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Fat slut uses her big tits to make a bbc cum
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James and Andy were brothers. James was 15 and Andy 8. They were very close and were more like best friends than brothers.

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Their parents were going out to see a play, but since the theatre was five hours away they were booking a hotel room and spending the weekend in the town. This left James in charge of his little bro, he knew he'd be no trouble other than the occasional moan and groan. It was friday morning when their parents left the house meaning James had to get Andy ready for school.

First he got Andy breakfast of milk and cornflakes and then took him to shower. Usually Andy showered with someone in the bathroom or just outside incase anything happened. When James told Andy to go get his towel he realised he needed a piss so went into the bathroom. He undid his trousers and dropped them to his ankles, he got hold of his 6 inch flaccid dick and began to piss. Without knowing Andy came in at this moment and was standing there watching James piss.

When James was done he turned around and saw him there, he flashed him a silly smile as seeing each other piss was nothing new to them.

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One thing James did notice however was that Andy's cock was not soft as it usually was when he saw him piss, instead it was semi-erect in the air. James stood there and watched Andy piss, he realised that he also had a growth in his pants and quickly peeked down to see his dick also semi-hard. Andy finished pissing and continued to strip for his shower, when he was fully naked James reached up and turned the shower on for him.

A torrent of hot water shot down out of the shower head and Andy stepped under. James decided to stay in the bathroom as Andy had said that without anyone else in the house he didn't feel as safe.

James sat and stared around school girl sex full movis room, Andy was obscured from view by the condensation on the glass shower door. Occasionally he would see Andy's dick or butt pass by the door where Andy had wiped the glass. James noticed he that both he and Andy still had a semi.

He was curious and decided he would get in the shower with Andy. He told Andy the excuse that they were running late and needed to shower together to save time. James undressed and stepped into the shower.

It was only just big enough for them both and so James' crotch was pressed up against Andy's butt. James could see Andy as clear as day and his dick got even harder at the sight of Andy's cute bubble butt and semi hard cock. This made his cock press up against Andy's butt even more and he was sure he'd notice. Sure enough Andy turned around and looked down slightly towards James' hard cock at its full 9 inches.

Then Andy did something unexpected and took hold of James' cock, James was in shock and stood there blood pumping fast around his body, causing his dick to jump in Andy's hand. Andy smiled sweetly at James and simply pushed James' cock to the side away from his butt. However James noticed that Andy slid his hand slowly but deliberately down his cock as he moved it.

They showered in silence after that and James was left to ponder the events for the rest if the day. Their schools were only 2 blocks apart so when James finished for the day he walked down to Andy to pick him up. Usually after school on a Friday his mum would take Andy to the play area just down the road. So He walked Andy down to it and let him go and play while he did some planning.

He realised that both of them getting hard was no mere coincidence. He thought about Andy naked which was easy as they had seen each other naked so many times before. He realised that Andy was very cute, his bright blue eyes were shiny and intriguing, his butt was firm and perfectly round, and even the thought of his semi hard cock was enough to get himself hard. James imagined what it would be like to touch Andy's cock as he had to him, and suddenly all sorts of wild fantasies came into his head.

He was overwhelmed by what he was thinking and decided he must take action. He saw Andy in the corner of the play area in the ball pit that used to be a sandpit but it was ruined in the winter so was swapped for the more sturdy ball pit.

He walked over to Andy and as he approached Andy spoke "Aren't you too old for this?" Andy said mockingly. "Come 'ere you!" He laughed and crashed down next to Blonde teen gets handled in the woods, he then began to tickle him, his plan being to make him wet himself so he could touch his cock to check.

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Andy was very ticklish and so was screaming and laughing at the top of his voice. James ignored the kids and parents looking at them and continued his task. A minute later Andy suddenly stopped laughing and made a strange face.

James knew this was what he was waiting for and told Andy to stay still. He reached down into the ball pit to find his crotch. When he did he slipped his hand under Andy's pants and took hold of his cock.

He was right it was wet with piss but something else happened. As James had hold of Andy's cock it suddenly grew as Andy was getting hard. James couldn't believe it as Andy's cock grew to 4 inches in his hand.

Without thinking James swept aside the balls covering Andy's dick and saw that indeed Andy was hard in his hands. James looked about and saw that no one was around that could clearly see what was going on. He wiped up Andy's piss with his fingers and without thinking put them into his mouth.

He looked down at Andy as he did and saw no horror but a look of lust upon his face. As James licked his fingers clean Andy protested "Hey no fair I want some" "Why don't you have mine?" James replied as he pulled down his pants to reveal his 9 inch hard cock. Andy took hold of it as James still had with his and wiped around.

James then started to push the wee out of his cock. As he did Andy aimed his cock at his face and opened his mouth. Suddenly James' wee squirted onto Andy's face and into his mouth. He kept pissing for another 30 seconds and saw Andy's face covered with his piss and also Andy's t-shirt was soaked.

Andy was licking his fingers and face as best he could but still missed some. James stretched out his tongue and began drinking up Andy's warm piss.

When they were done the simply sat and stared at each other. Both of their tops now ruined with each others piss, the brothers took their tops of and as best they could ran to the end if the street away from the play area.

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They locked eyes and an understanding passed between the brothers. They leant in and sweetly, gently kissed each other on the lips, as intimate as they could be with a simple kiss.

They did not care if any passers by saw them, they only had thoughts for each other as they held their passionate embrace at the lips. James could taste his own and Andy's pee on Andy's lips as they kissed which just increased the sensation for him. They broke apart after a full minute of their loving not at all brotherly kiss and made their way back home which was just a short walk away.

Both of them knew this was going to be a very exciting weekend. I will write up more parts if the response is any good so please leave some constructive critisim below thankyou.