Milf woman got fucked in her oiled pussy after a massage

Milf woman got fucked in her oiled pussy after a massage
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Neighborhood Mom Barbara looked out the kitchen window and smiled. Bradley Junior and his best friend Joey took turns jumping their skateboards over a plastic milk case.

Both eleven year olds had the bruises and bumps of dedicated skateboarders. She smiled and looked up at the clock over the window. The minute hand touched the four on the clock face and the phone rang. "Hello?" "Barbara, this is Linda." "Yes I know." "What? How could you know? Are you psychic?" "No, not quite. However it is four o'clock on a Saturday afternoon and both our husbands are off on another fishing trip.

They will be gone until tomorrow evening and your new lover is waiting in the wings to pick you up and fuck your ears off. "Yes Joey can stay the night and yes he can stay Sunday evening as well if your new playmate has the stamina." She laughed at her friend's gasp. "Am I really that predictable?" "Yes. And what is more Joey thinks so too. He brought a change with him when he came over. He told me you were going out prowling and that his dad said they probably would not be home until late tomorrow night.

He told Joey to not tell you two hot girls share a long dong had three cases of beer extra in the back of his camper." "Blabbermouth, you're telling me. Isn't that breaking a confidence?" "Not a bit, Joey told me, he did not tell you and I didn't promise anyone anything." She laughed and added, "Ever since we were little I have never kept anything from you." "They're here!

I have to run," Linda told her. "They? Are you going for quantity now?" "No, an old flame, Josh Harmon got married and his new wife wants to meet me. She's bi." "Well good grief, are you bi now?" Barbara asked. Linda hesitated and finally said, "I… I'm not sure. But I'll find out this weekend.

Bye." She hung up. Lately Barbara had been wondering the same thing about herself. She shook her head. "Boys!" she called out the window, "Come in and take it easy for a while. It's after four o'clock." The boys trooped into the house. As he passed his mother Brad patted her on her but. This time he gave one cheek a little squeeze. Joey did the same and squeezed her other butt cheek. She smiled as the boys went upstairs to Brad's room to fire up his computer. The butt patting started when Young Brad was eight years old.

With no warning he reached over and patted her butt one afternoon. Brad Senior, Bradley, laughed as his son added, "She is just sooo hot." "Well, at least someone in this family thinks I'm hot." Brad Senior blushed as his wife reminded him of his flagging sexual appetites.

For the past four years his demands on her became less and less until now it had been four months since he even tried. The doctor gave him a series of tests and said, "Sorry, but there is nothing can be done. Parts of your body have shut down. It happens with some men." And that was that. Nothing on Barbara had shut down and she resented her marriage and her husband. She wished she could have Linda's free spirited approach to life.

When twenty years older than she Walt slowed down she patted him on the cheek and began a secret life of her own. Walt was happy with once a month. Linda was happy with ten times at least every weekend. And now she was flirting with lesbianism. Barbara frowned her dissatisfaction. "Something's got to change.

I am miserable married to a room mate instead of a husband." She loved Brad senior. She also wanted more than a roommate, a lot more. As she left the kitchen she heard Julia ann teaching her young lesbian friend pussy licking and pussylicking exclaim, "Oh fuck!" His voice sounded strained, as if he was in great pain. Barbara ran up the stairs and opened the door to her son's room. "What's the matter? I heard someone… " Her voice trailed off as she watched Joey cum three small spurts of cum at the computer monitor.

Brad junior looked up at his mother, still holding his fast wilting cock in his hands. "Oh shit, we been busted." "Don't swear," Barbara said. She looked at the screen. A young boy about the age of her son was having sex with a young girl who looked about seven or eight years old. She seemed to be enjoying herself as the boy pounded in and out of her. "Oh shit!" she whispered as she saw the young pair.

"Uh oh, your mom just caught you. Sis and I better log off." As she heard the words and saw the screen go blank she realized the boys were not watching a sex movie. That was a real live person-to-person Internet hookup. "Joey, put that thing busty blonde picked up on the streets for a b in your shorts and clean up the mess you made." He fumbled his cock back out of sight and went to get a wad of toilet paper.

Brad still had his hard penis in his hand. His eyes were wide open. "Do you need help putting it away or are you trying to impress me?" Barbara asked her son. He sat on his chair still paralyzed. He stared open mouthed up at his mother. "Uh," he grunted. "Stand up," she said. He stood up and kept hold of his penis. Barbara removed his hand and opened his fly with one hand and took his young cock in her other hand to put it away. Thrills shot through her. "Oh dear," she murmured.

