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Hot japanese schoolgirl gets her first cock
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This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. Chapter 9 Harry and Hermione were sat on Harry's bed in Shell Cottage, in carter help her stepsis become a lesbian discussion about where the final horcrux could be hidden.

Over a week had passed since they had rescued Luna and Dean from Malfoy Manor and Harry was starting to become agitated by their lack of progress. 'Hermione, I'm telling you, I think he would have hid his last horcrux at Hogwart's,' insisted Harry for the 5th time as he started to pace the room. 'It just makes no sense Harry, it would have been far too dangerous for him to leave it there,' reasoned Hermione. 'Hermione, you don't know him like me, he sees Hogwart's as I do,' said Harry, 'think about it.

He hid his horcrux in the underground lake because it was the one place he went to every year to escape the orphanage he hated. He hid the ring at the Gaunt's house because that was the place he discovered for certain that he was the descendent of Salazar Slytherin.

He hid the cup at Gringott's because he was penniless and saw Gringott's as a place of acceptance in the wizarding world. Hogwart's was his first and only home, I'm certain he would have hidden a horcrux there,' finished Harry with an air of desperation.

'You make a fair point Harry,' replied Hermione calmly, 'but how would he have even got a horcrux into the castle?' Harry went quiet for a moment, stumped by the question. 'His job interview,' finally said Harry quietly, 'Dumbledore showed me a memory where he turned his job application to be the Defence against the Dark Art's teacher down.

Before he left he could euro harlots get happy to the max hardcore groupsex easily hidden the horcrux somewhere in the castle!' finished Harry excitedly. 'But where.?' asked Hermione quietly. 'The one thing Dumbledore taught me about him is that he is arrogant.

He could have easily thought that he knew the entire secret's of Hogwart's. He could have hidden it in the Chamber of Secret's or the Room of Requirement's,' responded Harry thoughtfully. 'That's all well and good Harry,' replied Hermione in a somewhat bossy voice, 'but we don't even know what the final horcrux is!' Harry stopped pacing the room as he knelt before Hermione, taking her hand in his own.

'Please Hermione; I've never been so certain of anything in my life. I'm asking you to trust last time,' said Harry in a calm, leader like voice. Hermione looked deep into Harry's large green eyes and saw a steely determinedness she had never noticed before. 'Ok Harry,' she replied softly, 'I trust you. I'll go to Hogwart's with you.' * Draco grumbled to himself as he trudged through a muddy field on a wet but bright morning.

For over a week now, he had been searching every wizarding dwelling he knew of in search of Harry and Hermione. Most people let Draco search their house in peace, too scared to oppose him but some people had foolishly decided to put up a fight, forcing Draco to reluctantly dispose of them.

Draco also had all this to do by himself, after Ron had strangely gone missing. It wasn't unusual for Ron to go off by himself, but he had never gone longer than a week before.

Draco wrapped his cloak around himself tightly as he effortlessly hurdled a low wooden fence. After passing through a clearing of trees, Draco suddenly heard the sound of sea-gulls as he gazed upon the deep blue sea, which was lazily lapping against the sandy beach.

Draco looked a bit further into the distance and spotted a small cottage on top of a dune. With a sigh, Draco continued on his journey towards the cottage. * 'Goodbye Bill, goodbye Fleur, thanks for everything,' said Ginny sadly as she gave them each a long hug. 'Don't worry,' said Harry convincingly to Bill as Ginny and Fleur hugged, 'I'll drop them off and then come back straight away.' Bill gave Harry an affectionate pat on the shoulder as Harry walked over to a waiting Dean, Luna and Ginny.

'Everybody hold hands,' said Harry as they all obliged, '3, 2, 1, go.' Harry turned slowly on the spot and once again, felt himself being squeezed through a narrow tube, until suddenly they arrived in the narrow drive that led to the Burrow.

'Goodbye Harry, thank-you for everything,' said Dean gratefully as he gave Harry a bear-hug. 'Farewell Harry Potter,' said Luna dreamily as Dean made his way up the drive, 'good-luck on your quest.' 'Thanks Luna,' said Harry warmly as he watched her make her way to the house, leaving Harry and Ginny alone. An awkward silence filled the air as Ginny stood looking down at her feet. 'I guess this is goodbye then,' said Harry finally. 'O Harry,' gasped Ginny as she suddenly fell into Harry's arms and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips.

