British panty pervert xxx did you ever wonder what happens when a torrid teen cocktease

British panty pervert xxx did you ever wonder what happens when a torrid teen cocktease
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It started out as a normal day you know go to school, pretend to listen to the teachers and then go home and work. But everyday i pick up my best friend Marley.

Marley was gorgeous tanned skin, long legs, perfect ass, and always wore barely any clothing. Today as she got into my car she was wearing a really short jean skirt, as she got in her skirt rose up making me just stare, when i looked up she noticed me staring and just gave me a little smirk. So we were on our way to school when i took a corner to fast and she slid off her seat but caught herself with her arm right on my penis.

I looked over at her and she again gave me that little smirk and said "Sorry" really sheepishly. We got to school and we walked in as usual she would grab my hand and swing it like we were going out just to make other guys jealous. We went to english which we had together, i sat there talking to her about what man pissed with lady ass was doing after school, when she asked if i would come over and study for our physics test after.

I never thought much of this since we always studied together. We didn't have next class together and i sat there thinking about her and that short skirt all class, and thinking what it would be like to be with her.

Next class we had physics and just reviewed for the test. Me and her sat at a table in the far back corner so we talked pretty much the whole time, but after a while I decided i should listen, about with 10 minutes left in class her hand found its way onto my lap and started to move its way upward.

I liked it but didn't want her to make me squirm in the middle of class i pushed her hand away. Next we had lunch, but sat away from each other, but started texting each other and soon we decided to go for a drive to pass time.

When we got in the vehicle she leaned over and planted a big kiss on me, "God, I wanted to do that for so long" she whispered. But when i went to kiss her she pulled her head away. Fuck, was I confused. We drove around for a while listening to music but not saying a word. We pulled back into the parking lot and got out, once again she grabbed my hand and swung it back black guy boy xxx story sex stories forth like nothing had happened in the vehicle.

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We didn't have a class together the rest of the day, which sucked. But then again i was going over to her house tonight to study! I remembered that and was now looking forward to it since things had started to happen.

All of a sudden though I felt a vibrating in my pocket. Very discretly i pulled out my cell phone and read the message. It was from Marley "Downstairs bathroom 5 min. I will be waiting". Whoa I thought and reread it like mom fuck daughter and frnd with strapon times before deciding to ask the teacher if I could go to the bathroom.

When I got there I shyly crept into the bathroom. Making sure no one saw me, when I got in there Marley whispered "Chuck, is that you." "Ya Mar" I replied. She was in the last stall, so I made my way over there, she was sitting on the seat and when I got in there she pulled me in and started making out with me. I was shocked so I just stood there frozen, when I finally came back to my senses she had grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her head.

There she was the most beautiful girl in the school standing in front of me, waiting for me to make the next move. So I did, I reached behind her and undid the clasp of her black lace bra. It fell to the floor, I shuddered as i saw her perfect globes, perfect, and firm.

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I reached out and grabbed it as I started to make out with her again. I felt a tuck of my jeans and she undid the button and thrilling oral stimulation from sultry gorgeous babe them down, next she pushed me away and reached underneath her skirt and pulled off her black g-string.

She hiked up her skirt as I pulled down my boxers. I pinned her up against the stall wall and lifted her up. As i slid my cock into her she let out a quiet moan, but was quickly replaced with deep breathing as I rocked back in forth, every once and a while I would lean in and get deep kiss from her. Then her body stiffened and she let out a low moan of pleasure, this took me over the edge and my body stiffened to. I pumped into her a couple more times, and then started squirting squirt after squirt into her.

"Sorry, I just couldn't wait till after school" she said. "Its alright I needed that" I replied. After school I had football practice so I couldn't give her a ride home.

But after football I was the first one to hit the showers, thinking about Marley the whole time gave me one hell of an erection. Damn I thought wanting to jack it but really wanted to save it for Marley. I wrapped the towel around myself and shyly and faced the corner while I dryed off so no one saw my erection. After practice I drove over to Marleys to find that no cars were in the driveway. So I went and rang the bell to be greeted by Marley wearing only a black tank top, a black lace thong, and high heels.

"About time!" she said with a smirk on her face. "It feels like I have been waiting forever for you." With that I grabbed her and pulled her in for a deep kiss. I ran my hands down sides, and making sure I got a grab of that sweet ass of hers, and picked her up.

She wrapped her legs around my waist. We walked kissing, and ramming into the walls. We made our way to her room, I dropped her on the bed and pulled my shirt over my head. We continued to kiss before she pushed me up and undid the button of my pants and pulled them down.

Exposing my boxers with what looked like a knife pointing out of them. She pulled them down and took my erection into her mouth. She lapped her tongue around the head of it, before running it down my entire shaft. Then she took the entire lenght of me into her mouth. I didn't think I was going to be able to last but then she pulled her head away and pulled her shirt over her head exposing those perfect titties of hers.

I reached out and massaged her tits and then kissed my way down to them and started to suck and lick on them. This caused her to moan out in pleasure, but that only made me lick faster. She then stopped me before kicking off her heels and slowly pulling down her thong. Man she loved to torture me like this, she got on the bed and grabbed my hand and pulled me on top of her. Again we started kissing, our hands were roaming all over each other.

She then squeked out from beneath me and got on her hands and knees, she motioned me behind her. It grabs her hips and clubtug sexy milf gives you a pov hanjob inserted my cock into her waiting pussy. I got all the way in before I started to slowly thrust into her, pulling her hips into me with every thrust. It wasn't long before she had started to moan, and within time she was experiencing her first orgasm of the night.

It wasn't long after that before I felt the tingling deep from my toes, and then shot, shot after shot into her shaved pussy. I then pulled out of her and collapsed beside her before she took my cock into her mouth and started to clean it off. It wasn't long before I was hard again, and experiencing more pleasure from her mouth. While she was sucking me off I maneuvered so that I could lick her pussy at the same time.

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I am pretty sure that I could taste my cum inside her pussy. It took her a shorter time to get off then I did and she her juices flowed out of her pussy and onto my chin. She then rolled off me and she got on her knees in front of me and continued to suck me off.

It wasn't long after that I felt that an orgasm and shot streams of cum all over her face and in her mouth. We then laid on her bed kissing passionately when we heard the front door close giving us the sign that her parents had arrived home. We quickly pulled back on our clothes and pulled out the text book to at least give her parents the impression that we were studying.

It was then getting dark and I told her that I better be going home. We kissed passionately one more time and told me to come early tomorrow to do some more "studying".