She squeezed it once and finally put it behind his fly. The spell was broken as Joey said, "I wish you had put mine away for me. That looked hot. Maybe…?" He looked at his best friend's mom with a hopeful expression on his face. "I better go downstairs and make some coffee." She left the two young boys and headed down stairs. Her emotions crashed into each other inside her.

She remembered what her son's young cock felt like. Her hand burned at the memory of his penis. She leaned against the sink and looked out over the back yard as she tried to think. Her old busty lady tugging hard cock pov handjob and bigtits got in the way of clear thinking. She wondered if she was a pervert like those moms she read about in the newspapers, the ones who had been members of that incest club in Bucks County?

Then other memories from childhood intruded. Grandpa used to fondle her when she was small. His gentle fingers excited her and brought her to sexual highs she had never imagined before he started. The only person she ever told about those times was Linda. Of course, Linda started to try to seduce her own father. She succeeded too well He began to have full sex with her by the time she was ten.

She got Barbara involved alluring awesome babe rides like a pro they had threesomes all the way up to their thirteenth birthdays.

Linda's mother caught the trio and filed for divorce. Pete, her father, was given a choice, sign everything over to his wife or go to jail He signed. Her mother permitted Pete one last go around with the two girls out of some perverse desire to punish him. Then he was gone. She never told Barbara's parents. Pete died in a mining accident a year later and his insurance made his ex-wife moderately wealthy. Barbara and Linda were the only two who mourned his death. Now here she was, taking Pete's place.

It was ironic her own son and Linda's son were to soon to play the roles their mothers played years earlier. Barbara was honest with herself. "I am going to have sex with them both." She felt two hands grab her butt. Brad had one cheek and Joey had the other. "Are you mad at us, Mom?" Brad asked in a soft voice. "Yeah, we're sorry," Joey told her. She turned around to face them. Both boys' hands rubbed against her crotch.

She stood still. Neither Brad nor Joey removed their hands from the new location. Brad squeezed it just a little. "Oooh!" she exclaimed and stood still. Joey began to rub up and down while Brad kept squeezing. "Stop this for a minute guys." Their hands dropped. She went to the fridge and pulled out the bottle of gin, tonic water and a fresh lime. As soon as her larger than usual drink was built she replaced everything and led them into the living room.

Her pussy vibrated from the thrills she still felt. She sat in the recliner and motioned for the two to join her. "How long have you been watching that boy and girl have sex with each other?" she asked in an unsteady voice. "Ever since we met them on line in a chat room last summer.," Brad told her. "Are we in trouble Mom?" "No honey, you are not in any trouble. She her arm around him and hugged him. "Are you mad at us?" Joey asked and got a smile as she told him, "No dear, neither of you are in trouble and I am not angry with either of you." "Do you know how long they have been having sex with each other?" Barbara tried to think of a way to broach the subject uppermost in her own mind.

Yeah," Brad told her, "ever since she was five and he was seven. They fooled around before that but he stuck his dick in her when she was five." "He just started to cum in her this year," Joey told her. "Do their parents have any idea about what they are doing?" "Oh yeah," Brad told her. "Their dad said for them to be careful and their mom said to be circumspect." He grinned as he got a chance to use that big word on her.

"Their folks decided that since they would keep on doing it anyway, they would not tell them no. Instead they decided to make certain they never got any other kids involved and said Shirley had to start getting shots so she doesn't have a baby.

They are real cool with everything." "Have you met any other kids on line who have sex?" "Of course, Mom everybody has sex." He stopped, thought about what he just kendra sunderland nia nacci sex next to me and amended, "Well, except for you and Dad. I remember when you told him he would rather fish than fuck and he walked away from you and got drunk." "Well my dad only wants it once a month or so.

So my mom has friends who fuck her." Joey was not going to be left out. "Well, how about you two? You get any sex?" "Not since Marilyn moved away." Brad grinned, "She showed us about getting head." He smiled at the memory.

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"Get up off the chair, guys. I need my drink." She retrieved her cold drink and took a healthy swallow. She shuddered and took another. The third pull emptied her glass. "Show me some of those web sites." She ordered as the alcohol started to work its wonders. The boys looked at each other. Brad shrugged and asked, "You aren't going to get anybody in trouble are you?" "No dear, I am curious.

It seems you two know more about the world than I do." She followed them back upstairs. "We got to get naked for this site." Brad said. She nodded and both boys undressed. "Adults are not allowed here so you got to stand to one side where the camera can't see you. While Brad logged in Joey came over to her and said, "You never squeezed my cock." He smiled hopefully up at her. She cupped his cock and balls in her hand and slowly dragged her middle finger from his scrotum to the head of his penis.

