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Hardcore dildo fuck and thick brunette creampie xxx cashing in reality
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Disclaimer: I hoped you liked the first part of this saga I have started.it's my first sex story, I have yet to expand more.but I hope you will understand.I will try my best to meet your expectations in the stories to follow.but I hope you will follow this story as it progresses.and it would be helpful if you leave me comments.hope you will enjoy. . Blinding Lust 2 - The Dark Lord's Awakening No ordianry man could hear it, and he had never been more proud of himself for choosing this place for this very moment that he had been waiting.it had been 22 years since he first heard that beat.that single powerful beat of her heart.like a radar, signaling her arrival.and alessandra switching it up guy fucks shemale and pornstars awaken, he whispered in the air."At last." .

After her quick dinner, Ramona led her to her room upstairs on the east wing of the mansion.the room is the last room on that side.when they entered, Natalia was beyond shocked, surprised, stunned because the room she was taken to is so large.almost a quarter of the size of the orphanage.and it's too beautiful.like the rest of the house it is white and adorned with beautiful decors that has gold details.only these one is more feminine.and it has a balcony that not only opens to the whole east side of the mansion but also has a view of the front and back part of it.a perfect 180 degree view.and the ocean ahead was just stunning.she wanted badly to savor it all but she was really tired.and she has yet to meet the rest of the staff the next day.but the moment that she was standing on the side of the bed, she collapsed onto it immediately.

. It was same darkness.same garden.but this time, the roses didnt melt.just stayed on the stems that held them.but still all bloody red.she looked around and noticed that it has gotten really big compared last time.she was just surrounded by plants.she was absent-midedly wandering around, looking for an exit when she felt "it".desperately, she ran and ran.her feet were bare and now feeling numb as the path gets colder and colder.but she didnt slow down,,she ran even faster.she saw a little clearing ahead, then ran towards it.she stumbled as she got inside the clearing.to her dismay.what she thought was the exit, she figured immediately, given the paths that surrounded, she was stucked more than ever.she was now standing right in the middle of that garden.frustrated and wanting to cry, she sat in the middle of the cirlce where all paths joined.closed her eyes, hoping she could get out of it.then the wind blew around her then suddenly died.but before she could open her eyes.she heard "it".she heard "him".

"Natalia." spoken in the most softest whisper she ever heard .but what startled her most was the proximity.

the voice came just right at the back of her ear.she slowly stood up as he heard and felt him breathing right at the back of her neck.his breath sending chills all over her body.determined, she took a deep breath and quickly turned to finally mia martinez saves the day him.yet what greeted her was a blinding light.

the morning light. A dream, she sighed.she knew she was dreaming.but that dream seemed to feel more real than reality.then "reality" hits her. . "NO!

I'm late!" she hissed to herself.she cannot be late on her first official day of work.although she cannot tell what time it was since there was no clock in the room, she knew how late in morning it was simply by seeing the direction of the sun's rays in her room. She quickly went to the bathroom and was surprised with herself for she opened the correct door despite there were other three doors.and yet again stunned by how enormous the size is for a bathroom.she wanted to marvel and look into every detail of the room but she had to hurry.

the day went on with her following Ramona around the house.she met the rest of the staff that also stays in the mansion.of course, Ramona, 58 the hot mom ava addam and boy son, is the one supervising and delegating task for the staff.Luisa, 55 the other lady from last night, is the cook.Pete, 49, is the driver.and Martin, 58, the gardener.and she can't believe that only four people were actually keeping the whole place in great form.not to mention that they're almost nearing their retirement.

later that afternoon, after Ramona showed her office and the papers and files she has to read and organize, mostly expenses and bank statements, she felt really tired and decided to take a nap. She had been sleeping for only thirty minutes when she was awakened by a loud screeching noise, the kind of sound a car produced when it suddenly stops.she hurried towards the balcony and looked down the driveway.she saw the marks and followed it towards the shiny red car which was parked in front of the house.Natalia, has no idea when it comes to cars and luxury in general, but she knew that it's one expensive car.she saw no one went out.and convinced that it is her duty to attend to all matters of the estate, she hurried downstairs.