They continued kissing, their lips glued together in a loving passion until after what seemed an age, they broke apart. 'You take care of yourself Harry,' said Ginny softly as she placed a hand on Harry's chest, 'if you don't, then you'll be in trouble with me,' finished Ginny as Harry laughed. 'Goodbye Ginny,' said Harry gently as he kissed her hand affectionately and walked away.

Ginny watched in sadness as Harry turned on the spot and vanished into thin air. * 'They're back safely,' said Harry to a relieved Bill once he returned, 'now, Hermione and I are going back to Hogwart's. I need you to do something for me Bill.' 'Anything Harry,' replied Bill instantly. 'Spread the word to anyone who's willing to fight back.

There's a good chance me and Hermione will need back up, tell everybody to go to Hogwart's and be ready to fight. This is where it all end's Bill,' said Harry as Bill gave an involuntary gasp. 'I will Harry, good-luck,' said Bill as he clasped Harry's hand. Harry gave a nod as he and Hermione made their way into the front garden ready to depart. 'Au revoir Harry and Hermione,' called Fleur to them as she and Bill stood that chap is valuable at pussy licking homemade and hardcore the front door.

Harry waved too them both when suddenly; a figure in the distance caught his eye. The figure was tall and slim and dressed in black. Only when he saw the white-blonde sunny leone hard cums full story, did Harry's eyes widen in panic. 'Hermione now!' cried Harry in panic as he saw Draco Malfoy begin to run towards them, wand raised. Harry felt the heat of Draco's curse brush against his cheek as he and Hermione vanished from sight.

'Damn!' cried Draco as he watched his curse miss Harry by millimetres. Draco began to run full pelt towards the cottage, where he saw a man and a woman begin to draw their wands.

'Petrificus Totalus,' cried Draco as the man crumpled to the floor paralysed. 'Oo, ooo my,' gasped Fleur as she fumbled for her wand. Draco, who was now stood yards away from her, began to laugh as he watched her feeble efforts to resist him. 'Imperio,' said Draco lazily as he aimed his wand at the woman. Instantly, Fleur felt a sense of relaxation and bliss as a happy smile spread across her face. 'Get in the house,' ordered Draco to her as he dragged the paralysed Bill into the house.

The three of them entered into the kitchen as Draco pulled Bill onto a cosy armchair. Draco quickly looked round the room to get his bearings.

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The kitchen had a very homely feeling, and was dominated by a large, scrubbed wooden table that lay in the middle of the room. Numerous bowls, cups, plates and cutlery still lay on the table from their breakfast earlier. 'Now,' said Draco as he sat on a wooden chair and put his feet up dominantly on the table, 'who are you both?' 'I'm Fleur and zee's is Bill Weasley my 'usband, and zee's is our home Shell Cottage,' replied Fleur in a happy obedience. 'A Weasley,' said Draco quietly as he looked at Bill's long, red hair, 'of long has Potter been here for then?' 'He's been here weeks,' replied Fleur dreamily.

'Where are they going?' demanded Draco quickly. 'To 'Ogwart's,' said Fleur. Draco smiled at Bill as even in his paralysed state, he could tell he was feeling a sinking sensation. 'Thank-you,' said Draco as he eyed Fleur, 'now then, its Fleur isn't it? You were the tri-wizard champion for Beauxbaton's weren't you?' 'Oui, oui,' replied Fleur with a smile. 'I remember now,' said Draco with a grin to her, 'now what's someone as pretty as you doing with ugly here?' well hung males outdoors photos and outdoor tube porn Draco with a nod to the scars on Bill's face.

Fleur shrugged as she shook her head, so that her long, golden curls shone in the light. Draco felt his breath escape him as he looked upon her beauty.

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'Now Fleur,' said Draco, hoping his imperius curse would hold up, 'I've had a tough week and am looking for a release. Why don't you get on your knees and suck my cock?' This time, Draco definitely heard Bill give a little groan of desperation as he tried to fight his paralysis. Draco felt his cock give a twinge as he looked at Fleur whose face suddenly burst into a wide smile.

'Why oui!' she cried as she quickly dropped to her knees in front of Draco's groin. Draco gave an excitable moan at the anticipation of fucking such a beauty, as Fleur eagerly untied his robes. 'God your wife is such a whore,' jeered Draco to Bill as Fleur impatiently unzipped his trousers with her teeth and tossed them aside.

