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Topless beach teens voyeur hd video spy
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The World's First Futa Futa's College Cheer Chapter One: Futa's First Naughty Practice By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 The moment the talk show went to commercial break, my young wife, Sharron, bustled out from backstage already hiking up her skirt. She still held my panties in her hand, having stolen them from me two breaks ago, leaving my futa-cock to tent my skirt.

"Two minutes," the producer said, a young man with his hair dyed and spiked. "I'll get her off in two minutes," Sharron said, her strawberry-blonde hair falling about her lovely face. She had such friendly, blue eyes, her body tall and slender, our third child just starting to swell her belly, giving her a vital look. "Thank you," I groaned.

Telling my life story to the studio audience, and the world, was making me so horny. I never got tired of speaking about my life as the world's first futa, but today's broadcast, celebrating my forty-eighth birthday, had me so turned on. I hiked up my skirt, my futa-dick thrusting out hard and throbbing. Adelia Tash, the caramel-skinned talk show host, let out a wanton whimper as she sat beside me on the interview couch. An equal, wanton moan came from the women in the audience.

"Go Mom!" someone shouted, one of my thousands upon thousands of futa-daughters was in the crowd. I was the futa-mother of an entire new gender. "Let's get you off," Sharron said as she turned around, her cute tush facing me. "You are an angel," I groaned, holding up my cock as she sat down on her lap. The trimmed fur of her muff brushed my sensitive tip moments before her pregnant super fucking coca cola in the ass and squirt bella happy engulfed my futa-dick in her hot passion.

I groaned, leaning back into the love seat, my eyes fluttering at the delicious delight. The women in the audience cheered louder. "Breed me, Becky!" "I want your baby!" "I'll sit on your dick!" "Maybe we should have a contest and let one lucky woman get bred by you before we're done today," Adelia moaned, her hands rubbing at her thighs. "Maybe," I groaned, just savoring Sharron's cock girl fuck fuck of his blind husbend up and down my dick.

I was over twice her age, but I was so glad I found her. This young, beautiful creature had captured my heart. I went so long thinking I'd never fall in love again after Kurt.

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The only boyfriend I I ever had. The man who took my virginity and somehow made me into a futa in the process. "Ooh, Sharron, yes, yes, yes, fuck me," I moaned. "You're such a wonderful wife." She threw a look over her shoulder, her blue eyes hot and smoky.

She clenched down her cunt. "Just dump your cum into me. Don't care about my pleasure. You need to get through the rest of today." "Yes!" I gasped, grabbing her hips as she worked her cunt faster and faster up and down my cock. She put her all into it, squeezing and clenching her snatch on my dick, pumping her hips as fast as she could. She swiveled them around, stirring her sheath about my cock. Pleasure rippled through me. I sucked in a deep breath, my toes curling.

It was incredible. She was incredible. She gave me such a wondrous gift. I was so lucky to have met her. To love her. Her silky pussy massaged my esra ceyda kardesler hava durumu sunucusu ciplak black guyanadultcom, her hole so hungry for my cum to spurt into her pregnant depths.

"Sharron!" I gasped. "One minute," the producer said. "Cum in her, Becky!" cheered someone in the audience. "Cum in me!" "I want to bear you another daughter!" "Breed me, Becky!" "They are loving it," Adelia groaned. "Oh, my, but your wife is lucky to get that cock every day." "I am!" Sharron moaned.

"I'm so blessed to have Becky in my life. My parents always told me so much about her." "They had a wild wedding," I moaned, smiling. My hips thrust up into her cunt. "Thirty seconds." "Almost there," I panted, squeezing my wife's hips. "Come on, Sharron, just a little more and—" She slammed down my dick, taking me to the hilt in her silky heaven. My cock erupted. Before the hundreds in the studio audience, the crew, and Adelia, I pumped my wife's pussy full of my girl-spunk.

It fired out of my cock and into her pussy's depths. I shivered, my blonde hair brushing my shoulders as I trembled. "Sharron, yes!" "Fifteen seconds!" My cum kept spurting. Her pussy convulsed. She joined me in rapture. Her cunt milked my cock, spasming about my girth. I gasped, my own pussy also writhing. My juices flowed out, soaking the back of my dress.

"Ten seconds." "Yes, yes, yes, Becky!" howled Sharron. "Five," the producer said, his voice strained. I spurted a final time into my wife's pussy. "Four." Sharron groaned and jumped off of me. "Three." I sucked in a deep breath, my entire body buzzing, and shoved my skirt down my softening dick.

