Her pussy leaking out like a faucet

Her pussy leaking out like a faucet
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This is a true account of the ultimate act of revenge i and some of my friends enacted upon my b*tch ex-girlfriend. I just thought it would be fun to post. Please remember that she hurt me very badly, and I probably wouldn't do it now, but I was in college.

I still think of it as amazing and wank over it to this day Please comment your thoughts, though no haters if possible Feel free to take some tips, but post a reply of how it went Oh, by the way, sorry if words are starred, but i originally wrote this for another site that banned swears Here it is: I found a long standing girlfriend of mine, that I had had in school and now (during this, I'm older now) in college, had been having a longstanding affair uk blone pornstar babe satine takes facials my friends (the finding out, not the affair).

I was really cut up, because I had had genuine feelings for her. I let her use my money all the time (oh, the innocence of youth) and had even gone to a worse college than I could have because she hadn't gotten in to the better one, and she said she wanted me with her. i had the inkling of an idea for a basic revenge plot, so, encouraged by a friend, before confronting her i had two last fuck sessions with her in my apartment where I tried to do as much degrading stuff to her as possible, and recorded it secretly with a couple of cameras.

She was kind of a slut, and quite liked to do weird things during sex, usually suggesting them (I was kind of shy- one of her favourites was to "pretend" to be a hooker and demand money- i sometimes can't believe i was so gullible).

i also got her to talk about her having taken drugs and saying obedient star gets big cock in her petite mouth hated her parents and loads of the girls (and some guys) at school she was friends with. I then edited these together with the other videos I had of us fucking (including a great one where she kept saying "I'm a slut" over and over) and dirty pictures I had of her.

Then, to see how she would react, I confronted her. I took the video, planning to threaten her with it to scare her, but i had assumed she would be, if not ashamed, then at least sad, or try to pretend it wasn't true. When i told her i knew and was very hurt, she actually laughed at me, and said that i had been an idiot to think she had liked me for anything more than sex and money, which someone else was giving her now (all of which i recorded with a camera in my room).

She said i should look at it as a life lesson. I would like to say I made my new plan then and there and deliberately didn't show her the tape, but to be honest I was so hurt I kind of didn't think about it.

It was only later that I and two friends thought up the best way to get vengeance on the little slut bitch. First, amazing busty milf and sexy teen enjoys a fantastic threesome action deepthroat and hardcore 4 weeks, on her birthday we sent computer disks of the video sent a copy to all her close family. And it wasn't the original, tame video i had made.

We all re-edited it (one of my friends was a computer wiz) to cram all the filth i had of her on and make her look like a total slut. and we had some new footage one of my friends had that he had taken on his phone (and not told me about!) of our school leaving party when most of the couples had had sex and she had stroked and half heartedly licked another guys cock while I fucked her.

we also added some music to bits. as it was going public i made sure not to let my face get in most of the shots, and then blurred those, but hers was crystal clear. After her family had got it, we emailed a copy of the video everyone at our college using the college email server (on her account, which I had the password to).

we had a devilish idea, and at the bottom of the email, and on the video, we told the people who watched it about what the bitch had done and encouraged everyone who saw it to bash one out thinking about her, to totally humiliate her.

we knew people would comment on it while she was at school, but then we added her address and home and mobile phone numbers and suggested they call her nicole aniston rachel starr blowjobsenjoy at night to tell her what they thought of her while they wanked. I loved the thought of her being woken in the middle of the night by guys at our school telling her they were jerking their cocks to the sight of her being fucked.

The college (which was a pretty run down place with no discipline, especially on sexual matters) got rid of the emails pretty quickly. I was interviewed about it; they sort of knew I did it, but I had used her email address to send the email (so technically I had the defence that as she had the material she could be trying to frame me), and she was too scared to do anything, and had insisted they were fakes, and didn't want to go back on her story, so they couldn't do anything to me.

plus they really didn't care (actually, one teacher smiled at me). The stuff had been downloaded by loads of people, so the college couldn't get rid of it. Everyone seemed to have a copy. People stuck photos of her around the school often with degrading messages like "cunt hole", "slut skank", "cum dumpster" and "I wanked over this" (loads of people wrote that on the same one, like a petition- it was soooo funny).

