American young niece sex with older uncle story

American young niece sex with older uncle story
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CHAPTER 1 --CARING FOR MY FAMILY I've always hated going to the doctor. I can't stand sitting and waiting and waiting and waiting in a room mostly full of sick people.

But today I was sitting and waiting patiently while I held my wife's hand. We're at her OB/GYN's office and there are at least a dozen women there—I'm the only male. We're here for a scheduled prenatal care visit and Andie had told me at least a thousand times that she will have a sonogram today. She's obviously nervous. We should be able to learn the sex of our baby, not that it matters one bit.

I'm so excited at the prospect of becoming a father. I'm even looking forward to being disturbed and awakened throughout the night. Finally, after almost an hour we hear, "Andrea Barnes." We rose to follow the nurse, anticipating another lengthy wait in the examination room. I was surprised when Dr.

Ferguson walked in five minutes later. "How are you, Adam? Are you taking care of your lovely wife?" "I most certainly am," I responded, "I'm waiting on her hand and foot." Andie laughed and gave me a playful elbow to the ribs. "Not yet--but he will be and if he keeps that up it will be a lot sooner than he thinks." We shared a laugh as Andie climbed onto the exam table, removing her hospital gown and lying down.

It took Dr. Ferguson a moment to apply the gel and move the ultrasound device to Andie's abdomen. She was—we thought—four months pregnant. With all the fucking we've done it's hard, if not impossible, to tell.

Dr. Ferguson kept a running commentary as she moved the ultrasound over Andie's body, "Hmmm… very interesting…very interesting. I think…I think…you will be really…really pleased with what I'm…seeing…seeing." "Uh, Doctor," I asked, "is there some reason why you keep repeating yourself?" "Oh, sorry—that's what I do when I see twins." "Dear God—twins! I'm going to be the father of twins," I thought. I wobbled a bit, almost sliding from the chair until Andie reached for my arm.

I looked at her; she was positively radiant—glowing in her joy. "It must have been all those millions of sperm you donated." Dr. Ferguson asked if twins ran in our families. I shook my head, "no," but Andie said that she had twin brothers. Dr. Ferguson nodded and continued her exam. Eventually, she showed are you ready to become my full time slave the two heads, the arms, and legs. It all looked like an ink blot to me but I took her word for it.

On the way home I asked Andie about her family. "I don't miss my parents, but I do miss my sister Jody. She'd be eighteen by now. Her birthday was last week." I had a terrible thought and if there was anything I could do about it I was going to. "Andie, would your father sell her like he did with you?" "Oh my God, I never thought about that. Is there anything we can do, Adam?" I explained my thoughts and Andie agreed. We stopped at the bank on the way home and planned a trip to West Virginia.

I looked at Mapquest; it's about 450 miles so we could do it in a day. I discussed it with Andie and we agreed to leave at once. We packed a small bag and dropped it into the trunk. I also took my Sig Sauer 9mm and some ammo. Andie had told me several times how much her father liked to intimidate people with his rifle. I've wondered if he's ever shot at someone like I have.

I'm a veteran—Marines in Korea—and I've killed before. I wouldn't want to but I'd do it again if anyone threatened Andie. We were ready to go by 2:00 p.m. We climbed into the Beemer and drove away. We planned to drive for about five hours before stopping for dinner and a room. If we were up early tomorrow we could be at the house by ten.

As it turned out we drove for almost six hours before we found a town with a decent motel and a few restaurants. We asked at the motel desk and were referred to what he called a fantastic steak house—we'd see. I saw the manager run to the phone even before we left the office. I always notice things like that. It actually turned out to be a decent place, but I noticed a couple of guys eying us—giving us the "once over"-- as we moved to the salad bar; it made me nervous and uncomfortable.

I excused myself, telling Andie I forgot something in the car. I returned with my jacket; I needed it to hide my Sig. I like to be prepared in the event of trouble and the tiny hairs at the back of my back were tingling. I had ribs and Andie had a ribeye. We both had fries and iced tea.

All in all it was a pretty decent meal, but I noticed the two men follow us when we left the restaurant. On the way to the car I told Andie, "Get into the car and lock the door." When she looked at me I told her, "Just do it, OK?" I put her in and turned around, my hand on my pistol. "That's close enough," I shouted as I dropped into a shooter's stance. "You got a permit for that?" I heard the voice from my right so I dropped, rolled right and came up ready to shoot.

A second later I stood and holstered my weapon. "Interesting way you have of greeting strangers, Sheriff." "Yeah, well, we have a reason.

Let's see some ID and what gives with the young woman in the car?" I knocked on the window signaling Andie it's alright to come out. We showed our ID's including my pistol carry permit and he looked at Andie before pulling her aside to make sure everything was as it seemed. When he asked her how we met she choked. "I'll tell you, Sheriff," I interjected, "not that it's any of your business but I bought her from some criminal type in a motorcycle club I belong to. But I bought her to get her away from him and the other lowlifes involved in that slavery crap.

I bought her to set her free." "That's true, Sheriff," Andie added. I asked if he knew our local sheriff—he did. "Why not call him?" I suggested, handing him my phone. "You keep the Sheriff's office on the phone? Why not just call 911?" "Because this is his cell number; you can call him; he knows all about this." He looked at me strangely and when he dialed the number Andie whispered, "You told the Sheriff about me?" "Actually, sweetheart, I told him before I bought you.

I wanted to make sure you would be OK in case something went wrong that night." Andie held me close, "No wonder I love you so much." She reached up to kiss my cheek.

Meanwhile the Sheriff had concluded his call, "OK, he confirmed your story, also told me I was lucky to be alive. Mind telling me what you're doing here?" "We're on our way to her father's house in West Virginia to see if we can save her sister from the same fate. I planned to buy her. I was going to spend $10,000 just to get her away from him. Andie has told me that her father and grandfather raped her repeatedly, starting when she was ten.

Her sister's probably suffering the same treatment now." The Sheriff stood thinking for a few minutes before speaking, "The reason we targeted you was simple; we look out for unusual couples—ones with really young women.

We've had a lot of white slavery activity around here and we're trying to stop it. We've been working with the authorities in West Virginia and the Feds. How'd you like to help us?" I looked at Andie—it would be her father we'd target.

She nodded so I agreed. They would record the serial numbers of the money and I'd wear a wire. If possible they'd video the transaction using a decoy truck; Andie doubted it would be possible. We waited in the office while the FBI and West Virginia State Police were notified. "That was a pretty slick move you pulled back there. Where'd you learn that?" "Korea…Seoul…the DMZ…doing the same job you do." "MP, eh?

What branch?" "Marines. I was a lieutenant…I thought I saw everything until this. When I saw Andie the first time I almost threw up. She was filthy and bruised and she hadn't eaten in some time, and worse she was bound in chains.

I could have killed the S.O.B. I bought her from. Instead, the next day when I went to buy her some clothes, I called my buddy Sheriff Ron to thank him for backing me up and to let him know everything was OK. I told him all about the jerk I bought her from." We were pretty tired when an officer came in to tell us the FBI would provide the wire and would meet us at nine tomorrow morning near her father's place.

I shook the sheriff's hand and we left. We returned to our room a bit after ten. We showered together, carefully washing each other. No sex in the shower; we were concerned about Andie falling, but we did kiss each other tenderly. I kept my arm around her. If we fell I'd be on the bottom. I dried Andie, needing two of the motel's thin towels. I knelt before her, planting a kiss on her sweet, tender pussy.

She pulled me up, helped to dry me, and led me to the bed. We had a king-sized bed, something we'd never need. Andie and I sleep close, touching each other the entire night. On the positive side—if we messed up one side making love we'd still have the other for sleeping. Andie had always been assertive when it came to sex, but now her tamed teens natalie loves her pussy pounded and cum and pregnancy gave her much more confidence.

She pulled the blankets down and gently pushed me onto the bed, my legs dangling to the floor. Andie leaned down to kiss me, "I love you, Adam and I think what you're willing to do for my sister is just incredible.

You probably think it's nothing and that's one of the reasons I love you so much. Now I'm going to show you. You lean back and let me do all the work." When I began to disagree Andie put her finger to my lips, "Tomorrow's another day—you can do me then, OK?" She knelt and separated my legs, crawling between them.

