Dady phon call mom and son fuck xx

Dady phon call mom and son fuck xx
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Tiffany is a great girl, educated, beautiful, married to a decent guy, has a mom and son gd story family and a decent job. On the outside her life is that of a normal middle class woman, on the inside she was miserable. Depressed, not in love with her husband, hated her job, struggling financially and feeling not so beautiful as everyone tells her she is because she is a large woman, a BBW. She belongs to a couple of adult chat sites and has friends that she talks to when she is on in chat rooms.

She loves them all and most times feels better about herself when she gets off the computer, sometimes she feels more miserable in her life. Tiffany has a friend that lives in town who has been good to her, he's been a great friend to her since they met, he's very sweet and they've shared several lunches and he's gotten to feel what it's like to have her lips wrapped around his hard member, told her that her eyes were 'breathtaking', but he's in a relationship and his girlfriend won't allow him to talk to Tiffany so the talk when ever they have a stolen moment alone.

She also has another friend who she met several years ago and boy the sparks ignited a flame in her for him. They hadn't talked after that weekend, even though nothing happened between them, for a few years, but they have been writing back and forth for a couple of years now and have had some pretty hot and heavy conversations.

Her sexual release has been writing erotic stories for him, the occasional cyber chat and masturbation with her toys when she's alone. She hasn't had sex wither husband in over a year. She had become so self conscious of her body and so depressed she couldn't stand for anyone to see her naked.

She used to dress sexy, sleep naked and shower with her husband. Now all she wears is baggy shorts or men's sweat pants, big baggy t-shirts or tank tops, she never sleeps in less than shorts and a tank top.

Seldom does she do anything with her hair other than pull it up in a pony tail nor does she wear make-up. She hasn't felt sexy in months and feels so lonely. Tiffany redhead teen blindfolded and banged hard by black boner to take a business trip, one that would have her crossing paths with the man she had been writing her stories for.

She was so nervous about seeing him, it had been six years since they'd seen each other-although she'd sent him some naughty pictures she had taken of herself, but not too naughty.

She pulled into the restaurant parking lot looking for his truck-spotting it she parked next to it, taking a deep breath as she turned off her engine. There was a knock on her window. She turned and smiled at him, still nervous she could not meet his eyes. She unlocked her door put her keys in her small purse as he opened her door.

She reached for his hand to help her out of her car, her nerves making her hands shake. She was dressed in a skirt and jacket with a white blousy tank top under it and 3 inch heels, as she had just come from a business meeting, her hair swept up with curls framing her face. As she slides out of her car her hand still in his, he says "Hello beautiful." She smiles, her eyes hiding behind her sun glasses as she looks down at the ground-so self conscious of herself, her body.

She hasn't looked at him yet.

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He tilts her face up and again says "Hello beautiful." Her breath caught n her throat at the sight of him, he takes her sun glasses off, "Hi stranger." She can barely speak. Bringing her hand to his lips he kisses the back of it, then with the slightest of movements his hand around her finger tips turning up palm up his other hand around her wrist as he kisses the palm of her hand.

She feels as though she's been punched as all the air breathes back into her and her body ignites with desire as she watches his lips caress her hand, feeling them against her skin.

Her knees get weak and she leans back against her car, closing her eyes trying to breathe normal and clear the thoughts out of her head. 'There's no way he could want me that way. He is so gorgeous he could have his pick of the women.

Tiff stop it you're just here to meet for dinner with an old friend. Don't act stupid you'' scare him away.' "Are you hungry?" he asks "Yes" she replies "I haven't eaten all day." "Well then shall we?" He tucks her hand in the crook of his arm, feeling his muscles beneath her finger tips, once again taking her breath away.

She coughs just a bit to clear her throat, he looks at her and smiles. Reaching the seductive babe kayla kayden fucks a giant dick he pulls it open for her and follows in behind her.

She is so warm as they are standing in the waiting room she decides to take off her jacket, the tank top she had on stretching tight across her breasts as she did this. Catching the eye of several men and she did this, completely oblivious to her affects on these men-her friend included. This particular tank top showed off her cleavage nicely.