A picture of her that had been cummed on (as in, people or a person wanked and spreyed cum onto the picture, not one of my pictures where she had cum on her) was put up. A picture of her spreading her cunt to the camera on her knees and looking round at the camera with edited pigs ears and snout captioned with "cum hungry fuck pig needs cock" became pretty well everyone's screen saver and computer background, which looked so sluttish. rumours flew around the school (mostly obviously fake, just deliberately malicious) that she fucked teachers for her test results, and had been seen giving blow jobs round school, and was in an online porno gangbang.

I think my video did get posted online (I hope it's out there, though I don't know where). i certainly wanked furiously to the video knowing how many people were doing it too and cumming to the image of that whore. Later loads of people came round and congratulated me on taking down the bitch. We actually had what turned into a party (unplanned, it was meant to be about 7 friends) with loads of guys, and some girls, from college.

we played the video and everyone cheered. my popularity skyrocketed. As i say, our college was pretty sexually unrestrained, and before i knew it there were people screwing in my apartment. Somehow word got round that all the guys were going to wank over the bitch's picture.

It hadn't been my idea, but I could see the ball was rolling and my plan had been extremely successful. I joined in while my friend videoed it. plus, quite a few of the guys were getting jacked off by their girlfriends onto the photo; it seemed that no one wanted to be friends with my ex anymore- why am I protecting her name? it was Jessica.

Also at the party i got my first fuck since her with a really hot girl called Lucy, who first asked to be my girlfriend. It was pretty much an obvious popularity thing rather than for real (I mean, i don't think I had ever said more than a hundred words to her), but we did go out a few times, and she gave fantastic blow jobs.

plus, like a total champ, she let my friend video our entire fuck and while I was doing her from behind looked at the camera and said "Hey jessica, you scrawny little whore, i can't believe you gave up this guy. mine now bitch" to huge cheers. i didn't care that she probably didn't mean it - it was just a great fuck-you to jessica.

Then one guy shouted cum slut, and someone else shouted something and soon everybody was chanting "fuck pig, fuck pig" for the video.

i'm sure that vid got to her too. Then we put the photo we had cum over and all the cum into a waterproof envelope to mail to her. (after that i added mailing her cum as a suggestion to the video.) then someone got a valentines card (it had been a few days ago) and everyone wrote comments to her. again, not at all my idea, but fun.

when it got to me there were lots of one word comments and quite a few messages, most of which was pretty crude, though a really good one said the writer had her video and was going to wank over it every day and keep it forever, then mail her the cum, and there was nothing she could do. i just wrote "happy v-day, from all your friends bitch". we thought about putting it with the cum picture, but them she would throw it, probably without reading it, so we sent it in a pretty envelope with hearts on (though the guys did rub their dicks on it and used a bit of cum to seal the envelope).

After that, as well as me getting sky high popularity and the sexy Lucy hanging on my arm, the stuff done against jessica got better- from our point of view. apart from anything sexual, people played the same callous jokes on her that i used to get for being shy (which was pretty well gone after fucking Lucy in front of everyone, also fucking, at the party), like trips, "accidental" pushes, etc. some of the most memorable events are as follows: We came into school one day to hear jessica had had her locker force and apparently people had wanked and pissed all over her sports kit and used her homework as cum rags (this happened to her stuff loads).

she got a cold sore, prompting more rumors, including that she gave blowjobs to dogs in the park. people defiantly sent her cum in the mail.

Holes were cut in her PE kit that would show her tits. Someone apparently urinated in her lunch box. Apparently she once came out of her changing room to find loads of first years, who had been looking in, wanking, and they wouldn't stop even when she came out and shouted at them. The only thing she could do was to try to barge threw them, and they all gathered around her, wiping their dicks on her.

it worked because of the solidarity. everyone was doing it, and no one would admit to it or tell on anyone else, so the staff couldn't really do anything, plus as they had left it so long it would look silly to do anything. A first year also got major popularity after he had cum on Jessica from a balcony above her. hung teen guy drilling three cougar snatches group sex guys even threw a water balloon of cum at her window.

The best part was that I wasn't doing any of this, it was just school life. the only thing i didn't organize but helped out in was during break one day when i was invited, along with the two friends who had started this with me, by some other guys, to mess with her lunch.

we all wanked into her sandwiches and bean pot and mixed it in. then we replaced her lemonade with our urine. as an example of how normal this had become, a few first years walked past and didn't say anything.

we watched at lunch as she ate half the sandwiches and drank a bit of our p*ss before stopping thanks to the taste. then we told everybody what we did, certain she would hear of it. Actually, I tell a lie. Our year section (each year had 3 sections, like house groups sort of) had a team building camping exercise.

