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Fake agent milf threesome hd jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play
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Mr. Ayden was a 34 year old teacher at Hilston High school. Some of the girls there thought he was really sexy, and usually by the end of the period they had wet panties and sultry fantasies about him.

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There were about a handful of girls who showed how much they fantasied about him. Those were the Bitchies as many of their fellow classmates called them. Mr. Ayden knew that they liked him and he saw all the cleavage that they showed but none of them caught his eye.

There was one girl in his 4th period class that he took an interest in. Her name was Lany James. She was his best student but she was very shy. She rarely raised her hand during class or even talked to anyone in class. When they'd have a group assignment she'd be the quite one in the group. Mr. Ayden would have to always come over to the group and help her contribute to the group, often she did. It was a Friday today and Mr.

Ayden was getting ready for his first class of the day. He had just opened his marker to write on the white board when he heard a soft knock. "Mr. Ayden?" he looked over by the door and saw Lany. His jaw dropped. She had on a white mini skirt, a black tube top, black flip flops and her hair was in a side ponytail. He ended up dropping the marker and the sound made an echo in the room. "Morning Lany, can I help you with something?" he could feel his cock begin to harden so he walked over to his desk.

"Yeah, uhm would you mind if I came by after school, since our test is coming up soon I'd like to get some extra help." She blushed. She felt like he could tell she had just wet her panties. Truth be told, she found Mr. Ayden very sexy too. The way his shaggy hair fell in front of his clear blue eyes, and his light stubble on his cheeks were, made her go insane.

"Of course you can come after school, I'd be happy to help you." He smiled and felt his own face blush. "Okay, thank you. I'll see you 4th." She turned around. "Bye Lany." She headed out of his room and he watched her walk away. He couldn't help but stare at her ass.

It was nice and round. ~*~*~*~*~ Once school was over Lany slowly said goodbye to her friends and then walked down to Mr.

Ayden's science room. He had just gotten finished talking to another student of his and saw Lany. "Lany sweetie, do come in." He said. She slowly walked in and walked over to his desk. He pulled a chair up next to her and he watched her sit down. "So, tell me what you would like help on?" she blushed a little and smiled.

"I'm not getting this whole plate tectonics idea, I mean can you please just explain it to me. I've had saucy looker with big naturals gets slammed mom, dad, brother and friends all try and explain it but since you are my teacher, it might make much more sense." He smiled while she got a shy smile on.

"Well I mean it is very simple, we start off with continental drift, where all the continents drifted away from their super continent, Pangea.

Sea floor spreading is." he kept on talking but she just watched his lips move. She longed for him to kiss all over her body with those lips. She couldn't believe that she was thinking these thoughts. She was the most innocent girl at Hilson High school.

She never got in trouble and no teacher ever yelled at her. "Lany?" he said jolting her out of her fantasy.

"Yeah?" "Did you hear me?" he asked. "Not fully." "I said that the sea floor's crust moves from the maga pushing the old crust and forming new crust." "Could you draw me a picture?" she asked. He nodded. "Do you have a pen with you?" he asked. "Yeah." She leaned to the side and bent over.

Her tube top shifted up a he caught a glimpse of her side and her pelvic bone. He could see her thong string. He closed his eyes and looked away. No, I can't do this, she is my student, why don't you just help her first and then just go look at porn.

She sat bak up and handed him her pen. She smiled and then he began to draw the diagram of sea floor spreading. "Oh, that's how it works, I kept getting that confused with the way volcano's are made." He giggled a little. "That's silly." She giggled too. She leaned forward and looked at the drawing. Mr. Ayden peaked at her ass. He wanted to grab it and squeeze it so hard. "You keep studying the sheet, I'm gonna quiz you on this in a moment, I'll be right back and get some paper." He stood up and walked away.

He looked at her ass again. Her skirt was just short enough to see the bottom of her ass. He licked his lips and felt his cock fill with blood and get hard. He then dropped the pieces of paper and bent down.

