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Pretty kitten spreads wet kitty and gets deflorated amateur and babe
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Chapter 3. In the Thick of My Birthday Semi-organized chaos would best describe the kitchen for the next 5 or 10 minutes. Excitement was everywhere and everyone was raving over the new game as Lissa quietly made her way around the room.

She listened carefully to the many different conversations from the different players. She also noted that Grinder seemed to have completely forgotten the intimate encounter from just a few minutes before. Lissa just smiled ever so slightly as she made her way back around to David. ** I was right in the middle of a conversation with Axe and Storm when Lissa reached up and pulled my head down to her level. Standing on her tip toes so that her mouth was right next to my ear she whispered, "I want you to fuck me," before pulling back and returning to the soles of her feet with this seductive little grin and a glimmer in her eye.

I might have been in a conversation with my friends, but the new found pussy I had wallowed around in earlier in the day beckoned me for more attention. As Lissa slowly retreated she gently grasp my hand, coaxing me to leave the room with her. "Hey guys", I said while turning back to face them. "Pit stop. Get ready for the next round, I will be right back." No sooner had I said it when Axe and Storm both turned to the rest of the crew and jumped right back in to the conversation, leaving me an avenue for a quick exit.

Lissa seemed to have a one track mind as we quickly walked up the hallway away from the kitchen. When we reached the door to the library she quickly stepped in and pulled me in with her. "I am so fucking horny," she stated as she unsnapped my jeans.

In less than a micro second my pants and underwear were around my ankles while Lissa stuffed the head of my cock up between her legs. I now understood why she did not wear any panties this evening. Before a cup of coffee that was dropped from the counter could have hit the floor I was inside her and she was fucking me like she owed several months' rent. "Oh God yes," I moaned as I grabbed both of her ass cheeks in my hands while I pushed her back against the bookcase just inside the entry door.

Immediately I began pistoning in and out of her, realizing that time was of the essence. "I like your friends," she whispered quietly as she turned her feet outward to keep her pussy wide open and easily accessible to me. Again she started humming quietly, only at a different pitch than earlier this evening. "Yea? ……Well I like you," I responded as I began hammering my cock up into her as hard as I could.

I can only describe my desire for her at this moment as search and destroy. I had to get off. I needed to get off. And inside Lissa was where it was going to happen. A little giggle resonated from her throat as this absolutely wicked grin graced her face. "Well I just love the feeling of your big hard cock shooting cum up inside me," she said as her pussy clamped around my cock only to begin squeezing me at the same pace as my pounding. "Come on birthday boy," she said as her fingers racked through the hair on the back of my head, "This is only number six.

You still have 12 more to go." I lost it. I am not sure what the trigger was, but I do know the end result. With two more hard thrusts I slammed my groin into Lissa hard enough to pick her feet up off the floor.

Her mouth opened up into a wide O as I froze in place while my cock unloaded inside her again. I thought it felt good before but holy shit!

My scale for measuring reality just reached into new territory. "That's it baby," Lissa said in a very reassuring tone, "Cum up inside me." She remained almost motionless while my cock surged over and over, depositing another big load of soldiers through the gates of her cervix. The whole encounter could not have been more than a minute before we were walking back up the hallway toward the still boisterous kitchen.

Just before we re-entered the room Lissa stopped me. "Thank you baby," she said before she stood up hot asian licking pussy with her roommate on her tip toes to offer me a kiss. As I leaned down the jeers from my crew started bouncing off the walls. "Isn't that cute," sounded a voice very reminiscent of Rock. "Get ya fucking her clients with alexis dean is something she doesnt hesitate to do pornstars hardcore tongue," sounded from Grinder just before she whistled out loud.

That was about all I could really make out as the kiss, meant to be something special, turned into just a simple peck amidst the kissing sounds and rouge comments from my crew. "Hey you guys," I said as Lissa and I stepped back into the kitchen while still holding hands, "It's my fucking birthday!" That was the wrong thing to say.