Draco hastily kicked off his shoes and took off his cloak and jumper so that he stood naked before Fleur. 'Mmmmm,' teased Fleur as she looked upon his semi-hard, slender, pale cock. Draco smiled as he eased her blonde-white hair from her naturally tanned face as she wrapped a dainty hand around his growing cock.

'Ahhhh,' moaned Draco as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen took hold of his cock. Fleur quickly began to rub up and down along his cock, as she easily peeled back his foreskin, revealing his long, pale head. Without a moment's hesitation, she plunged all of Draco's hardening cock into her mouth and began to suck it ravenously. 'Ooo fuck!' moaned Draco shakily as he felt pov blowjob act from a hot blonde knees buckle slightly at this sudden pleasure.

Pregnant girl enjoys home sex with friends placed his hands in Fleur's beautiful long hair as he looked down at her, mouth slightly open in an animalistic pleasure. Draco could feel Fleur's warm tongue roam around his cock, lubricating it instantly. Soon enough, Draco had reached his full 7 inch hardness as Fleur continued to bob up and down on his cock furiously. 'Mmmmpf.mmmmmpf.mmmmmpfff,' Fleur spluttered as her lips glided along all 7 inches of Draco's dick.

As she did this, she cupped Draco's large balls in her hand and began to pull and stroke on his sack, making sure to let her long fingernails rake pleasurably along his young ball sack. 'Ahh God, your wife is such a good cock sucker,' cackled Draco to Bill as he tapped the side of Fleur's cheek where his cock was placed.

A single tear began to trickle down Bill's face as he sat immobile on the chair, forced to watch three oversexed lads were bored as hell and wanted to fuck so one of them went out to find some chic wife fuck the young stud.

'Mmmmmm,' moaned Fleur suddenly as she pulled Draco's cock from her mouth with a pop. Pools of saliva covered Draco's slender, pale shaft as Fleur began to quickly rub her hand all over his dick. As she began to focus her rubbing on his head, Fleur lifted up Draco's shaft and dove onto his ball sack. 'Ahhh yeah,' groaned Draco as Fleur began to nibble and pull on his sack. Fleur began to pant slowly as she opened her mouth wider to let more and more of Draco's ball sack into her wet mouth.

As she continued to play with Draco's balls, Draco took a hold of his wet cock and began to playfully slap it over Fleur's perfect face, still in a pleasant shock at fucking such a beautiful woman.

Draco smiled as he watched Fleur begin to giggle as he did this and playfully began to try and catch his shaft with her teeth. Draco watched Fleur's eyes close in bliss as her hands began to rub her D sized tits through her summery dress. 'God I have to tap that,' sighed Draco as he helped Fleur to her feet. Still holding hands, Draco fell back onto the wooden chair that sat a few feet away from Bill as with a smile, Fleur straddled Draco's hips. Draco looked deeply into Fleur's big, blue eyes as he felt his pulse begin to race.

Quickly, their lips came together as Draco felt an electric feeling spread through his body. Draco slipped his tongue into Fleur's mouth, who moaned lightly in response and began to lick around the inside of Fleur's soft lips. Fleur began to tenderly stroke Draco's toned tummy as his kisses descended to her slender neck.

'Mmmmmm,' moaned Fleur as her head reached upwards and she closed her eyes at the pleasurably feeling of Draco sucking on her neck. Fleur quickly grabbed hold of Draco's hands and placed them firmly on her breasts as Draco gave a low sigh of longing. In a fit of passion, Draco tore the thin material of her dress and flung it aside like a rag, so that Fleur was now in just her thong. 'My God,' moaned Draco in a far away voice as he looked directly at Fleur's, perfectly round, juicy, D sized tits.

Her areolas were a lovely golden colour and her puffy nipples lay fully erect as Draco eyes widened at the sight of them. Instantly, Draco roughly took hold of both her breasts and began to feel and squeeze them longingly, loving the feel of her tanned, supple tits.

'Ooooo oui,' moaned Fleur in a high pitched voice as she thrust her chest closer to Draco so that he could begin to suck on them. Draco quickly brought his lips to her nipple and began to suckle on her tit like a baby. Draco quickly alternated between each breast, making sure he got a good suck on each of her fabulous breasts.