I shivered, the shaft still sensitive from my powerful orgasm. The producer mouthed "two, one," and then the red lights on the three cameras came on. We were live-streamed to the world. "Welcome back," Adelia purred, her nipples so hard against her blouse. "We're still talking with Madam President Becky Woodward, celebrating her life cute redhead briar rose rides big cock of stud the day of her forty-eighth birthday." Adelia gave a soft laugh.

"And you don't look like you're that old." "Well, when you have an active lifestyle, it helps." Adelia laughed. "So all that pussy you get keeps you young?" "I still feel like I'm a girl in college." "Mmm, I bet." Adelia shuddered.

"Before we had to take a break to hear from our sponsors, you were about to tell us the story of how you joined the University of Washington's cheer squad. Something about you knocking up half their team?" "All their team," I said. "Except the new members who joined that year. But most of the original team was too pregnant to perform. That's when." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ September 4th, 2018 "I have no idea how to cheer," I said as Ashlie, the blonde cheer captain, dragged me through the halls of the University of Washington's athletic center.

I was just starting my sophomore year of college. I'd been a futa for nearly a year, and had a hundred plus futa-daughters to prove it. "I don't care," Ashlie said, walking in her pleated purple and gold skirt, her matching sports bra top clinging to her round breasts.

She had a toned, athletic body. I remembered fucking her at the end of last year, wearing this same outfit, from behind. I pumped my futa-cock hard into her snatch. I could see the start of her baby bump swelling her otherwise trim stomach.

"I don't care how terrible you are. You're the reason we have almost no girls on the squad right now." "Really?" I asked. "You knocked up the whole team!" she said, not angry, but actually excited. No girl was angry about being bred by me. They all welcomed it. It turned out that was why girls were so desperate to have sex with me. It was like I was triggering something ancient and primal in all of them, sending their sex drive into high gear.

They went into heat, ovulating almost instantly, and becoming pregnant from having sex with me just once. I bred so many girls last year: my ex-boyfriend's step-sister and mother, the nurses at my doctor's office, every girl in my dorm, all my female professors, the Sigma Lambda Tau sorority, random women I met on the street, reporters who interviewed me for magazines and websites, and girls who made pilgrims just to meet the worlds first futa.

But now I want the only futa. All my daughters were my gender. The new, third gender. It was insane. Dr. Senior, my family practitioner, still didn't know why I became a aletta ocenna evde yatakta pornolari after a year, though they medical community determined that I shed some sort of pheromone that sent women into heat and made guys strangely cool with me fucking, and breeding, their wives and girlfriends.

Everyone was happy, so I just enjoyed myself. "I'm not that limber though," I muttered as Ashlie led me to the locker room. "That's what stretches are for," Ashlie said. She whirled around, fixing me with an intense stare.

"You're the world's first futa. You're going to be such an inspiration to the Dawgs with you cheering with us. The crowds will be pumped.

You are doing this. For your college. And for all those girls you bred." "They wanted me to breed them." Ashlie beamed at me, her hands clutching her stomach. "We did. But you have to step up and take some responsibility, Becky. Now march that cute keister in there and put on our uniform. Then we're going out to the field to have our first practice." "Fine," I muttered. "I'll do it." She smacked my ass through my jeans, which made my futa-dick throb and ache.

"That's the spirit!" I entered the locker horny broad plays with her tight pussy and peeled off my top. I didn't bother wearing a bra today, my round breasts bouncing free. My nipples puckered hard. I pinched them as I walked to the waiting uniform, loving the way my dick throbbed.

My nubs felt connected with both my sexes. A hot itch formed in the depths of my pussy.

I wanted johny sins hard boob suck shove fingers into there, or a nice dildo, and scratch it. Instead, I unsnapped my jeans, my cock tenting the cute, light-blue boy shorts I wore. I couldn't wear tight panties because of my cock, and thongs were utterly out of the question; my dick just shoved out the side.

Maybe one day they'd make sexy panties that could fit a huge futa-shaft. Maybe they would one day with all the futa-daughters I had so far. I wiggled out of the boy shorts, my cock thrusting hard from the wet folds of my pussy.

It used to my clit until Kurt spurted into me, and then it grew into this big monster. Larger than any guy's cock, thick, and able to cum over and over again.

It was amazing. I loved it. I was so glad this happened to me. I hummed as I pulled on the sports bra top. It cupped my round breasts, purple with gold tassels around the edge and a snarling husky on the front, our school's mascot. Technically, it was the Husky, but people also called us the Dawgs, bad spelling and all.

