Tiny asian girl destroyed by black cocks

Tiny asian girl destroyed by black cocks
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It had been, fuck, I don't know, I guess a couple of years if I had to guess, I had read aloud from the evil book. The Necronomicon Exmortis. In rough translation. The book of the dead. The mysterious book was bound in human flesh and even inked in human blood when the seas ran red with it.

A time when demons and other evil spirits roamed the planet.

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A day when there was no faith in any deity or morals. No god, no goddess. Just fear. These enduring creatures lost power when the first of the gods came. Then more and more was lost over time. Until many of them became nearly nothing. But some. The most powerful of ones created a series of books before they put themselves into a hibernation.

The books of the dead. One legion worth of Necronomicons. Each having a single unique power to raise a different Demon lord. I unintentionally rose Shaitan, Lord of the Light.

Or the Lord of the Shadows, Taker of Souls. Pagan magic is one of the only ways to defeat such a monster. He possesses you. Takes you. Feasts on your soul and when he feasts on five souls while he has been summoned once, and under a moon, once sunlight hits it pretty much resets.

The abomination will raise from the depths of the abyss and the sky will bleed again. Only problem was. He couldn't take my soul. He couldn't beat my will. It is not uncommon to fight off possession, but there're things that can make it happen faster. Blood loss, drugs, drinking, those are the main things. But the monster will try to make you harm yourself by giving someone illusions.

Makes them see things so they will harm themselves. An infection, things crawling inside their flesh. Spiders under their teeth. Rotting limbs and the rot is spreading. I have schizophrenia. So when I saw all this I figured it was my overactive mental psyche. Over the many, many, months I have learned to control it much better. I have almost complete control.

And sometimes… I let him out. I like the feeling I get when I let the beast underneath out. I feel free. I feel like his thoughts are mine and when he runs, hunts, kills (yes I allow him to kill.), I get a feeling of actual pleasure. When He rapes a girl I am in the best place ever because of how good it feels.

When he tortures I enjoy every waking second of assfucking with hot girl hardcore and blowjob. When he harms my body. Cuts me or bites into the flesh it feels amazing. As soon as I take control again all cuts, scrapes, burns and bites are gone. Just heal. Of course when I try to cut myself it hurts like a bitch. Fucking hate that shit. I am going to this little town called, whatever it was. Doesn't matter.

Spend some time here and boom get out, might release the beast for a while. You know it's kinda funny. My and Shaitan are actually becoming friends. We're talking quite a bit and share a lot. But of course, never trust a demon. Anyway, this town shouldn't be much of a problem. It's a bumfuck little hill billy lookin' town. A town of like maybe one thousand including everyone children and elders.

~Luke Cohen, *3 hours after entering the town* Luke's eyes slowly peered open. He let out a groan feeling quite a bit of pain on the top of his head. He was on a small little cot with a metal toilet at the back and a small barred window.

He looked left and saw a barred gate with two people standing at it. An older teenage girl, still young to him. But of course Luke was twenty eight.

So for all he knew this girl was ten years younger than him. She wore a reserved long skirt to her ankles that was colored a pink white and blue plaid and high heeled boots on. Her blouse was neatly tucked into her waist and was orange and laced white. Her hair was to her shoulders. A cool calm dirty blonde with timid blue eyes.

She had smooth and flawless skin. The man next to her was an older man in a sheriff's uniform. A shiny golden star badge. A peanut butter colored dress shirt tucked into olive green dress pants. He had sunglasses on and a cowboy hat. His belt was full, complete with a .45 magnum, a taser, hand cuffs, and little open parts of the belt filled in a line with bullets. He had a bushy mustache and a potbelly.

"Now you just thought to your little self you was gonna come into my town and cause trouble?" the sheriff asked. "Where the fuck am I?" "Watch how yer talkin' 'round my little girl, boy." "Daddy? What happened?" "Well, Hilary he's wanted in a few states for doing nasty things to some kind folk." He said smiling at her.

He turned his attention back to Luke, "Na, you do so much as twitch the wrong way I'm gonna come in there and knock some sense to ya. Got that buster?" he said in a serious tone.

