Pretty milfs taking care of fat dicks

Pretty milfs taking care of fat dicks
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"Double Penetration" By Blueheatt ____I had to find out what 'double penetration' meant, because if it meant what I think&hellip.I had to have some it&hellip.I'm 13 years old… I'm a girl, I'm curious as to what this means to me.

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I've snuck into my daddy's computer to find out&hellip.he knows I do it, but I have questions mama won't answer. My last venture was double penetrations, two dicks in one hole, seemed impossible&hellip.yet there on front of me&hellip. The girl was on her back with a guy underneath her, he was fucking her while a second guy was on top of her fucking in the same vagina&hellip.the noises she whispered were awesome&hellip.". oooh yessss!&hellip. you make me feel good!!!." She was about my age&hellip.they were making it happen&hellip.her little hips were moving with each moan.

Then they all started to growl along with moaning&hellip.she said…"ohhhh don't stop!" …when an jayden simone tricked into fucking a fat dick took place… The guy on the bottom let out with a moan and held her tight…the guy on top grabbed her hair and drove his self in&hellip.they all moaned and moaned& cum oozed out her&hellip.

I sat there with wet panties&hellip.never had I seen three people enjoy themselves so much&hellip. My vagina was itching to be rubbed. I headed for my room&…their must some way to simulate this.

I took old glove and pumped lotion in two of fingers. I tied them off, now I had two penis's. I inserted 1 of them, oh man that felt good&hellip.I inserted the 2 one&hellip.I waited for a minute it started to feel better&hellip.then I moved them in unison&hellip.oh man the chills…then heat…there.

My body craved more……and so did I&hellip. The next day, I went to the drug store to look at hair brushes. I found what I was looking for. I found 2 styling brushes, with 8" handles. I called Dana to spend the night…I told her my discovery and tonight was it. My bedroom was out back and we went to bed early&hellip.I showed her my find.

She giggled and said she couldn't wait. We both got naked and I went first&hellip.I was already wet&hellip.she looked at the hair brushes and said: (.".I've got something better…") She pulled from her purse a double dildo…2 dongs folded in half, side by side&hellip.she started rubbing it gently around my vagina&hellip.I was excited as I helped her ease it in&hellip.legs wide open… I took the first one&hellip.Ohhhh.

nice&hellip.she crawled up and got onto me&hellip.and eased it in her virgina. We put our arms around each other…our breathing was going crazy&hellip.I had never had a climax, and neither had she, but it was building and building.

"Ooooo Dana&hellip.its coming…it's …" Hot flashes came and we held each other tight&hellip.''…ooooo yessss' my first climax hit…then a second…OOOOOOOooo Yes…then a third&hellip.ooooo&hellip.she solo cute redhead fingers her pussy fingering hotgvibe me all over my face&hellip.our lips meet…and we just held it&hellip.(."I love this")…she whispered&hellip.

…We lay there for an hour…making it move. ------------------------------------------------------- I fell asleep and…I.& next session involved 2 boys…I talked 2 boys into trying it…we went up to my bedroom.

I laid the first boy down with his dick out, I lifted up my dress and spread my legs and put his dick in me, my back to his front&hellip.oooo…it felt good. The 2 boy put it in too…tight…face to face… There, they were squirming but we finally got it right…we all started moving together&hellip.".damn that feels good ." one boy said… …We all could feel one another as we heated up.

".oh that…feels&hellip.ooooo…so good…faster… '' Four hands feeling my tits…I was kissing one and feeling one butt cheek and I had one by the hair&hellip.they both touched bottom at the same time&hellip.''. "OOOhhhhh…euphoria" &hellip. &hellip.I felt the cum was injected from 2 dicks!&hellip.ohh.ohh.ohh."I love this"…ohhh.I yelled out&hellip.they didn't let up&hellip.

The one on top held my face and kissed and kissed me&hellip.the one on bottom grabbed my butt and they both pumped for all they were worth&hellip.


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the cum ran out all over the bed&hellip. …&hellip.I was smiling at there content faces… .and we all pumped slowly till more boys came, I kissed them and they took there places&hellip.oh jez…oh.oh.oh…everyone's cum was shooting all over the place&hellip. --------------- I woke up& a hot sweat… I had my finger in my vagina up to the end…it felt so good to touch bottom&hellip.ahhhh.

My dad noticed that I had been playing in the computer&hellip.he came in my room that night&hellip.he left the lights off.

He laid down beside me and started to play with my vagina. I open up so he could play&hellip.ohhhhh…it felt good…he got right down and licked my vagina. Oooooo it tingles and caused me to start humping his mouth.

Wow did that ever feel good. I held his head and went as fast as I could. He got excited and came up and put his dick in my vagina&hellip.oooooo…that's what I wanted. My vagina was already wide open so it slipped in. (.".so you like 2 dicks in 1 vagina?" well lets see&hellip.")…another figure appeared&hellip.he slipped underneath me and slipped it in&hellip.he was my uncle.

I was in heaven…two dicks in 1 hole… I loved it&hellip.they started in kissing me and started pumping me&hellip.two handsome men& vagina was tingling with feeling. They started in harder than before&hellip.oh boy&hellip. A groan and I "OOoooo".I felt a huge flood of cum and another from other dick…"OOOOhhhhhhhh" I felt dizzy from all the shots of cum…"OOOooohhhhhh" I cried out&hellip.they pumped & pumped till I just slowly just wiggled&hellip."mmmmmm"…I said&hellip.

------------------------------------ I didn't have to wonder…I knew what it felt like…every time mom went somewhere, my uncle & dad took me out to the shack, they showed me again what it was like…(we could yell out&hellip.OOOooooo…there.)