She bent down and kissed him. She slipped her tongue in his mouth. Joey returned her kiss with experienced enthusiasm. Brad watched Joey and his mother and got jealous. "Joey, get over here." He positioned the monitor so his mother could see without good morning cumshot melissa moore begs for rough sex seen.

Six separate pictures came up on the split screen. Barbara watched two girls who had no breasts yet go sixty-nine. An overweight thirteen year old gave a younger boy head in another picture. In a third window a pair of older teens shared a much younger girl between them.

Brad pointed to the girl. "She is in the third grade. They live six blocks from here." He said in a wistful voice, "Her folks won't let her go anyplace unless her brothers take her. They are real strict." Barbara filed that information away in her mind for further consideration. Those two boys had good-sized equipment already.

"My god, how can she take him?" she asked herself. Then she remembered Pete. Linda even let him into her ass once when they were both still the age of the girl with the two older brothers. Barbara smiled as she recalled the one time she agreed to let him take her in the butt.

She was so tense and tight he could barely get a well-greased dani daniel fill her mouth finger in her backside.

She got on her knees and sucked him off instead. She remembered the time he got all seven inches in her with no trouble. Of all the guys she and Linda shared or did separately, Pete was the best. All at once the monitor flared and went blank. "What happened?" Natural redhead solo rubs masturbation and pornstars asked/ "Someone tried to hack into the network. Right now the asshole has ten different viruses to contend with.

Damned snoops." Brad activated a program and said, "Let's go back downstairs. I'm running Nasty Feet to erase the whole secondary hard drive. In ten minutes the FBI won't be able to lift anything off that disk." The two naked boys followed her downstairs.

"Mom, why don't you get naked too? Please?" The new chapter began in her life. She took off all her clothes and held out her arms to the pair.

Both got instant erections. Joey grabbed her breasts and Brad began to play with her pussy as soon as she was naked and lying on the floor. Brad crowded Joey out of the way and brought himself down on her belly. He slipped his hard cock into his mother and began to fuck. Barbara's first instinctive reaction was to protest and shove her son away.

Instead, she said, "Joey, sit up on my chest and stick your cock in my mouth." For fifteen minutes the only sounds heard in the room were low moans and heavy breathing. Joey cum in her mouth first. He rolled off of her before he crushed her breasts. Brad continued another five minutes before he whispered, "I can't hold back any more." She felt her son's hot sperm shoot into her. Barbara had her fourth or fifth orgasm and told them, "That was good." "Mom, that was the best I ever had." He kissed her mouth and slipped his tongue in.

They kissed and rubbed tongues against each other's. "Are we going to do this some more?" "We will have to be careful no one finds out. If you can keep it a secret we will do it every chance we get. However we do have to keep it just between us. Understood?" "Well, we know that without being told." Joey nodded agreement. Okay, you boys rest up while I fix us a snack and then maybe we can do it again." She fixed hamburgers for the boys and a fresh drink for herself, not so strong this time.

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Brad came up behind her and licked her butt. "Oh that was nice," she told him. "Maybe you would like to get in back there." "Yeah," he answered. He rubbed his face against her butt cheeks. Joey dropped to his knees and began to suck Brad's cock. "You two do each other?" she asked. "Sometimes," Brad told her.

Joey likes it more than I do. "Well I am going to try to keep you two so drained that neither of you will want to do it." That weekend she kept her promise. As Barbara crawled out of bed from beside her roommate, as she thought of her husband, she stared at his sleeping form and felt resentment. Then she thought of the three-way orgy she had over the past week end with her son and his best friend.

She felt guilty. Then the guilt passed as she thought of the number of times the two boys drilled into her. Both of them had made up for their lack of quality with quantity.

Her anus was chapped from a pair of four inch cocks probing it time after time. Brad had straight missionary sex with her more times than she could remember. Her mouth remembered the times and taste of both boys as they erupted in it. Brad came into the kitchen naked. "Mom, can we do it once more before he gets up?" He gave her a horny look.

There were no other words to describe the look he gave her. "Hopefully horny" is what he was. "No. You get upstairs and get ready for school." She collected her thoughts. "Remember, what we did, you, Joey and I must remain between us." As an afterthought she knelt down and took him in her mouth. Five minutes of intense sucking and he came. She stood, smiled and slapped his naked behind.

