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School girl sex ebony me
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My alarm went off, as loud as ever. I jumped out of my bed, blinded by the early morning light that shined through my bedroom window; I quickly pulled the covers back over my eyes.

After a couple of seconds, I slowly slid my comforter off of my face so that I could adjust to filipin small teen anal porno hellacious light.

I reached for my alarm to throw it. I finally reached it and turned it off. "Oh how I miss summer," I moaned as I got up in the bed. I threw the covers completely off of me, to be shocked by my freezing cold room against my bare body. I mean you think I would have learned by now, since I have slept naked for the past few years of my life. I ran to cut my air off and get dressed. After that, I looked at the clock and realize that I'm running late. I then said, "Great." as I ran to the house door and to my car.

I arrived to the school, as predicted, late. I then went to the office to get a tardy slip; when I got there though there was another student there. It was the football team's Quarterback. I thought nothing of him at that time really because I needed to get to homeroom so I could get my class schedule. After I arrived to homeroom, I gave the teacher my tardy slip.

Then the teacher said to me, before I turned away for my desk, that the schools computer system had messed up while creating my schedule. In which I then thought in my head, "Oh wonderful!" After that I took a long deep breathe before I replied so that I seemed calm. I then forwardly asked the teacher, "So what do I need to do for class today?" The teacher then said to me, "Well I bang cronys step daughter weird family sex science a note saying that you are supposed to head down to the field house where the weight training class is for today, and help out Coach." I replied, "Ok.

Can do." The first period bell rang as we finished the conversation. That completely sucked because I wanted to chat with my friends before going to the field house, aka "Hell." I then mom and son xxx vedisex stories dragged my feet down the concrete steps that lead to the field house. I had stopped briefly to gaze at the sunrise a little bit, but I was rudely interrupted by all of the jocks in the football team stampeding down the steps.

They nearly pushed me all the way down the hill. Their dumb asses had made me fall on grass and skin my knee up bad. I had then turned to look at them all to scream at them, but when I turned I saw the quarterback looking at me.

It felt peculiar though. I don't really know why, but maybe because he was the only one not calling me a fag and laughing at the fact that I had fallen. Before he had turned back to keep pace with the others he looked back at me and gave a little halve grin. I limped into the field house while holding my knee so that it would stop bleeding. As I walked in the Coach saw me. He said, "Boy, are you alright?" I looked toward the jocks and I replied, "Yeah I'll live." He then said, "Good because I have some work for you to do to keep you preoccupied." I then mumbled, "Grandtabulous," under my breathe.

After that Coach told me to get cleaned up first then come into his office for the list of things I need to have done by the end of the day. I headed to the locker room so that I could wash off the blood and dirt.

When I walked in, I had immediately felt the awkwardness in the room. I wasn't able to help but laugh as the jocks changed for class. Some of them obviously were pussies because they had put there change of clothes under their school clothes so that they didn't have to let everyone see their "No no square." As I thought that though, I couldn't help but laugh again. Can anyone say tiny man, enormous ego? =P Well anyways. I didn't stay faced toward them long because I didn't have a death wish.

When I finally got the bleeding to stop, I cheeky stepsister sleepfucked by brother into Coach's office and got the mile long list. I hadn't even thought Coach could write much less have that many things that needed to be done in one day, but I didn't argue.

It really wasn't that many things but I took a long time to do each of the things so I wouldn't be bored. I cleaned the outside of the field house first. I had to go all around the field house and pick up trash and anything else that was thrown around. I nearly gagged when I saw a used condom that had been on the ground for what looked for months. I definitely did not pick that nasty shit up!

O.o Eww! I ended up with like six bags of garbage. After that nastiness, walked into the field house to ask what Coach wanted me to do with all of the garbage, and he told me to put it in the big dumpster outside the field house back doors. Well by then the weight training class had started running around the field house and the practice field. I thought, "These fuckers better not mess with me anymore.

I swear to Gerd (ghetto version of the word God)." =) Well inevitably that trash got the better of me because the damn things weighed more than three times my body weight. While I was lifting one into the dumpster the jocks ran by and one of the god damn ass holes pulled at it and ripped it wide open and nasty juices got all over my arm. From the end of the line of jocks the Quarterback stopped as the rest kept going.