He turned his attention to his daughter again. "Sweet pea? I'm just gonna go down the street to see and question some the folks in that there bar. It's gonna take a while so if ya want a lift home just to make sure yer safe I'll do that now." "Yes'm It's ok daddy, I wanna stay here and study the criminal." He gave her a big smile, "My little psychologist." he said before nodding.

The sheriff turned around and walked with his daughter whispering a few things to her before he left. "na remember, if'n he makes a grab at'cha, Clef in at the desk. Probably sleepin' but he has the ears of a cat and'l wake up if ya scream out. Ight?" She gave him a cheery looking nod. Luke rolled his eyes at anal dildo fuckers tight little hole gaped amp stretched kaz b amp tallulah two.

He even almost told them to get a room. But that would just invoke the wrath of the man who most likely has DIABEETUS! The girl closed the large steel door and locked it and then waved through the small circle of glass before walking up to the bars to see Luke laying on his cot with one arm over his chest and another arm under his head. Luke was a bit scruffy. Had and needed at a point whether he shaves it or lets lit grow to a beard.

Apparently they let him keep his tan cadet cap. He had a white t-shirt with an unbuttoned striped blue and white dress shirt over it wearing cargo tannish cargo short and tennis shoes. The white man seemed overly comfortable on the cot. He laid there for a good five minutes when he heard a noise coming from the far end of the room.

He lifted his head seeing a sheet of paper being printed. The girl, Hilary, told the piece of paper putting on a pair of confined black plastic glasses.

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Hilary had a small nose and almost puffy looking cheeks but not quite chipmunk, also nice full lips for her little bit larger then petite size. She was extremely cute and he would love to see the rest of her but of course, inches thick bars had something else to say.

"Luke Cohen. Twentyeight year old male wanted for, rape, forced sodomy, murder, torture, armed robbery, assault, battery, burglary, larceny and blackmail. Who'd ye blackmail?" she asked suddenly, "Some archeologist." He said half-heartedly, "why?" "For a piece of art I ended up selling for one mil in cash on the black market." "Ooo, one million huh? What did you threaten to do to him in order for him to give you somethin' worth one million?" she asked extremely interested scratching her neck.

"I threatened to unleash something worth then death upon him if he didn't." Her eyes widened a bit at that, "wow, you really are an evil man, aren't you?" He gave an open smile giving a quick chuckle, "Well, I just do what I have to get by, now there is… another part of me, another part that is evil, demonic even." He said still smiling with his arm now over his eyes." "Who ya kill?" "Men, mostly, a few women who I knew had some cash.

One child." "You killed a child!" she sounded disgusted as well as intrigued, "I found him while I was trying to rip a drug dealer off, used the kid a hostage. Bad hostage. I ended up hiding desirable ariel grace needed a gigantic manhood to screw he would've just shot the kid.

So I hid and didn't want the little prick telling anyone where I was so I hid with him. Then he starts crying I tried to shush him he wouldn't shush so I snapped the little fuckers head. That's when I decided all the rest of the innocents had probably cleared out and I unleashed the beast. Tore those bastards apart." He looked over to see her biting her lower lip staring at him. He suddenly stood up. Feeling a little light headed from dehydration but kept straight. "What's your interest in all this anyway?" he asked approaching the bars with narrowed eyes seeming more tired than accusing in anyway.

"You, Luke Cohen, are an evil, evil man. That's what I think. I think you are a filthy human being." Suddenly her hands went to her hair with a few scrunchies making pigtails. Then they fell to the top of her blouse and began unbuttoning, "A filthy man who is a diabolical and dirty mind.

A filthy animal! A wild beast!" she raved as she got a little more than half way down revealing a thick, black leather bra pushing her cleavage up quite a bit. She took off the blouse tossing it. "But." She started unzipping the large brass zipper on the side of the long skirt before sliding the skirt down.

"So am I. And I am the animal that tames the other animals and punish them." Subconsciously Luke pinched himself just to make sure he wasn't dreaming. He wasn't. She had on a shiny leather pair of panties and something that was almost like leather belt but it connected to the fishnet stockings she wore that went under her knee high leather boots. She smiled wickedly at him as she started walking away looking back at him.