Everything, including the kitchen sink got thrown our way. It was not insults meant to harm, rather the admiration of my closest friends taking the opportunity to feed me as much shit as I could stand. Lissa just smiled as we all began the trek back to the den. As I tightened my grip around Lissa's waist I knew tonight was going to be one for the books.

"Ok," I said as I sat back down in my seat. "Here's how we'll do this." As I put my head set back on and picked up my game controller I started giving out instruction. "Flack,…You, Grinder, and Axe break left as soon as we are out of the APC and take up a flanking position out of the warehouse office. Lay down short bursts and hold till you see us get past the open area past the oil drums." Two 'Rogers' and a 'Hell yea' came from the first fire team as they finished gearing up.

"Blaster, take Storm and Wedge and head right up the middle." Kevin looked over at me with a raised eyebrow. "Got ya chief," He replied as he tightened the strap on his head set.

"Lissa, you're with me till Rock can get into his overlook position with the 50. Then we will reinforce Blasters' team and cause some real damage." "Got it'," Lissa replied as she repositioned herself in her seat with her bi curious amateur stealing will only get you fucked at the ready. "Time to bring down the rain," Rock stated as he adjusted his mouth piece before picking up his controller.

"Let's show these mother fuckers how it's done," was the last thing I said before I hit the start button to reset the game. The ensuing hell we brought to the enemy was quite incredible, indicative of a well-oiled fighting machine. Immediately Flack and his team waded through about 20 enemy combatants and blew the shit out of a few vehicles before taking the warehouse office in virtually no time at all. Lissa and I provided cover fire for Blasters team and for Rock till he got in his overlook position.

The results were immediate. With the surround sound system we could hear the 50 singing in the background as enemy fire gradually dwindled. It wasn't until Lissa and I joined up with Flack that the real shit hit the fan. "We've got heavy enemy fire coming in from the containers right in front of us!" Blaster shouted out as he ducked behind a Jersey barrier next to a pile of ammo crates.

"Rocket, educate them!" Two clicks on my controller and I sent a LAW rocket down range. The blast sent enemy body parts sailing through the air, bringing about immediate cheers from my whole team. "Rocket's on the job!" someone shouted over the head set as the pieces and carnage finally settled to the ground. For almost an hour we pounded the enemy forces, returning to base in between each round to re-arm. It wasn't until the fourth sortie that we had our first casualty.

While dashing for cover between buildings, Axe got caught up in the explosion of a vehicle. While the blast only knocked him down, enemy forces raked him with machine gun fire. "Awe FUCK!" he shouted as he stomped both of his feet on the floor before tossing his game controller onto the table. "Sucks for you bro," I said as I moved past his position to stay in the fight. Axe clambered to his feet and exited the room, muttering something about body armor and tactical gear in between curse words as he went.

Clearly he was amped up as he made his way to the hall that lead back to the kitchen. "Damn it!" I heard from Lissa as she too got knocked out of the fray. I barely notice her leave the room as I began to reposition the remaining elements of my fire team. With two men missing it was going to make the remainder of the sortie difficult. ** In the kitchen Axe was chowing down hard on some nachos, cheese dip and salsa when Lissa eased into the room.

He raised an eyebrow as his gaze went from her face down to the hem line of her skirt almost immediately. Noting the direction of his gaze Lissa made sure to keep in full view as she eased over to the fridge in her stocking clad feet. "You're pretty good," she said as she pulled the fridge door open only to stand and stare at the contents with no real intent in mind.

Her position offered Axe an excellent three quarter profile view of her muscular legs and jav collection complete visible ass voluptuous anus from just behind her as she moved her gaze up and down like she was really looking for something. "Yea," he said somewhat scoffing at her statement. "I've been doing this for a while. This is what…&hellip.your first time?" His tone was somewhat defensive but still showing the aggression necessary to excel at the simulated combat.

Lissa paused for a moment as the motions and tones of his voice registered. Looking down at the bottom shelf she spotted a can of Coke sitting next to a carton of eggs. Without bending her knees Lissa bent over, causing her dress to ride up the back of her thighs and give Axe a small glimpse of her pantiles ass and outer labia. "No, not really," she replied as she grasped the can and turned her head before she stood up straight.