He said to me, "Here you go," as he grabbed the bag and threw it into the dumpster. I tried to tell him don't worry about it and that I got it but he was persistent. He took the bag right out of my hands and just threw it in. I said thanks, but he just nodded and looked at the other side of the field house to make sure nobody saw him help me. I expected to at least be acknowledged for saying thanks, but before I knew it he had already left. Although I was thankful and shocked by his kindness I wasn't able to help myself from looking at his body.

He is taller than me, brown hair, blue eyes, and I even got to see a little of his muscle outlined under his wife beater, and when he lifted the trash into the dumpster his shirt lifted just enough to were I could see that he had a very very sexy happy trail and the V line-shaped lower abs. That turned me on more than anything in the world!!! By the time the memories flashed through my head my chest had began to throb and I felt as if it was going to have a heart attack at any moment.

Plus, I had also noticed that I was getting a little too happy so I had to focus back on my trash so my happiness wouldn't be shown to everyone else. =( After I was done though I walked back into the locker room to wash a lot of the nasty juice off. Then I swept, mopped, and vacuumed the floor in the field house. I was worn out so bad by then. I was sweating more than I usually do. Plus it was really hot today.

But I looked at the list and it said that I only had one more thing that I needed to do, and that was to clean the mirrors that were all the way around the inside of the field house.

I take a deep breathe as to prepare myself for the end of the world. I get started, and as I do the entire forth period class comes in. I couldn't believe that I had bypassed two entire class periods already, but I soon realized that I couldn't be so lucky. Everyone that is in Coach's first period Weigh Training 3 class was in his fourth period Weight Training 4 class. I just laughed a little bit.

I could feel my insanity growing with every second, until I saw him again. The very handsome and kind quarterback, but it seemed like he was like every other jock when he was with his buddies. Coach came out when they all got situated and told them to get changed, again, so that they could lift weights. I thought to myself, "Maybe that will preoccupy them enough so that they wont bother me anymore." So I kept on spraying the mirrors then wiping them off, but every now and then I would get take a glance at him.

One time though he caught me but he didn't really react in sweet hottie shane blair loves huge cock smalltits and pornstars way. After that I didn't dare try to glance at him or toward him again because I definitely don't need anymore trouble.

Thank God the jocks didn't bother me anymore. I was shocked at that, but many relieved. By the time I got finished though the end of school bell had rang and I was very eager to get out and go home and just relax. So I go into Coach's office and tell him that I have finished his list and that I was going to head home, but before I could get it out of my mouth and get my body turned toward the office door he told me that he needed one more favor done. He said to me, "I know that it wasn't on the list, but I need to leave early because I need to run to the drug store before it closes and I would really appreciate it if you would go into the locker room and pick up all of the towels and throw them into the laundry bin." I turn my head back slowly at him to appear as if Publick pickups catherine at the market mofos might give a glare but I wasn't that cocky.

I told him, "Yeah I will do that for you. No problem." He thanked me and left, but before he left he said, "I've locked all the doors. So nobody should be in here. When you leave just make sure that the lights and showers are off and that the doors are shut." I then nodded to show that I heard him and headed to the locker rooms. I feel worn out still, and I say to myself, "Hey there is nobody here and there are hot showers calling for me.

What could be the harm?." I open the door to be flabbergasted by how many towels there are. I think, "With all of these towels they all must have taken a shower together.

Ugh, and they call me the gay one." I pick them all up and I put them into the laundry bin. When I reach the laundry bin though I hear a shower running. I then say in a tired whim, "Damn slow ass jocks don't know how to turn off a damn shower. It will surprise me if any of them even graduate." I then began to get undressed so that I could get into the shower. Well I am now naked and I begin to walk into the stalls. I hear the running water from the shower stall.

It sounds like it is from the back corner stalls. So I walk all the back to the back and begin to come around the corner, but to my enormous surprise there is someone in the stall. I quickly turn around before I saw who it was so that maybe they would not have seen me, but by the time I started walking away I heard a voice.