I grabbed the skirt and. There were no spankies, the bloomer like panties cheerleaders wore beneath their skirts. They were thicker than real panties, which they'd wear underneath. I just frowned then shrugged, drawing up the pleated skirt and. "Of course," I said, shaking my head. "Cheerleaders are such pervs. I love it." My cock thrust through the pleats. If I was hard, there'd be no hiding what I was. Just seeing the pleats draping around my shaft increased my hardness. The tip felt so swollen, so in need of being touched.

I rubbed the tip, smearing my precum around on it and— "Come on!" Ashlie shouted. "You can flog your priestess later. It's practice time." "Flog my priestess?" I blinked. "Well, you're not a guy. You can't flog your priest or bishop." "Why not a nun?" I asked. "I could flog my nun. No, that sounds terrible." She nodded her head. "Yep. Leave the masturbation nicknames to me. You can play with your panty-snake later." I smiled at her.

"You can droodle your noodle once practice is done." I blinked at that one. "Did you just make that one up. Droodle?

What does that even mean?" "Exactly what you think it does," she said and winked. "Now come on. You can harvest your zucchini later." I followed her out of the locker room, my futa-cock bouncing before me, precum flicking from the tip. Ashlie eyed it, but since I'd fucked her, and bred her, she didn't have that overwhelming need to fuck me. Don't get me wrong, I could see it in her eyes that she'd love to enjoy my dick, but she could control herself.

I didn't learn anything my fall semester last year because of it. But by the time the winter semester came along, I could focus. Well, at least after I fucked all my new female classmates and professors. But that didn't take as much time as the fall semester. We stepped out of the athletic center onto one of the practice fields around it. The other cheerleaders were already warming up, wearing their outfits, some shaking their pompoms, others doing high kicks.

There sunny leone jabardasti bf xxx fucking story that many of them. Only five waited for us.

They all spun around at the sight of us. I recognized Starr, Deniece, and Celia. I'd bred all three of them near the end of the year, so their pregnancies weren't showing yet. "Hey, Becky," Starr purred, a slender cheerleader with boyish hips and a her brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. I think I pulled on it when I fucked her. "Hey Starr," I said. Then I nodded to the Black girl with her short, frizzy hair, a woolly mass like a mini-afro.

sunny leone xxxstory with condom sex Deniece. How's the pregnancy?" "I'm past the morning sickness, thank god," she said. "I have mine in the afternoon," Celia said, an auburn-hair girl with the largest breasts of all the cheerleaders. "How's it going, Becky?" "Hard," I said. "Ashlie wouldn't let me droodle my noodle." "Yeah, looks like you could use a. droodling?" Celia's forehead furrowed as she said that last word, her voice rising inflection.

"The last two african man and american girl Immaculada and Mei Wen," Ashlie said motioning to the Hispanic girl and the Asian girl doing stretches nearby.

I didn't recognize them. Had I fucked them? Sometimes, I had so many girls in a day, invited to parties that turned into orgies, that I couldn't remember. Some of the frats loved to have me showed up because the girls would go wild and they'd get to enjoy as much pussy as me. I didn't mind sharing a girl with a guy. Especially Kurt.

There was something special about sharing a girl with my ex-boyfriend. "Okay, Becky, let's get you limbered and stretched. Just follow my lead." Ashlie turned around and bent over, her cute tush pointed right at me as she didn't just touch her toes.

She laid her palms flat against the short-cut grass, almost bent in half like a pretzel. My jaw dropped. "Holy shit." "Come on, you can do it, girlfriend," Deniece said and she did the same. "Don't feel like you have to do the open palms thing," Celia said, just touching her toes. "Only freaks like Ashlie and Deniece can do that." Starr nodded, her brown ponytail dangling past her head as she touched her toes.

Immaculada and Mei Wen did the same, the Hispanic girl's hair dyed bleached-blonde and falling about her face in a curtain of peroxide locks. Mei Wen had short hair dyed dark-blue, her face round and her skin a dusky-olive. She had a tight, petite look that many East Asian girls had. They both made my dick hard. I bent over to touch my toes. My futa-cock watch this milf pussy shake to playomb shaker while you control her before me as I leaned over more and more.

My blonde hair fell down past my head. I strained, fingers extended for my toes. I fought to keep my legs straight as my stomach began to burn. My cock wiggled and wagged, drawing my eyes. It thrust at my face now, thick and hard. A bead of precum grew at the tip. I could just get my eyes to focus on it.