Her panties were really a very skimpy g-string that was almost lost between her white round ass cheeks. The high heels clicking every step. She turned the corner making sure the door was locked still. She then turned to her right and grabbed something off the wall.

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She suddenly turned the back around the corner with a whip. She then grabbed a lever and pulled it suddenly the iron-gate opened. Luke began to step out when the whip cracked at his feet. "You can't leave yet you nasty animal. I haven't said come. You are a wild little beast aren't cha? I'll just have to tame you then won't I?" she said very provocatively. Shaitan screamed at him and felt like he was beating himself against the inside of his head trying to escape.

"LET ME HAVE HER! LET ME HAVE HER! YOU KNOW HOW GOOD IT FEELS! LET ME OUT!" he shouted at him over and over. She walked up to him almost a full foot shorter then he was she put a gentle hand on his cheek and planted a gentle kiss on his lips, a kiss that turned to her shoving her tongue in her mouth quickly.

She had a long and slender tongue. It slipped around his tongue and his cheeks. She tasted so sweet, his fingers started going up her thigh, so soft and tender, his fingers reached her pussy rubbing slowly, so tight, and wet. "Do it." She put her lips to his throat gently kissing it before letting her tongue slip out to lick him. She stopped, hearing a feral animalistic sounding growl. She twisted around in fear looking at the cell door.

A throaty clicking came along with the sound of a snap like from a bone. She looked up quickly hearing the noises again. She gasped standing suddenly backing away, an expression of terror locked on her face. What stood before her was impossible. A second ago Luke was a normal man, but now his skin was pale, his eyes sunken and they were pure white but black around them. In parts throughout his cheeks it looked purple as black veins appeared all over.

His hair now greasy and had random cuts all over his body. His clothes were tattered and blood seemed to be spreading across his body. His fingertips were black as a forked tongue slowly slipped out with an evil smile. The iron gate slammed behind her with a screaming clunk.

She jumped turning around. She screamed once before running to the gate and grabbing it with her hands trying to get it open, pulling on it with all of her might. She screamed out for help when she suddenly became very quiet.

She heard the clicking right by her ear. Hands grabbed her wrists lifting them to her sides as she felt a tongue slowly glide up her neck. Nodules came up from the monstrous man's stomach through long red lines. Hands slowly erupted from the creatures belly as gore fell to the floor with a sickly splatter.

They grabbed at her back, the hands slipping around her hips and worked their way down as she screamed for someone to help her. Trying all that she could to get herself free. It's hands grasped her ass with greedy intent moving her g-string out of the way, blood now smeared all over her backside. It thrust its pelvis forward slowly slipping between her ass cheeks.

She was suddenly still with a horrified expression locked on her face, tears welling up, her mouth opened with a disgusted shutter. She grasped the bars pulling herself forward clutching the bars feeling the head of the phallus press against that tight virgin hole.

Her cheeks clenched around its phallus as it pressed forward, the large member slowly spreading her little asshole very painfully. It smiled evilly as her face was pressed a big hard dick gets to fuck ceces tight pink pussy against the bars her eyes closed in pain and tears.

The creature pressed its face up against hers grinning wickedly as it lurched its cock through her tender flesh.

His forked tongue slipped out slipping up her face tasting the salty wetness of her tears. It made a sudden frenzy in the beast as it became savage thrusting itself the rest of the way in and started pounding her ass rapidly. She screamed out with closed eyes in pain, her leg stomped the ground over and over in any kind of defiance.

The hands gripping her wrist finally released going around and grasping her breasts through pregnant blowjob from european milf from ceech republic leather bra. The hands grasped the edges of the bra tearing it down sliding back up feeling the bare flesh of her soft breasts. The monstrous creatures savage assault on her ass didn't deter as she actually began to stop crying and screaming.

The pain was subsiding while his large member slid in and out of her now gaped asshole. Going out until the tip and ramming back in, his pelvis slamming her butt cheeks. There was no resistance at this point. Reality hit for the poor young girl. This creature was stronger smarter and more dominant then she could ever hope to fight.

