Mom work is never donemom

Mom work is never donemom
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Note: If you want sex right away, read on! if you want a huge backstory first, read part 1: the story only named "mom's friends". -- Brad woke up first with the biggest morning wood ever.

He thought he had a wet dream, until he saw Amber lying naked in his arms, holding one of his hands cupped over her own breast. His member instantly went from wood to steel hard. He pushed himself closer and gently pushed the head of his cock into her lovely snatch. She stirred a little, and Brad stopped moving. Then he felt her get wet. He thought she must be on the brink of awakening and her body was reacting to his intrusion.

As Amber got wetter, he inched himself further in.

When he was about half way, Amber spoke, mumbling in her sleep at first, then gradually getting clearer. "Huuuh? Uhmmm uhh, ohhh Nice I wish all alarm clocks worked this way".

With that she pushed her pelvis back against him, started gyrating her hips and working the muscles in her vagina. Brad pushed his lower arm forward under Amber, grabbed around her chest and started working her tits. With his free arm he reached for her pussy and started working the area around her clit and the underside of his own cock. Amber stroked his lower arm in encouragement, and her other hand joined his in her crotch, reaching over his hand all the way back to his balls, gently caressing them.

For a long while, they moved together in long, slow thrusts. After about 5 minutes Amber exclaimed "God, it's nice to be with a man who can stay hard for so long". Brad joked back "No need to be so formal, when we're alone you can call me Brad Mrs. &hellip.". A little embarrassed Brad realized he was fucking this woman without actually knowing her full name, or for that matter her precise age. "It's MISS Collins again, now that I ditched my husband". Brad changed the subject back in an attempt to ignore the awkward revelation "So long?

We were at it for a lot longer yesterday. Pat did mention some men would just stick it in and be done, but just how fast were your x?". "Ohh about 2 minutes tops" "then why …" Brad hesitated a bit.

It felt really weird to be talking about sex with another guy with his old babysitter, while he had his cock buried in her no less. "He did a decent prep job with his fingers and tongue, so 2 minutes was enough. Not that you ever need to worry about that if you don't want to" She quickly added. Brad pulled out, turned her around so she was japanese father rape night sleeping daughter storys her back and put his head between her legs.

"I said you don't need touOOohhh .". He stuck 2 fingers in her snatch and worked her clit from the inside while using his hung twink shower hidden cam on the outside. Within 2 minutes he had her writhing and screaming on the bed.

He continued to work on her with his mouth for a while to get her worked up again, then stuck his hard member back into her willing cunt.

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Soon they were cumming together. Brad loved the way Amber would scream when she came, even though it was a near deafening when he had his ear next to her mouth. They got up and showered together again. The closeness got Brad semi hard again, so Amber knelt down and sucked his cock.

She choked when she tried to swallow it all the way, took his brunette takes fat cock of stranger hardcore and reality out of her mouth and said "ugh . bigger than I'm used to, give me a while to get a hang of this". With that she took him in his mouth again and started swallowing him deeper and deeper until his cock was buried all the way to the root.

It felt great to Brad, both having his cock buried all the way in her experienced mouth and the hidden compliment, that his cock was the largest she had sucked, at least for a while. She kept sucking until he got off for his first full blowjob.

They got out of the shower and repeated the routine of drying each other off from the night before, then they got dressed. Amber opted for a light summer dress with no back. In fact Brad was thinking it could be better described as a skirt with a scarf attached to the front that went across one breast, around Amber's neck down over the other breast and back to the waistline. Amber made sure Brad saw her take it on, so he knew she didn't have anything underneath.

Then she changed her mind and grabbed a pair of panties. "I guess I better wear these today, or I'll be leaving weird spots all over the place, I'm leaking!" They stepped into the combined kitchen and living room.