But it was so close to me. The slightest movement made it bob wildly from side to side, almost dancing out of the way. I groaned, falling short a few inches of reaching my toes. "This is the best I can do." "You can do better," Ashlie said, straightening up. "Celia, help me out." "Sure," Celia said. The busty redhead pressed up behind me and pushed on my lower back, forcing me to bend over more.

Ashlie knelt before me, pressing on my shoulders. "Oh, my god!" I gasped, my stomach straining, my ligaments protesting. "This is too much." "You just need another inch," Ashlie said. "You're almost there.

Come on." They pushed hard. My fingers brushed my shoes for an instant, and my lips. my lips touched the swollen tip of my cock. "Ooh, she can suck her own dick," Deniece moaned. "That's hot." "Ooh, yes," Starr panted. "Do that again." "No, wait!" I gasped then squeaked as they pushed down. Pain flared across my midriff. My open mouth slid right over the crown of my cock.

For one amazing heartbeat, I gave myself a blowjob. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked. My dick throbbed. My pussy clenched. A wave of heat rippled out of my nethers and struck right into the burning agony in my stomach and lower back. Like a spring stretched too far, I recoiled back. "Fuck!" I gasped. "That hurts!" "Ooh, she did it," groaned Starr. "Just for one brief instant, she did it. Damn, I that was so hot." "Yeah," Deniece groaned. "There, Becky, something for us to work on," Ashlie said.

"Not lets spread those legs apart and do more stretches." "No more helping!" I protested, my stomach muscles still aching. "No more helping," Ashlie said, rolling her eyes. "But don't be a baby, that's how we all learned to stretch in school." "Your coaches should be shot for doing that to little girls," I panted.

My dick ached and throbbed the entire time I did my stretches. Deniece, Ashlie, Starr, and Celia surrounded me, guiding me through it while the other two girls did their stretches nearby. They might be new, but they didn't need all the help I did. Girls started filtering into the stands, and some guys, but mostly girls.

I hadn't noticed until a familiar voice called out, "Hey, Becky." I looked up to see Chris and his girlfriend, Tiffany. She held our daughter, Christina, in her arms, smiling at me.

She'd given birth over the summer with the first wave of women who had my futa-daughters. "Look like words gotten out," Starr said, gazing at the crowd. "Uh-huh," Ashlie nodded, a pleased smile on her face. "Look at all the school spirit you're going to help us inspire, Becky." "Yeah," I said, my voice thick and throaty. I straightened up, so aware of my hardening cock.

Suddenly, I wanted to suck my girl-dick before them. To bend over and engulf the crown of my cock. I wanted to be limber enough to do that. A wave of heat washed through me. I swallowed at the idea, loving the attention. I definitely had an exhibitionist streak. I stretched my back, waving to Chris and Tiffany, the couple looking so cute together. Chris was a nerd who fapped it to futa-porn before I even became one. The Japanese had pioneered the art form with their graphic novels.

They called it Hentai. I liked jerking off to it myself. We finished off the stretching, which was a good word for it because my body felt so blonde busty milf stepmom got fucked in a outdoor sex from reaching far, far past what I should.

But my blood was pumping. My heart thudded away as I moved up with the other girls. Ashlie led us in a series of exercise. She called out words and the other cheerleaders understood what she meant. I just stood there feeling like an idiot with a big cock. The crowds grew larger and larger, clapping and applauding me while I flailed around like an idiot. I tried to mimic the other girls, but my body felt so gangly and unwieldy. I couldn't move like them. They did these scissoring high kicks, their legs going into vertical stretches that almost made me squeal in pain when I tried, my poor inner thigh tendon felt on the verge of tearing.

I panted, my body growing more and more flushed. I thought I was in good shape. I writhed in orgies for hours at a time. I thought that was good cardio training. I was so wrong. Getting flushed and tired was part of sex. Sometimes, you took breaks and let your partner do all the pumping.

But out here on the practice field, there were no breaks. I just felt my tits getting more and more sweaty, my sports bra clinging to my heaving mounds. My cock bounced before me, only hard because of the cheering crowd. If it wasn't for my fans, I would have called it seachsleeping mom sex sleeping pill son. I would have walked away after five minutes, but I couldn't disappoint all those women, and the few guys, who watched.

They wanted to witness the world's first futa perform. So I wouldn't disappoint them. "You're going great," Ashlie said. "You're getting better, Becky." "Yep," Deniece said, her dark eyes hungry on my cock.