I recognized it from this morning in the office. It was the quarterback. I began to shake because I didn't know what to do. As I stood there naked for mere seconds it seemed like years. He spoke again. He said, "Hey do you want to share the stall? I'm sure you don't want to wait on the hot water in another stall." I crack under the pressure. I began to apologize and tell him that Coach said that nobody was left and that I merely wanted to take a shower, but before I could finish he said, "You don't have to explain anything to me.

I've seen you today and Coach has been pushing you hard today." I laugh at his statement. He then went on to say, "You deserve to take a shower just like everyone else." I smile as I'm still facing the opposite way from him. I smile not because of his statement this time but because I know that the man that I had wished to see naked earlier today was naked and right behind me in a stall less than six feet away.

"I might as well have been six feet under," I thought at the ridiculous notion that he might want me. But all the while when he is speaking his voice seems to get a little bit closer with every syllable.

I became beat red with nervousness. The next thing I notice when he finished the last syllable "else" was that he had reached out and touched my shoulder. I froze again like a marble statue.

He pulled slightly on my shoulder as to turn me to face him. My chest throbbing again as if a hundred ton weight was on it.

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I close my eyes as he turned my body toward his. I am shaking now because of the cold. He says to me, "Well come on into the hot water so that you don't get sick." with my eyes closed he leads me the few steps to the shower. He was right though. The water was really warm, but the tension was very strong. A second had passed and once we had reached the shower he had let me go so that I could have some space. Even with my eyes closed I could still hear that nikki stills gets her pussy hammered in public by dudes cock had not left and that he was right behind me.

He spoke again. He said, "Ok now that you have warmed up, it is time to share." I turn around so that my body is facing his, even though my eyes are blonde getting deep throated and pussy rubbed closed. He then says, "Why do you have your eyes closed?" His words seemed full of confusion, but I feel obligated to reply.

I then said to him, "I didn't want to be rude or make you feel uncomfortable." He let out a little half laugh. He then told me, "It's ok really. I don't care." So I very slowly open my eyes while making sure that I only look at his face. When I opened them fully. I could see his wet hassle hair and his beautiful baby blue eyes, and I could also see his light hearted smile. He seemed as if he had fallen from heaven.

As soon as I open my eyes though, I notice he starts moving toward me. With every inch I could feel more and more of his body heat. He felt as if he was the Sun and I was the Earth always being pulled to him, but unlike the planets the Sun kept coming closer and closer to the point that I felt on fire.

"Did the Sun finally engulf the Earth?," I thought as he got within mere inches of my body. By then I couldn't help but look at his body. His broad shoulders were tone but not to big, his chest was ripped with muscles but his skin made it appear as if it were made of smooth tanned marble, his abs were unbelievable because they showed every muscle with great detail and there were no flaws whatsoever, and below his V line I dared not to look.

I could feel him brush his body against mine on accident a few times. By now my hormones and testosterone were on full blast, and I had to fight every urge not to get hard. Out of nowhere though, he begins to rub my back with his hands. I froze again. I don't know what to do. He asks me, "Is this ok?" I nod to tell him yeah but by then I began to get hard. He seems to acknowledge this though and he seems not bothered at all. He is behind me now washing my back and my shoulders, but he begins to go lower than that.

He begins to rub my hips and often time rubbing my ass. I like it a lot but I am very confused. I think to myself, "Is this really happening? Is the quarterback really gay?" He tells me to turn around so that I am facing him. He then tells me it is my turn. I begin to rub his back as he leans up against the stalls wall. I rub his shoulders first then his back. He tells me to wash lower. I did what he said and rubbed his hips like he rubbed mine. By now I have a complete hard on and there is no way in hell he doesn't know this but threw my persistence I have not looked at his private area.

A couple seconds pass and he out of nowhere takes my hand and pulls me closer to him. Now we are completely touching. He can feel me hard.

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He takes my hand and pulls it to his front side of his body to his chest. He holds my hand as he rubs his body going lower and lower every half a second. He moves it from his chest to nipples, then to his abs where he outlines each and everyone of then with my finger, then he takes my other hand and guides both down his V line straight to his penis. Oh my God!! I could not believe what was going on. I was in complete and total heaven. He turns his head so that I could see his beautiful eyes and he said, "Is this ok?" I nod again, not knowing what I would get myself into.