Lyn was standing by the stove, preparing eggs, bacon and sausage for breakfast. Just as they appeared, Lyn grabbed the eggs and placed them on the dinner table. On her way back to the stove she leaned into Brad and gave him a solid kiss on the cheek. "Good morning mr. and mrs. bunny. Shall I dig out busty cougar alexis diamonds gets bbc anal salad for you?" She glanced at Brad and went on "or do you need all the protein you can get?".

Lyn's voice nearly sang as she was talking. Despite her earlier comments Brad had been a bit nervous about what his mom would say about him and Amber doing so much horizontal gymnastics.

Even with her obvious approval of their lustful behavior he felt a little embarrassed. "What happened to lovebirds or turtledoves?" Amber asked before Brad could come up with anything to say. "Oohhhh that's reserved peoples who can't stop smooching or who gets in a romp or 2 at night.

But 3 before going to sleep and 2 this morning, not to mention I could swear something was going on in the shower just now?". Amber's face did its best to imitate a growing tomato; first it went light green, then it changed to bright red. Brad was guessing his own face looked exactly the same.

"H-h-how." Amber stammered. "From you screaming every time. I could pretty much hear every word. It sounds like he really is his fathers son". Despite Brad's embarrassment growing ever worse, he thought he could trace a hint of pride in his mothers voice.

"You must be a heavy sleeper" Emma's voice broke in from behind. "I counted 5 separate screams, even Ted couldn't manage that in his young days. You must have made quite a mess in there!" Brad was almost getting dizzy from the embarrassment by now, but he still managed to register there was another piece of information for the filing cabinet containing his parent's past sexlives.

He figured he would have to start asking questions soon. On one hand he really didn't want to know too much about his parent's sex life, on the other both Amber and Emma had demonstrated knowledge he didn't think was normal, even for close friends, and he needed to get the tidbits that were getting forced upon him into some sort of context. Emma looked to Amber and continued "I don't remember you being such a loud screamer, even without a wall between us".

Even more information Brad really didn't want to know. Amber commented in a low voice, despite still blushing bright red. "He only came twice outside the shower." She looked like she had more to say, but she was interrupted by Pat who all but yelled "WHAT!

He made you cum twice in one session? Even Ted hasn't managed that without help!". Now Lyn had to intervene, partly to save Amber and Brad from boiling over in embarrassment, partly to investigate just how much her husband had been around. "I didn't think you'd been one on one with Ted that many times?" She gave Pat a stern, questioning look and continued "You can't really compare threesome intercourse with what he does making love one on one, I've heard Amber scream before".

Pat's face lit up as it hit her "So, Ted makes you come twice in a session sometimes?" This time it was Lyn's turn to blush bright red "Yeah, and sometimes more" she answered in a low voice.

"I guess you're right. I mostly shared him with Emma and sometimes you or Amber" Pat replied in calm voice that only indicated Lyn had a point now that Pat thought about it. "You what?" Brad had finally shaken himself free of the revelation that Amber and his dad had been lovers with his mom's full knowledge and maybe even approval? "I'm getting a LOT of information I never thought I'd hear about my own parents. You can't tell me this much and not cough up the rest, SPILL" He looked at Amber, then at Lyn.

Both were crimson red from the chest up by now. "Honey. I. we. … you see." his mom stammered, her face flashing from red to white and back to red.

Emma broke in and started talking "We were all bi-curious in high school. For a long while it was just Pat, Amber and me fooling around with each other on occasion and sometimes sharing sexy asian chick gets her lingerie shot with cum lucky guy or two".

"Until your mom joined the group" Pat took over. "Her and Amber had been exploring each other, despite your mom having a boyfriend and, by the time we met her, a kid. It turned out between the four of us fooling around with each other he was all the man we needed". Lyn had finally come to terms with her embarrassment "Amber and I were already good friends before I got knocked up". Brad flinched a bit hearing his mom use that term about getting pregnant with him, but she apparently didn't notice.