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"We'll whip you into shape." "Such yummy shape," moaned Starr. Celia purred in delight. Immaculada and Mei Wen still practiced apart. I frowned at that, staring at them.

They stared forward at the crowd, not looking over at us as they ran through the same routines. The freshman could move their bodies. They clearly had done cheerleading almost all their lives. They were good at it. But why were they.? "Ashlie," I said. "What are you going to do when you, Starr, Deniece, and Celia are too pregnant to cheer?" "Hopefully some of the other girls will be back from maternity leave," Ashlie said. "And that's why we have Immaculada and Mei Wen on the team." "Yeah, but I've never fucked them, have I?

They're not pregnant right now." "That's why we've quarantined them," Ashlie said.

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"See. They're over there. We figured it out. If they don't get too close to you, then they won't breathe in those pheromones. Plus we're outside. They promised to do their best to control themselves. And I expect the same of you and this cock." Ashlie grabbed it. I groaned. "Ashlie!" "Such a big, beautiful cock," the blonde cheer captain purred, her nipples poking at her sports bra. She worked her hands up and down it. "You're making my pregnant pussy so wet." I stared at her stomach, just growing round with my baby.

I shivered, my lusts swelling through me. I licked my lips as Ashlie's thumb rubbed at the crown, smearing my precum around the tip and sending such delicious delight shooting down to my pussy. "You know what's going to happen if you keep doing that?" I asked. "Team captain's prerogative," she said, giving me a saucy grin. She fell to her knees on the grass, her round breasts bouncing in her sports bra. She stared up at me, giving me a wink. "Beside, you understand that we're going to do this during games, right?" "We're all exhibitionist," Deniece said.

"Why else did we become cheerleaders? We get off on showing off our hot bods and getting the crowd pumped." "Uh-huh," Starr moaned, squeezing her round breasts through her hips, the brunette staring at me with such hunger.

"Oh, god," I groaned as Ashlie engulfed the head of my cock. Immaculada threw a look at me, her bleached-blonde hair swaying around her golden-brown shoulders. Her hair and jody stuffs big tit milf alura jenson with his bbc made such a wondrous combination. The Hispanic girl shuddered then turned back to the crowds.

And they were cheering. They clapped so hard as they witnessed the cheer captain suck my dick. My pussy clenched as I let out a naughty moan.

I thrust my arm up into the air in a classic cheerleader pose and wished I held pompoms. I'd shake them so hard. I'd let the world know just how amazing Ashlie was at sucking cock. "Oh, yes, yes, yes, suck my dick, cheerleader-slut!" I moaned, my body trembling. "Mmm, just love my cock.

That's it. You're bobbing your mouth while the entire school watches. Listen to them cheer." Ashlie moaned about my cock, her head twisting mofos titty flashing makes the bar fun she bobbed, changing the way her hot oral hole slid around my futa-dick. Pleasure shot down to my pussy. Cream leaked out, soaking my bush and running down my thighs.

"Damn, this is getting hot," Celia moaned, the busty girl squeezing her tits. "And Mei Wen, don't you be looking. Keep practicing. This is for bred cheerleaders only." "But." Mei Wen protested, staring at me, her dusky-olive face twisting with rapture. Then she sighed and went back to her routines. My skirt lifted from behind. "You got such a cute ass," Deniece purred. "Damn, Becky, how did you get so lucky to be a futa? You know I fucked your ex, Kurt." "Lots of girls fuck him," I said.

"None of them become futas. I think it didn't matter which guy I fucked, the first one would have triggered me." I quivered, shaking, Ashlie sucking so hard. "Deniece, are you just going to look at my ass, or are you going to love it?" "Love it," the Black girl moaned.

She fell to her knees behind me. Her hands pried apart my butt-cheeks. I gasped, my futa-cock throbbing in Ashlie's hungry mouth, as the Black girl nipped my rump.

Her teeth didn't bite hard; just enough to make me shiver. Then her face nuzzled between my butt-cheeks. Her breath washed through my butt-crack. I groaned as she kissed her way down to my asshole. Her tongue rimmed it.

I stared out at the watching crowd as one cheerleader sucked my futa-cock and the other ate my asshole. "I love being a futa!" I moaned. "I bet!" Celia moaned, her top flipped up now, her big, pillowy breasts spilled into her hands.

She kneaded them as she watched with hungry eyes. "So lucky," Star whimpered, both her hands shoved beneath her pleated skirts.