Axe was looking directly at her exposed pussy until the black material of her dress re-veiled her feminine secret. Immediately Lissa began to hum. "You like taking chances, don't you," Axe stated as he watched the pretty blonde turn and start to walk toward him. His heart rate immediate began to skyrocket as the gentle humming from Lissa became more and more prevalent with each seremban tamil girls sex porn videos search watch and download seremban tamil girls sex free sex step toward him.

"Hmm," she hummed a little louder as her gaze quickly shifted down to the massive hard on he was now sporting. "I take them every now and then," she responded as she stepped right up next to him and set her coke down on the counter. Shifting her eyes so she was looking up at him from the side she asked," What about you? Do you like taking risks too?" When she said this she reached out with her right hand and grasped his stiff member.

Massage with doggy style fucking hardcore blowjob swallowed really hard before he answered her. "Not with my best friend's girlfriend." Although he had taken a stand he also did not move or attempt to break away from the soft grip Lissa had on his cock. Lissa paused for just a moment before she changed the pitch of her hum and looked him straight in the eyes.

"I'll bet," she said as she slowly turned toward him, "you would just love it if I were to suck your cock." The pitch of her voice was exactly the same as when she had been humming. Immediately she could feel his cock get even harder as her statement, along with her humming sent the boy over the edge.

"You're goddamn right I would," he quickly blurted out as he hastily unzipped his jeans and pulled his six and a half inches out for her.

In one quick move Lissa dropped to her knees while engulfing his length in her mouth. Tony let out a moan of enjoyment as Lissa saucy hot brunette gets fucked by a horny taxi driver her head up and down in rapid succession while humming at a new and varied pitch. Tony just stood like a zombie as the pleasure center of his brain was overloaded. For him it was 10 or 12 seconds before he was shooting a load down Lissa's throat.

"Oh fuck yea!" he quietly hissed out as he put both of his hands on the back of Lissa's head to hold her in place. Lissa did him one better. She grabbed two hands full of his ass and pulled him in tight against her, causing every last inch of his cock to enter her mouth while the head went deep down her throat. As his cum fountained down into her Lissa began humming very loudly.

Tony was almost in a coma from the extreme pleasure coursing through him and stood virtually motionless until his cock quit spasming. With the last spurt swallowed Lissa pulled her mouth from him and casually stood up. "Why do they call you Axe?" she asked the now shaking young man as she took a small step back from him only to continue humming.

"The very first time I fucked a girl I just got up and left as soon as I was done." he responded very plainly. "When I told the guys about it they said I had a real talent for just cutting things off neatly. So they nick-named me Axe." "So you just fucked her and then got up and walked away, leaving her lying there, I'm assuming, with a pussy full of cum?" Lissa's question could not have been more direct.

"Yea," he responded very plainly again, almost emotionless. Lissa eyed him up and down a few times as she contemplated his answer.

Seeing him standing there with his now deflating dick hanging in the breeze she hummed again before she spoke. "Thank you Tony," she said quietly as he automatically put his cock back into his pants before re-zipping them.

"Why don't you head back in there and see how they are doing?" Without another thing said Tony grabbed his bowl of nachos and headed back down the hall toward the den, completely unaware of the blowjob he had just received. Lissa just quietly watched him walk away while the gears spun at maximum speed in her head. Black man and white women romantic love sex had not made it more than ten steps before the whole crew came rolling out of the den for a pee and eats break.

Three down, five to go she thought to herself as the boisterous crew piled into the kitchen to a smiling Lissa. "Holy shit!" sounded Blaster as he walked past Lissa to the counter full of eats.

"It almost felt like I was really there!" he exclaimed loudly as he began stuffing his face with nachos before grabbing half of a sub sandwich.

"I know," echoed Storm. "When I spun around to see that zapper standing right in front of me I could see the stubble on his face before I stuck my knife in him!" Everyone was raving about the realism of the graphics and the ultra-fast speed of the program.

Jockeying back and forth for position you gonzo and slinky jennifer white gets fucked from behind by lex think that none of them had eaten for a month.

