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07-19-2014 The Boss Lady: Part I "Jack I need to see you in my office as soon as you get a chance." Anita said with a hint of anger in her voice. Jack rolled his eyes as he wandered what she wanted from him now. He wished more than anything that she would just leave him alone and let him do his work. He called her a demanding bitch in his head as he got out of his chair and walked towards her office. "Close the door," she said to Jack.

Jack did as he was told, closing busty hot ladies enjoyed an awesome threesome door behind him. He turned and looked at his boss. "What a bitch," he thought to himself as he looked at her.

He wondered what he had done now to be called into her pitiful excuse of an office. A half smile crawled across his face. "What's did I do this time?" He asked her, trying to be as cordial as possible. "You didn't do anything." She said. He hated her attitude.

She always talked as if she was owed something, as if she were the queen of the universe and everyone around her only existed to please her. She eyed him up and down as if she were sizing him up. He did the same to her. She had a round face with dark brown eyes. Her black hair had copper highlights and fell just past her chin.

Her skin was the color of milk chocolate. His eyes moved further down to her chest. He guessed that she was 34 or 36 B cup. She didn't have much in the way of a stomach, even for a woman in her late thirties but her hips and ass were a different story. They were wide and thick and the tight business slacks she wore did nothing to hide her "ghetto booty." Images of her naked body flashed through his mind until he was snapped back into reality when she began to speak.

"Jack I need a favor from you. You are the only one that I can trust in this department and I need someone to talk to. " Jack was taken aback by his supervisor's candidness. She was usually cold and distant to everyone in the office, but now here she was asking him if she could have a personal conversation with him. He wasn't sure what to say next and he even began to wonder if she was setting him up. "I don't know if you know this but my husband and I have been going through some problems." She said, clearly upset.

"I didn't know that. I am sorry to hear that. Is there anything that I can do?" Jack asked half-heartedly. He didn't really care that she and her husband were having problems and he definitely wasn't shocked. She was a bitch at the office so it was safe to say that she was a bitch at home.

"The other day I was looking at our phone bill and I noticed that he had been texting a number a lot. I questioned him about it and he said that it was an old friend from high school. I didn't believe him, so I followed him one night and sure enough, that mother fucker met up with this ratchet ass bitch at some club." Jack could clearly see the rage in Anita's eyes as she recounted what she saw. "I watched as she grinded her nasty ass up against him. I wanted to kill the both of them right then and there so I walked out of the club.

He didn't come home that night so I know that he fucked her." She stopped abruptly and looked at Jack. He was beyond puzzled as to why she would be telling him any of this and she could tell. She was his supervisor. They almost never talked and when they did, it certainly wasn't about anything personal.

Jack cleared purely physical laura lazare juliet anderson jade wong tigr dana moore throat before he began to speak.

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"I am really sorry that you had to see that but I am confused. Why are you telling me all of this? I am your employee and to be quite honest, we aren't exactly friends." Anita was getting ready to respond but the phone rang. Jack left her office, picked up the phone and went back to work. He stayed busy for the rest of mom son hot porn storys mom day and did not get a chance to speak to her again but their conversation was all he could think about.

What did she want him to do? Was she just venting to him, or did she want him to do something for her? He had trouble concentrating for the rest of the day. When his shift had ended, Anita came up to him and asked if he could give her a ride home. She said that maybe they could finish their conversation before he dropped her off.

Jack was yet again surprised. She never asked him for a ride home, but since her house was on the way to his, he said "yes." "Forgive the mess." Jack said, talking about the messy interior of his car.

"I wasn't expecting to give anyone a ride home today." This caused Daughter walks in room naked dad to laugh and she said that it was ok. They spent the next few minutes in silence as they drove to her house. Jack wasn't sure what to do or say so he decided to just say something. "So, did you want to finish talking about what we were talking about earlier?" He knew that she knew that he was nervous.

He had no idea what to say, or even why all of this was happening. "Do you think that we could wait until we get to my place? I just need a few minutes to gather my thoughts." Anita said. "Um, sure…" Jack replied, become more and more confused by the minute. From the time the last words came out of Jack's mouth to the time they pulled into Anita's driveway, fifteen minutes had gone by.

Jack's mind was racing. He had no idea what was going on or what was going to happen. Should he just drop her off and go home to his empty apartment, or should he just stay a while and talk to her and maybe gain some brownie points with his supervisor.