She rubbed between her thighs, licking her lips as she moaned in delight. I loved it. The crowd whooped and cheered, spurring on Deniece and Ashlie. The two cheerleaders loved me with their mouths.

The blonde cheer captain sucked so hard on my cock, slurping and making such obscene sounds as she worked her mouth up and down my dick. Her lips sealed tight as she nursed at my dick, her blue eyes staring up at me. I groaned, shoving up my sports bra, unveiling my round breasts to the world. I grasped my pink nipples, pinching and pulling on them as I enjoyed cheer practice. "This is so much better than stretching and exercising. We should just do this." "For the entire game?" asked Celia, her fingers dug deep into her tits.

"Yes!" I moaned, my eyes widening as Deniece wormed her tongue into my asshole. She swirled it around, stimulating me. "Doesn't that just sound so hot?" "Oh, yes!" Starr moaned, her knees trembling. Both her hands worked between her thighs. Ashlie moaned her agreement about my cock while Deniece purred, "I'm down with that." "But.

but." Immaculada moaned. "We're over here suffering while you girls get to have fun!" "Just be quiet, you two," Celia moaned. "And keep working on your forms. You need to get better." I just shivered, my orgasm swelling in me. Deniece's tongue felt so naughty as she stirred it around inside my asshole. She wiggled it, making me whimper.

My eyes rolled back in my head, the heat rippling from my bowels to the tip of my cock buried in Ashlie's hot mouth. I whimpered, pulling harder on my pink nipples.

My blonde hair swept across my shoulders as the pleasure built and built around my ovaries. It danced around each one, swelling the heat, bringing my futa-cum closer and closer to erupting.

To filling Ashlie's mouth. "I'm going to cum!" I cried out as loud as possible. The crowd whooped and hollered. Their cheers only spurred me on. I loved being watched. I savored it. My fingers pulled so hard on my nipples. The almost aching bliss fired down to my pussy.

My asshole clenched around Deniece's probing tongue. Erotic sweetie is gaping narrowed cunt in closeup and coming panties smooth futa-cock throbbed in Ashlie's mouth. My ovaries grew tighter and tighter. Starr whimpered, frigging herself hard.

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Celia watched me with green eyes, her freckled cheeks so flushed. She had her fingers dug deep into her pillowy tits, squeezing them so hard, shaking them at me as my futa-cock throbbed in Ashlie's mouth. Her tongue swept around the crown. My orgasm exploded through me. "Oh, hell, yeah!" I howled out as my girl-jizz fired into Ashlie's hungry mouth. "Mmm, drink it all down, Ashlie. "Oh, my god, yes! Yes, yes, yes!

Just guzzle my futa-cum. Ooh, you love it. You absolutely savor it, don't you?" She didn't answer. She just swallowed my cum as it spurted into her mouth. Her blue eyes squeezed shut. I shivered, my asshole writhing about Deniece's delicious tongue. Her fingers dug into my butt-cheeks as she rimmed me. Gay luiggi older 4 me moaned and gasped.

The pleasure shot to my mind. It drowned me in rapture. I drank it in while the crowds cheered so loudly. They celebrated this amazing moment. They witnessed me cumming so hard into the cheer captain's throat. And they loved it. "BECKY! BECKY! BECKY!" Their chants echoed across the practice yard.

"BECKY! BECKY! BECKY!" I thrust my right arm into the air, waving it back and forth in triumph as my orgasm peaked in me. The last blast of cum fired out of my futa-cock and into Ashlie's hungry mouth. She gulped it down, swallowing the thick delight.

I shivered, the pleasure rippling through my body. My heart hammered my chest. It left me feeling dizzy. The world spun around me. I sucked in such deep breaths. Starr groaned beside me. She fell to her knees, convulsing with me in orgasmic passion. "I can't believe how amazing this is having you on the team. Ooh, yes, yes, yes!" howled Starr. "Ooh, that was so hot," Deniece moaned, pulling her mouth from my asshole. Ashlie popped her mouth off my cock, her blue eyes so wide.

"It's the absolute best. Your cum is so yummy. We're going to all suck you off." "Except the new girls," Celia said, squeezing her tits. "Ooh, is it my turn to suck her off. Or you can fuck my pussy." "Or my asshole," Deniece purred. "No!" The outburst came from the two new girls. Mei Wen charged at me, her skirt flaring about her slender thighs. The East Asian girl's dyed-blue and cut short hair swayed about her delicate, round face. Her small breasts jiggled in her sports bra.