She sucked my big heavy testicles into her mouth, licking and rolling them from side to side. She pulled slowly back, releasing them one at a time with a "pop." Moving up, Andie licked the sensitive underside of my cock, taking the time to run her tongue all around my helmet. I groaned in the ecstasy she was giving me. Her hand gripped my cock and stroked…slowly…as she looked into my eyes, telling me she loved me with her mouth and tongue and hands.

I tried to sit up, but Andie pushed me down, pushed me sideways, and climbed on top of me. "Just think, Adam, tomorrow you'll be able to fuck my sister, too." "No, Andie…when I met you I lost interest in anyone else." "Adam," she said sternly, "you WILL fuck my sister. She'll want it and so do I.

I want you to be happy and content and I know that I won't be able to take care of you in a few months. Jody can help me with the babies and the house and she can help you, too. Now…don't argue with me. Just lie back and enjoy." Andie straddled my hips and lowered a hand to her cunt. She rubbed several times before running a finger into her tunnel. Satisfied that she was lubricated she rubbed my organ into her slit; in a second my cock disappeared into her hot tight tunnel.

Andie rose and rocked, bending my stiff cock with her pussy walls, creating the friction I would need for my orgasm.

I ignored her instructions, moving my hand to her clit where I pinched and rubbed. Andie responded with a smile. "I knew you wouldn't let me get away with this.

You always want me to cum, don't you?" My response was to lean forward and pull her down for a sensational kiss. It didn't last too long, though—I could feel my balls clench and my cock swell as I bathed Andie's pussy with my baby making cream.

I ejected river after river of creamy white semen into her. I was drained when Andie fell to my chest, but I knew my work had just begun. As I had done when we first made love, I lifted her by her thighs, depositing her tasty pussy over my mouth. I could taste my cum oozing from her, but that didn't deter me. I attacked her love canal with my tongue seeking her G-spot. I knew just a single touch would send her over the top so I wasn't at all surprised to see her shudder and shake.

"That's number one!" I thought. I shifted my attention to her clit, pulling back the hood to expose the rosy bud beneath. I sucked it like a cock even though it was much smaller. I pulled it between my teeth, licking and sucking and nibbling until her massive orgasm took control of her body.

She shook in spasm for many seconds, collapsing onto my chest. I caressed her face, kissing her over and over and telling her how much I loved her.

We fell asleep together almost immediately. I awoke later to pull the blankets over my love…my wife. CHAPTER 2 I FINALLY MEET "DADDY" We woke at six to the alarm I had set the previous evening. We showered, dressed, and went out for breakfast, returning not to the room but to the Sheriff's Office. They agreed to give us a police escort to save time. The Sheriff asked what kind of car I was driving—could I keep up with the escort. "It's a Beemer, an M5—it'll do 140—maybe more, but I'm not doing that with my pregnant wife in the car.

Kitty core cant get enough of an insane fucking keep it under a hundred." He rolled his eyes. We left and were back on the highway in minutes. We flew over the state line where we were met by the state police and two hours later we stopped in the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

We were twenty miles from our destination. The FBI and State Police investigators were waiting for us, Sheriff Jamison having radioed ahead. I was fitted with the "wire" although it was really just a tiny button mike and transmitter attached to my jacket lapel and chicks getting mouth fucking in group orgy short wire antenna that I hid under my collar—a big change since my MP days. It had an American flag on it which I figured was a good way to hide it in plain sight.

It was agreed that the police forces would follow us, staying at least a half mile away unless we needed help. I retrieved my Sig Sauer from the trunk, checking the magazine and racking the slide to chamber a round. I made sure the safety was on before placing it in the holster. I was ready now—for anything. Andie and I got back into the car and she directed me to her family's home. I pulled up on the wrong side of the street, parking partially on the lawn. It wasn't much of a lawn; there were occasional weeds here and there separated by large patches of dirt.

I looked at the house; it was pretty much what I had expected. At perhaps 500 square feet it was tiny compared to my home of 2500. At one time it had been white, but now it was just plain dirty peeling clapboard with a front porch that sagged badly leading to a worn set of stairs at the left side of the house.

I could see an old-fashioned well with a hand pump farther back at the rear of the house. I helped Andie from the car; we stood in front waiting for someone…anyone…to recognize our presence.

Andie had told me about her father's truck. It wasn't there so I assumed he wasn't there either. Suddenly the door opened and a young woman walked out. She appeared to be a lower case Andie—a little shorter and a bit thinner; her breasts fit her body, appearing to be a B-cup. She looked at us for almost a minute before jumping down and running to Andie, falling as the chain around her ankle became taut.

"Andie! Andie! Is it really you? I never thought I'd ever see you again." Andie ran to her and they hugged and bounced up and down in their joy. Eventually they stopped and Andie introduced us, "Jody, I want you to meet Adam—my husband." I reached forward to shake her hand but she jumped forward to hug me. "Thanks for saving Andie," she exclaimed. Turning back to her sister she asked, "But what are you doing here?

Daddy will be angry to see you. You're not moving back in, are you?" Andie couldn't help but laugh, "Jody, if you saw where I live now you'd never ask such a question.

No, we were worried about you. Has Daddy said anything about selling you?" Jody lowered her head, "Yeah, he's finalizing the deal right now. He doesn't want to support me any longer now that I'm eighteen. He's getting five thousand for me. I'd run away but he caught me last time and almost killed me. That's why I'm chained.

I'm doomed." "No—actually you're not," I interrupted, "you're coming with us. We could just take off with you but we have something else in mind. I'm here to offer your father ten thousand for you. I'm glad we got here in time. Has he been raping you…your grandfather, too?" "Yes, Adam it's terrible. He fucks me almost every day. Grandpa used to fuck me in my butt; he hurt me something awful, but that was before he died.

He and Daddy went on a big drunk. He had too much and everybody thought he passed out. They couldn't revive him. Maybe I should be sad, but I'm not." "Well, don't worry, none of that will never happen again. That's a promise. You're coming with us today. You'll be safe with us." Just then I saw movement in the corner of my eye—it was a dilapidated truck about three blocks away. Andie and Jody cowered in fear; I flicked the safety from my Sig as I eagerly awaited the asshole's arrival.

I moved the women to the front of the porch telling them to duck behind it if there was trouble. The clapboard would help protect them if any shots were fired. Carl Jenkins was exactly as Andie had described him.

At five feet nine inches tall he was hardly an imposing figure. He was rail thin with a sizable beer belly bulging from between his beat up jeans and soiled T-shirt. He stopped the truck just in front of the stairs, jumped out and began cursing.

When he tried to manhandle Jody I pushed him away. "Who the fuck you think you're pushin', buddy? In fact, who the fuck are you?" "I'm Adam Barnes.

I'm Andie's husband and I'm here to buy Jody." "Yeah? Well, you're too late. I already sold her." "Consider her unsold," I responded, "I'm offering you more for her—ten thousand.

I have it here in my trunk." When I moved to the trunk he reached into the truck pulling out his rifle. Unfortunately, I beat him to the punch. I fired into the truck just above his head to get his attention. My Sig was leveled at his head. "Wanna bet I can put one between your eyes before you can get off a shot?

The difference between you and me is that I'm not a bullshit artist. I've actually killed men back when I was a Marine MP. What have you killed…some squirrels, a deer?

Go ahead…draw down on me. I dare you." He glared at me, showing his hatred, but he dropped the rifle. I walked toward him as he kept his eyes on my pistol, looking for some advantage. While he had his eyes on my right hand I gave him a quick punch to the solar plexus with my left; it always worked when I was an MP and it worked now. He crumbled to the ground gasping for breath. I picked up the rifle as I continued around the house to the well. A couple of pumps made puddles on the bare clay soil.

I rammed the barrel down several times into the mud sealing it. Any attempt to fire it now would backfire big time, possibly killing the shooter. I holstered my weapon and walked back to "Daddy." I pulled him to his feet and kicked him in the balls. "That's for everything you did to Andie, although if I hit you a thousand times it would never make us even." I walked back to the car, opened the trunk, and pulled out exposed beauteous gal craves to fuck right now hardcore blowjob packets of hundred dollar bills.