He thought that she wasn't wearing any panties but she was, she just destiny dixon rides on sean lawless big cock a thong on. She sat back down and he stood up. "Did you study that diagram?" "Yes Mr. Ayden. Can I draw it on the board?" "Go ahead." He said. He watched her walk up to the board. She fixed her skirt and began to draw.

He began to get wicked hot thoughts about Lany. He thought of her giving him a blow job on his desk. He thought about fucking her tight little pussy, ramming her tight asshole and grabbing her breasts and pleasuring her till doomsday. "Is this right?" she asked. He looked at it and nodded. "Good, now you get it." She clapped her hands and jumped up and down.

"Thank you Mr. Ayden, I'll see you on Monday!" she grabbed her things and headed out of the room. He watched her walk away. He had a frown on his face. He was so close to getting to her, but she slipped away. ~*~*~*~*~*~ Monday came so fast that both of them were happy.

Lany came into school early to ask Mr. Ayden another question. Today she wore jean shorts and a tight band shirt. "Hi Mr. Ayden!" she said walking in with a smile. He turned to her and smiled. "Good morning Lany." "I have another question." She said walking over sexily. Every step she took, his cock grew a little and her panties got wetter.

"Okay." "Would you mind tutoring me with all of the science material after school? My mom and dad said it was okay, so will you?" he thought for a moment, gazing at her beauty. Her hair was in cute little pig tails today and she smelled of mango. "Of course! I'd love nothing more than to help a student in need." He said.

She smiled. "Thank you, well I have to get to History but I'll see you after school." "See you later Lany." ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ "So the continents drifted by being pulled away from sea floor spreading?" Lany asked. Mr. Ayden had to control himself. He was sitting right next to her. His cock was filled with they mean business tube porn and very hard.

Her pussy was so wet, she teen girls having fun amateur and webcam hoped that it wouldn't get on the chair.

"Yea, and then." he reached over and read something, he couldn't really see.

Lany could smell that he was wearing tag. She looked at him while he was reading and licked her lips. She wanted to kiss him so badly. She began to move her hand on his leg which made him jump. "Lany what are you-" "I'm sorry Mr. Ayden, I'm sorry I just well.no you are my tea-" he cut her off by putting a finger on her mouth. "It's okay, you can continue if you want." He winked her and she thought that she'd orgasm. "A-Are you sure?" she asked. She bit her lip and looked at him innocently.

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"I don't mind, I liked it." She put her hand back on his leg and began to rub his inner thigh. Her hand went towards his throbbing cock. She could feel how hard he was, she moved her hand in circles over his cock. "Oh wow.Mr Ayden.you're really hard." he gulped and smirked.

"You're a great massage girl." he wasn't sure what to say. It then dawned on her what she was doing, "Oh my gosh!" she took her hand away. "I'm so sorry Mr. Ayden uhm why.why don't I leave I'm sorry." She got up and headed towards the door. "Wait! Lany please don't leave." She turned towards him with some stray tears in her eyes. "I won't tell if you won't tell." She looked at him in a confused manor. He began to blush.

She sniffed and wiped her eyes. "I uhm.I won't say anything, I promise.

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I like you Lany, you are the one student in all my classes that actually doesn't mock me. I know the girls don't but some do and the boys, they just think I'm in this job for some of the fine ass pussy here, I'm not I'm here to teach but when I met you Lany I.I.I just." "You what?" she asked.

"I began to get fantasies that were not appropriate for a teacher and student to even think about." She walked closer to him and dropped her stuff. "Really?" she asked getting even closer to him, running her finger down his chest.

He blushed again. "Yeah." "What kind of fantasies?" "Uhm.wait! No! We can't! You are a minor, I'm 34 I just I mean what I said it was-" "True?" she giggled and put her hand on his erection.

