs to be down," said Sasuke as he got up. But before he could, Naruto had punched him again. Now Hinata and Kurenai were both standing in the doorway.

Naruto was breathing hard as he tried to control his anger. Haku watched as Naruto grabbed Sasuke by his shirt and pulled him close. "If I ever see you doing this again I swear I'll…" he began. "You'll do what?" asked Sasuke.

Naruto was about to speak when Kurenai spoke up. "Let him go Naruto," she said. "But sensei, he…" "I know what he was going to do," she replied. "But we are still on a mission and we can't have you fighting right now.

I will bring this up with the Hokage when we get back and he will make sure that Sasuke receives some kind of punishment. That I can promise." Naruto took a couple of deep breaths before he let go of the teme. Sasuke glared at him before he and Sakura left with Kurenai following them.

As soon as they were gone, both Naruto and Hinata went over to Haku. Hinata began to check to see if they had done anything else to the poor girl. As she did this, Naruto sat down next to the girl. "Are you alright?' he asked. Haku answered this by throwing herself into his chest. Soon sexy gorgeous girl shows off her milk sacks began to cry. "I was so scared Naruto-sama," she sobbed. She then felt Naruto's arms warm around her in a hug.

A feeling of safety began to fill her, calming her down. "Do you realize what you just called me?" asked Naruto. "Hai," replied Haku. "While that was happening, I wanted you to come and save me. Not Zabuza-sama, but you Naruto-sama." She then looked Naruto right in the eyes. "Please, make me your slave. I want to be yours and only yours. I'll give you everything that I am, just please don't ever leave me." She would have said more, but Naruto silenced her with a gentle kiss on the lips.

As Hinata began to undo the bindings, Haku watched as Naruto reached into his pocket and began to search for something. Moments later, the blond pulled out a tag with the Uzumaki spiral on it. As Hinata undid the binding on Haku's legs, Naruto attached the tag onto Haku's collar. "There," said Naruto once all the bindings were off.

"You are now mine." "Not yet," replied Haku as she wrapped her arms around him. "Please, I need it. Make me yours and a woman." Naruto smirked. "That was going to happen anyways," he said right before he kissed her hard. In fact, he used so much force that Haku landed on the ground with Naruto on top of her. But she didn't care.

All she wanted at the moment was for him to get out of his clothes. So as they kissed, Haku used her hands to unzip his jacket while Hinata help him out of his pants. Soon, Naruto released his lips from Haku so that he could get some air and get out of his shirt. Once Naruto was naked he rolled over so that he was on bottom and his flagpole standing straight. Haku got on her hands and knees to crawl over to the object of her desire. Once she was close enough, she gave it a long and slow lick.

It tasted so good! Haku then let out a moan as she felt something begin to lick her clit. Or perhaps it would be better to say someone. Haku didn't even need to turn around to know that Hinata was now licking her pussy as she got it ready for the big event. Haku shivered at the thought of losing her virginity.

Student gang rep porn story scandal she set that thought aside for the moment as she took Naruto's member in her mouth. Naruto had to admit that she was a lot more skilled than Hinata was. She sucked on him while bobbing her head up and down. Then she would take it out and stroke him for a while and at the same time lick the tip of his cock.

While it german young girl get fucked by her step brother really, really good. He found he like Hinata's style better. Perhaps it was simply because it was so unskilled that made it better or that he had feeling for the girl. "Haku-chan, I'm going to cum," said Naruto as Haku began to suck on his balls. Haku continued to pump his shaft with her mouth open right above it as it shot its load into her mouth.

Haku caught as delightful ebony rides on pecker hardcore and blowjob of it as she could but some of it had gotten on her face. To help clean her up, Hinata crawled over to her and began to lick it off of the black haired ice user.

"Do y-you like the taste?" asked Hinata. "It's so good," purred Haku. She then moved her body so that her cunt was right above Naruto's cock. "I can't wait anymore! Naruto-sama, please take away my virginity! Make me a woman! Make me your woman!" Naruto smiled as he placed his hands on her hips. "Very well," he said.

Hinata helped Haku to slowly descend onto the awaiting member. Haku hissed as the cock entered mayara shelson big booty made in brazil. Slowly, oh so slowly, it went deeper and deeper into her until it reached her barrier.

Haku braced herself for the pain as she allowed herself to fall the rest of the way. Her eyes watered, but she refused to scream in pain. She put her arms on Naruto's chest for support as she took several deep breathes. Naruto was also breathing hard as she was tight. It was taking all his effort not to cum inside her right away.

So he used a little of his chakra to form a barrier around his cock to keep it from cumming until his new slave was ready. "Just give it a m-minute," whispered Hinata into her ear.

Haku nodded and waited for the pain to die down. Once it did, Haku lifted herself up and then back down. Taking that as a sign, Naruto also began to move his hips to help pleasure her.

Soon, with each motion, the pain was replaced with pleasure on a whole different level than what she had been used to. It was far more intense than the times the clone had played with her or when her nipples were sucked. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" cried Haku repeatedly as she continued to bounce. "That's it; I'm so close Naruto-sama!

Please let me cum. Please let your slave cum." "You may cum," grunted Naruto as he gave Haku one last hard thrust and release the chakra that was keeping his from cumming in order to shot his load into her. Feeling this, Haku came as well. She screamed in utter pleasure right before passing out. -x- The next morning, Haku awoke believing that it had all been a dream.

However, she then realized that she was no longer bond. Also, she had been covered by a blanket. Her hand shot to her collar and there was a tag there. A smile appeared on her face as she realized that it hadn't been a dream.

Naruto was now her master. She looked over and saw that her master was right next to her. His arms were wrapped around Hinata and his cock was still in her pussy. Both smelled of sweat and sex. It didn't take her long to figure out what they did after she passed out. Now all she had to do was figure out how she should wake up her new master.