Sensual teenie is gaping spread slit in close up and climaxing

Sensual teenie is gaping spread slit in close up and climaxing
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It all started last Saturday. Small breasts blonde nailed by pawn man at the pawnshop had just come back from work, and I knew I was going to have the next day off, so I decided to relax.

I came home, fixed myself a quick meal, watched some of the game on the T.V, and sat there on my sofa. I felt very lonely, having just come out of a relationship with the woman I thought to be the love of my life. I say there wondering about how it all when wrong, and I ended up thinking to myself, "You know what, it wasn't my fault.

I did everything right, and she still chose that fugly looking guy over me." I mean, seriously, have you seen me?

I'm a hunk! I've got everything! I've got the chiseled abs, the firm ass, the smooth completion, short brown hair, everything! I even kept my arm and leg hair short just to please her! Still, she chose the other guy, so I let my limbs get nice and hairy again. After the game ended, I turned off the T.V and sat back wondering to myself just how long have I not done anything sexual.

It wasn't the proudest decision I've ever made, but I felt both lonely, and horny, so I rolled down my pants, laid down on the sofa, and jerked off right then and there. Again, not my proudest moment. It was a little after that when I heard a loud buzzing sound.

I put everything back where it belonged, and I stepped onto my balcony to look for the source. There, I saw this weird distortion of blue transparent ripples in what I guess was the air itself, or even space. The right decision was to walk away, and call a scientist, but I was so mesmerized by the incredible sight, that I stepped closer to it, and extended my hands to touch it.

Next thing I know, I'm spinning around violently in some massive blue vortex, moving closer and closer to the white light at the end. When the spinning stopped, and my eyes could open again, I was still standing on my balcony. I figured that it was just a hallucination, so I went to walk back into the house.

Before I could open the sliding door, I heard the front door close, which was very unusual since only I had the keys to the place. Well it turns out that was true. I waited to see who just came into my house, and frankly, I was expecting to see my ex, but instead I see the last person I expected to see. Me. Not some guy that looks like me, I mean, he was wearing the same thing as me, walked like me, looked like me, everything. I watched him in secret as he went through the same actions I just did exactly, and I mean exactly.

He ate the same thing, watch the game, and when I saw him lay down, I knew what to expect. My other me rolled his pants back, laid down, and whipped out his sizable cock right then and there, and began to jerk off furiously. I watch in amazement the whole time, and thought to myself, "Is sister forced brother txxx her an friends how large I am? That whore ditched me? Look how sexy I am!" Then it dawned on me how weird it was to be watching another me masturbate, but I couldn't look away.

It was so. Sexy. The loud buzzing sound should have gone off, but it never did. Instead, other me kept jerking it, until a single stream of cum shot out, and landed on the floor. Before I could remark how increasingly weird that seemed to me, the familiar buzzing sound was back. I saw the other me, put his junk back, and walk towards the balcony to investigate. I turned around, and saw the same transparent blue portal.

Seeing no option, I jumped in, and went through the same swirling vortex again, and emerged out in the same place, only now it was clearly a few hours later. Worried I'd run into myself, I carefully, and slowly made my way back in the house. I roamed around, and saw that it was completely deserted, so I assumed that it was my place, and everything was back to normal.

I checked to see if the cum stain from my other me was still there, but it wasn't there. Home sweet home. I figured it must've been a very potent hallucination, and laid down on my bed, remembering how the other me looked while he was beating his meat, and for some reason, I felt very turned on by that.

The way his body looked, they way my body looked, especially my own hardened cock. I never appreciated it until then. Feeling unreasonably turned out, I went to the sofa to reenact what I saw the other me do earlier. I rolled down my pants, laid down, and pumped my own throbbing cock. The whole time I was thinking about how sexy the other me looked, and how much I would've liked to at least meet him, and watch him do it again. Shortly after I reached my climax, I noticed a shadowy figure out on the balcony, and so I quickly rolled my pants back up, armed myself with a bat, and went out to confront this unwanted spectator.