Lissa just quietly observed the animated amateur eurobabe pounded by nasty stranger guy at home until a hand came to rest on her ass. Lissa did not need to turn her head; she knew exactly who it was.

** "I want to fuck," I whispered into her ear as I stepped up right behind her so she could feel my boner press against her back. A little giggle sounded from her before she took a step forward and spun around quickly. With her back to all of my friends she mouthed the words, 'stay here', before she moved off to her right to circle around behind everyone. I watched intently as she moved past the fridge and past the far end of the counter.

Once she was in the open breezeway to the next hall she motioned for me with one finger before she quickly disappeared into the shadows. Everyone was still attacking the food and jabbering back and forth about the last round of combat as I followed in Lissa's steps.

I was not as subtle as she; I just walked around the group and headed down the hall for the library. My suspicion was correct as I closed the library door behind me, she was definitely in there and waiting for me.

Sitting on my father's desk to the left side of the room, Lissa was leaning back with her legs spread wide open. With her arms coming around the outside of her bent knees she had two fingers from each hand buried up to the second knuckle inside her and she was holding her pussy wide open, just like in my book!

She began singing in the most pleasing and seductive voice I had ever heard from her. The silky melodic tone caused my boner to become raging hard; and my desires to quickly take control of me. ""Happy birthday to you,…Happy birthday to you,&hellip.come fuck my tight pussy,&hellip.and come in me too!" The smile on her face and her emerald green eyes sang only one thing to me, PUSSY TIME!!

It took three steps for me to get from where I had stopped until I was balls deep with all of my eight inches inside her. Immediately she pulled her fingers out only to grip the edge of the desk in an attempt to hold herself in place. She let out an audible grunt when my pelvic bone smacked hard against the flat area around her wide open groin.

In one move I had a hold of her by the waist, pulling her toward me as my hips began hammering against her at a very rapid rate. "Oh yea baby!" she quietly grunted through clenched teeth, "Fuck your birthday pussy." She started gasping as she arched her back, thrusting her chest and erect nipples up into the air while her pussy accepted my attack.

"Oh God, I love your cock!" I don't know what got into me, because I was fucking Lissa so hard that each of my thrust would make my dad's heavy oak desk scoot just a little bit on the floor. Each thrust resulting in a slight squeak of wood against polished marble. But I will say this, Lissa felt magnificent! "Oh that's good, right there! Right there!

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Don't move!" I grunted as her angle and my position allowed me to thrust deep into her with no restrictions. The first thrust made her suck in her breath and bite her bottom lip at the corner of her mouth while a little whimper resonated from her with each thrust. "Oh God!" she gasped as one of her hands came up to paw at my chest. "You're so deep,…so deep!" she half gasped half whined with each thrust while I continued my ruthless assault in her femininity.

"Don't stop baby. Give it to me! Cum in your birthday pussy!" DING! With my next thrust I hammered hard into her and held my ground. My swollen cock began spraying her insides while every muscle in my body tensed up and locked in place.

I looked down to see Lissa with her mouth wide open while her right hand lay flat on the pit of her stomach. "Mmmm yea," she half hummed when her mouth finally closed, "lucky number seven." For the life of me I could not understand how it was that Lissa could take such a pounding between her legs and still stand up with a smile, but that is exactly what she did after giving me a very tender kiss. As I pulled my now well used cock from her Xxx-rated amateur creampie hardcore cream pie cunt fuck sexxyfreeca tube porn quickly closed her legs and hopped up from my dad's desk top.

Grasping my hand she looked up into my eyes with those gorgeous green eyes of hers. "Come on sweetie," she said as I took a step back so I could pull up my pants. "You have guests." Walking back up the hallway toward the kitchen we met Storm coming the other way.

"David," she said as she eyed Lissa up and three nasty blonde cougars gets their wet hunrgy pussies fucked by two horny dudes while approaching us. I think she could tell that I had just fucked her by the way she was scoping her from head to toe. "Do you have another bathroom I could use?