Here's your money, asshole." I threw it on the ground. "If I ever see you again Gorgeous babes love to finger each other kill you. Consider that a promise." I kicked him in the groin again, found his keys, turned and walked back to Andie and Jody. I unlocked her."Do you want to say good-bye to anyone? Do it now so we can go." "I'm the only one here. Daddy didn't want anyone around when he sold me. Can I go over there and kick him, too?" I nodded and walked with her.

I was surprised when she kicked him in the head. On the way back to the car I fired two shots taking out his front tires. A minute later we were on the road. I stopped where the police had set up their surveillance HQ and returned their equipment. They told me they would pick him up shortly, but would wait for the other buyer so they could avi love sure loves to suck cock pornstars him, also.

They assured me they would return my money in time, once it was no longer needed as evidence. We all agreed to return to testify. CHAPTER 3 CATCHING UP Driving with Andie and Jody was interesting, to say the least. They sat together in the back seat and talked non-stop for over an hour as Andie told her sister about her life—how I had saved her, how we fell in love, about our marriage and honeymoon, and finally about her pregnancy.

Jody told us what happened after Andie had been sold. If any of the family members had expected their lot to improve they were wrong. Her father went on one long bender after another. He drank for weeks, buying drinks for anyone who would listen to how he had "disposed" of his oldest daughter and eventually killing his father.

I could see the tears in Andie's eyes. I leaned back and brushed them away, reminding her that it didn't matter any longer—she was safe with me. We decided to stop about halfway home. We were hungry and Jody needed some clothes and toiletries. We stopped at a motel, getting adjoining rooms so she could shower and be near us.

After the shower she put on her dirty clothes and we headed for the nearest mall. I sat in a lounge in front of Penney's while Andie took Jody from store to store paying with her credit card.

They returned to me and dropped of several large bags before returning to their shopping. I reminded Andie that winter was approaching—buy appropriately. She nodded, kissed my cheek, "We've spent a lot—almost a thousand. Is that OK?" I nodded, smiled and kissed her back.

"Go, have fun, and lose those old clothes of Jody's in the trash somewhere." We returned to the motel just after four. I was still beat, mostly I thought from the stress of the day so I suggested a brief nap. Andie and I showered, ridding ourselves of her father's stench. I dried her and we went to the bed naked. I pulled her to me, holding and kissing her. An evil smile on her face, she moved up to straddle my face.

"Lick me, Adam. Make me cum…please." I pushed my tongue into her tunnel as I fondled her beautiful breasts and tickled her nipples. She came hard when I licked her sensitive G-spot. I loved watching just a perfect fuck with velicity von shudder and shake. I had gone back to work when I felt it—a hot and extremely tight cunt gripping my rock hard cock.

I tried to move, but Andie stopped me. She looked down smiling, "I told you—Jody wants to fuck you and I want her to, too. You're outvoted so just enjoy. She's really good at fucking, maybe better than me." "Nobody's better than you, Andie—besides, I'm madly in love with hot beauteous babes are giving explicit gratifying striptease hardcore know, and I love you madly, too.

But, remember in about three months we won't be able to have sex and then it will be another three after the babies are born before I can have you again." "We may not be able to fuck, but we can always do other things.

You can suck me and even give me a hand-job. I don't have to fuck you to be happy…oh, God!" Jody had been grinding me incredibly all during this conversation and she was driving me crazy.

I looked up at my bemused wife as I asked if Jody was on the pill. Andie shook her head; "Jody, don't let me cum in you…please." "Don't worry, Adam I'm too young to be tied down with a kid. Just let me know so I can take you into my mouth." I took Andie's clit into my mouth, sucking it into a tiny space between my teeth, bending her clit through my teeth. Andie reacted sharply, arching her back before collapsing onto my chest totally spent.

It was all she could do to roll off to my left. I held her tightly, keeping her head on my shoulder. Now I could see Jody riding my cock.

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She rotated in one direction, then the other before rocking with strength and intensity. Her cunt was really tight. I knew she was doing this for me and under other circumstances I would have been ecstatic. I was not at all happy about being tricked. All the same, I was almost there; I can only stand so much. "Jody…close…really close." She jumped up, spun around, and swallowed me in a single gulp just in time to take my entire load into her throat.

She fell onto the bed. "Well, Adam how was it?" "Andie, how did you feel when your father forced you into fucking him? Should I feel any different when you forced me to fuck Jody?" "I…I…uh," she hung her head.

She was crying when she looked back up, "I'm so sorry, Adam. I thought&hellip." "You meant well, Andie and I did enjoy it, but sex isn't something you surprise someone with or make amazing teen getting her tight enchanting vagina homemade hardcore do. Maybe I would have agreed to fuck Jody, maybe not, but it should have been my decision." "Oh, Adam I'm so sorry. I thought I was doing something good.

Can you ever forgive me?" "Of course, darling. It wasn't the best thing you've ever done, but it's not the end of the world either. C'mon up here Jody. You might as well join us." I lay on the bed between two gorgeous women. "Now, I have to explain exactly why it won't work out between Jody and me." They started, shocked at my words until Jody asked, "Why not, Adam?" "An excellent question, young lady…because I'm planning on fixing you up." Andie began laughing hysterically, "I get it…Tim!" "Exactly!

Jody, I assume you're like your sister in that age doesn't mean much to you." She shook her head. "That's good, because I have this friend. He's pretty well fixed financially—he used to own a software company-- and he's pretty good looking, too. Also, he's quite a bit younger than me…49. I think we should have a little welcoming party for Jody. What do you think, sweetheart?" "Well, I was hoping that you and Jody would get it on, but…Tim…I like it.

Jody, Tim is a great guy; he's really funny. He's divorced, but that's because his wife was a real tramp. From what I hear she fucked anything with pants, except Adam, although she tried, right?" "Yeah, there's a big difference between a woman who loves sex and a slut. Samantha was a slut to the nth degree.

Even knowing that Tim and I are buddies didn't stop her from coming on to me.

I let it slide the first time, but I had to tell Tim when it happened again. He hired an attorney who hired a detective. A month later he had evidence that she'd fucked more than a dozen guys, and that was in less than a month! It was a miracle that she never contracted any diseases. She never contested the divorce. That was three years ago and Tim has been a mess ever since when it comes to women. He needs someone who's strong and will tell him what to do…kind of like Andie does to me." Andie gave me a play jab to the stomach, but kissed my cheek and turned my face to kiss my lips it was just a quick one, but it let her know that it was good between us.

"What do you say, ladies; how about that nap?" They nodded and snuggled close; Jody dug her cunt into my thigh as her sister did the same on the other side. I put my arms around them and closed my eyes. CHAPTER 4 FIXING UP We drove home without incident the following day, arriving just before noon. Andie helped Jody unpack her stuff in one of the smaller bedrooms.

We had four bedrooms on the first floor—the master and three additional, one of which I used as my home office and one for our babies. There was also a large bonus room over the garage with an unfinished bathroom. The plumbing was installed but to date I'd had no need to finish it.

That may change in the future. Then we'd have at least one additional room—a big one. I fired up the grill and cooked some hot dogs and rolls, calling the women when they were done. We ate on the screened porch; Jody was amazed by the house, especially all the bathrooms—we had three--after being forced to use an outhouse all her life.

She told me that she always held it until she got to school so she could use the facilities there; she hated the smell and sitting on the wooden seat in the cold of winter. We talked about dinner—should we invite Tim tonight or wait for another night? Andie and Jody voted for tonight so I pulled out my cell and called, "Hey, Tim interested in joining us tonight?

Yeah, we did go away, but just for a couple of days. We went to rescue Andie's sister. You should see her. Yeah, she looks just like Andie. We're having a kind of celebration dinner. Don't give me that; you won't be in the way, besides, I know what a lousy cook you are. OK, come a bit early for a drink around five. Good, see you then." I disconnected my phone and turned to the women.

"OK, I'll go to the butcher and get either a good sirloin or maybe some filets. We have some potatoes I can bake and I'll get some fresh corn. I can grill that, too. I think I'll pick up some Jameson's—it's Tim's favorite.

Why don't you ladies make yourselves beautiful? That shouldn't take you very long." They kissed me and I left to do the shopping. I stopped off at the liquor store. Where I live it's called an ABC Store. I picked up the Jameson's—it's a really smooth Irish whisky. It would soften Tim up. Then I went right next door to the butcher, one of the few remaining in our county. I'm a regular customer so I know I can count on his advice. He cut me a two-pound sirloin steak about one and a half inches thick.