Maybe she will give him a raise if he sits and talks with her, but then again maybe not. "Do you want to come inside so we can talk?" Anita asked. "What about your husband? Isn't he home? Don't you think it would be a little weird explaining to them why one of you subordinates is at your house talking to you about your relationship with your husband?" She laughed at Jack's rambling and reassured him that her husband has actually been staying at stepson fucked his gf and his stepmom in the bedroom pornstars and group sex hotel these past few days and will not be home anytime soon.

Jack felt a tinge of relief flood through his body, but he still remained very confused. He still could not figure out why in the hell he was in his boss' house and why she had approached him with all of this. They walked to her front door in silence. Jack noticed that she was looking around as if to see if anyone was outside but he didn't pay it any mind at the time.

When they reached the door she placed the key in the lock and opened. Jack thought to himself that she had a really nice house. Much better than his crummy one bedroom apartment. "Maybe I should become a supervisor," he said to himself and chuckled out loud.

"What is so funny?" Anita asked, her classic attitude returning with a vengeance.

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"Nothing important. You have a really nice house!" Jack said, trying to smooth things over. "Thank you," Anita replied curtly. The two walked into the kitchen and she placed her bags down on the kitchen table and lifted both of her arms into the air to stretch.

She yawned as she did this. Jack glanced at her body once more. Supervisor or not, she was a sexy ass black woman. She was about 5'04" and maybe weighed 140lbs. The best way Jack could explain her body type, was juicy. Her breasts weren't all that large but she definitely had that perfectly thick "ghetto booty" and it was connected to two plump thighs. His cock twitched a little as a dirty thought crossed his mind.

She wouldn't have brought him here for that! No way! He was just a milf woman got fucked in her oiled pussy after a massage looking white boy that worked for her and she was his hot, black boss with an attitude as prominent as her ass. What could she possibly want with him? She walked over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine. She then went over to the cupboard and grabbed a glass.

She pulled the cork from the bottle and filled the glass. Jack watched her drink half of the glass and topped it off with more wine. Anita looked over at Jack and asked if he would like a drink. He told her yes, hoping that the alcohol would relieve some of the tension and anxiety he was feeling about his current predicament. "What do you have?" Jack asked her, hoping that she had something stronger than wine.

"I've got some vodka," she replied. "A shot of vodka sounds good. It'll at least take the edge off of the day, and our current situation, but unless you're trying to get me drunk, I'm gonna need something to mix it with.

Do you have any juice or maybe even a beer?" Jack asked, hoping that the comment about her getting him drunk didn't piss her off. Anita chuckled and said that she has both juice and beer. Jack nervously smiled and said that he would love a beer.

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Anita took another long pull from her wine glass and set it on the kitchen table. She walked back over to the freezer and pulled out a bottle of high end vodka and then a beer from the fridge. She grabbed a shot glass and a regular glass from the cupboard.

She filled the shot glass to the top with vodka as Jack popped the top on the beer and poured it into the regular glass. He took a sip of it.

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It wasn't his usual but it wasn't all that bad. Anita handed him the shot glass. He raised to his lips and downed it like a champ. It burned a little but it felt good at the same time. She offered him another and he accepted. He downed it quickly and took a long sip of his beer. Anita walked over to the couch and plopped down. Jack followed and sat on the opposite side of the couch. "So why exactly am I here Anita?" Jack asked, feeling the alcohol begin to loosen up his nerves. He knew that she was also a little tipsy by the way she was moving around.

She seemed so much more relaxed than usual and foxy brown stepmother needs some fresh meat typical sneer that seemed to be perpetually plastered on her face seemed to have softened.

"I wanted to talk to you. Didn't we already have this conversation?" Anita replied sarcastically. She finished her wine and put the glass on the coffee table. "Ok, so let's talk," Jack said. "What do you think I should do about my husband cheating on me? Do you think I should get back at that asshole?" "That is completely up to you. I mean, do you want to save the marriage because if you do, cheating on him is not a good way to reconcile. Tit for tat never ends up going well for either party." Jack thought to himself that maybe she should be paying him overtime for marriage counselling.

"I want to divorce that cheating motherfucker! I'm going to! I am tired to being married to that cheating piece of shit! I did everything for him and this is how he repays me! I sucked his cock whenever he wanted it! I had threesomes with him, and I even let him fuck my ass!" Jack could not believe his ears. His boss, a woman that he almost never talks to and doesn't even really like is a whore for her husband.

Jack always thought of her as being frigid, and was probably a bad lay because she acted like such a bitch, but evidently he was wrong. He felt his cock harden at the thought of her performing these sex acts on her husband and whoever else they brought into their bed.

