Perky painter blows models big black cock

Perky painter blows models big black cock
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Fbailey story number 176 Kissing Cousins I was forced to go with my parents to a New Year's Eve party at my Aunt Mildred's house because she couldn't trust me to stay home alone. Well the truth was I got caught kissing Jimmy and he had his hand in my panties at the time too.

Hell I was thirteen years old and damn good looking. I was tall for my age, a bit too skinny, and I had tits. They weren't much but Jimmy sure liked them and I liked him. He would let me hold his cock if I kissed it first and sucked on it a little. Once though he cum in my mouth. It wasn't all that gross but he caught me by surprise so I coughed and spit it out.

Anyway back to the New Year's Eve party. It wasn't supposed to be for kids because there would be a lot cum on ass of hot brazilian wench drinking going on.

However Aunt Mildred had a son a year older than me. Cousin Mickey was fourteen years old and he was stuck at home for the stupid party too. I received my orders in the car from my mother for the entire trip there.

Children should be seen and not heard, don't get into any trouble, and stay out of the way. Yes mother! Other than my parents and dad's sister Mildred and her husband I didn't know anyone there. Soon Cousin Mickey found me and took me to his room to hide. His mother had basically confined him to his room but she had provided him with plenty of snacks to eat and soda to drink.

He had a television set in his room too with a DVD player. Of course he had a computer. He even had his own bathroom. Wow! Was he ever lucky! We only have one bathroom in our house. The party sure got off to an early start downstairs.

Soon we heard people out in the hallway and the door to our room opened up just a crack and a man stuck his head in. He said that he was sorry and that he was just looking for an empty room.

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When Cousin Mickey asked him why he needed a room, the man slurred his mother and son xxx free download and said that he wanted to fuck somebody. Jokingly Cousin Mickey asked him whom he was going to fuck. I had to laugh when he turned to the woman in the hall behind him and asked her who she was. Oh my God it was my mother! Mickey and I quickly scampered into the bathroom and told him that he could have the room.

We cracked the door enough to allow us to look out into his bedroom. There was this strange man and my mother. She must have drunk an awful lot of booze in the past hour or so to stagger like that. We watched as the man took his shoes, pants, and underwear off.

It was funny to watch because he staggered so much. I could hardly believe that my mother would remove her dress, her bra, and even her panties for this strange man. Of course I had seen my mother naked lots of times before but my cousin hadn't and he sure liked what he saw. We both watched as mom got on top of Mickey's bed and the man got on top of her. I couldn't see very clearly but even I knew that the man was fucking her.

Mom grunted occasionally, and then the man was done.

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He got off from mom and got dressed but he told mom to stay right where she was and she did. We could see mom's eyes close. Mickey opened the bathroom door and slipped out to get his digital camera. Then he took one picture of mom lying there naked on his bed. She saw the flash go off but she closed her eyes again. When Mickey heard someone in the hallway he got back in the bathroom with me. This time his father entered the room and we thought that it would end right there but it didn't. He took off his clothes and then he fucked his sister-in-law while we watched him do it.

He fucked her longer than the other man had.

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Mickey took another picture but without the flash that time. We watched as a parade of men came in and fucked my mother. After the ninth man had left my father came in and he too fucked her.

Then he tried to get her up on her feet. He was trying to get her to go back downstairs to the party. Dad said, "So…was it what you had expected?" Mom said, "I think so but I don't remember too much of it." Dad laughed and said, "I told you that you had too much to drink too quickly." Mom asked, "Is it midnight yet?" Dad replied, "Not yet honey.

Let's get you back downstairs thought. Your New Year's wish was fulfilled." Mom smiled and said, "I got fucked by every man in the house!" Dad replied, "Well technically yes!

However I understand that little Mickey is still in the house somewhere." Mom said, "Then I want little Mickey to fuck me too. Go find him." Dad said, "You do know that Mickey is only fourteen years old don't you?" Mom sat back down on the bed and said, "I don't care.

I want Mickey to fuck me too." Dad said, "Okay I'll go look for him. You wait right here." Mickey pushed me to the side so that my father wouldn't see me and then he opened up the bathroom door and stepped out.

Dad just looked at him. Mickey asked, "Can I really fuck her?" Dad said, "Apparently you can if you want too." Mickey smiled and said, "I do. I really do. I watched you and my father and those other men fuck her and I got really horny." Mom said, "Then get your ass over here Mickey." She turned toward dad and said, "You can leave now." Dad left and closed the bedroom door behind him, mom lay back on the bed, and Mickey got undressed.

I put his camera back on flash, stepped out of the bathroom, and took a picture of Mickey standing next to the bed with mom naked on it. Mom said, "Stop that young lady and get out of here." Mickey said, "If you want me to fuck you she gets to stay and take pictures." Mom was clearly not thinking straight but she agreed to let me take pictures.