On the way home I stopped at the farm store for some fresh corn. I pulled back the husks to check the kernels before buying even though the farmer has a fit when people do that. I went home, seasoned the steak, and showered. Andie and Jody were already prepared—showered with hair washed and dried, sweet blonde pussy and ass railed by massive black cocks dressed—Jody in a really sexy blouse and shorts set.

She wore no bra or panties. I finished cleaning up by 4:30. I prepped the potatoes and set them on the grill, turning it on to a medium heat. Tim arrived just after five. He kissed Andieshook my hand, and met Jody. Jody led him to the loveseat on the screened porch, sitting next to him while Andie took care of his drink. Tim politely asked how she was doing after her ordeal with her father.

Mostly it was small talk, the kind of conversation one can find at any party. Tim finished his drink and Jody offered to get him another, sidling close to him when she returned.

I cooked the steak—medium rare—and sliced it at the table. It was delicious—really tender and juicy. Our table holds six so we arranged the seating with Andie and I on one side and Tim and Jody on the other. Again, the conversation was light. Midway through the meal the Jameson's began to affect Tim; he started to tell his famous jokes all of which are seriously off color. We laughed hysterically; I noticed Jody touching his arm and hand while she laughed.

Tim noticed, too. After dinner Andie and Jody volunteered to clean up; Tim and I sat on the porch and relaxed. "Uh, buddy, have you noticed something going on with Jody?" "I noticed she seems to like you. Why?" "I get the impression she's coming on to me." "OK, you should be flattered. She's a beautiful woman." "Yeah, but she's eighteen.

I'm forty-nine, for crying out loud." "Tim, Andie is twenty-one and I'm sixty. Do we make a good couple?" "OK, but what will people think?" "Personally, I never worry about that, but I think a lot of them will think you're one lucky guy." "I guess…but suppose I'm wrong.

I don't want to make a fool of myself." I laughed, "it's a little late for that, don't you think? Seriously, if I were you I'd sit in the loveseat. If she comes back and sits next to you I'd say you have a shot.

I will tell you this much…she's incredible in the sack." "You didn't! Does Andie know?" "Andie set it up; she surprised me.

I was lying on a bed eating her pussy when it happened, but it's not going to happen again. I've made my feelings known. I'm strictly a one-woman man. Here they come now." Tim hurried to the loveseat where Jody joined him a few minutes later. We chatted for about a half hour until Andie "remembered" she had to show me something. We excused spicy latina gina valentina gets boned and facialized. When we returned ten minutes later they were holding hands and Jody's lipstick was smeared; she was clearly a very fast worker.

Tim stood around eleven, saying he had to leave. Jody saw him to the door, but she didn't return for almost a half hour, a big smile on her face. "He's really nice. I like him. I'm tired; I'm going to bed. Oh, yeah…I'm seeing him tomorrow," and winking she continued, "he's a real good kisser. Night!" Andie looked at me and grinned—ear to ear.

Tim showed up the following day around 11:30 to take Jody out to lunch—they returned around four. The following day he took her to dinner; we took a call around ten—Jody told us not to wait up, she was spending the night at Tim's. When they returned the following afternoon I knew Tim was a goner; he followed Jody like a little puppy—a little horny puppy with a big dick.

Tim and Jody saw each other for more than a month when Jody asked to speak with us. "I really appreciate everything you've done and I don't want to seem ungrateful, but&hellip." I interrupted her, "You want to move out. You've had a better offer." Andie and I laughed and howled as Jody turned crimson. I hugged her tightly telling her I was so happy for both of them, "You're entitled to some happiness after going through hell for years.

I hope you find it with Tim." We helped her get her stuff together; Tim was really nervous when he came for her magical foot job with sexy milf lisa fj little later, as if I wouldn't approve. Later Andie told me of a conversation Jody had with her earlier—you know how sisters talk. The first time Tim took Jody out to lunch he was so nervous he was shaking until Jody asked him, "Are you ashamed or afraid to be seen with me, Tim?" He shook his head to say, "no." When she asked further he explained he was just nervous—she was so beautiful and sexy that he didn't want to screw it up between them.

"Ok," Jody responded, "let's get out of here. We need to do something." She told him to drive to his home. Once there she took him into her arms and kissed him, her tongue exploring his mouth.

Her hands went to his belt and in seconds she held his manhood in her hands as he hardened immediately. Tim melted under her skillful ministrations. Jody lowered him to the carpeted floor allowing him to watch as she slowly removed her blouse and bra, exposing her perky B-cup breasts with their large circular areolas and erect pink nipples. Then she lowered her shorts and panties, as he watched wide-eyed, taking in the beauty of her neatly trimmed pussy.

Jody lay beside him, caressing him and stroking his hard cock as Tim was paralyzed with fear. "It's been so long, Jody. I'm afraid I'll mess up." "Don't be silly, Tim you're a handsome confident man. Any woman would be proud to be with you." "Yeah?

Then why haven't I had sex with a woman in over a year?" "I think you've just been looking in the wrong places. Now you've found the right place. I'm going to fuck you silly and as soon as I get on birth control we'll do even better. Don't worry about cumming too soon. I'm like a teacher—we'll do it over and over until you get it right." Tim began to relax as he laughed at her lame joke.

He rolled to face her, touched her silky breasts and kissed her. Jody took his free hand and led it to her pussy. It ran with juice. She rubbed herself with his fingers then raised his hand to his mouth.

He licked and sucked them clean. "It's a lot more fun if you lick down there. I'll do you, too. Lie back while I move." They 69'd for several minutes until Jody had cum twice and Tim once, flooding her mouth with his ejaculate.

"Mmmmm, nice," whispered Jody. She reached for her purse, extracting a small box of condoms. "I can't wait to feel you inside me, but let's relax now until you're ready again." For the next hour she kissed and stroked him while allowing him free access to her body. She knew he was ready when he hardened under her touch. "Just let me put this on you. It'll be better soon after I've seen the doctor and I'm on the pill." She skillfully rolled the condom down his shaft, loving how the arteries pulsed in anticipation.

She kissed him gently and she rose to straddle Tim's hips. She rubbed his cock into her slit then slowly lowered herself down his shaft. "Hmmm…much better than I imagined," she told him as she maintained eye contact.

They began to move together, slowly at first then faster as their passion for each other grew and grew. Only the fact that Tim had cum an hour earlier prevented him from a grossly premature ejaculation, that's how excited he was.

Still, he came hard after only a few minutes, blowing semen forcefully into the condom. He wished Jody's cunt was the recipient. Even though she hadn't cum Jody fell to his chest kissing him and caressing his face, "Feel better now?" He nodded smiling as he kissed her back.

All of his concerns had disappeared. "How about that lunch? I don't know about you, but I'm starving," then before he could help her up, "You're wonderful, Jody." She grinned madly and jumped up into his arms.

They dressed and returned to the restaurant hand-in-hand. After that Tim couldn't get enough of Jody or her incredible body, not to mention her insatiable appetite for sex with him. They met daily for lunch or dinner or a movie or even for no reason other than to be together.

Tim found he was the envy of his friends exactly as Adam had predicted. It was two weeks later that he finally felt the hot wet flesh of Jody's tight cunt. She lay in his big bed with Tim between her legs as he licked her pussy and fucked it with his tongue.

"Tim, lick a little lower, will you? I've always wondered what it would feel like to have my ass licked." Tim looked at her incredulously.

"You do want to fuck me, don't you? It won't kill you to lick me there. I'm clean, don't worry, besides I thought all men wanted their girlfriend's ass." "We do, but we want to fuck it," Tim said laughing.

"Well, you have to start somewhere. Go ahead…I'll make it worth your while." Tim lowered his head and did something he never thought he'd do. He extended his tongue to tickle her pucker and spreading her cheeks pushed his tongue in. He was so desperate for this young woman he'd do anything for her. Keeping his tongue in her ass Jody moved to suck his cock into her mouth. She licked slowly all around his helmet before running her tongue down the ultra-sensitive underside of his hard dick.

She licked the dripping pre-cum from his tip just a second before swallowing his cock…she sucked him, but not too hard; she wanted him excited, but she wanted him in her pussy. She could suck him off later. She stopped when she realized how hard Tim was breathing. He still had his tongue in her ass and Jody found the feeling exhilarating. Her whole body was tingling. She pulled Tim up and kissed him, tasting her bowel on his tongue.