"Go." "Yeah!" he exclaimed. He raced upstairs and got dressed. Barbara continued to make breakfast. Minutes later Brad came back down, dove into his scrambled eggs and bacon and raced out the door while he still chewed his last bit of toast A quarter hour later her husband came down fully dressed, right on time.

He sat and stared at the wall. His crumpled facial expression and red eyes told her he had a bad hangover. It was the worst one ever, from what she could tell. "We have to talk." "Yes Bradley?" Her first thought was he knew about her and the boys.

"Oh god, not that," she whispered to herself. "The company asked me to volunteer to oversee the new pipe lines in the northern Ukraine. The pipeline will cover a number of countries and terminate in Istanbul. "I was chosen because I have a knowledge of the region and speak Russian, horny czech teen stretches her juicy twat to the extreme well as Turkic and English of course.

He droned on and on, never quite reaching a point to stop talking." Her first reaction was, thankfulness he did mot know. Then she felt irritation that he would not shut up. "For god's sake, Bradley, will you please get to the point?" "I leave tomorrow and will not be back for a year." He went to the fridge and pulled the chilled gin out and took a healthy slug straight from the bottle.

He shuddered and put it back. "No!" she exclaimed. "Why? Bradley you belong here with your wife and your son." "I do not have a wife, I have a warm body that sleeps next to me and never complains that I cannot be a husband or a man." The gin on an empty stomach hit him.

He sat down in his chair with a thump. "Christ almighty I am so miserable." He started to weep his hopelessness. "Please dearest. In spite of your problem, I still love you. Hush. Something might come up yet." "If anything comes up around here it sure as hell won't be me," he told her. "My sex organs have atrophied and whatever it is has started to attack my liver.

The company does not know. The doctor says I have about five more years I can live as a eunuch if I take care of myself." "Well, stay right here and we will face this thing together.

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I love you and I am your wife. Let me help you." His movements became jerky for a moment, then he gathered himself in and told he, "I have already updated my will and have everything in order. You will receive my paycheck and bonuses here in the states. My living allowance will be plenty for me. There is nothing to spend money on where I am going.

I'll write when I can." He kissed her tenderly and asked her to drive him to work. "I'll say my goodbye now, dear. He kissed her and climbed out of the car. When she got home, Linda was waiting. "We need to talk," she told Barbara. She had a very grim expression on her face. The fear came back that Linda knew about the weekend sex party with the boys. "What is it?" Barbara asked as she unlocked the back door and entered.

"He slapped Joey and left us. He got as far as the car when he keeled over and died. It was a massive coronary. Joey said something to him that set him off. Joey refuses to tell me what he said." "The guilty flee where no one pursueth," Barbara muttered to herself. "What did you say?" "Oh nothing, I was talking to myself." Barbara thought a moment and asked, "Tell me the truth, now just how broken up are you over this?" "I'm not.

He has turned into a cranky old man lately. He bitched about everything I did. He finally told me he hated me because I was young and he was old, as if that was my fault." "First surprise, Bradley has left and will not be back for at least a year. He is going to oversee some new pipeline from up near the North Pole all the way down to Istanbul.

He told me he has about five years to live and the job will run about that time. He left this morning and will fly out tomorrow night on a company jet." "Well, that makes us both widows, I guess, I'm bi." "Shall we back up two words to where you said, 'I'm bi?' Now then what happened?" "I had sex with his kid sister and her boyfriend who is also her half brother. His new wife is also his sister and I had so many orgasms I have no passion left in me." "Those two kids just kept going and going.

I'm not going back for any more. The whole setup weirded me out. It was a great experience, but too rich for a steady diet." Linda grinned, "And how was your week end?" Barbara made a fast decision. "Come up to Brad's room with me. I want to show you something." His computer had not been shut off after Brad booted it back up that morning.

Two other cams were up and one of the original six. All three screens showed pre teens having sex. "What in hell?" Linda exclaimed. What in hell is this, Michael Jackson Day at the nursery?" "Not quite. Michael Jackson only likes little boys. These are little boys and little girls with their own little US wide sex network.

Whenever anybody tries to crack in, the site goes down and all computers on the network erase everything beyond the hope of all recovery. The two teens that designed these programs are better than the FBI. "Kids set this up?" Linda had trouble digesting all that she saw.

"Wait, I think I recognize those two boys. They are ministers' sons. That little girl is their sister and she is taking cock like a pro. Oh wow!" The monitor went blank. "I screwed up.

Someone noticed we were fully clothed adults and the security system took over. This is strictly kiddy land, no adults wanted." "You mean Brad and Joey have been bringing girls up here and doing them on camera, for the whole world to see?" Barbara chose her words carefully. "They did at first but the two girls they had moved away and they have not found replacements. However they still paid their dues." "What do you mean they paid their dues?" Linda looked at her dearest and oldest friend.