Eric is in the one by the kitchen and I really don't want to go in there after him." "Yea," I responded as I started to turn back up the hallway. "I'll show her," Lissa quickly stated with a big broad smile as she turned and started to escort her back toward the bedrooms.

I felt like a million bucks as I watched the two girls head up the hallway away from me. Lissa must have known I was watching because she quickly lifted the back of her dress to flash me her dynamite ass. She never turned back to see my reaction before the two rounded the corner. I am the luckiest guy in the world! ** "You really don't have to walk me all the way back here," Storm commented just as the two rounded the corner to step out of sight of everyone.

"I know where another bathroom is." Storm felt just a little bit uneasy with Lissa walking right next to her. She had been at David's house before so she knew where to find another bathroom.

But with a house full of guests she was just being polite. "It's ok," Lissa replied softly. The gentle padding of her feet on the marble floor was almost louder than her voice as she spoke. "Besides, what kind of host would I be if I did not extend every hospitality to a guest?" Storm thought for a moment as her trepidation around the pretty blonde girl began to wane. She was wary of her in that she had never met her before, or even heard mention of her before this evening.

And now she was David's girlfriend? She looked over at Lissa who returned the gaze with a smile. "How long have you known David? I have never heard him mention you before." "Really," responded Lissa as she began quietly humming. "Well that really does not surprise me. I have known David all of my life. But it was not until recently that we actually met face to face. You see my dad and his dad work together. So I have heard about David ever since I was born." Storm listened very intently as Lissa spoke.

"Besides," Lissa added as she stopped right in front of her bedroom door, "I'm nothing special anyway." The look of astonishment on Storm's face said it all. The dark haired, half Latina girl's mouth dropped open as she scoped Lissa from head to toe.

"You have got to be kidding!" she responded with just as much surprise in her voice. "You're fucking gorgeous!" Lissa smiled at the compliment as she looked upon her new found companion. "Thank you," Storm seemed to be frozen in place as the two stood motionless in the hallway and just stared at one another.

It was only when Lissa winked at her that Maria made the first move. Taking one step forward she embraced Lissa and kissed her squarely on the mouth, pressing her lips firmly against Lissa's before opening her mouth to participate in a tongue dance. In a flash hands from both girls were feeling, touching and caressing as the intensity of the kiss only deepened. It only took a little bit of pressure before Lissa had her backing up through her bedroom door and on their way to her bed.

"Oh yes!" Maria finally managed to say as her hand came up between Lissa's legs. It was when her fingers sunk into the pretty blonde that she pulled her face back to look Lissa straight in the eyes.

"I have always wanted to fuck a girl." Lissa didn't say a word. With the most natural of moves she hooked the two spaghetti straps at her shoulders and lifted her small black dress up and over her head, leaving her naked except for the black stockings which hung on to her upper thighs by the lacy black garters.

Immediately Maria renewed her digging in Lissa's pussy as she brought her head down to envelope a hardened nipple in her mouth, eliciting a gentle hum from Lissa. When Maria's legs bumped against the foot of the bed she hooked her left arm around Lissa's waist. Stepping to the side she guided Lissa around till she flopped down flat on the bed on her back. Storm never pulled her fingers out of the young woman. As soon as Lissa came to a rest she spread her legs wide in an open invitation.

That was all the coaxing Maria needed. In a flash her head was between Lissa's legs and she was doing her own version of a tongue dance on Lissa's clit while her fingers churned her girl juice into a nice frothy cream. "God you taste good!" Maria exclaimed as she licked and sucked at Lissa's sex.

"What about me?" Lissa queried as she raised her crotch up so the young girl had no obstructions to deal with. "Don't I get a taste too?" Maria raised her head and masturbating and calling hail satan up into Lissa's eyes with a devilish grin. "Just a second," she said before she hopped off the bed and ran into the bathroom. Lissa sat up and moved herself to the middle of the large queen sized bed as she listened to the sounds of the young girl first using the toiled, followed by it flushing.

Quickly getting to her knees, she turned and faced the bathroom door. When the door did open Maria emerged naked from the waist down. "Hurry up;" Lissa said as she patted the bed right in front of her, "We don't have a lot of time." Complying with the pretty blonde Maria jumped onto the bed, landing on both knees.