She rolled him over onto his back, kissed him again and whispered, "Ready, baby? We've been waiting for this, haven't we? I can't wait to feel your cock inside me and your cum exploding into my womb." She dropped suddenly, surprising Tim who almost hard dong acquires inside tight pussy hardcore and blowjob from the sensory overload. "Lie there and relax; let sweeties pound fellas butt hole with oversized strapon dildos and ejaculate sperm do blonde alexa grace gets her pussy loaded with creampie work for you.

I want this to be special." They had fucked at least once a day over the past two weeks, even when Jody had her period. Nothing stopped her from showing her man how she felt about him. Tim had never felt anything like this and he told Jody, "God, Jody you're incredible. My cock feels like it's in a vise.

I…I&hellip." He stopped talking when Jody leaned forward to kiss him. She fucked his mouth with her tongue while he fucked her pussy. Jody was so wet she leaked all over Tim's abdomen and legs.

Her motions bent his rigid cock in directions he could never imagine until…suddenly…he couldn't breathe…his body tensed…and then…release! Tim had never cum so hard or for so long. He would usually have four or five ropes of cum, but today, excited as he was, he came over and over, shooting into her at least ten times until cum ran from her cunt. She felt herself shudder just as he finished.

She loved the feeling of semen in her pussy; it always set her off. They held each other for many minutes as they recovered, covered in sweat from their exertions. Three weeks later Jody moved in; Tim no longer cared what anyone thought. CHAPTER 5 GHOSTS FROM THE PAST Andie was more than seven months pregnant when Dr. Ferguson told her what she didn't want to hear—no more vaginal sex. She gave me the bad news; I took it well.

I was expecting it—we both were. Andie pulled me to the bedroom as soon as we got home. "Strip," she told me, "I'm taking care of you every day, just like I've been doing." She removed her clothes, revealing her swollen belly. I loved the way she looked. I couldn't kiss that abdomen enough and I took the opportunity to do so now. "I love you, Andie. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me." Andie smiled as she pushed me onto the bed.

"Dr. Ferguson told me we could still have oral fucking her clients with alexis dean is something she doesnt hesitate to do pornstars hardcore manual sex." "Yeah, I heard that.

I'll be perfectly brunette gives a hot blowjob on live cam with that until we can make love again." "She also said we could do anal as long as it didn't hurt me too much." "That I didn't hear, but we've never done it and I don't want to take the chance of hurting you now.

I remember what you said about how your grandfather hurt you. We can try after the twins are born if you want. But right now I want to do something for you." I pulled her onto me, rolling her onto her back next to me on the bed.

We kissed tenderly, our tongues deep in each other's mouths. I broke the kiss to kiss and lick my way down my wife's body. I began at her delicate neck and moved down to her breasts which had grown to double-D's and were extremely sensitive. I kissed her belly, swirling my tongue into her belly button. That always made her giggle and today was no exception. My next stop was my final destination—her lovely fragrant cunt.

I moved between her legs, lifting her knees for better access. I kissed her labia as I freed her clit from its hood with my finger. My tongue explored her tunnel, sucking up her nectar every time I pressed forward. My tongue sought and found her G-spot; it had grown even more sensitive during her pregnancy.

She came immediately flooding my face with her cum. I kept on eating her, knowing that more orgasms would be coming. I wrapped my lips around her cunt sucking the entire organ forcefully. Again, Andie came; she was so sensitive it was easy to satisfy her. "Enough, Adam; I can't take any more." I gave her pussy one final kiss and returned to her side. We kissed while Andie slowly stroked my cock.

All that cunt licking had made me so hard and so hot. I wanted to cum in the worst way. I had nothing to worry about; Andie was determined to take care of me. She sat up suddenly, producing a small bottle of baby oil.

She drizzled a little bit onto my cock and set about jerking me off. She'd done this before just as I had masturbated her; now she'd be doing it a lot, or maybe I'd be doing it with a little help from her. She used both hands on vuclip sex storys katrena kef, rubbing and twisting her hands up and down my shaft. She knew me well. Just as I was about to cum she lowered her head to my cock and took my semen into her mouth.

She held it on her tongue and showed it to me. Then she kissed me, sharing my gift. We saw Jody and Tim often, either at our place for dinner or at theirs for a social. We didn't eat there often—neither Tim nor Jody could cook worth a lick. Worse, I had tried to teach Tim many times over the twenty years we had been friends.

He only got worse and worse. When we did eat there it was usually pizza or take-out from a Chinese place or some other fast food joint. I played golf with Tim every Tuesday and Friday so I wasn't surprised to see him in the pro shop. I took one look and laughed; I couldn't help myself. His neck was covered with hickeys. I remembered when Andie had done the same to me. He took me aside to talk, "Adam, I'm …I…I…I need to talk with you." "Go ahead, Tim—is everything OK with you and Jody?" "Yeah, it's incredible…she's incredible.

I just don't know what to do. We're really getting serious." "Well, I should hope so—you are living together. What's the problem?" "I think she wants to marry me. I'm just not sure. After Samantha I don't know if I'll ever be sure." "Tim, none of us can see the future. Remember, Jody is not Samantha. She may love sex as much but she seems to be crazy about you. I don't think she'll cheat. All the same, you've only known each other a short time.

Don't rush into anything. It's better for both of you if you go slowly. Is she pressuring you?" "No, but I get the idea she'd like to be married." "She's a woman. That's how they think. They want security as much as they want love. You have both to offer her. I guess you're not so worried about the age thing any longer." "Actually, that's a big part of it" "You're 49. With any luck you'll live another 35 to 40 years.

You're healthy and you take care of yourself. That's much longer than Samantha lasted. Andie and I have talked about this, too. With luck I'll live another 25 years. She's told me she will treasure every second of our time together. You and Jody will probably have even longer. I don't see that as a problem. Just take your time and see what happens." Tim was never very good at following advice. He and Jody got engaged a month later about the same time Andie found a box in the back of my closet.

She called out to the living room, "Adam, will you come in here, please?" She continued once I arrived, "I was putting some of your shirts in your closet and I found this box.

What are these things?" I sighed. "You'd better sit down; this will take a while. These are left over from my marriage with Natalie. I've never spoken about our relationship because I never thought it was important." I pulled out the implements my first wife had used on me—the leather cuffs for wrists and ankles, the collar, the paddles and crops, the cock cage, and a single typed sheet of paper. "Basically, Natalie was a very dominant person…and she was sadistic—she needed to inflict pain in order to have an orgasm.

I'm not really a submissive but I was often submissive to her—I did it because I loved her-- but near the end she tried to make me into her slave. There's a big difference between being a sub—a submissive—and a slave. As you know, a slave has no rights. As her submissive there were limits I insisted on—no cutting my skin, no striking my genitals, spanking and paddling pretty bitch has discovered a consummate fuckmate hardcore and blowjob on my butt and back, limits on how long I could be restrained in bondage, and at least one orgasm a week.

I let her pee on me, but I refused to drink it; that's something a lot of dommes make their slaves do. A lot of it was fun, but some of it wasn't. As I said, she tried to force me to be her slave." I showed Andie the innocuous looking paper.

"She went to what she called a 'Women's Conference.' When she came back she was changed; I learned later it was a BDSM convention. "She tried to force me to sign this slave contract. Some domme lawyer from Raleigh wrote it for her. If you read it you'll see she wanted me to forego all my human rights and sign over all my possessions—my properties, investments, bank accounts, cars, everything—to her.

This was the beginning of the end of our relationship. I refused and initially she seemed to accept my decision, but the next week she said she wanted to play with me—nothing unusual about that. I let her secure me to the bed face up. I assumed she would tease me or deny me an orgasm for some time while I was forced to take care of her. Instead she brought out some reflectors she bought at Home Depot, you know the kind people put at the end of their driveways so they can find them in the dark?

The shaft is a steel rod covered in plastic. She bought four of them and proceeded to whip my body with them. She told me she would stop if I signed. I still refused. She beat my chest and stomach and thighs and when that didn't work she beat my balls. Eventually, she got exhausted and stopped; in retrospect I think she was sick even then.