the moment she opened the door.time stood still.her eyes, wider than it's already wide size.lips, parted a bit as if she lost her breath.she held the knob as if her life depended on it.for what was standing in front of her, who is totally blocking her path.was a tall, slim, fit, and unbelievably, handsome being. his hair, was darker than the darkest night which is in complete contrast to his pale but glowing skin.his face, square with very musculine jaw yet soft in some strange way.his mouth, a little pouty but still very manly and looks so soft.his nose was just perfect size.and his eyes.they struck her most.so deep.so black with silver-like lining around the iris.lashes, so thick and long.and they look down at her with such intensity that she felt like melting.she gay boy german 18 sxx help but stare back at him.then his lips opened to give her a sheepish smile, just enough for her to see his perfect white teeth.then the smile faded as he saw her looking at his mouth.she knew he caught her and so she bowed her head shyly, trying to avoid his knowing eyes.and he spoke.

"Natalia?" Natalia almost jumped as he heard him mentioned her name.she felt something familiar but couldnt point a finger on.she tried to calm herself because inside, she was shaking.but her reactions, no matter how small or unnoticeable they would seem, was all clear to him.he can see everything from her swallowing to the way she's breathing to every blink of her eyes.anything, everything.and he would pay any price just to know her thoughts.but he knows he should take it slow.he doesnt want history to repeat itself.and for what seem like forever of silence.he spoke again."Are you not going to answer me lady?

Instantly, Natalia broke out from oblivion and look at the man.Who is this man? she thought.and carefully chose her words as she said."I am sorry but may I know who you are?

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For all I know, you might just be an intruder?" she saw him raised his eyebrows.but before she could do the same, she saw Ramona a few steps at the back of the man. and apologetically introduced them both, "Ms Natalia, Lord Cedric de Seville II, the only son of late Cedric de Seville I.Lord Cedric, as I mentioned earlier, the lady is the new administrator of the estate, Ms. Natalia Acres." and Natalia just wanted to evaporate. she then look at him apologetically but before she could state her apologies, he turned around and with his business and all seriousness tone, said." Very well, meet me in the office, I'll be there shortly" then proceed towards the end of the west wing.and she got worried all of a sudden.not by the meeting later but the fact that his bedroom is situated same as hers.right across hers.doors facing.how can she avoid him if ever, she thought.

. She waited nice sex waits for you hardcore blowjob almost an hour in the office when he finally arrived.but she can't complain about it.technically, she works for him now.she watched him as he walked across the room towards the back of the desk.he completely changed his clothes.from black suit to white long-sleeved shirt, white cotton pants, and white shoes.it's like seeing two sides of him.earlier he looked tensed and serious.now he still looked serious but with a carefree feel to him.

He gestured her to take a seat in a front of the desk.which of course she followed dutifully.walking slowly with head slightly bowed.little did Natalia know that this little act of obedience is taken seriously and noted.

As she took her seat.he went directly to reading.Natalia need not wonder what it was as he said. "No wonder it sounded familiar.of course, Golden Acres Orphanage.very convenient Ms Acres" he was talking without looking at her, which she's thankful of coz she is not totally focused.he distracts her enormously.and that voice.she felt the same familiarity again.and her frustration just heightened. "I knew my father sponsored different charities and institutions but I just recently learned that he favored most the said Orphanage.you being here is proof enough to that." he looked at her this time with that sheepish smile again but went back to reading immediately.and how she wanted to roll her eyes.

"I also learned that the support will continue as long as one from said orphanage works as the new administrator of the estate.and I must say that it's one good decision indeed.although I am confused why my father would just leave the care of this estate to a complete stranger." Then he looked back at her, this time with an intesity she couldnt fathom.she felt it.but not knowing how to deal with it, she closed her eyes, taking deep breath.much to his appreciation.he smiled widely.but it faded when she opened up her eyes.and he was taken aback by the intensity yet soft look in them as she said."I apologize for interrupting Mr.

de Seville, if I may give an opinion.it appears savita bhabi episode 90 xxx you have been made known to the facts of my presence here.yes, I may be a complete strange and i have yet to prove my worth here but i guarantee you that I will work very hard so that the support given to our orphanage will be worth every penny.and that your father's money will not be wasted.and that these estate will be very very well taken cared of while I am her." she gasped, cannot believe how she just give away such litany.but instead to bow her head, she reciprocated the intense look he's giving her.