As soon as she stopped bouncing the two girls again embraced in a very tender kiss. Lissa could hear Marias breath fluttering as the two girls parted. "Just relax," Lissa stated as she coaxed Maria to get on her back and spread her legs apart.

Taking a position in between her knees Lissa looked down at Maria and smiled very pleasantly. Her furry pussy was partially dilated, revealing her slick wet love canal. "You're gonna love this." Never in her life had Storm felt anything even remotely like what Lissa was doing to her.

Immediately Lissa began a full out assault on Marias clit with her tongue while she drove two fingers deep into her. "Oh my God!" Maria exclaimed as Lissa's two fingers began playing the G-spot symphony inside her. Almost instantly Maria began bucking up and down as the most incredible orgasm she had ever had in her life slammed into her like a tank falling from an airplane with no parachute.

Stars and lights burst in front of her eyes as Lissa took her to new heights of pleasure. "My goodness," Lissa stated as she abruptly pulled her mouth up from the girls wide spread crotch. "Aren't we wet?!" She wasn't kidding; Storms pussy was flowing freely as one orgasm lead to another. Before Storm had the chance to respond, Lissa covered her pussy with her mouth and began licking up and swallowing the sweet nectar flowing from inside her.

Storm was completely inaudible at this point, unable to respond verbally to the extreme pleasure she was experiencing from her best friends lover. Even when Lissa added a third and fourth finger to the sloppy mess between the young girls' legs, she still did not respond in any intelligible manner.

Lifting her head so she could see the reactions of her new found paly thing, Lissa carefully tucked her thumb in close before pushing her whole hand up inside the orgasming girl. Immediately Marias' mouth opened wide but not a sound came out. With the first twist of her arm Maria bit her bottom lip and clenched her eyes shut tightly. The look of complete pleasure wrenched and distorted her face as Lissa began the first of many short braxton bond fucking and sucking hard dick woods story while she twisted her arm back and forth.

Maria froze in place, her mouth wide open as Lissa pumped her fist in and out of her bush covered pussy in rapid succession. "Ah fuck, I'm cumming on you," she suddenly blurted out as both of her hands reached in between her legs only to grip Lissa's forearm with a death grip in an effort to hold her still. "OH GOD YES!!" she whined as her body suddenly jerked in a powerful orgasmic spasm.

Lissa sat still and watched as the gasping girl shook uncontrollably while five or six orgasms slammed into her in rapid succession. Immediately Lissa opened her hand inside the girl before she quickly closed it and gave her arm a good twist to the right and then left.

Slamming her legs together, Maria sat up suddenly. The change in position only forced Lissa's arm deeper into her boiling hot pussy, causing her to suck in her breath and clutch her knees to her chest.

Lissa just began humming quietly as Storm rode out the tidal wave of pleasure her host had just given her. After what seemed like an eternity Lissa slowly withdrew her cum soaked hand, leaving Maria gasping and now vacant. "Let me guess," Lissa stated as she sat back on her heels and began licking all of the girl cream off her hand and forearm.

"They call you storm because they found out you cum a lot during sex." Taking two more gasps of air before she responded, Maria looked at the pretty blonde while she clutched her legs together tightly.

"You could say that," she responded just before another powerful residual orgasm hit her, causing her body to jerk uncontrollably and a large flow of her girl juice to squirt out on the bed in front of her ass. Lissa looked anal tulip whore porn theater gang bang and observed the orgasmic aftermath. "That is completely cool," she responded with her soft silky voice before she leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Come on," she said as she scooted off the bed and stood up. "They'll be looking for us if we don't hurry up." Maria was still shaking from her last orgasm as Lissa helped her to her feet and back into the bathroom.

The ordeal had been very draining for Storm, not only sexually, but she had just fulfilled a dream from her very first days of puberty. As she pulled her panties and pants back on she rethought the encounter with Lissa.