She did it again the next day and released me Monday morning when I told her that even if I signed it could be overturned because of duress, not to mention it was completely illegal; something like that only worked if the would-be slave was totally willing and I definitely wasn't.

I told her that I absolutely had to go to cum eating asian attractive chick loves deepthroat. I could hardly walk; my body was covered with welts, cuts, and bruises; my balls were so badly bruised and swollen they were four times their normal size. Instead of work I went to my urologist and my lawyer. They both took plenty of pictures. When I got home that night I told her that my lawyer would call the cops if she made any attempt to do it again.

She became seriously ill about six months later and eventually the disease killed her. I thought I loved her more than I could ever love anyone…until I met you. " "Oh, Adam, I'm so sorry. I had no idea. What's that metal thing?" "That's what's commonly known as a cock cage.

She made me wear it to remind me of her dominance and very sexy teen babe shaved pussy deeply. It's a chastity device. She used it to deny me and sometimes to punish me. I didn't mind; I had incredible orgasms when I was released…almost as good as the ones I have with you." "Will you put it on for me?

I'd like to see what it looks like on." I could do this in my sleep. I removed my clothes, took the restraining ring and slipped my balls and cock through it.

I pushed my cock into the sleeve of stainless steel bars. I was surprised when Andie locked it onto me. She stepped back and stood there looking at it for several minutes before unlocking it.

"I have to admit, having that on you gave me a feeling of power, but you wouldn't make a slave of me; I'm not ever making a slave of you. I love you too much." "I'll throw this stuff out." "No…don't.

I couldn't ever dominate you like she did and I wouldn't want to. I enjoy being your partner. I would never do anything to hurt you, but if you wanted to play, say, some night or maybe over a weekend, I might be willing." I grinned and nodded and put the box back into my closet. It stayed there for more than six months. Andie went into labor pretty much on schedule, only a week later than we thought. I was there with her through the entire ordeal. I didn't want to see the babies come out of her like some fathers and I wasn't going to video the births, but I wanted to be there to support and love her.

I wiped her forehead and gave her sips of water. I held her hand and kissed her and mostly I prayed that she and the twins would be OK. My prayers were answered. The births took almost twelve hours; she was unbelievably beautiful holding our daughters and nursing them. I couldn't believe how tiny they were—just over five pounds each—as I held each one of them, thanking God for the miracle of life.

We named them Ashley and Amber. We were home a few days later. I hired a nurse to help Andie through the first few weeks; I had so much to learn. Even the pre-natal classes we attended couldn't have prepared me.

Gradually, things returned to normal. I knew we were ready for sex again one Friday when I returned from golf to find a note on the door: "Take your shower and put seachniza wife sex story kerala on. I'm sure you know what else to wear. Meet me in the living room—you have ten minutes from the time I hear the door close." My cock cage and leather collar hung from the door knob.

I rushed in to the bedroom, shedding my clothes and throwing them into the hamper in my closet. I showered quickly, not wanting my Mistress Andie to wait—I was eager to begin.

I dried my body then put the collar onto my neck and the cage onto my cock. I locked each into place with the small padlocks. I hurried into the living room naked to find Andie lounging there wearing a black corset that exposed her luscious breasts and kittens poke studs anal with monster strapons and squirt cream monstercock splashing pussy.

She smiled as I knelt at her feet, my head down in submission. I knew this was going to be fun. Andie took this seriously, requiring that I call her "Miss Andrea." She rose and walked behind me. She grabbed my wrists and the next thing I knew handcuffs restrained me. "You can see I've been busy. Amazing what you can buy on the internet." She leaned down to kiss my cheek. "They're not too tight, are they?" I shook my head.

She leaned me back onto the carpet. "Now, be quiet. I just put the twins in for their nap and I don't want to wake them. Do I need to gag you?" Again I shook my head. Moving to my feet she produced a spreader bar, locking my ankles to it—my feet more than three feet apart.

"I need to cum, but unfortunately you're locked up. Hmmm, what can I do? I suppose I could use your tongue, but I need something else. I know&hellip." Miss Andrea strode over me and with an evil smile lowered herself onto my cock cage.

She spread her labia and rubbed herself back and forth on the stainless steel cage. The vertical bars would stimulate her, but the cross bars would rub her clit and she could control the pressure with the angle of her body.

"Oh, this feels so good. Too bad you're not feeling anything, but, then this is about my pleasure isn't it?" "Yes, Miss Andrea your pleasure is all that matters." "My--what a good compliant boy you are. Maybe I'll reward you, but not now. It's much too soon for that. I'm at least three orgasms away from doing anything for you.

Oh, God…I'm going to cum. It's so good…so delicious." Miss Andrea shook and trembled, opening her mouth for a silent scream before collapsing onto my chest. I would have held her were I not handcuffed and restrained. My cock ached within its prison, pressing painfully against the bars.

After ten minutes Miss Andrea rose. "Well, my boy…that's one. Let's hope we get to you. We may have to stop if our children wake up. Now, what to do for my next orgasm? I know…" She rose again and walked to her chair. From behind it she brought out a paper bag from the market. She walked in front of me, taunting and teasing me with her actions and movements, bending to show her cleavage.

Damn! I wanted to get my hands on those succulent breasts, my mouth on that delicious cunt. I was startled when she pulled a strap-on from the bag. "Yes, darling I got this on the internet, too and I can't wait to try it on you.

See…there's three vibrators—two for me and a nice big long one for you. This will be such fun. OK, it'll be fun for me—you, I'm not so sure." My cock was throbbing as she pulled me up and flipped me over. She moved me back so my ass was up and accessible to her.

I felt the cold lube being applied to and into my ass. "Now, hold still. If you fall when I push into you I'll have to punish you. You don't want that, do you?" "No, Miss Andrea I want it to good for you. I'll push back." She petted my head and kissed my back. She gripped my cuffed hands for leverage and pushed the long vibrator into me. I pushed back and a few minutes later I could feel it slide into my anus.

Once in Miss Andrea proceeded to fuck me. At first it hurt terribly—enough to dissuade me from ever trying to fuck my wife's ass—but in time that pain turned to ecstasy, or it would have if only I could have done something—anything-- with my cock. It pressed mercilessly into the cage, but try as it could I was unable to become erect or reach orgasm. I was nothing but a tool for my mistress's use.

Miss Andrea was pounding my poor ass as the vibrators in her cunt and ass drove her to her second orgasm. My only cue was her breathing which was becoming rapid and ragged. When she came she drove into me so hard I moved forward six inches. She fell forward onto my back, the vibrators still in their respective holes.

My butt was sore when she finally pulled out. Fortunately, she did not ask me to clean any of the vibrators with my mouth. She stood as if in thought for several minutes then turned me over onto my back. She kneeled, her legs on either side of my head.

"Go ahead—smell me. Breathe deeply. You love that, don't you? Unfortunately, that's as close as you're going to get. Now lean your head back—I want to use your chin." I looked at her questioningly.

"That's right--I'm getting off with your chin. Your reward is you get to smell the whole operation. If you're lucky you might get some of my cum in your mouth." She held my ears to lock my head in place while she moved down toward my neck and up. Slowly she began to rub against my chin, making slight adjustments to get just the right position and just amber rayne puts on her cheerleading outfit right pressure on her clit.

In a moment she was rocking furiously. I did get my reward as more than a few droplets of her sweet nectar fell into my open mouth. She came suddenly and strongly and when she did she moved her cunt over my mouth telling me, "Lick me…clean me." I did so eagerly, cleaning both the outside and inside of her cunt, removing every vestige of her orgasms. I enjoyed my service; my cock, however, did not. It strained more forcefully than ever against the cruel steel bars of its confinement.

Miss Andrea sat atop me for a few more minutes, resting and regaining her strength. She had so far experienced three intense orgasms; I'd give anything for just one. Miss Andrea rose, bent over, again exposing her breasts to me, teasing me again.

"I'll bet you'd love to get your hands on these beauties, wouldn't you?" She rubbed them into my face as I nodded enthusiastically, but when I tried to lick them attractive hottie needs a lusty taming pornstar hardcore pulled away laughing, "Naughty, naughty—do I have to punish you?

I think I'd love to see your ass a nice pink, or maybe cherry red." She pulled me up and stood behind me, "Don't move." She returned a second later with a blindfold and a few seconds later with a leather ball gag, telling me, "This time I think I do have to gag you. No—don't complain. I did not give you permission to lick my tit, did I?" She pushed the soft ball into my mouth and fastened the straps behind my head.

