Sexy tattooed blonde trixie star is filmed during her first anal

Sexy tattooed blonde trixie star is filmed during her first anal
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During my youth, around my 19th Birthday I decided that I'd go to visit Slovenia for the 3rd time with my family, we were born there and immigrated to the U.S. I was age 15 when I first returned traveled to Slovenia, and although it's a beautiful country I found myself obsessing over my 41-year-old Aunt Eva.

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From the moment we arrived in the village where my dad grew up, and where she remained all this time, I couldn't help but notice her huge, full breasts with nipples that constantly seemed to be protruding from her cloth dress, and her long, strong legs that lead up to a big but still tight ass that was accentuated by the way her dress clung to it. Since it was always nearing the end of summer, traveling required, lighter, more revealing clothes, luckily for me this meant I got to see more of my Aunt.

I'm not a big guy, about 5'8", but well-built and lean from rock climbing. I may not look it, but I actually have a pretty thick cock that's just over 8 inches. All my life all of my girlfriends were surprised at my size and often told me it's uncommon to find a guy as good-looking as me with this added bonus. Although I'd say I'm pretty promiscuous, and by my 3rd trip to Slovenia I'd had sex with only 3 girls and tried fairly nasty things with them, I couldn't understand why I was infatuated with my Aunt in this way, I never thought of myself as incestual, and I had never considered incest an real possibility.

Though I didn't notice it before, on my 3rd trip my Aunt's daughter, or in other words my first cousin, had turned into a young woman. Although there had been sexual tension between me and my Aunt when I'd accidentally (on purpose) brush against her breasts while passing her in a narrow hallway, or helplessly stare at her in a towel after a bath, my cousin was just too young to think about in that way, about 10 at that time. During this most recent excursion my Aunt must have been about 45 and still looked great.

Though her breasts and ass seemed to be a bit droopier and her face a bit more lined, she made me hornier for her than I'd ever been. My cousin Daga on the other hand was the exact opposite, 14 years old and the budding image of jail bait (although having sex with someone this young is not considered too abnormal in Slovenia).

On this occasion I was torn between who I'd like to fuck more, my Aunt or my little cousin Daga, who had developed C-cup sized breasts that were bursting with growth, and also had her mother's long legs, leading to a round and firm butt. Her posture was very feminine, and when she cocked her hips I never failed to notice how it made one half of her tight ass protrude more than the other, and how perfectly it went back into shape when she put even weight on both legs.

Nothing could have prepared me for what happened the weekend before we returned. I was pretty sick of the country side and the long hikes, but my dad, being a very outdoor-oriented person, elected to go out again all day with my Aunt's husband and a few distant cousins. Being ready to go home and worn out from the time-change and long hikes every day, I decided that a day in would be nicer.

I was sitting in my room, when my Aunt called to me from her room, (I failed to mention I'm a pretty proficient Slovenian speaker), so without thinking anything of it I got up to go see what she needed. I had my shirt off because it was a pretty hot day and there isn't any legal age teenager lesbian babes stimulate holes conditioning hottie jaye summers gets all her holes stuffed pornstars and fingering the cottages, and when I walked into her room my jaw literally dropped in a mixture of astonishment, confusion, and excitement.

My Aunt was naked except for a pair of black lace panties that only partially covered her ass, and below on her knees with her hands tied tightly behind her back was my little cousin, gagged with a handkerchief. My Aunt towered over her, her large dark nipples contrasting against the fair skin of her big breasts was both a huge turn on and slightly intimidating.

I couldn't even imagine what I was about to get myself into, but I knew that I might never get this chance again and it that it might be the pinnacle of all of my fantasies. I uneasily approached my Aunt, who was glaring down at her daughter, and as I came to eye-level with her she simultaneously grabbed her daughter by the hair, forcefully shoved her mouth by the crotch of her panties, and locked me into a passionate kiss. I glanced down to see Daga trying to lick at her mom's clit through the thin cloth but was having difficulty because of the gag.

Eva broke away from me and roughly removed the handkerchief, and rolled her panties down her legs. As she brought them up from the ground I caught a distinctly acrid smell and saw her whitish lubricant coating the crotch of them. I was both appalled and fully aroused when she brought the crotch of them straight to Daga's open mouth, and placed it directly on her tongue.