"They have to have occasional sex in order to be a mom dad tempted to cheat by teen babysitter of the group. So the little shits sucked each other's cocks on camera.

Brad said it wasn't too bad, so I guess you aren't the only bisexual in your household." "What other interesting adventures have you had over the weekend?" "Linda, here it is in cock deep inside mouth and pussy hardcore and creampie nutshell. I had nonstop sex with those two all day Saturday and Sunday." Barbara felt that no matter what happened, it was better to have it out in the open, rather than to worry about her friend finding out.

"You got any of that gin left? Right now I need a sip or twelve. I thought I was going to floor you when I confessed I enjoyed sex with a woman. Wow." Linda led the way back downstairs and removed the gin bottle from the fridge. She poured a water glass a third full and asked, "You want any?" Barbara shook her head no.

"Well, where do we go from here?" Linda kissed her on the lips, slipped her tongue in Barbara's mouth and kissed her hard. She drew back, "The whole idea of our two little boys blowing each other and fucking has me all worked up.

"Where's Joey?" "He is over at our house. He was pretty upset about the slap. Hell, that old bastard hit him hard enough to give him a black eye." "Call him to come over and let's us meet him naked. Then the three of us will meet Brad the same way when he gets home from school. Want to?" "This is insane." Linda frowned and then grinned, "Let's do it." She walked over to the phone at the end of the couch and dialed blue angel takes part in pissing show. "Joey sweet, I am over at Brads, will you come right over?" She listened and reassures him, "No honey, you are not in trouble.

Just the opposite." She turned ad saw Barbara was already naked. She took off the power dress suit she had worn all day. As she removed her underwear she grinned at Barbara. "Well?" Barbara was nervous. She felt bashful and self-conscious. "I don't know if I qualify as being bi or even want to. But…" She shrugged, "What do I do now?" Linda hugged her and kissed her mouth. She bent over and sucked at Barbara's nipples. "Lie down on the floor." Barbara moved in slow motion as she got down on the floor.

Linda slipped down between her legs and began to tongue Barbara's pussy with long, slow, deliberate licks. "Oh yes," she whispered as Barbara began to moan. Joey came in and saw His mom eat Barbara's pissy. "Bitchin!" he exclaimed. He undressed and positioned himself at his mother's backside and dropped to his knees. He licked her anus and slipped his cock in. "Oh wow, this is great." He came a few minutes later and felt his cock slip out.

He went to shower. Barbara had one last orgasm and relaxed. "Are you up to returning the favor?" Linda asked. "I'm not too sure, but I'll try." She took a few experimental licks, each one bolder than the one before. Then she started to lick and nibble just as Linda did her. All three were finally sated and lying around naked when Brad came home from school.

"I guess this means I get to do your mom, huh Joey." Linda lay down on her back and Brad crawled on. He started to pump away with his instant erection. "What, no foreplay?" Linda started to protest. "This is the foreplay," Brad grunted. "What?" Linda was certain he had misunderstood. "Brad loves to delay his orgasm for at least a half hour. He has great control." Me vlam tinh voi con re phu de laughed at Linda's expression.

Brad slipped down and began to eat pussy like the expert he had become. He switched around and presented his cock to Linda. Thirty-three minutes later he cum. "I want to do your butt next time." He told Linda. Barbara went into the kitchen naked to prepare a snack.

She brought four bottles of beer back with the small sandwiches she had prepared. "If the boys are old enough to screw they are old enough to drink in moderation." Linda agreed and dropped her other bombshell. "I was invited to join a special parent's club here in Salt Lake City. I was going to decline because I did not think Joey was anywhere near ready for sex. My error. "Anyway, I believe we should both go to a getting to know you meeting and look things over.

With our two sex fiends I think we will fit right in." "When can we go?" Barbara wanted to make up for lost time. "There is a meeting next Thursday evening. It starts at sundown and lets out at nine so the kids can go to school the next day. Once in we must agree to only have sex with other members and no outsiders. That is a safety precaution." "How many members do they have?" Barbara asked.

The one here in Salt Lake City has about three hundred members. That includes parents and kids." "Well, you boys want to join a club where they have a lot of sex?" Linda looked from one to the other. Brad and Joey grinned. The Salt Lake Parent's Club had four new candidates.

"Ah Linda," Barbara began. "Yes?" "I'm not too sure if I am bi or not can we check it out a little more?" She lay down on the floor and waited.