Hardcore group sex scene in a van

Hardcore group sex scene in a van
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"Doctors took all the tubes and IVs out of Mr. Swanson for the night. He only needs them during the day now.

Also, didn't have time to give Mr. Swanson a sponge bath, be careful with the soap and water around the tube insertion wound. Thank you" Lying on the hospital bed ten feet away from her was temptation incarnate. Rachel stared open mouthed as she put down the note she had just read. At the tan 6'4 hard muscle baseball player Adam "Golden Glove" Swanson.

He was in the prime of his life but now he was in a coma. Or at least that is what the doctors thought it was. He got knocked out by a fastball to the head - Just fell right over. There were no signs of brain damage so for all intents and purposes; Adam looked like he was just asleep in the bed.

And he looked damned sexy even doing that. As his night shift nurse of four weeks already, Rachel should have been comfortable with his sheer masculinity. But every time she walked into the room her nipples hardened into police wali ki sexy picture points and her panties would be soaked in a matter of minutes. Yeah she could chalk her reaction up to lack of sex but she had never reacted like this for a man.

Rachel untied the back of his hospital gown and pulled it slowly off his body. His chest was chiseled muscle with a perfect six pack. He had just enough chest hair to make things interesting for her nipples. The hair ran in a dark line bisecting his abdomen. Her eyes followed the line and widened when she saw his cock. It was massive. Even flaccid it was probably longer than her hand.

Trying to remain professional Rachel reached for the sponge and squeezed most of the water out.

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She began to wash his chest in little circles, slowly expanding until she had wet his entire torso. Damn she was getting hot. His chest was just so hard and perfect. Perfect for bracing her hands on while she rode him into the ground. Whew! She needed to sit down before her knees gave out. She had never been more aroused in her life, and he wasn't even conscious. Pulling the chair up to the side of busty mom angel allwood shares some love bed, Rachel sat down and put the sponge to her forehead.

She needed to cool down. She opened her eyes and her gaze immediately fell onto his dick. He was hard. Her eyes snapped back to his face but his eyes were still closed and the monitors hadn't registered any change in his condition. Her eyes had a mind of their own and they slid back to his thick cock. It was huge. Fully erect, it had to be around 9 inches.

She doubted she could even fit her hand all the way around it. Absently she trailed the wet sponge down her neck and began to caress her shoulders and chest. The sponge left a trail of wetness that the AC quickly cooled. Her nails lightly scraped her neck and she moaned out loud. Her hands traveled to her tits and lightly pinched her nipples.

She imagined his dick and how it would taste. She loved sucking cock. She imagined how the head would feel pushing past her lips and how much of his giant monster she could take.

She wanted to take it all. With her left hand massaging her breasts, her right hand slowly started to descend. She tucked it under the elastic waistband of her scrubs and slid two fingers down the lips of her pussy. She was soaking wet. She started to finger fuck herself while staring at his dick. It would feel amazing inside her pussy. She stuck three fingers in her dripping hole and tried to imagine it was him tied up hentai girl gets vibrators hardcore animated away inside her.

She had been too horny for too long. Four long weeks was too long to go in an almost constant state of arousal and she was ready for some dick. Jumping up and locking the door, Rachel stripped out of her clothes in a hurry.

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She didn't want to come to her senses and stop before she had a chance to taste him. Sitting back in the chair Rachel wasted no time and grabbed onto the base of his dick. She was right; there was a small space between her hand where her fingers couldn't quite meet. Licking her lips in anticipation, she lowered in head and blew hot air over the wet tip of his cock. It jerked in her hand and she smiled at the responsiveness sex wife xx story com the unconscious ball player.

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Her tongue traced the bulging veins from base to just beneath the head. He tasted just like he looked, heavenly. She kissed the tip and licked up the pre-cum with tongue, moaning at the taste. She was getting so worked teasing him, she ended up teasing herself instead.

Blonde teen fucks companion and girl fucked in jail tiniest in the agency needed some relief but she didn't want to give up her new favorite toy. With her mouth still on his dick she crawled onto the bed and straddled his left leg. Lowering herself until her pussy lips were settled on his lower leg, she began to rub and ride his leg with her mouth moaning around his dick. In an almost frenzy now, Rachel began to suck his dick like a madwoman.

Spit ran out the corners of her mouth and dripped down his shaft and balls and her tongue followed to clean up her mess. On the verge of cumming, Rachel released his dick from her mouth with a popping noise and slowly crawled up his body.

There was something exciting about using a guy without him being aware. Although she bet that if there was one thing a man would come back from a coma for, it would be pussy. So maybe she was helping him after all. She didn't care either way, she wanted his cock inside her and she wanted it now. Dragging her aching nipples over his abs, chest, then to his mouth, she moaned at the feel of his breath on her nipples.

She writhed above his body on her hands and knees. Rubbing her tits over his face and chest, wishing he was awake to suck on her hard nipples.

She reached up with one hand and scraped her nails over the tips, pretending it was him. Almost sobbing with need now, Rachel sat back on her haunches and straddled his waist.

Taking his massive cock in one hand, she rubbed the swollen head of his dick between her pussy lips and on her clit. She was already dripping with her juices, but a little clitoral stimulation never hurt anybody. Tired of teasing and waiting, Rachel lined his head up with her wet vagina and began to slowly lower herself.

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He was huge and the fit was almost impossible in this position. Determined to make him fit, Rachel rubbed her clit with her left hand and continued to lower her hips until he was completely inside her. Shaking and shivering with need, she rotated her hips and ground her clit down on his pelvic bone. Moaning at the sensation, Rachel restraint broke loose and she began to ride him with abandon. She wasn't worried about how she looked or his pleasure, this was all about her and it was incredible.

She came so hard she blacked out for a moment and woke up sprawled out on his chest with him still hard inside her. It didn't seem right to leave him satisfied so she turned around with her pussy poised over his face and swallowed his cock. He tasted like sex and her cum. She sucked at his dick greedily and slurped up all of her juices and his precum.

His heart beat monitor began to beep faster with her head movements and soon he was cumming in the back of her pal jerks off previous to beauties hardcore blowjob. His body tensed up and for a second she was afraid he had woken up.

She stood on all fours above his body staying perfectly still. When he made no further movement she crawled off his bed and onto the floor, completely spent. She weakly cleaned herself in the adjoining bathroom and pulled on her scrubs.

Satisfied that she was once again a professional nurse doing her job, she unlocked the door and picked up her sponge. Grinning, she had a patient that had been a naughty boy and needed to be cleaned.