I, one of my original two friends, other guys and Jessica were in our group at our camp site. Most of us were 3 to a tent, Jessica was alone, and we had a building for games, discussions, meals etc. Having fun with Jessica became a major part of our activities.

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We also had a staff member in charge who either couldn't be bothered or LOVED WHAT WE WERE DOING; i'll tell you why in a bit. On the first evening we had a game thinking up commando/army type nicknames for ourselves.

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Jessica was branded puke-slut, which everyone called her. Twice a guy (different guys) jumped into the shower while she was there and rubbed against her before running away laughing, the second recorded.

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Three nights in word got round of something new, again nothing to do with me. Loads of guys got out of their tents at two am and softly went into jessica's- it could fit as she was the only one there. I went, and my friend took his video camera.

One guy started wanking and then pretty soon everybody was fapping their dicks taking shallow breaths, giggling while trying to be quite. It looked wonderful in the camera and i half wanted her to wake then, knowing it would have been wonderfully humiliating. Then, one by one or a few at a time, people began to cum. The first few dumped their loads on her sleeping bag, or the tent walls, or her bag, but some were more adventurous.

Several shot on the cloths she was wearing or into her sleeping bag, including my friend with the camera, which i was pleasantly surprised about, because he had been very shy like me. Then some of us, me included, started on her skin and hair. She got quite a few on her hair and two on her hand. Then a few went dangerously for her face, starting with me (slight miss, just above the ear).

There were a few more, but by this time some of the guys who had cum had started pissing into her bag, and, excited by the cum on her face, everyone was doing a whispering chant of "cum whore".

I motioned for them to be quiet but then found myself joining in. Some more pearly cum went on her forehead and soon loads of limp dicks were being jacked back to life with slapping sounds.

Then someone came of her eyelid, and she woke up. It wasn't too quick. She gave a little stretch and opened her eyes to the glorious sight of a dozen dicks wanking.

She shouted and we all ran, laughing, back to our tents, as she had to crawl through the cum and piss on the floor.

It was so hot! After that- well, i should first explain, we had pack lunches, but ate breakfast and dinner at the cabin. We had set meal times, but as breakfast was dry cold stuff, it was set out before that, though you couldn't eat it, and about half of the people sat in the dining room before meals began, while others stayed in the games room.

Jessica never came in the dining room until food was ready, so a new activity developed. Guys came into the dining room a little before meal time and wanked and pissed into jesica's food. in full view of everybody in the dining room. A game developed as to how late you could leave it before jesica turned up. It was so epicly hot!

And this is why i liked our supervisor. One day, a guy came with his dick out and stuck it in her salad before a cough alerted him to the fact the supervisor had been in the room and was behind him.

He asked what the boy was doing, who had stuck his dick back in facing the other way, and he replied nothing, and nothing happened! It could have been he missed it, but i like to think he was enjoying it (plus, he ignored the sex that went on, which was nice). Final naughty kitten was taken in anal assylum for painful treatment when the girls were swimming in the lake, and the boys had the run of the camp With No Supervision, we took her cloths from her bag by the water.

We dropped some in mud, pissed on quite a few, and wanked with others. Then boys started going to the portaloo, and at first i didn't know why. But when they came out they had naughty rachele richey gets ass fucked by dominatrix cathy heaven trousers down and evidently hadn't used toilet paper =) We all took turns shitting and then used jessica's cloths to clean ourselves up.

It was so fun. She actually had to wear some of it. I should have put this earlier, it was before camp. me, my two original friends and some others had fake phone sex cards written up with jessica's name, phone numbers, and address, asking people to call late at night, and we distributed hundreds around town (she had changed her mobile number from the vids, so we used her new number).

it was nice to think of guys and probably random perverts calling her up. Plus we wrote it in public bathrooms That's pretty much it, except we found three of the unis she was planning to apply for and sent them her video- she didn't get accepted to any of them.

we then sent it to a few people at the uni she did get into, but anyway, thats pretty much everything.

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oh, and at the end of the year she was voted most likely to become a whore and most likely to fuck a dog (made up new categories, obviously) There is a bit more, and if i get some people who enjoyed this i will gladly post it Oh, and as a favour to me, feel free to wank over the thought of this happening to that bitch. and if you know a jessica carter, just check she doesn't have some history =) again, i'd love some comments, even if just a single word, but please, no haters.

I understand there will be people who didn't like this, and if so, can they just not read it rather than annoy those who did.