Lord Cedric was enraged by her sudden speech without permission and most especially, furious with her looking at him with defiance.but no matter how he wanted to stay mad at her, he finds her little act of courage.charming.he sucked all emotions in as he looked at her blankly and he began his own speech, with a cold tone to his voice."First, Zoey monroe and ava addams.

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Acres.I dont like being interrupted like you just did.you were not given permission to speak.always bear that in mind.Second, unless it hasnt occur to your rather surprisingly intelligent mind for an orphan, I am now the owner of this estate.thus, you work for me.and if I dont find your performance satisfying or your skills suited here, up to me if you can stay or not.now we wouldnt want that coz i believe the orphanage where you came from only have you, for now, to take over the duties so that they will still be supported.this means you have no choice but to answer to my every bidding." he said the last part with an obvious emphasis which didnt slip from Natalia's keen hearing.and seeing her wide-eyed yet composed, he knew she is not an easy one but he also knew he got her."You may speak your mind now Ms.

Acres, I can feel your protests from here" Natalia can't believe what she just heard, especially the part when he spoke of his every bidding.she sensed something dark and cold feel lurking in the air.but worrying is not her attitude.besides, she had her mind set that she is doing it for the orphanage, especially the children whom she cares more than herself.and she will, no matter what.defeated, she said softly while still bowing her head."I understand Mr de Seville.I have long accepted that its not a matter of choice but blonde with big ass shows show camsgirlpro of responsibilut.if you may be so kind to tell me what exactly my duties are." "Ms.

Acres, if you are to speak to me, always look at me." Natalia immediately straightened up and tried hard to look back at him even though she felt like she could metl anytime.sensing her discomfort.Lord Cedric was beyond joy knowing that he affects her.for a while he thought that this little creature would be hopeless.satisfied, he speak again." Good, keep that attitude and we will do just fine.Another thing, I am not Mr. de Seville, that would be my father.so from now on, address me as Lord Cedric.and as for your duties.for now you have to organize the papers left by the passing of the previous administrator.you handle and settle all bills.and make sure that the household staff is doing their tasks properly and that everything in the estate is running smoothly.I am a very busy person Ms.

Acres, I dont have time for any unneccesary troubles.and if you have mastered all these, we will go from there.as I may need your service out of the estate." he saw the protest in her eyes, so he waived her a hand, as if halting her."I dont have to remind you that I am your boss now." . Natalia couldnt believe that talking to a person would be very big cock awards milf with orgasms mature wife was relived that he didnt ate dinner with her coz that would certainly kill her appetite.fortunately, he had to leave to attend a business emergency.and as she lay comfortably in bed, she never felt more alone in her life.she's torn between regret and her responsibility.but she didnt dwell on that thought for long as sleep consumed her.

. the cold wind woke her.and for a brief moment, upon opening her eyes, she got scared but eventually replaced by feeling at ease and shockingly, content as she was back to that same garden.only this time, it felt more real although she knew that she's still dreaming. she was still in the middle of that garden, as if a continuation of the last dream.but this time, she felt really cold.then to her surprise, lusty babe with a huge ass gets nailed realized that she's almost naked.what wrapped her looked like a blanket.made of the thinnest cloth.she held it tightly onto her chest so that it wont fall.then there it was again, wind blew around her, and red petals danced around her, then suddenly stopped.all petals dropped around her.she gasped as she literally saw the petals turned into a bed beneath her.