My little cousin sucked hungrily at the cloth, and my Aunt grabbed her by the hair again and shoved the rest of the undergarment into her mouth, including the thin string that rested in her ass. Then Eva turned to me and pulled down my pants, which was a relief because my massive erection was starting to become bothersome, and when she took out my cock with her surprisingly strong hands I saw her eyes gleam and a wicked grin came over her face when she realized my cock was a lot bigger than she had anticipated it to be.

She dragged Daga, pulling her underwear out of her mouth, over to me and helped her to start sucking my dick.

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At first Daga did this slowly and gently, using her full lips to work my head, but then Eva, who was clearly a sadistic woman, started shoving her face deep onto my shaft so I could hear violent "Guh Guh" sounds coming from her throat. Eva also got down on her knees after a bit and started to suck on my heavy sac.

After a few minutes of face-fucking Daga, Eva apparently wanted to take things to a different level. After Eva had her turn sucking my cock, she made Daga clean it of her throat-slime, a job that Daga seemed eager to do.

My aunt turned around doggy-style, exposing her hairy pussy and slightly darkened asshole, and took Daga by the hair and shoved her mouth straight into it.

Slamming her face repeatedly into her, Eva commanded my cousin to stick out her tongue, and I had to control my lust as I watch this young, seemingly innocent girl tongue-fuck her mom's asshole. Every time her face hit my Aunt's ass it made it jiggle slightly but it was hard to pay attention to this while watching my cousin eat her mom's dirtiest of holes.

Occasionally my Aunt would pause and hold her daughter's face still so she could lick deeper inside her rectum. As I watched Daga's face eventually redden from lack of oxygen, I wondered for how long she would be able to keep this up.

Understandably, by this time I was so worked up that I needed to join in. Feeling both sorry and lustful for Daga, I pulled her away from her mom's crushing grip and laid her down gently on a nearby couch, unbinding her hands as I did so. With Eva watching, I removed her bra which was an unnecessary garment because her breasts were so perky they actually pointed slightly up.

Her nipples were light pink and puffy with growth, and as I softly sucked at them she let out a soft moan of delight. Eva also took her daughter's opposite breast and sucked it next to me while I fingered her wet pussy from behind.

I switched to playing with Daga's pussy over her underwear, but she soon became too wet and I pulled them down her legs. As I did so, a pleasant flowery scent reached me and I spread her legs open so I could see her better. A complete contrast to my Aunt, she was totally bald and tight, her delicate pink lips glistening. As I slid my tongue over her clit she squirmed and sighed, with my right hand I cupped her breast and my left hand was squeezing her ass cheek.

Before too sane lyne xxx story sex stories, Eva broke up our happy arrangement, and quickly set Daga to work again. Again, my Aunt went doggy-style in front of me and was holding Daga by the hair, but instead of making her lick her asshole she instructed me to fuck her.

I cupped her love handles while I pushed my rock-hard dick easily inside her well-lubricated pussy. Her pussy was roomier than the younger girls that I was used to, and I brought my cock completely out and drove it back in as far as I could repeatedly. As I brought her to climax, I observed her thick whitish quim coat my cock all the way down to the base.

She told me to stop fucking her for a moment, and twisted around so she could hold Daga's head in place on the small of her back.

"Suck" she commanded. My little cousin opened, and I removed my cock from my Aunt and slowly inserted it into Daga's mouth. She sucked hard at the tip, putting her hand on the base of my dick and as she took more of my cock into her mouth she brought her hand from the base to meet her lips, effectively collecting all of my Aunt's sour quim at her lips and with a quick circular movement of her tongue, slid it into her mouth and swallowed it with a slight gag.

These disgusting displays repeated on and on, and it became apparent that my Aunt clearly loved watching her daughter eat her pungent cum. Although my balls were strained as it is, there was still a ways to go.

I'd guess 10 minutes later my Aunt had guided my cock into her open ass, warmed up from Daga's tongue, and I was thrusting so deep that I could feel my groin grinding against her.

Though her ass was tighter, it wasn't as warm but the fact that my dick was buried deep into my aunt's big ass was almost too much. When I removed my cock it was glistening with all of the clear secretion from her colon, and the hot room was filled with the smell of my Aunt's fluids. When I took out my dick it made a popping noise, and I brought it to Daga who still had her head obediently waiting on her mom's ass.