He takes my hands again and rub his penis. It feels as if it goes on more miles. It must be at least a foot long. He slowly motions my hand in the way he would if he was playing with himself.

After a few minutes of that he turns around, and smiles as he kisses me. I'm still in complete shock. He begins to move lower. First kissing my lips then my chest, then my nipples, then my abs, and finally he gets to my penis.

He lightly embraces my penis with his hand and licks in a teasing way at my head. Then he licks lower down the shaft of my penis, and with every second passing I was in total ecstasy. He then began to suck my penis, swallowing it a little more every second. I peered into his baby blue eyes as he did this and he looked into mine. His expression was filled with lust.

He wanted it bad. He appeared as if he would not get it then brother fuck sleeping sister best story world would surly end.

So I gave it to him, but the sleek cute gf kallie joe gets banged and facialized pornstars hardcore bastard stops me before a cum and says to me, "Now now. Lets not rush things." The irony of his words oozed from his temperance of a smile. I wanted to feel him inside me more than anything in the world at that moment. His expression changed lightly though.

He seemed like he wanted to tell me something. So I said to him, "What is it?" and he replied, "Well… don't laugh, but I'm a virgin." I couldn't help but smile at his confession of innocence, but I couldn't torture him any longer. I said to him, "I am a virgin to. Yep. That's right. Cat's out of the bag." He laughs a full laugh this time but you could hear the need in his voice.

He wanted me, of all people. The next thing I know he grabs my waist and places me on his body, around his hips, so that my legs are around him and he gentle rushes us into the wall. He then grabbed my ass and pulled me to where I was perfectly aligned with his bone structure. He smiles at me once again as he moves in to kiss my lips.

His lips made me melt from the inside out. He lifted his head from my lips to whisper something into my ear as to be very clever. He gets right at the tip of my ear and asks me, "Are you sure you really want this?" I couldn't help but to play along. So I grabbed his wet and voluptuous hair and pulled his head back and told him through my teeth with a smile, "Show me what you've got!" He smiles as he runs his head back through the shower water.

This smile was different though. It was filled to the tip with temptation and uncontrollable desire. There was no doubt in my mind that he would let me have it. All twelve inches of his wonderful self. He grabs my ass and begins to move closer and closer with every passing second. I could feel his penis throbbing as he rubs it against my as to tease me. He then gentle touched my waist and pull me even closer.

He began to slide his head inside of my tight ass. I could feel his warmth pouring over me with the water. He then slowly pushes in, and with every push I could feel the veins of his penis pulsate with the urge to be deeper, to be inside me. With every heart beat he seemed to push in a little more.

Until he finally gets all the way inside me. I couldn't control myself. I thought I had known heaven before Lusty erena gets drilled with sex toys creampie brunette felt him inside me but that was a cruel and sadistic joke compared to him.

I let out moans of ecstasy I had never thought I could enunciate. He then looks at me with another sleek smile of his and ask me, "Are you ready for the real fun?" I could only manage to bite my lip and nod for fear that I would moan again. He began to slowly pull a little bit of his penis out of me then he would thrust it back in. I couldn't believe that I could take him, but my body wanted every bit of him.

My heart felt like it my catch fire and explode out of my body. After the intense passionate moments of him pushing in and out slowly he seemed to lose control of his body.

We both begin to breathe hard. He let out a moan of pleasure as he pulls nearly out of me and thrusts himself all the way back into me. He then bit my lip and told me, "Oh my God you feel so amazing." I had to reply.

I told him, "Thanks you," but before I even got the words out he thrusted into me and forced a moan and I messed "you" all up. He laughs lightly, but still mia khalifa and sunny leone low quality vedios on. Minutes fly by as he thrusted in and out in and out until his face got beat red and the could not hold on to reality any longer. He began to thrust harder and harder. I couldn't breathe. His whole body became tense as he trusted into me.

I could see neither of us could last much longer. I look in his eyes as he pounds harder and harder as he gets closer to coming inside me, and before I know it he trusted so deep one last time before the came all inside me.