"I know I'm the shy sweet girl that everyone here thinks I am, but when you get me in my horny state, forget little miss shy girl. I'm a young tigress who needs to be tamed." He put his hands on her hips and brought her closer to him. "I'm gonna fuck you so good." He said.

His sweet pink lips crashed on to hers and he pulled her closer. Her hand made its way to his belt and in did it. They pulled apart and looked at each other. She got down on her knees and pulled his pants down and boxers. He made sure no one was looking in. She stared at his huge cock. She saw how hard and throbbing was. She put just the tip in her mouth first and ran her tongue over his slit.

She played with his balls too, making him let out a moan. "Fuck man." she put him all in her mouth and gagged herself. He forced his cock deeper into her mouth making tears fall down her eyes. "Oh yeah bitch, suck my cock bitch, oh yeah suck it, suck it." She heard him moan. She took his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him. "Damn you are so cute!" he picked her up and put her on the desk.

He leaned forward and kissed her lips, taking off, actually ripping her tube top off. She had a hot pink bra with black lace at the top. "Oh fuck me Mr. Ayden please, my pussy is so fucking wet.

Mmmm I need your big cock in it." She moaned as he kissed her neck. He grabbed a pair of scissors and but her bra off. "Ahhh hah!" she giggled. He began to suck on her left nipple while he played with the other one. She put her head back and licked her lips. Her pussy was throbbing and so mother fucking wet. He began to kiss down her chest and to her tummy. When he got to her skirt line he pulled it off and cut her panties off.

He eyed her pussy hungrily and began to suck on her clit. "Ohhh fuck! Mr. Ayden oh gosh!" she moaned. She bit her tongue and pinched her nipples. "Damn Lany you taste so fucking good." He stuck his tongue inside her. "Ahhh oh fuck! Yes! Mmmm!" she moaned again. He began to really suck her clit as he put two fingers inside her. "Ahhh oh my gosh! Mr. Ayden ohh fuck you're gonna make me cum." He sucked her clit harder and harder and moved his two fingers faster and faster inside of her.

"Ahhhh! Mr. Ayden fuck! Yes! Yes!" she came and he licked her clean. He then put cock near her pussy and teased her. "Mmmm you want me fucking cock baby?" he asked. She nodded. "Yes! Fuck me please!" she moaned playing with her tits. He slowly put his cock inside of her making her moan loudly. "Oh fuck yes!" she arched her back and he kissed her. He began to thrust his hips and she wrapped her legs around her.

She brought him closer to sexy blonde in boots shagged hard outdoors. "Oh blonde milf fucked on webcam and gets a facial baby oh yeah." He moaned and put his hands on either side of her. He really began to fuck her.

"Ahhh oh Mr. Ayden, Mr. Ayden fuck me harder harder and faster oh god!" she moaned.

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She loved feeling his big cock ram into her tight little pussy. She held onto the desk as he fucked her hard. He took his cock out of her and had her get on her hands and knees. He suck it back inside her and rammed her pussy from behind. "Oh yes! yes! yes Lany! yes!" he moaned. He grabbed her boobs and squeezed them. He then spanked her as he fucked her. "Oh yeah spank me harder, I've been a bad girl." He spanked her harder again and fucked her.

"Oh shit! Mr. Ayden I'm cumming, I'm cumming I'm ahhhhhhh fuck yes!" Lany came first and Mr. Ayden kept fucking her until he was about to cum. He took his cock out and came in her mouth. Once he finished cumming he looked at her. "Come found my sister masturbating like crazy on cam swallow my cum." He said.

She looked up at him. She thought she was about to gag but she swallowed his cum. She felt it run down her throat. He kissed her and hugged her. "Same time tomorrow?" she asked. "You better fucking believe it!" she said and kissed him.

Their relationship blossomed but they had to keep it discreet. Her parents found out that he was her boyfriend and got upset, but then they met him and they liked him. (I'm not good at writing endings and I'm so tired so yeah hahaha)