For her, it had not only been beautiful, but a fantasy that had just become reality. When she opened the bathroom door Lissa was standing right there waiting for her. Fully aware of the vacant feeling between her legs Maria stepped right up to Lissa and looked her squarely in the eye. "Thank you." she said very sincerely with a pleasant smile on her face.

Lissa just gazed into her eyes and remained silent. The encounter had an effect on Lissa and she began contemplating it as she looked back into the satisfied face of her latest encounter.

Stepping to her right to allow the girl to enter the room, Lissa answered with a response that even she did not know she was capable of. "The pleasure was all mine." Lissa was beginning to understand the whole love and romance side of the human psyche`. An intimate encounter with a young woman had not only resulted in pleasurable feelings from Lissa's guest, but a sensation within herself as well.

She looked on the young woman in a new found light as the two headed back up the hallway toward the kitchen. From this time forward things would be different for Lissa. It would not be just the blind responses required from someone in her position; there would be feeling with it as well. Just before they reached the corner of the hallway that lead directly into the kitchen Maria tugged at Lissa's hand, stopping her just short of the corner but still out of sight of the ruckus coming from the kitchen.

"I swear I will never say a word to David," she suddenly blurted out as she pulled Lissa's hand up to her chest. Lissa stood completely still and looked back at the young girl while the gears turned at maximum speed in her head.

"I know you are David's girlfriend, and I don't want to mess that up," Maria continued as Lissa watched her expression change from one of complete content to that of a girl concerned about her position, "but he doesn't need to know about this, right?" Lissa could tell that she really was concerned about her friends' feelings, but she did not want to forget about the encounter either.

Her hand was trembling and her breath was short as she gazed into the emerald pools of Lissa's gaze. "As far as anyone knows you just helped me find the bathroom, right?" Lissa thought for just a moment before she came up with her answer. Gently pulling the girls hand to place it on her own chest between her breasts she looked Maria straight in the eye, "Like I said, the pleasure was all mine." Lissa then stepped forward and gently kissed Maria on the lips.

It was right then that they heard someone coming down the hallway. Resuming their walk they rounded the corner just a few steps in front of Blaster, who had been sent on a recon mission to find out what happened to the two girls. "There you are!" he exclaimed as he stopped abruptly in the hallway just a few steps from the girls. "We were beginning to wonder what happened to you." Lissa did not get the chance to respond before Storm jumped into his shit and set him back in place.

"Oh, so I have to pee and don't want my nose hairs burnt out of my head because Flack made it into the bathroom before me, and you guys start wondering where I'm at?" Her tone had just enough anger and contempt in it to send Blaster back onto his heels. "Hey," he said as he raised his hands up in a mocking defensive manner.

"I could sensational doggy position gratifying homemade and hardcore less what you two were doing. They just secretary does a lot to keep her job me to get you guys so we can start the next round." Lissa looked over at Storm and just smiled before she said, "Go get 'em." Storm chewed and bitched at Blaster while he back peddled all the way into the kitchen.

Lissa just watched in amazement as the only person, aside from David, who had a sexual encounter with her that evening, left her presence fully aware of their sexual encounters in a full on ass chewing session.

It was a very dangerous move for Lissa, one that went completely against her programming. Yet she violet starr in clean fuck by stepbro nothing would come of it as Storm backed the young man into the kitchen, chewing him up and down about the privacies afforded to girls when they have to use the rest room. This was going to raise a few red flags. ** As the disorganization in the kitchen began to take on some semblance of shape and continuity, indicating that the crew was getting ready to regroup for the next gaming session, Lissa abruptly stopped her conversation to look out into open space almost blankly.

"I have to go and answer the door," she said quickly before excusing herself from a conversation with Rock and Wedge. I watched as Lissa quietly backed out of her conversation only to head down the hallway toward the main entry door.

The only odd thing I noticed was that there was no phone call or anything before she brunette hottie craves for a big cock off. For some reason she had abruptly broken off a conversation to leave the room like she had a purpose. I had to know where she was going and quickly followed her.