".that made the decision to retake a year in high school fairly easy, because I knew her and she assured me her friends would take me in." "But how did dad get turned into a sex baton" Brad had to ask. "Even though the doctor said sex was ok for the entire pregnancy neither me or Ted felt like it, so for the last couple of months before you were born and for a few months after, Amber took good care of your dad's needs for me".

"And he of mine, it was my pleasure really" Amber finally broke in. Then Pat continued "One night, your mom was away, Amber, Ted and I got a bit drunk and one thing led to another.

When your mom didn't seem to mind too much it wasn't much of a leap for it to happen again next time Ted was alone with a couple of us. Slowly one event took the other and it became the norm. Somewhere along the line it became an unwritten rule that only Lyn had him one on one". "Well, and Amber" Lyn said, again in a low voice.

Then Amber offered a slight correction to the story "Actually the first couple of threesomes were between me, Lyn and Ted. I was was around for their first lovemaking after the birth in case Lyn wasn't as ready as she thought she'd be, and I couldn't seem to keep my hands away, even though Lyn had it covered". "But. how could you." Brad tried to ask his mother. He couldn't finish the question, but he didn't need to. "Allow him to sleep around? I was sure having you around was enough of a reminder for them to not get pregnant and for him to sexy chick april brookes and serenity haze riding big dicks back to me, and after sleeping only with Amber for 6 months he still loved me.

Besides, I was sleeping around with other women too" Lyn looked around to the other women in the room with a wink, and they all giggled. "But how . what about other boys? Did dad really cover all your needs all 4 of you?" Brad asked.

"Half and half" Pat answered. "Half by your dad, half by each other.

Your dad was the best male lover in town!" "And topping most females" Amber interrupted. "And to begin with there were hardly any contenders for a second place" Pat finished off as if she hadn't been interrupted.

"To begin with?" Brad asked with a questioning look. "Well, he had a friend who learned a LOT, for a while he bangkok nightlife hot thai girls amp ladyboys thailand soi cowboy prostitute bar girls the go-to guy if Em or I wanted a twosome or for the occasional threesome.

But he went to Europe to study". "Poor guy" Brad couldn't help but comment, eying up Pat and Emma. "Oohhh, don't feel too bad for him. We visited him a couple of times until he found a french girlfriend". "Quite the looker too" Emma took over "as far as I've heard they are now married and her unmarried kid sister lives with them". Brad couldn't help imagining a younger Amber sharing him with her, willingly stroking his back and balls while he made love to Amber, patiently awaiting her own turn.

He would finish inside Amber, then lay on his back kissing and fondling Amber while Eva, Brads imaginary name for the younger sister, first licked the excess sperm from Amber's pussy, then licked their combined juices off his cock, getting him ready for another round with herself.

Eva would then straddle him and ride him. He would bend his head up and lick her tits, then lick Amber's tits, then take turns tongue kissing them. After he finished inside Eva he would lie in the middle kissing and fondling them both, then watch Amber kiss Eva on the mouth, then on her tits, navel and finally pussy.

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As Amber started licking Eva out, he would get ready again, move up behind Amber and do her doggy style while her head was still buried in Eva's pussy. He looked up to Eva, admiring her smooth brown hair, greyish blue eyes, thin nose, pointing ever so slightly upward, D cup breasts and round hips. She smiled at him, suddenly getting close she gave him a quick kiss on the lips and said "Eggs are getting cold, sausages are getting burned.

Sit down and lets eat breakfast". He woke from his daydream with a jerk as he realized he was looking at his mom, and getting a hard-on imagining a threesome with her and Amber. -- Author's notes: Originally the mom was supposed to get madly turned on by hearing (and watching) her son with her friends, but actually not be into doing him herself, but by popular request at least the idea has been planted in Brad's head now.

For a full incest story I would have preferred to get the dad out of the picture, but I don't feel I can kill him off now. I am working on another solution though. The story actually takes turns I've not foreseen myself as I develop it ;-) It's quite an exiting experience.

Negative votes are welcome, but please comment on what you don't like so I know what to improve!