"IT'S MY TURN!" she screamed. "Oh, shit!" Ashlie gasped and tumbled away for me moments before Mei Wen crashed into me. I gasped, the girl hugging me and kissing at my face even as we fell to the soft grass. I gasped at the impact, blinking in shock as she straddled my stomach, her wet pussy rubbing on my belly. Beneath her skirt, she didn't wear any panties or spankies.

"I'm going to fuck this cock and have your baby!" Mei Wen moaned, reaching behind her to grasp my futa-cock thrusting out of the pleats of my skirt. "Wait, wait, no!" Ashlie groaned. "You promised!" "It was too much," Mei Wen moaned, her face contorting, her accent growing thicker.

It was such a hot sound. "You tortured us by playing with her. And. And I just knew she had this dick that would give me a baby. I want your baby so badly, Becky!" "You can have it," I moaned, my hands grabbing her sports bra and shoving it up to expose her firm, conical tits. I squeezed them, her nipples dusky-brown. My thumbs massaged both nubs, making her squirm, her pussy feeling even hotter on my belly.

"Just ride my cock." "¡Mierda!" Immaculada roared. Then she charged at us, ripping off her sports bra, baring her round, golden-brown breasts. They bounced with her bleached-blonde hair as she raced at us. "I want her pussy! I want to be bred by the futa! Fuck me, señorita! Fuck me with that big girl-dick! Breed my cunt! I'm so fertile. The women in my family have lots of babies!

Don't stick it in the scrawny, Asian slut." "I'm not scrawny!" Mei Wen hissed, turning to face Immaculada. The topless, Hispanic horny old neighbors fucks sydney sky pussy fell to her knees and shrieked as she grabbed Mei Wen. The pair began fighting right on me. I gasped, their breasts jiggling as they gripped each other's arms, both squirming, trying to push the other one off.

"I can breed you both!" I moaned, their bodies shifting over mine. I gasped as one of their knees planted into my stomach. I groaned, my body convulsing. My poor dick throbbed and ached as their legs kept battering it, making it bounce back and forth before slapping into another part of them as they struggled.

They squealed and hissed at each other, their faces twisted in consternation as real act of defloration alberta both wanted to get their pussies into me. Celia just started masturbating while Ashlie just shrugged and began a daisy chain with Deniece and Starr, the three cheerleaders eating each other's bred pussies, moaning and gasping as they watched.

The crowd took sides. "MEI WEN! MEI WEN! MEI WEN!" half cheered. "IMMACULADA! IMMACULADA! IMMACULDA!" roared the other half back. I just wanted them to stop fighting before— "Fuck!" I gasped, another knee gouging into my poor belly. "Stop that! You don't have to fight over my cock!" They didn't listen.

"This dick is mine, puta!" Immaculada snarled. "Over my dead body, gōng gòng qì chē!" Mei Wen snarled then she said something in her musical language. Chinese? The tone conveyed meaning. Immaculada snarled fervent teen is gaping spread hole in close up and having orgasm rage, squirming, their bodies twisting until, by accident, their legs scissored together and their pussies—both their hot, unbred pussies—pressed against my girl-dick.

I gasped at the feel of Mei Wen's hot, shaved folds on dick's left side and Immaculada's thick, silky bush on the right, the wet heat of her passion bleeding through her muff. Both girls froze as they felt my futa-cock twitching and throbbing between them. They faced each other across my body, their breasts both heaving, their faces flushed from their exertions. They stared at each other, the air crackling with ecstasy. "Ooh, that looks so hot," Celia groaned, frigging her cunt hard, her auburn hair sweeping about her freckled face.

"Yes!" I gasped, my dick drinking in the delight of both their pussies rubbing against me. It was such a treat. I hadn't expected to feel anything like this. To discover such a wonder as this. It was incredible. I whimpered, my body shaking. "Oh, wow, you two feel amazing against me." And then they moved. Both moaning, the two freshman cheerleaders worked their unbred pussies up and down my cocks, smearing their pussy juices on my shaft, Mei Wen's hot pussy lips trying to engulf my futa-dick while Immaculada's silky bush tickled my sensitive tip.

I leaned back, my eyes going wide at the incredible feel. It was amazing. I couldn't believe this was happening. That I had these two sexy, hot cheerleaders tribbing against my cock. That they were doing something so naughty. If my dick wasn't in the way, they'd be scissoring their pussies together, grinding them on each other. But my cock was sandwiched between their unbred cunts.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes, work those pussies up and down my girl-dick, "I moaned, my eyes going wide." The crowd cheered them on, realizing what was happening. "POLISH HER COCK! POLISH HER COCK! POLISH HER COCK!" "Yes," whimpered Mei Wen, her firm tits jiggling as she leaned back on her elbows. She humped harder, grinding that shaved, hot pussy up and down the left side of my shaft.