To my surprise, it was another me I found there. "Woah, woah, woah!! I'm sorry, I didn't want to be spying on you, but-" the other me began. I looked in awe at him, and lowered the bat. "What the? Did you come from the portal?" I asked, seeing if he knew about it.

"Yeah, I did, right after I caught myself-" he paused to give me an embarrassed look. "Watching the game." We said in unison.

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Something about hearing my own voice like that turned me on, despite how odd I found it. "So you saw how I- you know?" I started. "Yeah. I did. It was weird though." He said.

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"What, seeing yourself jerk off?" I asked trying to be funny. He did laugh a little. "Yeah, it was a little weird, especially when I saw you cum on the floor, just like how I did earlier." I stared blankly at him for a moment, and suddenly it hit me.

This was the me I saw earlier. "Did you find it. Oddly attractive?" I asked reluctantly. He nodded. "A little bit." We gave each other curious looks. "Well, would you like to come inside?" I asked. Once inside, we sat down on the sofa, and looked at each other. "I can't believe that there's two of me." we said in unison.

We both smiled.

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"Well, it could be.interesting to say the least." He said. I raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" "I mean we could. you know. mess around." He said with a smirk. I scooted towards him, gazing into my own eyes, and feeling his breath gently against my face.

"Well, I guess we both have needs." I said, eager to hurry up and kiss myself already. We then leaned towards each other, until I felt my own lips press against mine. It felt like a bolt of pure ecstasy coursed through my body with just that first contact, so needless to say, I wanted more of that.

We embraced each other, and kissed again, and again, with each kiss growing less and less soft and shy.

Some part of me was telling me this was odd, but I ignored it, and continued to kiss the other me. It just felt right. It felt too good to be brunette cutie enjoys getting her asshole penetrated. I was kissing myself! We didn't just kiss either, we went further than that! As we kissed, and our tongues slid against each other, our arms explored each other's bodies, sending electric tingles down my spine as the other me firmly grabbed my ass when I grabbed his.

I never knew how great it felt until then. God I was so turned on by that. It didn't take long before we stripped down, and admired our identical naked bodies standing besides each other.

We then resumed our hot make out session, taking turns sucking on each other's tongue, and pressing our equally firm bodies together. I cant say it didn't feel weird at first, but when I began to feel his cock harden as quickly and as stiffly as mine, I was hooked. Something about the sheer erotic thrill of doing it with myself just kept me going, so when I found my hand moving from caressing my double's firm ass, to gripping his cock, just as I felt his hand grip mine, I didn't pull away.

I stroked him slowly, and he did the same. We exchanged smiles before we kissed deeply, and pressed our tongues against the inner linings of our cheeks as we began to furiously jerk one another off. We laid back down on the sofa and began to dry hump after that, and I was introduced to the most erotic sensation ever; My own hard cock pressed up against an exact copy of itself, which caused me and other me to moan loudly as we got closer, and closer to our climax. Once it was clear I was going to pop, quickly pressed my tip firmly against his, and my duplicate did the same.

Moments after the twitching began, we cried out loudly in delight as the slimy fluid oozed from the tips of our compressed dickheads. At that point, I kinda figured that any boundaries between us were effectively gone, so any holding back I was doing fizzled out afterwards. We took a moment to catch our breath, but didn't let go of each other. We wanted more of each other, so we continued to make out while we rolled over each other, getting our crotches covered in our cum, but we didn't mind.

We were far too busy enjoying our writhing bodies on the sofa, exploring the deepest crevasses of our mouths, and intertwining our hairy legs. Call me weird, but despite what I have done with my other me, my favorite part was when I felt my hairy legs brush against an equally hairy set, and the electric sensation I felt when my feet rubbed hard against an identically rough cold pair, making a swishing sound as I grazed my foot up and down his.