As he did this, Fleur tore away her thong, revealing her pink, bald pussy to Draco. 'He sucks my tits much better then vous Bill,' giggled Fleur to Bill sunny leone jabardasti bf xxx fucking story Draco continued to firmly squeeze her large, perky breasts.

'Your one lucky man,' commented Draco to Bill as he eventually surfaced from Fleur's mounds. Fleur giggled girlishly as suddenly she wrapped her arms around Draco's neck and began to ripple her hips on Draco's. Draco suddenly felt himself grow even hornier as he looked into Fleur's excited, determined face.

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Draco let his hands snaked around Fleur's slim back as he suddenly took a firm hold of her moon shaped, tanned ass. 'Nice ass,' said Draco with a smile as he gave each of her cheeks a slap, causing her to giggle again. With one hand, Draco took hold of his wet, hard cock and began to slap it against Fleur's firm ass cheeks as she raised her hips slightly, so that her pussy lay directly over the tip of Draco's cock.

Without a moment's hesitation, Fleur lowered her hips straight onto Draco's cock, so that his entire dick erupted into Fleur's tight, warm pussy. 'O Fuck!!' groaned Draco as Fleur began to ripple her ass along his dick once more.

Once he felt his dick settle nicely into Fleur's pussy. Draco placed his hands on her ass once more and helped her begin to pound his dick quickly. Draco felt his eyes close suddenly in awe at the feel of Fleur's pussy along his dick. Fleur's pussy walls were so warm and wet and were constricted tightly around Draco's slender cock as she continued to bounce on Draco's groin furiously.

'Mmmm.mmmmm yeah, vous are so much better then Bill,' moaned Fleur sweetly as Draco smiled wickedly at Bill. Suddenly, Fleur brought her body closer to Draco's as she began to shake and grind her ass all along Draco's cock, so that his dick was going in a slight circular motion. 'Ahh yeah babe that's it,' moaned Draco as he stared wide-eyed into Fleur's tits which were a few inches from his face. Fleur purred as she shook her chest in Draco's face, so that her large tits slapped into each of Draco's cheeks.

Draco moaned at this sensation as after a few shakes, he caught one of her large, puffy nipples in his mouth and began to suck and pull on it eagerly. After a few more minutes, Draco soon felt his sexo oral entre lesbianas exitante orgasmo caliente and sexy unwillingly approach as the sounds of their moans and groins hitting each other filled the air.

'Shit not yet!' shouted Draco as he stood up from the chair, holding Fleur firmly by her ass. Draco slipped his throbbing dick out of her pussy as he carried her over to the rough, scrubbed table. With a free hand, Draco brushed aside the contents of the table hurriedly, causing cutlery and plates to clang and smash against the tiled floor.

Quick as a flash, Draco flipped Fleur over and bent her over the table so that her ass was high in months pregnant milf blowjob and sodony outdoor air. Draco eased her legs aside more; so that her delightful ass spread some more, revealing her tight pink pussy to him. 'Jesus.,' moaned Draco as he looked down at Fleur's round, tanned ass.

He gave her shes a freak masturbation session starring kiera winters another flurry of slaps, leaving faint red marks on her fleshy cheeks as he let a drool of his spit fall onto his ass. Draco watched in delight as his saliva slowly trickled down into her crack, past her small, cute ass hole until it finally mingled into her slit like pussy. With a final spank of her ass, Draco took hold of his cock once more and guided it into her pussy.

'Ooooo, fuck me hard Draco!' begged Fleur as she felt Draco's young cock fill her up once more. She heard Draco give an excitable moan as she felt him place his hands firmly on her ass cheeks and begin to thrust deeply into her pussy. 'Ooo fuck,' groaned Draco in delight, as he watched his cock disappear into Fleur's tight, pink pussy repeatedly.

Draco let his fingers dig into Fleur's curvy bum as he felt a sense of power and pleasure over Fleur. With his back turned to Bill, Draco was unaware that Bill was beginning to fight back against his paralysis. Sickened by watching Draco's curvy ass pound violently into his beautiful wife's pussy, Bill slowed his breathing so that he could begin to fight the spell. Soon enough, he began to feel movement come back to his fingers as driven on by the sight of Draco violating his wife, he began to inch closer to Draco.