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The hostess asked if they would like a drink while they waited to be seated. He ordered a beer and she a glass of Zinfandel.

Soon they were seated and their young mum facked sex anal a continuation here arrived. They chatted a bit as they looked over the menu, ordered and waited for their food to arrive. He was so intent on her that she was beginning to get a little uncomfortable. She leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms over her chest but when she did this it more framed her breasts, pushing them closer and lifting them higher.

As their conversation went on he kept moving in his chair. Tiff excused herself to the restroom, while she was there she realized to herself that she looked a mess and thought he was in a hurry to eat and get away from her as fast as possible. Upset with her assumed realization she returned to their table after refreshing herself.

Their food had arrived and he had refreshed their drinks. So self conscious now, she barely picked at her food as she quickly downed her second drink. Her empty stomach allowing the wine to make her very tipsy, very quickly. She wouldn't look at him as they talked, she ordered another drink. Drinking it quickly she excused herself again, stumbling in her heels as she passed him.

He was out of his chair catching her and holding her tight against him. Burying her face in his chest, breathing in his scent as she tried to steady herself "Oh God" she moaned against him "Are you okay?" he asks "I need to go to my hotel room." she says "Come on, I'll take you." He pays the bill and helps her out to his truck. "What are you doing?" she asks, "You're not safe to drive" he tells her, "Remember I used to be an MP." She agrees and climbs into his truck.

He reaches across to buckle her in, his chest brushing against her sensitive breasts as he kisses her on the cheek and she moans. She puts her head back and closes her eyes as he locks her car up and climbs into the driver seat, thinking to herself 'He must think I'm ridiculous.' He starts the truck and drives to their destination, shutting off the engine he realizes she is fast asleep.

He carries her inside and lays her down on the bed carefully removing her shoes, holding her ever so gently as he removes each article of her clothing, down to her bra and panties. He unsnaps her bra and her breast so full and soft look so sweet and tempting, to taste.

Her nipples hardening at the cool air of the room. He sits on the edge of the bed with both hands on either side of her hips, he reaches down and captures one nipple into his mouth, she moans and arches her back.

Wanting her sober and wide awake for what he knows will happen next he quickly sheds his clothes and climbs into the bed next to her pulling her to him as he puts her jahangir khan ka sex pathan his chest and wraps his arms around her, she curls into him and he pulls her even tighter against him. He reaches up and pulls the clip from her hair letting it cascade onto the pillows next to him. He closes his eyes and pulls her close.

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It is about 3 a.m. when she wakes, he feels her stir against him and smiles. His arms wrapped tightly around her. She opens her eyes and looks around, realizing that she's not in her hotel room, she tries to sit up and feels his arms, suddenly she realizes she's naked except for her panties.

"Oh my God Tiff what have you done?" he hears her whisper to herself, "Nothing." He whispered into her ear. She screamed and jumped back her fists hitting his chest, he grabs her wrists and pulls her so she is lying on top of his body, her face equal to his so he can easily press his lips to hers. He puts her hands up behind her head holding them there, using them to pull her mouth to his. Their lips meet tentatively at first, slowly deepening.

He gently bites her lower lip urging her to be more playful her tongue darts out and licks his bottom lip. He kisses her so deep and passionate their tongues meet and all of her resolve seems to melt away. She puts her knees on either side of his hips and he releases her wrists running his hands down her back to her ass pulling her hard against him.

She pulls her mouth away from his putting her hands on his chest she pushes herself off him and to the side and covers herself to the neck with the long haired dude fucking his curvy gf on webcam. "I'm sorry, I can't do this.

You deserve so much better." "Tiff, I've wanted to do this since I first laid eyes on you all those years ago." "You couldn't possibly want me like this." She looks down at her body. "I've never wanted anyone more, you are the most beautiful sexy woman I have ever known." He sits up and takes her in his arms pulling her to lean back against him softly kissing her shoulder and neck.

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"Please" she cried, "Tiff last night at dinner I was trying to come up with a way to convince you to come here with me. I wanted to make love to you over and over all night long." "But you were so uncomfortable last night you looked like you just wanted to leave." "I wanted nothing more than to leave with you, come here latina teen girl interracial porn big black make love with you.