I knew he enjoyed young asian plays with herself in an empty pool as much as I did when I felt him smile while we made out voraciously, and he ran his foot up and down mine in response. Our slimy cocks sliding against each other did come at a close second, as I can't deny how electrifyingly amazing it felt as we used our hands to swirl the silky dickheads around each other. After I ended up on top, I felt so horny that I couldn't control myself.

I broke from the kiss, and began to kiss the other me around the neck, and made my way down my own toned body, avoiding the crotch, and continuing down his hairy legs. When I reached the end, I gripped his ankles, and let my tongue go crazy on his feet. After sucking on his heels, I make sure my tongue got every inch of both slightly salty feet, not missing in between each set of toes. The whole time the other me kept moaning, encouraging me to continue to indulge in my repressed foot fetish.

When I finished, the other me pushed me down, climbed on top of me, and proceeded to kiss me from the neck down, avoiding the crotch. Once he reached the end of my legs, he gripped my ankles, and began to lick the soles of my feet. I moaned loudly in delight when he bit down on my heels before forming a seal to suck on them, and moaned even louder when I felt his warm slimy tongue get every inch of my feet.

I nearly came again when he dug his moist tongue in between my toes. Seriously, having sex with myself was the best decision I've ever made!

Only I knew all my needs, and desires. After he finished, he came back to me, and we let our tongues dance together. I could taste the salty and slightly cheesy flavor of my feet on him.

We pressed together again, and intertwined our legs.

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It felt amazing rubbing our moist and sticky feet together, do much so that I couldn't help but cum again. Fortunately for me, other me felt the same, judging from the hot juices coming out of him at the same time as I did. As we kissed and rolled off each other, we grimaced at the mess we made all over ourselves. We both laid there for a few minutes, panting as we tried to catch our breath. "Oh man." he said, looking at the white slime all over us. "Do you want to shower?" I suggested.

"That sounds amazing." He replied. We stepped in the hot shower together, and wrapped our arms around each other. We pulled one another in, and shared another steamy kiss as our firm bodies pressed together again. We took breaks to actually clean ourselves but it was quite hard to resist horny blonde teen cami miller strips ampampamp fucks pussy with big dildo naked image showering beside me. Once we got out, we only used one towel to dry each other off.

We ended up playing swords fights with our dicks more than we did used the towels. Once we got back to the bed, we decided to kick it up a notch. It was clear that we were greatly enjoying what we were doing, and we were quiet comfortable doing things to each other that we decided to do the ultimate in fooling around.

I've never done anything like this before, but seeing how sexy I was in person, it was just irresistible, as if some magnetic force kept driving us to new extremes. I laid down on the bed, and the other me positioned himself over me, dangling his erect dick and balls over me, just as he was looking down at mine. Feeling anxious, we lunged at the same time. I wrapped my lips around his dick just as he formed a lip seal on mine, sending tingly chills down my spine instantly.

We didn't let the slight twitching of our bodies stop us, and so we began to give each other a simultaneous blowjob. This was one of my favorite things we did. For every action I did, he reciprocated it in real time, so I couldn't who was mimicking who, but, I didn't care about that, it just felt other worldly amazing how his tongue burrowed it's way inside my dick as I did the same. I can't say it tasted all that great, or that it felt all that great having my mouth all other a man's penis like that, but seeing that it was my own penis, it made it more bearable to feel the pretty vienna black rides a strangers cock in the car, yet hard texture beneath my tongue.

Really I only kept going because it felt freaking amazing having my silky, yet hard skin being caressed by his tongue. After we stopped felating ourselves, I looked over at my own set of smooth balls and almost instinctively began to suck on them.

Just as I expected, the other me did the same. After we exhausted each other with sexual acts, we dozed off. The next morning, I was surprised to see the other me still there, and we ended up repeating what we did the night prior.

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After a while of me-on-me action, the anger I felt towards my ex faded away. I didn't need her, or any woman for that matter; all I needed was to love myself, which I did to perhaps an unhealthy extent.