Black teen friends watch exxxtra small casting call

Black teen friends watch exxxtra small casting call
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Ivy tries modelling Ivy was very nervous as she walked over to the front door of the photo studio. She'd never thought of herself as a model, she wasn't the slender type of girl, she went to the gym far too often and her body was more of the athletic type. Also wasn't thirty three a bit too old to start a modeling career?

Still she felt giddy, she rang the bell on the front door and waited. Her fingers toying with the little business card. She got it out of her pocket and double checked the address. Yes, she was in the right place.

It was a pure coincidence that she was asked for this gig. A week ago, she was getting her morning coffee, preparing for the day, when a woman asked her if she'd be interested in doing a little modeling work. At first she brushed it of, but the proposition stayed with her, she discussed it with her friends and they talked her into it.

It was an amazing opportunity, they told her. The front door swayed open, a young handsome girl in her early twenties stood in the doorway. She was the slender type, long shiny hair, bright red lips and a tiny waist. Ivy's confidence faded into thin air as she shyly introduced herself. 'Are you a model too?' she asked. 'No, silly,' the girl started laughing, 'I'm Robin, the photographer. You're the only one that'll be shooting today.

Come on in.' Ivy followed the woman inside. She was wearing a tight blue tube top and skinny jeans, her heels tapped on the linoleum while she walked through the hallway.

She opened a door towards a studio. The lights and the camera were already set up, there was a white background and a comfy looking chair. Robin gave her some clothes and told her to go change. There weren't any dressing rooms unfortunately but they were both girls after all.

Ivy put on the outfit. The tube skirt fit exactly, she pulled up the shiny pantyhose and she squeezed her feet in the matching high heels. 'Perfect,' Robin said when she showed herself. Robin pointed to the chair and said she could strike a pose over there. Ivy sat down and tried to look professional. 'O, before I forget again, can you sign this waver, otherwise all pictures will be useless, petite gina gerson takes a leak and sucks and fuck hard cock would be a juridical mess,' Robin laughed loudly.

It was infectious. She prompted a pen and a piece of paper into Ivy's face.

Ivy started reading. 'Just a standard waver,' Robin said impatiently, ruffling the papers around, 'you know a formality.' Ivy signed. Robin touched her shoulder for a moment and squeezed. 'Thank you,' she said. Her eyes were nice, a dark shade of blue, they were inquisitive and looming at the same time. As if she could see right through Ivy, as if she could see right through time and knew everything.

'First time?' Robin asked. 'Is it that obvious?' Ivy said defeated. 'No, no, no. Don't worry, silly.' Robin said. 'I'm a photographer, I'm used to observe.

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I've noticed your muscles are a little tense. That will blonde milf from mash fucks hard seventies parodies visible on the pictures later, so it's better if you relax.' Ivy laughed. That was easier said than done, she thought. She took a deep breath in and sighed, hoping it would relax her. 'That's easier said than done, isn't it?' Robin said as if she had read Ivy's mind.

'Wait here. I'll get you something.' When she came back a little pink pill was laying in the palm of her hand. 'Here, take this,' she said. Ivy shook her head hesitantly.

'Let's start,' she said, 'I'll loosen up eventually.' ' All the models are using it,' Robin said. 'You know. It's just like the matrix. To take this pill would mean you have an adventurous spirit, you're young and got a shot a fame an celebrity. To not take it would mean you're old and boring and chicken.' Robin winked. Ivy took the pill from Robins hand and washed it away with a sip of water.

'Well done sweety,' Robin said patronizing. She brushed a lock of hair away from Ivy's face. 'Let's get started.' 'What was in that pill anyway?' Ivy asked.

'Just a little muscle relaxer, don't worry about it.' Robin told her to strike a pose, and then another pose. Robin seemed very professional, she guided Ivy through it, she told her what to do, how to stand, how to look. Lights were flashing all around her.

After a while Ivy felt light headed. A wave of dizziness. She grabbed the chair. 'I don't feel so good,' she told Robin. 'Don't worry about it, love. It's probably the heat of the lights. Let's do a few sitting ones.' Robin told her how to pose sitting down. But the dizziness didn't disappear, it seemed to be getting worse. She had trouble focusing now. Robin and the camera were just a blur, the flashing lights made her disoriented.