Suddenly it rammed into her ass with a sudden and strong jerk lifting her off the ground as Hilary gasped, she felt her asshole fill up with a warm almost hot liquid. It pulled out slowly. She could feel the hot sticky goo leak from hot ebony nia nacci fucks her bffs exbf asshole but she couldn't deny how good it felt.

It made her extremely aroused and wet. The monster sudden twisted around throwing her body like it was a rag doll. She hit the bars landing on the cot held up by two chains. Hilary writhed in pain, her hands going back to feel the tender red skin on her back.

She opened her eyes to see the monster standing above her. She gasped as she started to roll off the cot. The creature grabbed her and manipulated her body so that her knees were on the floor and upper torso was bent over the cot. Two hands spread her nice soft smooth legs as the other two grasped her pigtails. It took no time ramming itself between her tender wet folds.

Her pussy was soaked and felt like it squished when she felt the monsters hard almost burning hot cock in her young little pussy. She cried out in a scream of desperation and pleasure. She had to admit, it felt so good, it was so hot, but she wouldn't allow herself to succumb to it.

She couldn't. She knew how wrong it was. However in the back of her mind she wasn't convinced of that. Could she allow herself to give in to such a disgusting urge. Suddenly. She moaned.

She gave a soft whimper of a moan then another and soon the moans became rhythmic and loud. She had always dominated in these cells, but she had to admit, she loved being dominated back. Her hair being viciously pulled, the other two hands work at work by her privates, rubbing the back of her thigh up and down, and the other hand grasping her right ass cheek and giving it a harsh smack every few moments.

Giving a shiver as another orgasm washed over her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her body began to quake. Her body craved it, she felt as if one last orgasm would make the world ok and everything serenity. She wanted, and needed that one last one at least. The thrusts of the monster xxx full sex stories mirej porn to make her quiver again she closed her eyes shut forcefully as her mouth opened wide when suddenly the cock was pulled from her tender wet lips.

The cock slowly slipped back in keeping her on the verge of cumming. "Do you want to orgasm?" the demonic voice asked, "Yes!" she cried seductively and desperately, "Swear your allegiance to me!

Promise me your soul!" "Yes!" she cried only half aware of what she was saying, "What'ver ya want! Just finish me!" "Say, 'I swear my soul and undying loyalty to you Shaitan!'" he roared, "I swear my soul and undying loyalty to you Shaitan!" The monster gave a large shove into her pussy.

She squirted cumming until she screamed to the top of her lungs as her pussy filled with Shaitan's seed. She slowly collapsed from the bars exhausted and unconscious. Shaitan left the cage and lifted her hand towards the door as it unlocked and whipped open, the girl in his hands.

He walked to the lobby as the man police officer at the desk stood up yelling something almost incoherently trying to pull his revolver from his hip as the evil demonic lord looked over to him with glowing red eyes burning with a small black smoke. In less than a moment's notice the man was engulfed in flames. Shaitan took his newest prize and walked out of the sheriff's station, an evil grin spread across his vile face as he walked out the front doors.

Fire beginning to spread across the police station walls. Luke eyes slowly opened. He slowly rolled his head to the left, desert. Then to the right, a town on fire and sirens culminating chaotically. He sat up to see the demons seed all over his lap and the girl Hilary asleep between his legs, her face covered in cum. He slowly rolled her off and stood up. 'It happened again, I let him take all boobs pressed and nipple sucked while sleeping of control.

This is getting too out of hand. I let him out and people die, a lot of people die. He told me that the taking of the souls was just so that he could build an army for later long after I was dead. But now I think he has another purpose to it. It makes him more powerful, gives him some sort of power in terms of binding.

I think he is combining our souls. I've been having thoughts that do not seem to be my own. No, they couldn't be mine they are too devious and evil. I think if I keep letting him out, we will be one. I will not allow this to happen. I need to find someone who can decipher this entire book. Someone who can reverse this and get rid of Shaitan from me for good.

For now I move on, to the next town. Perhaps I will find luck… then again. I have never been lucky. But it's hard, I loved it when I let him go, it felt so… amazing. Raping that poor clueless girl over and over. Her tight little ass and… These are the thoughts that are taking over. I have to stop it. I have to stop him. Soon I won't know where he ends and I begin.'