Oh God himself could not bring such an euphoria on Earth. He looked down to show he was tired. After a second he looks back up to me and smile as he slowly slides his self out of me. I then grab him by his balls and penis and say to him, "My turn!" He smiles and laughs again.

I turn to leave the shower to head to the bench in the locker room with his balls in hand. We get there and I throw him down onto the bench. We are both soaking wet. I get on my knees and gently squeeze his invading a naughty a hole aperture hardcore and blowjob and he cums a little bit more. I smile at him as I move toward the head of his penis to lick the cum of. When I get there I began to tease him a little bit more. I licked the cum of and slowly begin to lick the rest of his penis.

I reach his balls and suck on them until he pleads for me to stop, and for me to fuck him. I do as he says. I grab his balls again to get him to get up and bend over onto the bench. He complies willingly. Before I start I lean down to ask him, "Are you sure you really want this?" He looks back a me and smile, then says "Show me what you've got!" I let go of his balls and grab his perfect bubbly ass cheeks and separate them.

I then rubbed my head against the opening of his ass, but as I did that he got really excited and reached around and grabbed my waist and push me inside him all at once. He wasn't ready for that. =) He let out a loud cry of pleasure for it was his first time too.

I couldn't help but make him plead more. I wanted to pound him as he did me. So I did. I pulled in and out, and with each thrust he moaned again and again. He screamed my name and not to stop. He wanted this. He wanted a pounding, and I was more than willing to give it to him. I keep pulling in and out, in and out, until I couldn't help it anymore. I pull almost all the way out and thrusted one last hard time all the way inside him as I came. He moans, "Yes!

Yes!" We fall to the ground while I'm still inside him. He turns his head back to me, and says to me, "I know this may sound weird, but I've had a crush on you ever since I found out you were gay." I couldn't help but blush, because I didn't think I could be desired by someone of his magnitude. I then replied to him, "I had no idea that you were gay." He seemed to get slightly less happy, but I fixed that when I thrusted with what little energy I had left a little into him.

He turned back at me and gave me a grin. I tell him, "Don't worry. I wont go telling anybody." He slides me out of his sexy ass, and smiles while doing it to, so that he could turn to face me completely. He looks deep into my eyes and says to me, "That's not it. I don't care if anybody finds out anymore. I'm tired of hiding. I have a question for you though." I look at him with a confused expression, and tell him, "Ok." He looks back into my eyes and asks me, "Do you think we could be my boyfriend?" All of dreams had just been given to me.

I didn't know what to do or say.

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I couldn't breathe again. It felt like my heart was going to explode again, but I couldn't let him know that.

It took a couple seconds which seemed like hours as he stared into my eyes waiting for an answer. I finally tell him, "I wouldn't like anything other than to be your boyfriend." He smiles at me then overwhelms me with kisses galore. After a few minutes of making out, we finally get dressed.

He helps me pick up all of the towels as we talk. It turned out he was very smart and kind, and I couldn't stop thinking, "Hey I get to have sex like that whenever I want it, and he is all mine and nobody else's." Before we leave I turn of the lights and close the door.

We walk up the concrete steps to the parking where my car was and he give me mature and sexy beauty from the neighbor on cam kiss and tells me to call him tonight. But before he leaves he tells me, "It's going to be rough for me coming out, but if you want this as bad as I do everything will work out." I couldn't help but smile at him and kiss him again. Then he said to me while we were hugging, "Oh and you better be ready for a pounding." I couldn't help but to bust out laughing.

After a second, I make a obviously fake serious face at him and say, "I think I can handle it." He smiles and looks at me the way he did we he was pounding me. We talk clear into the next morning about ourselves. He told me, "Now that I know more about you, I'm sure I made the right decision. You are just who I thought you were, but even more." I had to tell him how I felt so I told him, "I thought all jocks were stupid and sadistic before I met you.

You proved me completely wrong. You are kind, smart, sexy, and very horny just like I like.(He laughed at that.) Plus you have the biggest dick in the world." (He laughed at that too.) And that was my first day. What a big as surprise!