I got so hard just watching you I had to keep adjusting myself. Tiff the only reason I didn't strip you completely last night is because I wanted you sober the first time we made love, seeing you completely naked, I would not have been able to control myself.

" She turned to look back at him. She had never wanted a man more than she wanted him right now. She put her arm around his neck and pulled him to her for a kiss she kissed him with everything that she had. He reached his hand up and caressed her full breast her nipple hardening at the touch of him, moaning she arches her back and presses her breast into his hand he lays her flat on the bed and lies next to her uncovering her inches at a time kissing her, licking her, caressing her, loving her body slowly with every little bit that he uncovers, not wanting to miss any part of her beautiful body.

Her breasts are so big and soft that his hands barely cover them, licking her nipples, gently pulling them with his teeth.

She cries out in ecstasy. Her hands rubbing his shaved bald head and pulling it tighter against her breasts, her thighs part beneath the blanket and he straddles her leg rubbing his thigh against her through the blankets. He moves the blanket lower and begins to kiss and caress her tummy, squeezing it gently as he loves each part of her. Her breasts so soft as she squeezes and caresses them where his hands used to be.

She pulls one gently to her lips and softly sucks the nipple into her mouth. His body is on fire for her and he wants so badly to enter her but is going slow as to show her how much he wants her.

He pulls the blankets further down her body to bare her hips, gently biting each one as he works his way back and forth across her body, stopping to kiss the scar that runs from her belly button to her pelvic bone, the remnants of child birth. Her hands grab handfuls of the bed sheets as he kisses lower still, just barely grazing the top of her womanhood.

He pulls the blanket to bare the tops of her thighs and the v of blonde hair that masks her femininity. He kisses the inside of her thighs and she begs him to taste her.

He can smell her arousal as he gently parts her thighs more to open her body to his gaze. His tongue teases the area just above her clit and she cries out for him. Gently his hands part her lower lips as his tongue runs the length of her labia and slowly circles her clit, gently sucking it into his mouth.

Mom and son of son friends screams as she feels every nerve in her body explode and cover his face with her juices.

"I can't take it anymore I want you now, please." She almost begs him.

He pulls the covers off her legs and raises up on his knees as he grabs her thighs and pulls her toward him his cock ready to explode inside her he knows he must take it slow. He reaches down and presses the head to her wet hole and watches her face as he enters her, slowly inch by inch he slides his 9 inches of hardness inside her.

She has to adjust to his size inside her and she pulls him to her and kisses him, their tongues dancing and playing one nasty hot brunette slut with sexy body he starts to move inside her. She wraps her legs around his hips and opens herself to him even more.

Her hands on his back pulling her against him as she bites his neck and begs him not to stop. He slides his arms under her body lifting her with him as he lies down on his back allowing her the freedom to take control, she places her hands on his chest enjoying the feel of the hair against her hands she begins to ride him slowly, up and down her muscles caress him as she watches his face. Leaning down to kiss him his hands on her cheeks she feels his hips rise off the bed as he begins to pound into her with such a hurried intensity.

Her hair falling around them like a curtain his touch so soft and loving, he has waited so long to feel her in his arms like this and she is such a better lover than he had ever fantasized about he can not hold back any longer.

"Tiff I can't stop, I can't hold back anymore. I want to bury myself deep inside of you." "Oh God" she moaned and he knew she was close. He reached between their bodies and found her clit a hard little nub as he began to rub it she screamed, he pounded into her only a few more times and exploded as her juices flowed over him. She collapsed on his chest with him still inside her, his hands running through her hair as they both began to breathe normally.

She pulled her leg over him as he slid out of her soft but still harder than completely limp. He wrapped his arms around her and she again curled into his arms and closed her eyes trying to make sense of drooling shy teen receives hardcore face fucking. His hands running through her hair relaxed her even more than the glorious sex they had just had she felt herself drifting off to sleep with his name on her lips, him whispering in her ear "Tiff I don't want you to ever leave my arms.

I love you!"