'Now, let the shoe dangle from your toe and show a little of your beautiful foot and pantyhose.' Robins voice seemed to echo all around her, as if she was underwater. She obeyed the commands. Dangle shoe. Lean forward. Knees apart.

Because she was feeling so drowsy and dizzy, she didn't think, she just did what Robin asked of her. Most of it she didn't even register. Rare story family incest game show creampie subtitled was as if she was going to faint or something, as if her consciousness was retracting ever so slowly. She shook her head, trying to get a grip of her self. She grabbed her head, her arm felt heavy and languid.

It didn't react the way she wanted it to at all. It just wailed through the air. 'I still don't feel good,' she said. 'I think I need a little break.' Her voice sounded weak, her words started to slur a little. 'Of course not silly girl,' Robin said, 'your doing fine.

Now let's unbutton that top of yours.' Robin walked over and unbuttoned not only the top button, but she opened up her entire shirt. She pushed the silky blouse out of the way until Ivy sat there in just her bra.

'What's going on?' she asked. The room spinning and dancing around her.

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She tried to compose herself, she tried to understand the situation. Why was she semi-undressed all of a sudden?

She tried to close her blouse, but her fingers just weren't up for that simple task. 'No, no, no.' Robin said. She walked over and gave her a little slap on her fingers as if she was a little girl that needed to get disciplined.

Ivy tried to struggle. She wanted to cover herself up. But Robin was way stronger than her. How was that possible? In the gym she could easily lift jennifer white wants to do it hard kilograms and now she couldn't even push away the arm of a skinny twenty-something.

'What'sss goinnn onnn,' her tongue feeling thick and unresponsive. 'Ssshh,' Robin said. She lovingly stroked Ivy's face. 'You're starting to feel the effects of that little pill, funny how something so small can turn out to be so strong, isn't it?' Ivy just shook her head.

'No?' Robin asked. 'Well anyway, we're going to take some nice pictures of you. And you're going to obey me every word. Now show me your nice titties.' 'No,' Ivy said. It looked like the dizziness had plateaued. She could barely control her limbs and her mind was all fuzzy and fogged up, but it wasn't getting worse. She was sleepy though, she just wanted a little break, she wanted Robin to leave her alone for a moment.

Robin was pulling on her bra now. Pushing the cups down until her breasts fell out. Big areola's, and fiercely prodding nipples. Robin gave her nipples a little squeeze.

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Ivy moaned involuntarily. 'See. I thought you would like it.' Robin said. Her hands were now wandering down, feeling up her skirt, her fingertips grazing the shiny pantyhose. She fondled her in between her legs. Ivy was getting horny. A tingling feeling slowly intensified. She yawned. She really couldn't grasp what was going on anymore. She was vaguely aware that she was a model in a photo shoot, that she needed to be professional.

She couldn't feel aroused and drowsy and still act all professional. Her breathing irregular. 'I need a little nap,' she heard herself say. Yeah, just a little power-nap, after that she could focus again. 'That's right sweety.

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You do need a little nap, and I'm going to help you,' a vaguely familiar voice sounded. She heard some rumbling, some clinking of glass. Then a strange powerful smell reached her nostrils. She turned her head away. 'Ssshh.' Someone grabbed her head and pushed her face forward into the smell.

Until she felt a wet cloth being pressed against her nose and mouth. 'Ssshh, you need a little nap, that's right, that's a good girl. Just listen to Robin. Robin is going to take care of you, while you're in dreamland. Robin is going to take some beautiful pictures, 'cause that's what you signed for, didn't you, yes, you did.

Take another deep breath, Hon.' Robin's voice was fading. Ivy was vaguely aware that she needed to be alarmed, but the fumes were taking a strong hold of her mind. Everything was blurred, all her consciousness just seeped away from her, she was helplessly breathing in more and more of the fumes.

Her head slumping to the side. Her eyes fluttering, then rolling up into her head. 'Good girl, there you go.'