She stood behind me with her hands on my elbows. She turned and pushed me; I followed her directions until she bent me over the chair with my head down just below the seat. I was helpless in this position, especially with my hands cuffed behind my back.

What next? I found out quickly when she paddled my ass. She alternated between cheeks, spreading the punishment all around my butt. It was enough to make me cry, but she stopped suddenly and pulled me up.

"I'm taking your elbows and directing you. Just follow me, OK?" I nodded and allowed her to push me along. She stopped, telling me to stand perfectly still. A few minutes later she removed the gag, massaging my cheeks. "Are you OK, dear?" I nodded. "Stay right here and don't move." I had no choice—I had no idea where I was; Miss Andrea had pushed me all over our house.

It was like a kids' game of pin the tail on the donkey where you're spun around until you lose all sense of direction. I stood perfectly still until I felt her soft smooth breasts against my back.

She reached around me, placing both hands on my sensitive balls. I moaned in the agony of being stimulated until suddenly my cock was free. She slowly stroked me—I was hard in an instant after all the denial and teasing she'd given me. "Well, I see someone's very happy to be released." "Yes…thank you, Miss Andrea." "No, sex with a dirty girl and rough hardcore hd threesome brittney white takes it hard as they used to say at Elvis concerts, Miss Andrea has left the building.

It's just you and me, dear. Let me get your hands free I can't wait to have them roaming all over my body." The key freed me and the cuffs fell to the floor. I removed the blindfold to find myself at the edge of our bed. I turned and pulled Andie to me. We kissed passionately—wildly—and my hands did indeed roam over every inch on her lush body. It had taken Andie less than a month for her body to return to its pre-pregnancy form and I was enjoying it immensely.

I broke the kiss to sweep her into my arms and lay her gently onto the bed. "I love you so much, Andie. You're not only beautiful, you're smart and clever and creative, too." "Adam…shut the fuck up and fuck me. It's been too long and I can't wait another second." I climbed between her legs, moved my cock to her slit and pushed. Andie was right—it had been much too long. The sensations of her cunt gripping and squeezing me were incredible.

Andie rose to meet me as she wrapped her long legs around my waist. She placed her hands behind my head and pulled me into a long steamy kiss while we fucked madly. Unfortunately, all the teasing had its anticipated effect—I came quickly. Perhaps it was for the best—we heard a cry and then a second—our twins were awake.

CHAPTER 6 FAMILY LIFE Amber and Ashley were identical in every respect save one—thank God Amber had a tiny birthmark on her right butt cheek. Even being with them every day I had trouble telling one from the other. We went naked to their cribs. Andie nursed Ashley while I prepped a bottle for Amber. We alternated between breast and bottle—giving each girl a half bottle and the rest from Andie's breasts.

It seemed to work and according to her doctor it was safer than trying to nurse both at the same time. I held Amber and rocked her as I warmed the bottle in the microwave. I tested it on my wrist before slipping the nipple into my baby's mouth.

I got goose bumps every time I said or thought the words "my baby!" I walked into the living room and sat next to Andie. I kissed her cheek as we fed and burped the girls.

We switched when the bottle was empty. I carried Ashley to the kitchen to get her bottle. Andie was giggling when I returned, "I'm leaking all over the couch. I hope it's not ruined." "I don't care. It's not as important to me as you are. We finished the feeding then changed the girls and put them into their playpen.

I started the mobile; they always cooed at the motion and music. We were just about to return to bed for another fucking when the doorbell rang. I turned to get a robe when I heard Jody call out.

I walked naked to the door. "Hi, Adam…oh, sorry…I guess I interrupted young hairy couple and old man fuck girl in forest xxx hungry woman gets food and fuck There was a tear in her eye. "What's wrong, Jody?" "Tim and I had a fight. I'm sorry to intrude, but I don't know what to do." I assured her it was OK before I returned to dress.

We talked for over an hour with Jody. She had asked Tim to set a date for their wedding and it led to an argument—Jody wanted to marry right away; Tim thought it better to wait. It escalated out of control and soon they were screaming at each other about totally unrelated issues.

I was pretty sure that Tim would call and soon so I wasn't at all surprised when it rang. I was surprised though when it wasn't Tim—it was Sheriff Wells from West Virginia.

I had spoken just a few words to him when we had gone to Jody's rescue. I took the phone and walked to the kitchen. I listened carefully to what he said. Then I gave him some directions and hung up. "I'm glad you're here, Jody. I have some news about your father; that was Sheriff Wells on the phone. It seems that your dad made some enemies in the county jail. He was overheard insulting and using the 'N-word' at a bunch of black guys and they got him last night in the shower. He was beaten up pretty badly, but the authorities didn't realize he had a serious head injury.

He bled into his brain and julia ann teaching her young lesbian friend pussy licking and pussylicking killed him. I'm sorry." Neither Andie nor Jody moved, nor did either shed a tear. Finally, Andie spoke for both of them, "We're not. He raped us repeatedly, sold me into slavery, and tried to sell Jody.

I think we're only sorry it didn't happen sooner." "The sheriff also asked about the money—the $10,000. I told him to take half and contribute it to their widows and orphans fund and to send the other half to Sheriff Jamison. I'll send an email tomorrow authorizing it.

If we do nothing they'll bury him in the prison's cemetery. I assume that's what you want." Both nodded. That's when the phone rang again. "Hi, Tim. Yes…she is here and she's upset. No…no…I think it would be better if you come tomorrow morning after things have calmed down. OK, come at nine. We'll be up and we can have breakfast together. Yes…I'll tell her." I hung up. "OK, you heard…that was Tim.

He was very concerned about you and he wants to talk with you. He told me to tell you that he loves you." Jody broke into tears again. I sat next to her and held her as she cried into my shoulder.

I consoled her, repeatedly telling her that things would work out. Jody stayed for dinner and slept in her old room. Andie and I retired early and we spoke for a long time before succumbing to sleep.

"What's going to happen tomorrow, Adam? I'm worried about Jody." "Well…if they really love each other I think they'll compromise and work things out. If they don't…I guess they'll go their separate ways." "OK, too bad this had to happen today—I wanted to talk to you about this afternoon.

How did you feel while I was cumming all over you?" "How did I feel? Horny…frustrated beyond belief…my cock felt like it was going to burst in that cage and then when you paddled me it made me even hotter." "I have to tell you—I thought I would enjoy controlling you, but I didn't.

I cried terribly when I was paddling you—that's why I stopped. All I wanted was your arms around me, holding and caressing me, stroking my pussy and kissing me. Would you be upset if we didn't do it again?" "It was fun, especially after it was over, but…no, I won't be upset.

I love making love to you and being your equal partner is all I could ever ask for. I told you how I felt about Natalie; I feel double about you and I have to tell you—all my golf buddies can talk about is the time you kissed me and flashed them. I don't think they'll ever get over it." Andie leaned over and kissed my cheek. I turned my head and our lips met.

Then nature took its course. We were all over each other. Blankets flew as Andie moved over my body. She ran her slit over my cock; I hardened in seconds and when I did my cock disappeared into Andie.

We continued to kiss—the kisses of a lifetime—as we fucked each other as hard and fast as humanly possible. We were so hot for each other we couldn't possibly last long. I blew into her hot cunt only minutes after we began; Andie followed seconds later, shaking madly in my arms. Holding her tightly I reached for the blankets only to find them on the floor. We barely had the energy to pull them up; we fell asleep shortly, my still hard cock deep within her.

We were awakened by the cooing of our daughters around six. I got up and changed them both, bringing them back to bed with us. This was one of our favorite times of day. They were hungry but for some reason they rarely cried in the early morning. We held our children and talked to them, playing baby games and loving them. Andie nursed Amber while I heated up two bottles. We got out of bed around seven. Jody joined us thirty minutes later, her eyes red and puffy.

The more I saw of Jody the more I loved her. She was a big help to Andie without ever even hot amateur teen masturbates and sucks cock with cumshot asked. She took Amber from me, holding and playing with her. It gave me insight into her argument with Tim—she wanted a baby of her own.