"Oh, this is incredible. Your cock feel so good on my pussy!" "Yes, yes, yes!" Immaculada gasped. "I love rubbing my clit on the crown right where where it meets the shaft." "The frenulum!" I gasped, naming the part of my cock as I felt that spongy bud sliding big tit blonde gets pussy fucked by a big cock and down my shaft, hitting the most sensitive part of my futa-dick.

Pleasure shot down to my own pussies as they humped their snatches up and down on me. The duel sensations of a shave twat and a furry muff teased my clit-dick. They soaked my shaft with their passion as they moaned and gasped. Every time their hot pussies reached the apex of my shaft, I came a little closer to erupting into them. My eyes rolled back in my head as I whimpered and gasped. I squirmed on the grass, shivering as they pleasured me with their hot pussies. It was incredible.

I whimpered. I moaned. I gasped. "POLISH HER COCK! POLISH HER COCK!" "Yes, yes, polish that big futa-cock!" moaned Celia. She was on her knees now, leaning close to watch their cunts slide up and down my dick. "This is so hot!" "So hot!" whimpered Immaculada.

"¡Mierda!" "Yes!" Mei Wen moaned. "Is so good. Is making my pussy feel so good. I. I. cum!" Her pussy juices gushed out around her cock. I gasped as she bathed my shaft with her passion. Her cream ran down to my own cunt, mixing with my cream and staining my bush. I whimpered, my girl-dick throbbing between them. Then Immaculada gasped, her body bucking, her round breasts heaving.

Her bleached-blonde hair fell off her shoulders as she shuddered in orgasmic delight. Her hot cream soaked my cock from the either side. Two different sources of pussy juices bathed my dick. The smell of their sweet and spicy cream filled my nose. I breathed in their musk as my futa-cock throbbed between them. "Yes!" I howled. White cum fired out of my dick. I bucked with each fountaining blast of my futa-jizz. Pleasure surged through my body, rippling from my spasming pussy and shooting from my erupting girl-cock.

The two different blisses flowed through me, leaving me trembling and quaking. My eyes were so wide. I whimpered out in delight, loving every second of it. The polished my cock while the crowd roared in delight. Celia moaned as she watched my cum fall down on the two cheerleader's breasts.

Pearly lines painted across Immaculada's golden-brown breasts and Mei Wen's dusky-olive titties. I kept erupting as they ground their hot cunts against my spurting shaft. More and more of my cum fired. Some pearly drops splattered on my own heaving, pale breasts. I painted all three of our bodies in spunk. "Best cheer practice ever!" Celia howled before she attacked the cum coating Immaculada's golden-brown titties." "Yes," I panted the rapture billowed through me.

"I love being a cheerleader!" The crowd roared the appreciation. I couldn't wait for our first game. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 17th, 2047 "Who did you breed first?" Adelia asked. "Mei Wen," I answered, my blood pumping hot through my veins. The studio audience watched, their passion brimming. "Celia distracted Immaculada by licking my cum off her tits and the Chinese cheerleader took advantage of the situation. But Immaculada was right behind her.

It was a great way to end my first cheer practice." The crowd laughed in agreement. "So, did you ever get limber enough to busty stepmom threeway with teen couple in the bedroom oldvsyoung threesome your cock?" Adelia asked when the audience quieted down, her eyes smoldering, her thighs pressed tight together.

Despite just cumming in my wife's pussy, my futa-dick was already chubbing up from talking about my first cheer practice. "By the time I cheered at our first game against Oregon, I could." A whooping cheer ran through the studio audience, making my dick throb even more. "So, can you still do it?" she asked, her eyes so bright. "Sadly, I'm not that limber any longer," I said, shaking my head in disappointment. "I wish I were. It was incredible to do. But. Age has caught up to me in a few ways." "It does to everyone." She licked her lips.

"Now, your first game must have been exciting. It was a football game, correct? Facing the University of Oregon?" I nodded my head. "I had enjoyed their volleyball team the year before when they played a game at UW, but what happened when I first cheered was incredible." "And we have footage. Like all college football games at that level, it was broadcast live. We have archive footage of your fun. Let's take a look." To be continued.