Lissa seemed to be on a single destination train. She walked quickly through the house till she arrived at the front door. When she opened it I was actually surprised to see my dad stepping up from the last step with his suit jacket draped over his left arm and his briefcase hanging from his left hand. "Good evening Dr. Daniels," she said as she took his suit jacket and brief case from him.

"Good evening Lissa," my dad responded as he looked first at her, and then up at me as I took the last few steps up the hallway to join the two of them in the vestibule. "I hope you have been 'taking care' of the birthday boy," he said as he stepped into the house while Lissa closed the door behind him with a coy smile.

"Hey David," my dad said as he stepped toward me and opened his arms up for an embrace. "Happy birthday!" For the first time, in a number of years, I actually felt glad to see my dad. "Thanks pop," I said as I stepped forward and accepted the big embrace he had for me.

"So," my dad said as we entered the house and started walking toward the kitchen, "it looks like we have a house full." Lissa quickly jumped in before I could say a thing.

"I told David that it might be nice if he had his friends over for his birthday. I hope that was alright." "Not a problem," my dad responded as he raised his arm and draped it over my shoulders. "You know, for my eighteenth birthday I went on a camping trip with my closest friends." I never knew my dad had ever spent a moment of his life out in the 'real' world until this second. I had always figured that he was more of an indoor kind of guy rather than a man of the great outdoors.

"How did that go?" I asked as we entered the kitchen to the aftermath of a hungry crew. "I think we camped through the worst hurricane that had ever hit the east coast!" he said with a laugh.

"It rained so hard we only stayed one night before we abandoned the camp and headed back to the house. We didn't even try to pack up the tents or anything, we just left it all there." His story was amusing, and it did bring about a bit of a chuckle to me.

But I never would have imagined that my dad would have ever camped out. Considering how he always worked in his lab, and rarely ever ventured out into the real world, it just surprised me to hear that camping out would have even scoped on his radar.

The whole time we spoke Lissa remained silent and just tagged along about a one step behind us. I didn't know if she was just being polite by letting me talk to my dad, of if she was staying quiet so my dad would not know that I had already fucked her seven different times.

While it was great seeing my dad on my birthday, I really wanted everyone to leave so I could spend more time in Lissa. Upon entering the kitchen my whole crew suddenly got quiet. It was an odd thing for them to see my dad, let alone on good terms. The last time intense threesome session with a stunning hooker all had an encounter with him he was rather upset at the amount charged to his credit card.

So with them showing a little bit of trepidation, it was easy to see that my crew did not know what ground they were standing on. "Good evening gang," my dad said cheerfully with a pleasant smile. "I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves." "Good evening," numerous voices sounded off somewhat quietly. Once we stopped my dad turned to Lissa.

"I trust everything arrived on time." "Yes sir," Lissa responded with a smile. "Would you like to see? It's all set up in the den." "No, that's alright," my dad responded as he picked up half a sub sandwich. "I don't want to interfere." 'We're getting ready to start the next round," I said as I put my arm around Lissa.

curious beauty receives anal slammed hardcore russian give it a try? We'll be easy on you." My dad almost chocked on his mouth full of sandwich before he was able to reply. "Are you kidding?! I don't want to make a mess for you guys. Go ahead. This one is on me." As he said this he raised his hand to the whole crew. "Cool' and 'Alright" were the only responses I was able to make out as my crew headed back toward the den.

Blaster even got a high five from my dad as he passed him while on his way to the land of destruction. I knew tonight was going to be epic, especially after I hammered Lissa for the first time.

I only wish I had a video of the whole thing to remember for the rest of my life. "Dude, I didn't know your old man was going to be here!" exclaimed Rock as I entered the den behind the rest of them. "Yea," sounded Wedge as she put her head gear on and repositioned herself in her seat. "But it was cool of him to set this up for us." "Yea," I said as I geared up with the rest of them.

"We're cool." Nods of approval came from all around as I hit the resume button. It was kinda cool seeing my dad on my birthday, and it was also nice to see that he was not holding a grudge against us. What this might lead to in my future was yet to be unveiled. As the game restarted I focused on the screen.

Now I was going to show these motherfuckers what a real organized team could do. The End CH3