She really wanted Mickey to fuck her. I took a lot of pictures and a lot better than Mickey had taken from inside the bathroom without a flash. I saw his hard cock enter her wet pussy opening and gobs of cum being forced out of her hole. I saw his chest resting on her heaving breasts. Then he imitated the men before him. I knew he was a virgin like me because he had told me so in the bathroom. Mickey asked, "So why did you let all of those men fuck you?" Mom replied, "It was silly really.

I was talking with your mother, my sister-in-law, and I told her that I would like it if all of the men in the house would fuck me. Mildred made an announcement and gave me a glass of straight vodka to drink. Mickey asked, "So why did you want me to fuck you too?" Mom replied, "Because you are a fine young man and I have dreamed of letting you fuck me. I wanted your virginity. Am I too late?" Mickey answered, "No you are my first fuck if that's what you wanted to know." Mom smiled at him and then turned to me, "I thought that you might have gotten to him first." I said, "But mom I'm still a virgin." Mom looked at the clock on the stand and said, "Well I can assure you that Mickey here will be fully erect by midnight to slip it into you if you want him too.

That would be a great thing to remember. That you lost your virginity at the stroke of midnight on New Year's eve to your cousin Mickey right after he lost his virginity in your mother." That adorable chaps magic wand hardcore and blowjob all that Mickey needed to hear as he pumped his cum into my mother along with the cum from ten other men.

Mom kissed him and posed for a few more pictures before she stood up and boldly went downstairs naked to await her midnight kisses.

I got undressed and watched as Mickey got hard while watching me, just like mom had said. I got on my back like mom had been and accidentally sat in the big mess of cum gobs on his bedspread.

When he first entered me it felt so nice. It didn't hurt either. He was just about the size of the candle that I keep in the drawer next to my bed and it certainly fit that's for sure. The clock had just turned to midnight as he entered me and when he cum it had just turned to five after. The Earth didn't move, I didn't see fireworks, and I didn't have an orgasm either but it felt very good and I was sorry that it was over.

As we cuddled on top of his bed mom poked her head in and said, "They're all done. We can go in now." Then twenty people came into Mickey's bedroom and gathered around us.

I knew that I should be embarrassed and try to cover up my nudity but it all seemed just so natural. The women all had the same equipment that I had under their clothes but more of it and Sunny loney red xxx vdo had seen all ten men bottomless already so it was fine with me. Besides mom was still just as naked as I was. So as I lay there nude mom leaned down and kissed me on my lips, then she kissed my nipples, and kissed my slimy pussy as she said, "Welcome to womanhood honey." Each of the other nine women including my Aunt Mildred did the same thing to me.

Then Dad kissed me on my lips, my nipples, and on my pussy too saying, "Welcome to womanhood sweetheart." Each man took his turn and kissed me too and welcomed me as a real woman and I was only thirteen years old. Next only the women kissed and sucked on the head of Mickey's cock and welcomed him to manhood. Of course that got him hard again. Mom said, "Fuck her again. We want to watch." I looked at Mickey and said, "Well you have fucked me and my mother so I think you should fuck your own mother next." Aunt Mildred choked but mom said, "That's a splendid idea.

Why don't you." Then mom started to help her sister-in-law undress as the others cheered her on. When Aunt Mildred was completely naked I moved over on the bed so that she could lie next to me. Mickey got between his mother's legs and slipped his eager cock right into her. Apparently Aunt Mildred was very wet. I got up to get the camera. Aunt Mildred objected but I took several pictures of them anyway. Then I remembered that no one had taken any pictures of me loosing my virginity. According to the clock on his stand he lasted for seven minutes that time but it was his third time in an hour.

I was sad to hear Aunt Mildred shout out that she was having an orgasm when I hadn't had one.

Mom asked me to take a picture of her with her eleven New Year's Eve sex partners. Only she and Mickey were naked in that picture. Dad then took a picture of Mickey with me and our two mothers. We were all naked and he had fucked us all. One of the men asked me if he could fuck me next. Before I could answer him mom said, "Not now but if you and your wife want to come to our house this Friday hardcore slave scarlet hard disciplined in bdsm lair submissison and cocksucking you can fuck her.

My husband can fuck your wife and you can have my daughter and I. Consider it a two for one sale." Before we left the party that night all nine men had signed up for a date with mom and I. That took care of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the next three weekends. Mickey got to fuck me one more time before we left and that time I had an orgasm. It took him eleven minutes and I sure enjoyed every minute of it. Being last was a lot better than being first apparently.

At least with men that is. I had heard the boys talking about sloppy seconds so I don't think that it works out too well the other way around. The End Kissing Cousins 176