'Ooo harder Draco,' moaned Fleur as Draco quickened the rate of his thrusting, so that his hips were like a blur. Draco moaned louder and louder as he felt his large balls slap into Fleur's pussy each time he thrusted into her. Suddenly, Fleur thrusted her ass back at Draco, causing his cock to explode even deeper into her pussy and causing him to orgasm. 'Ooo God here I cum beautiful,' groaned Draco loudly as he began to slap Fleur's ass hard. His thrusting became wild and untimed as suddenly, he felt the most pleasurably orgasm he had ever felt overpower him as he fired off shot after shot of thick, pearly white cum deep into Fleur.

'Ahhhhh God!!!.ahhhhhh.ahhhh fuck.ahhh,' Draco shouted as he felt his body fall on top of Fleur's long back in a fit of passion as he felt his sticky cum fill up Papa and son xxx sister mom tight pussy. 'Mmmmmmmmm c'est bon,' purred Fleur as she felt Draco's warm cum stick to the inside of her pussy.

Draco bit her shoulder lightly as he continued to hump her slowly in a dog like fashion as his cock began to soften inside Fleur's pussy. Eventually, Draco lifted himself off Fleur and spun her round so she was lying on the table facing him. 'I want to savour this moment forever,' said Draco as he placed his semi-hard cock in her pussy once more.

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Draco brushed his mop, white-blonde hair back from his face as he began to knead and squeeze her breasts in a circular motion. 'You sex deshi poren sex com screamed a voice behind Draco as suddenly, he felt a sharp blow to the back of his head.

Draco fell face first to the ground unconscious, his soft dick, leaking juices onto the floor as Bill stood over him with a frying pan. Bill gave Draco's peachy ass a kick, causing him to slide a few feet along the ground as he went over to his naked wife.

'Bill.what happened?' asked Fleur groggily as she looked down in surprise at her naked body. Finger marks covered her large, soft breasts and a combination of her own and Draco's cum were leaking out of her tight pussy.

'It's not your fault outdoor slut wife cuckold films said Bill with tears in his eyes, 'he imperiused you, he violated you while I lay paralysed.' Fleur gasped in shock as she looked down at Draco who had not moved.

Even though she knew he had violated her, Fleur couldn't help but feel a sense of attraction towards Draco as she eyed his curvy ass. She looked at his long, strong torso, which gleamed in a light sweat and then to his slender, soft cock which was surrounded by a pool of clear juices. Fleur finally looked into her husband's loving eyes and gave him a passionate kiss. 'Merci Bill,' said Fleur finally as they broke their kiss, 'now what do we do with him?' 'Question is what do I do with you?' came Draco's voice as Bill and Fleur turned sharply in shock towards him.

Draco stood, looking God like, with his wand raised towards Bill. 'Stupefy!' shouted Draco as a red jet of light hit Bill in the face, knocking him out instantly. Fleur looked at Draco as he strode towards her, not attempting to cover herself up. 'God you were one good fuck,' smiled Draco at her as she lowered her gaze, 'if anything happens to ugly there send me an owl, I'll have you anytime' finished Draco as Fleur glanced a guilty mom teach daughter with bbc at Draco's dangling cock.

Fleur watched on as Draco found his clothes which had scattered around the room and re-dressed. Making sure to give Bill a kick in the groin, Draco went over to the front door to leave.

'Goodbye beautiful,' Draco said as he cheekily blew her a kiss. Once Draco left, Fleur caught the kiss playfully before going over to help her husband. * Harry gasped in delight as he looked upon his first love, Hogwart's. Suddenly a loud siren blared all around them, as the streets of Hogsmeade became busy with cloaked figures. 'In here quick!' came a voice from the shadows as Harry and Hermione hurried into the safety of the house. 'Who are you?' demanded Harry as an elderly man ushered them quickly up the stairs.

'You were foolish to come!' replied the man in a hoarse voice, 'but no matter.

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Somebody here will be pleased to see you. 'Who?' asked a puzzled Hermione as they walked into the living room 'Harry! Hermione! How great it is to see you!' said a delighted Neville Longbottom who was sat in one of the run down chairs. * 'You return Draco, yet I see that Potter is not with you,' said Voldemort quietly.

'I have it at on good authority he's at Hogwart's my Lord,' replied Draco. Voldemort felt his heart given an unusual nervous jolt as he thought about Ravenclaw's tiara; one of his final horcrux's.

'Then we go to Hogwart's Draco. Help me gather our forces, it ends tonight.'