Blond cute waiter bonks everyone striptease hardcore

Blond cute waiter bonks everyone striptease hardcore
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Info: My mother is old and a bit chubby. but so sexy. this does get a little tabooish and perverted. so if your not up to it, this isn't the story for you. Also, this is my first story, constructive criticism is appreciated. I'm your average 16 year old guy.

I go to school, hang out with friends, and masturbate often.

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On the other hand, I have many different fantasies, all of them revolving around my gorgeous mom. who i have fantasized about for many years, and have attempted to fulfil, but none the less. failed. Before i continue, let me clarify things up a bit. Im 6 foot 1, weigh 180 lbs, brown eyes, long brown hair, average 7 inch dick, and everyone says i have that adorable baby face. I do get sex often, but I still cannot stop fantasizing about my mother. She is about 5 foot 9, weighs 220 lbs, long brown curly hair, defined face but still sexy, and a wonderful set of tits, a 38 D cup.

How i wish to suck and play with those tits.

Now, I take every oppurtunity I can get to spy on my mother. When she showers, she often leaves the door unlocked and our mirror is located right next to the curtain so i can see her lucious body. The most I've ever done in reality is see her tits and her fingering her slightly hairy pussy. It was the most arousing and erotic thing I've ever seen, but I'm getting ahead of myself, let me explain this day.

I was 14 years old and it was a saturday morning. I woke up to the sound of the water running and knew that my mom was in the shower. She didn't expect to me be up this early I'm guessing (it was 8 am) because she left the door open. I sprang up from my bed and ran to the corner near the bathroom, and sat their, with a raging hard on, the kind that hurts. I heard soft moaning and immediatly i whipped out my cock and started stroking it.

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I got a little braver and went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. My cock sprang up even more by what i saw. She was sitting on the floor of the tub with the power massage of the water spraying her tits, her hips were raised, and she had FOUR fingers in her asshole. and she was fucking herself really hard. I started jacking off really fast and it felt so amazing. watching my mother. her tits gleaming in their magnificent glory as water mmv films the maid has huge tits down her body.

her asshole was accepting the pounding and begging for more. I accidentally let a moan slip. (from here on, it's fiction) My mom opened her eyes suddenly and sprang open the curtain and saw me, she gasped and said you naughty boy, watching your mother play with her wet pussy.

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The way she talked made my cock harder and I decided to finally make that move. I took off my clothes and got into the shower and pulled her up and pushed her up against the wall and started kissing and licking her neck all the while i was exploring her soaking wet cunt with my fingers. It was the best i guess im gonna fuck him jorani james at a gloryhole I had ever felt.

Mature, experienced, she was as tight as my gf but a little looser. I couldn't wait to plunge my love stick deep into her tunnel of desire. My mom didn't try and stop me, she just stood their with her fingers stroking my hair, moaning dirty things such as mmm yes satisfy your mommys lust. All the while she talked I did more and more. I plunged two fingers into her love canal and started finger fucking my mom, kissed down to her chest and licked and caressed her nipple with my tongue while using my fingers to satisfy the other.

My moms tits are and will always be the best. She urged me to do more and I responded " Yes mother. I will do more. " I anxiousally got on my knees and used my fingers to spread open her lips. their was an immense scent of love juice and I could feel the warmth envelop my senses. I lashed out at her slit once, twice, three times, then rapidly attacked her with my tongue.

Swirling motions, showing her all the desire I had for her with psychical actions. I got to her clit and had her squirming in seconds. She pulled me up and got on her knees herself and took my manhood into her mouth all at once.

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not bothering to take her time. She just sucked and sucked and I couldn't take it anymore " MOMMMM IM GUNNA CUMM. GUNNA FUCKING CUM! " she kept on sucking but even faster and I felt the familiar tingle as I shot the biggest load of my life into my mothers mouth.

I pulled her up and kissed her on the lips and said follow me. and so it began. I pulled her into her bedroom and threw her onto the bed, got on top of her, spread open her legs, and plunged into her fuck tunnel as hard as I could. It was the most AMAZING feeling I had ever felt. Warm. velvet. moist and extremely tight.

I began pumping inside her. Moaning in ectactasy. I knew I wasn't going to last long and I didn't care, I just kept pounding my mom. she was talking like a filthy whore "yes baby fuck your mommy.

fuck your mommys cunt!" but she was breathing so heavy it was hard to understand her. I kept at it until i finally couldn't take anymore and i thrusted in deeply and didn't even have time to say anything. My seed was in her and I felt it mixing in with her lovely cunt juice.

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Once i pulled out she sprang onto her hands and knees and spread her ass cheeks " I want you to fuck mommies ass! " I defintally had no problem with that and i got into position, and just for good times sake, I plunged 3 fingers into her pussy and used the juices to lube up her asshole.

I got behind her and lined up my cock and slid into her ass. This was a feeling like no other. Warm. VERY warm. And it milked my cock. Sucked me in deep.

I instictivly started pounding my moms tight asshole. It wasn't very long before I was passed out next to her. Cum all over the bed. and sweating heavily. After that day. I fucked my mom every chance I got. Maybe i'll make a sequel