"Our bed of roses." time just stood still as she heard that soft voice, and she knew he was just behind her.then her knees weakened as he again mentioned her name."Natalia" a husky whisper.she could have fell on her knees then but he immediately placed his hands around her waist, holding her still.and her body frozed the moment she felt him behind her.his hard toned chest pressing on her bare back, just above her shoulder blades.the looked down on the arms that's wrapped around her, both hands flat on her belly, pulling her tightly to him.his hands, strong and felt hard despite the cloth between them and her belly.she can almost see his veins as his hands were too pale.absent-mindedly, she placed her hands on top of his, a complete contrast to his complexion.hers were tan, his.almost as pale as white.and somehow, somewhere she found it very familiar.

she could have stood there long in her absent state.she was too shocked to even think what to do.then she felt his lips.soft yet very cold lips brushing along her earlobes.she didnt just freezed, she was freezing cold by such contact.".i" she tried to speak but couldnt find a word to say. "shhhhh." again, in a very soft husky whisper, causing her to feel colder than below freezing point.he continued to say."hush.do not speak a word.no need to be scared.this is a dream.let's make if feel as real and as good as it could be." just like that, no matter how her mind protested, Natalia was hypnotized.

Feeling her succumb.he started kissing her along thhe neck and shoulder.She gave a soft moan, that made him start moving his hands too.being a virgin and naive, very naive to all things sexual, her mind is spinning with the pleasure his kisses brought to her entire system. Natalia completely lost all her strength to fight.and let herself fall.and instinctively, she let go holding the blanket, and both hands went back up her head, one to grab his hair which was thick and the other hand went further back to reach his neck, pulling him closer to her.and his kisses turned to licking, sucking then kissing again her ears, jaw, neck, shoulders.

Natalia moaned louder when she felt his hard hands cupping her breasts.her moan only made him squeeze her breast then started pinching both nipples at the same time.rolling them in between thumb and index fingers.in return, Natalia started sliding up and down her back onto him.like they were dancing to a tune only them can hear, called lust.after battling with himself.he decided to be very careful not to let her feel his erection as he bends down a bit for her small frame.his english movies x x x was safely a foot away from hitting her butt.he wanted so badly to fuck her right there and then but.she's not ready, he told himself in silence.

Natalia's breathing became really hard.she was moaning.listening to her pleasure, he left one breast and slide down to her belly, not stopping until he reached her mound.what surprised him even if he was hoping for it is that given just a little stimulation, Natalia was really soaking wet.his hands cupped all her wetness.it made her open her eyes and gasped.but before she could even let out a sound.his fingers found her clit hidden in her soft black pubic hair."this has to go someday darling." he said huskily referring to the hair and started to maasage her it gently.this only made her moan louder and louder after every moan as his pace sped up.her eyes closing then open to roll up.her head laid on his shoulder as he continued to kiss, lip, and suck her ears.


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shoulders.also carefully hiding his face out of her sight. Natalia continued moaning harder, she was making glutteral sound as he continued to sad way to earn a few bucks her clit in a frantic speed.she felt something building up inside her, something she cannot comprehend.she's feeling mixed emotions as he continued to play her with her clit.confusion, pleasure, excitement, rage, frustration.all at the same time.she felt like she was going to be crazy.

He felt her belly tightened.and he was sure she's close and so he placed his thum on her clit as his middle finger slowly entered her cunt.careful not to break her hymen.he intends to have her cock break that.

Natalia felt his finger slowly went in and out of her.felt like it was teasing her.but before she could understand what was going on, continued to play with he clit only faster than ever, then bit and suck her neck all at the same time.and it's more than Natalia could take, she felt like pissing.she froze as her first orgasm exploded out of her.then screamed at the top of her lungs with her release.both of his arms then wrapped around her waist as she skook uncontrollably.she was shaking and screaming for almost a minute.all the while he was still biting and sucking same spot on her neck.she was panting when her orgasm faded.he felt her knees weakend, her head laid back on his shoulder.he looked at her, and found her fast asleep.

".soon, My Natalia." he whispered on her ears as he laid her comfortably on the bed of roses.he gave her a final look, kissed her lips softly and whispered once again. "very soon."