He chugged the rest of his beer. He asked Anita for another shot. She looked at him and apologized and told him that she should not have said all of that and that it is probably the wine talking.

Jack did his best to reassure her by telling her that it was ok and that she can vent all she wants to him. She got up off of the couch, grabbed her wine glass and walked back to the kitchen. Jack watched her intently has she bent over to get her wine glass and admired her thick juicy ass. As soon as she walked away, he thought to himself that if he kept drinking, he was going to have to make arrangements to get home.

He followed her into the kitchen. "Anita before you pour me that next shot, I have to tell you that I'm already feeling pretty tipsy so I'm probably gonna have to call a cab so I can get home.

I'm just not sure what you want me to do with my car." This caused a sly smile to stretch across Anita's full lips. "You can put your car in my garage, and you can call a cab if you really want to, but you are more than welcome to stay if you like.

We can talk and drink and just relax." Anita gave him a devious smile. "Can I please have that shot now, and maybe another beer? Or two?" Jack asked, his voice shaky from what he had just heard. "It sunny leone fucked hard her husband to be the alcohol," he thought to himself, either that or she is just fucking with him.

There is no way in fucking hell this hot ass black woman is gonna want to fuck the geeky white guy that works for her. He kept looking for an explanation in his head. "Maybe she is vulnerable and just wants someone to get drunk with. That is understandable. I am just being perverted!" Jack's internal conversation with himself was interrupted when Anita handed him the shot glass.

He gulped down the liquor. It didn't burn at all this time. He gave the shot glass back to her and popped open the beer. He took a sip and looked at her. Anita was smiling at him. "Are you ok?" Anita asked. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little unsure as to where this is going." "Where do you want it to go?" Anita asked, moving closer to him.

"I don't really know," Jack said. He was really buzzing at this point and he was also starting to feel brave. He looked into her eyes, trying to see if there was any hint as to what her intentions were for him being there. He moved closer to her still holding her gaze but she broke eye contact to pour herself a shot of vodka and downed it like a pro. She poured another and walked over to the cupboard to grab another shot glass.

She filled it to the top with vodka and handed it to Jack. She raised her shot glass to her lips and he followed suit. They both downed the liquor and slammed the glasses on the counter. "So what now?" Jack asked. "Well, now I am going to and use the bathroom because this alcohol has run right through me!" Anita said laughing.

Jack laughed with her, realizing that this truly was just two people getting drunk together, and nothing more. He felt a twinge of disappointment at this realization but he was to buzzed to care all that much. Anita walked up the stairs to use the bathroom and Jack went back over to the couch and sat down. He took another sip of his beer and contemplated doing another shot. He decided against it for the moment and realized that he too had to use the facilities so he looked around the house for a downstairs bathroom.

Once he found it, he relieved himself and walked back into the kitchen and had another shot of vodka. "This should probably be my last one or I am going to pass the fuck out!" He downed the liquor and went back over the couch. He sat there for about five minutes and began to wonder what was taken her so long. Five seconds later he got his answer. He heard footsteps coming down the steps and the minute her feet hit the hardwood floor, he heard the unmistakable clicking of high heel shoes.

Anita walked into the living room and Jack's jaw hit the floor. The dress slacks and blouse Anita had on when she went upstairs were gone and now before him stood his boss in nothing but a black thong, a pair of black hold up thigh high stockings and a pair of black five inch stiletto heels.

She had on no bra and her perky b cup tits were capped by rock hard nipples that were to his utter shock, pierced. "What do you think?" She asked, doing a little twirl and giving Jack a peak at that fat ass he looked at so often at work.

Jack did hot brunette milf shares stiffed dick with her sexy step daughter threesome hardcore say a word.

He just stared at her. He started to think that he had actually passed out and this was just a very vivid dream.

Jack wanted to jump up and pinch her nipples to make sure that this was not in fact a dream but Anita beat him to it by climbing onto his lap. She looked into his eyes and placed her full sensuous lips onto his and kissed him passionately. Jack felt her tongue slip into his mouth and he happily accepted it.

She grabbed his arms and held them against the couch so he could not touch her. Evidently she wanted to be in charge and he was willing to let her, for the moment at least. She pulled her mouth from his and looked at him. She could see the look of confusion in his eyes; the burning questions that had to be running through his brain at the speed of light.

Even she wasn't sure why this was happening. She just knew that she didn't want it to stop. She wanted to fuck this white boy like he had never been fucked before.