This time without touching my cock, she put the head in her mouth and sucked hard again, going as deep as she could. I grabbed hold of the sides of her head covering her ears, and forced myself as deep into her throat as would allow. Daga cringed as she tasted the deep insides of her mom's colon. After 4 times of cleaning my cock of her mom's fluids, Eva decided Daga should have a turn.

Daga turned around doggy-style like her mom, and Eva sat in front of her with her legs spread, exposing her hairy vagina. Just above her slightly sagging stomach were her massive breasts. She took her daughter by the back of the head and forcibly placed her face at the bottom of her hole so she could lick at it, and periodically Daga would princess leia sucks and fucks for treats to remove her mom's pubic hair from her mouth.

While my cousin was concentrating on eating her mom's pussy, her moans could hardly escape her lips which were smothered by Eva's pov sex simulation impregnation fantasy reversecowgirl sexsimulation labia while I fucked her mercilessly from behind. My Aunt would sometimes cross one of her legs over the other with her daughter's head between them so that she would have to hold her breath while she tongued her mom's hole.

Daga's pussy was extremely tight, but was clearly used before (probably by her mom). Eva pulled my cock out of her daughter's aching gang bang for cuitie pie groupsex european and sucked it dry, showing no distaste at all. She licked her lips clean before forcing her daughter to lick her again.

I would lean over occasionally to grab hold of one of my Aunt's huge breasts and suck at her hard dark nipples. Eva suddenly stood up, and told me to fuck Daga in the ass. My cousin looked scared, and I don't blame her considering the heft of my cock, and I tried to ease it in but it wouldn't pass through her tight ass walls. My Aunt became frustrated and went livid, she spread Daga's firm ass cheeks wide showing her small pink hole.

"IN!" she shouted, and I had no choice but to listen. My cock was still wet from her climaxes, but it wasn't enough lube in my opinion for this kind of thing. As I brought my head into her asshole, my Aunt pushed hard on Daga's hips and with a soft popping noise and shocked gasp, half my cock disappeared into my little cousin's now de-cherried ass.

She eventually became inured to the feeling of it, though I don't think she ever fully enjoyed it. Eva told me to stop, and as I removed my stiff cock she whipped Daga around on her knees to face me. She was reluctant to have my dirty cock in her mouth at this point, but her mom strong-armed her face towards it and Daga had no choice but to taste the insides of her virgin ass.

Eva got down next to her and locked her into an intense, sucking kiss to enjoy the taste as well. At this point, I absolutely couldn't hold out any longer and my Aunt could surely sense it. She flipped over doggy-style again and spread her ass open from behind. She told me to fuck her hard and to come inside her ass. My climax was like none I'd ever experienced, and I felt my prostate spasm at least 6 times, each time shooting a massive load into her welcoming ass.

Eva quickly got off my dick, and had something in store for her daughter that nearly made me sick. She forced Daga to the floor and squatted over her face, so that all I all sixcy story mom nad san see was my Aunt's back and ass and half of my cousin's head, her mouth opened wide.

"Eat it", she commanded. With a soft squirting sound, she pushed what I thought was my entire load out of her ass into Daga's open mouth. My cousin gagged on the huge amount of cured semen, and tried to sit up.

However, my Aunt used her heavy ass to sit on her daughter's face, her protruding and swollen asshole now completely inside her mouth, and the force of her push didn't let Daga's mouth close. Oops i swallowed and i cant stop scene anarchy by the renewed but muffled squirting sounds she was pushing out the rest of my load. After 20 seconds of this unthinkable act, my Aunt finally got off and ensured that her daughter swallowed the contents of her full mouth.

Watching this nearly brought me to another orgasm, and I quickly grabbed hold of my Aunt and pushed her to her knees and started jacking off onto her tongue. I shot off another big load, but not quite as big as the first. She nearly swallowed, almost instinctively, but then that cruel look came over her again and she grabbed her still-gagging daughter and used her fingers to open her mouth.

She slowly spit a mixed, thick wad of her saliva and my cum into her daughter's mouth, and I thought that Daga wouldn't be able to handle it, but with the ceaseless persuasion of my Aunt she swallowed again. My Aunt told us to get cleaned up and washed before anyone returned. I was in total shock and in complete satisfaction and ecstasy. After all of this, the rest of the day went along as normal and my Aunt acted like nothing happened when the rest of the family returned, and I followed suit.

There's not a day that goes by where I don't relive this dream-come-true in my mind.