Jody's help gave me the opportunity to organize breakfast which was a good thing because Tim was early—very early. He walked into the kitchen and stood silently. I could see his eyes were red, too. He and Jody just stood there a few feet apart for more than five minutes until I stood between them. "Listen, both of you, if you love each other you'll be able to put this behind you and work out your differences." I gave both of them a tiny nudge and that was all it took.

They came together hugging and kissing and crying—mostly crying. After five minutes Jody turned and asked, "Would you mind if we skipped breakfast?" We ate alone as we almost always did. Our twins were back in bed sound asleep. I put the dishes in the sink and we walked to the screen porch.

We sat quietly on the loveseat, Andie with her head in my lap. "Adam," she said tentatively, "please…don't be mad at me. I never went back on the pill. I timed our little adventure yesterday for my fertile time." I laughed and pulled Andie into a long hot kiss before pushing her up and leading her back to bed. She hugged me and told me how much loved me. Then she showed me. Jody and Tim worked things out and apparently Jody won the argument—they married three months later and she was three months pregnant.

I was the best man and Andie was the matron of honor although I never did figure out how she could be considered matronly. Jody was a beautiful bride. I had never seen Tim happier or prouder. He was almost as happy and as proud as I was. Andie was also pregnant—three months. Yes, she was very smart and very clever and most importantly—she was mine.

Busty girl wearing swimsuit in pool cabin

EPILOG Andie and I settled on three kids—enough to have a good sized family, but not so many that they would a mesmerizing japanese oral hardcore and blowjob to compete for attention. Once our son, David, was born I had a vasectomy. This way we could enjoy ourselves to the fullest without worrying about an unwanted pregnancy and Andie would still be fertile if I passed away and she remarried.

We had our kids early in our marriage so I'd be young enough to enjoy them. I'd be 79 by the time David graduated high school and 83 when he finished college. We tried to be the best parents possible.

We spent every minute with our children, but we also worked hard not to spoil them. Even at an early age they earned money doing chores. Sure, a four year old can't mow the lawn, but they could set the dinner table and help clean up. We required that they save half of what they earned.

Too few people today understand the importance of saving—that's one of the big reasons why they're in debt up to their ears or even bankrupt.

We were very popular at their school. We were always available to chaperone hot blonde babe stuffed in the parlor for some dollars class trip or to assist in the classrooms.

We insisted over their objections that Ashley and Amber be in different classes whenever possible. They were together all the time and needed to develop their individuality. Andie grew up in a poor family so she knew nothing of investments—stocks, bonds, mutual funds, tax-frees, load and no-load funds.

When I retired I had a net worth of more than twenty-eight million dollars and when I met Andie it was more than thirty. I wanted to be sure that she would be taken care of if anything happened to me, and I wanted to know that some sharp operator wouldn't take advantage of her. I began to tutor her and she took several courses at our nearby university. Whenever I needed to change—buy or sell—I would discuss the issues and concerns with her.

It wasn't long before she knew as much as I did—maybe more. Although our twins were identical in appearance, in personality and interests they were like night and day. Ashley—the older by thirty minutes was all girl--Amber was a tom-boy. She was two when she asked for a football for Christmas. I bought her first set of golf clubs when she was three. We were practicing chips in the back yard when I first felt the pain. I lay on the lawn, and remaining calm I told Amber, "Run in to Mommy and tell her, 'Daddy sick, call 911.' Can you do that, honey?" "Yes, Daddy." She ran like a deer.

Minutes later Andie sprinted out the back door with the cordless phone in her hand, giving directions to the 911 operator. She cradled my head in her lap and after she phoned Jody to watch the children, she told me over and over, "You are not going to die. Do you hear me? You are not going to die." The wait for the EMT's was interminable—it seemed to take hours; actually it was only ten minutes. The ride to the hospital—well, it would have been a lot easier if they had allowed Andie to ride with me.

The EMT had me on an IV and ran an ECG, monitoring my heart all the way. I was shown directly to a bed in the ER and was met by Andie only five minutes later. I was glad she was with me when the doctor walked in and told us, "It's not a heart attack—your ECG is perfectly normal." We both breathed a sigh of relief until he continued, "However, we think you will need surgery to remove your gall bladder. The symptoms are very similar. We need to run a few tests." They ran their tests and I had full hot and pain full srx vidio two days later.

I was really down as I recovered until Andie brought our girls to see me. Technically, it was against the rules, but I always figured rules were made to be broken. They walked slowly into the room—I could see that Andie had warned them about their behavior.

She picked each one up to hug and kiss me. I had them sit on the bed, another rule violation—one on each side of my head. I went home the following day and they waited on me hand and foot. A month later I back to normal.

Andie took me aside after Jody's wedding and insisted that I do something. I had to agree—the Harley had to go. I drove down to the Hog Haven with Andie following in her Mustang. We walked in hand in hand. I saw Big Danny sitting at the bar and sat down next to him, "Hi there, Danny. You ever get your bike back?" "No, Doc they added all kinds of fees and shit.

I needed another three grand." "By the way, Danny I want you to meet my wife Andrea. Do you recognize her? You knew her as Angel." Danny stared unbelievingly as I continued, "We have twin girls and another on the way which is why I'm here. Buy me a beer and Andrea a Sprite." "Why should I? What the hell you ever do for me?" "Well, I did give you ten grand for your slave, but it's more for what I'm going to do.

Just do it, OK?" Begrudgingly Danny called the bartender, ordering our drinks. "OK, Danny here you go." I tossed a large manila envelope on the bar in front of him. "What's this?" "You just bought my bike. The keys, title, registration, and a bill of sale are all in the envelope." "But, Doc that bike must have cost you twenty-five grand." "Actually more, but Andie doesn't want me to ride. Let's face it, even if you're careful you can get run down by some asshole on a cell phone.

I'm sexy kenna has her beaver slammed hard to a big safe car. Here, you can have the beer—I'm driving." I took Andie's hand and we walked out leaving Big Danny with his mouth agape.

Tim and Jody had a very successful marriage which I'm sure was a relief to Tim after his disaster with Samantha. They had four children all spaced out about two years apart. Our families could not have been closer; Jody and Andie shared everything—too much in my opinion. That's how I learned that Tim was somewhat submissive, allowing Jody to practice bondage on him and even beat him with a paddle on occasion.

I wondered if that was part of the problem with Samantha. One day as we prepared to play golf I noticed Tim walking gingerly. The temptation to tease him was too great, "Jeez, Tim the last time I walked like that I was eleven and I'd just had the spanking of my life." It was too much watching Tim turn crimson so I continued much lower, almost whispering, "It's OK, buddy I enjoy some kinky stuff with Andie, too." I thought he would choke.

Another time I noticed some rope burns on his wrists so I suggested he might want to wear a long sleeved shirt—it was a hot and humid day in August! The bottom line, though, was that Tim and Jody loved each other immensely. They made a great pair and even greater parents. I've always believed in planning for the worst—if you do the worst rarely occurs. Andie and I had planned for my demise and it was a relief to syren de mer teaching jessica rex how to lick pussy that she and our kids would be OK if I did die.

However, I'm now 85 and still going strong. Amber and Ashley both attended an Ivy League university, graduating in the top twenty percent of their class. Ashley majored in Psychology and went on for her Masters. She works for a major hospital in Pittsburgh.

Amber majored in Kinesiology, studying to be a trainer. She was All-Ivy as a pitcher and outfielder on the softball team and a student trainer for the football team her junior and senior years. She is now an assistant trainer for an NFL team. Our son David is in medical school, hoping for a career as a radiologist. Andie has gained a few pounds over the years, but only a few. One sight of her naked body still gets me excited.

Our sex life is still as passionate as ever even though our frequency is down to twice a week. We still sleep naked and cuddle every opportunity.

Some of my younger friends amaze me when they talk about having sex with their wives once every two or three weeks. Andie and I would go crazy if we had to wait that long. We did one time when I had a surgery; I couldn't take it. I made her straddle my head while I ate her pussy to several orgasms while she returned the favor on my rock hard cock. The doctor scolded me for almost pulling out the stitches, but given the choice I would do it all over again—that's how much I love my wife.

All in all our life together has been a wonder. I often wonder what it would have been like had I not been in the Hog Haven that evening so many years ago. Then I realize how fate has blessed me…how fate dealt me a winning hand in the form of a gorgeous and slender brunette with really nice tits.