Natural uk whore gets fucked in her pink

Natural uk whore gets fucked in her pink
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The Preacher's Daughter When I was a kid I had always heard that the preacher's daughters were always the worst girls in the congregation. They were always supposed to be the wildest girls, the ones that always got into trouble, because they were always supposed to set the example for the rest of us in the community.

I never really thought that it was true until recently. I moved and joined a new church. The pastor was pretty good and his sermons were not entirely boring. He introduced me to his lovely wife and then to his three beautiful daughters.

They were all so prim and proper looking. After church that Sunday there was a social gathering in the church basement and I was introduced around. I couldn't remember a single name. Apparently I was the only available young man so I was introduced to all of the single young women in the church a second time too. We single people had actually been herded into one corner by ourselves to socialize. One of the preacher's daughters, Mary, was in that group with me too.

She was seventeen years old and I was twenty-one years old. The other girls were between us in age. The preacher's wife, Gail, was a very good-looking woman of thirty-eight. Gale was dressed very smartly in a skirt that went below her knees and a pretty white frilly blouse that I could see the outline of her bra through.

Her other two daughters were Beth who was fifteen years old and Fran who was fourteen years old. I could see how they all took after their mother. Near the end of the social hour Mary took my arm and said that she wanted to show me the rest of the church. We went back upstairs where we were alone. She showed me a couple of the side rooms off the alter, where the preacher and the choir get dressed.

Then she insisted that we go up into the balcony or the choir loft as it is called in some churches. There was a narrow doorway then a set of winding stairs to go up. Once up there the view was incredibly spectacular looking down onto the pews, the alter, and of all of the stained glass windows.

This was the most beautiful church that I had ever been in. Mary said that she liked the balcony best because you could get away with so much stuff up there that it wasn't funny.

I tried to envision what a lovely girl like her would try to get away with. Mary then wrapped her arms around me and pulled my head into her breasts. I didn't even try to resist since that was exactly where I wanted my face to be at that very moment.

New storys full sex stories 2019 wrapped my arms around her waist then lowered them down to her firm fanny. She didn't seem to mind me fondling her ass so I helped myself. I figured that if I went too far she would let me know and she didn't. Cumshot on my own face cumshot compilation tube porn snuggled my face into her breasts as she cradled my head like a nursing baby.

As I massaged her butt I started to slip a hand up under her long flowing skirt. Again she did nothing to stop me so I continued to run my hand up the back of her legs until I felt her panties. She was wearing a pair of thong panties.

I traced the outline of them with my fingers then I slipped my fingers under the thin straps to feel the skin that they tried to cover.

I even felt her tightly puckered asshole and she seemed to enjoy it. Then boldly I lowered my fingers until I was feeling the lower part of her already moist pussy lips. I felt pubic hair and I really liked that.

Don't get me wrong I like a pussy that is shaved bald too but I sort of expected a preacher's daughter to have some natural pubic hair on her pussy and Mary did. Mary shifted her weight to allow me a little better access from behind but I decided to go a step further than that and moved my hand around to the front. She never tried to stop me, so I took that as her given me permission. In no time at all I had one finger in her vagina then two fingers in her with my thumb rubbing her clitoris.

I heard her orgasm once and asked her if she wanted me to stop. Her answer was no, so I gave her a second and a third orgasm then stopped. Mary thanked me for doing that for her. She said that was her first time to let a boy do that to her in the church itself. She also said that I was the best one at it so far. So far turned out to only be two other guys that Mary had allowed to feel her up.

She said that they were both church members too swinger wien vienna austria club that she had let both of them do it on church picnics. To repay me for her orgasms Mary had me sit back in a pew and unzipped my pants taking out my semi-erect cock and starting to suck on it.

Mary was not the best cocksucker that I ever had but hey a warm wet mouth wrapped around your cock can never be all that bad, now can it. Anyway just as I was filling her mouth with cum we heard one of her sister calling to her that it was time to leave. Mary never pulled her mouth away until she had every drop and had swallowed it. Mary then called out that she would be right down.

I kissed Mary on the lips and thanked her for the blowjob. She told me that it had been her first blowjob and she apologized if it wasn't very good.

I told her that it was great. Truthfully any blowjob that ends in a guy cumming is a good blowjob. We walked down the narrow winding stairway to be greeted by Beth her fifteen-year-old sister. Beth wanted to know what Mary had been up too and was told to shut up and leave us alone. Then Beth reached out for my hand and I let her take it. All of a sudden Beth put my hand up to her nose and smelled of it. Beth said, "You've had your fingers in Mary's pussy!

I would know that smell anywhere!" Mary said, "I said to shut up and leave us alone!" Beth asked me, "Did she suck your cock too?" Mary said, "Shut up and leave us alone!" Beth said, "I'll tell mom if you don't include me the next time!" Mary said, "Okay you little shit but you better not tell mom!" Then Mary kissed me and said, "You go out the side door and I'll see you here behind the church after it gets dark tonight!" Beth said, "I'll be here too!" Then Beth kissed me and patted my cock.

Mary looked furious with her younger sister. I left the church through the side door but I couldn't help but wonder if I should return later or not. Being a horny guy I had nothing to loose so of course I was going to return after dark.

Later on I ate floozy playing with one eyed monster girlfriend hardcore very nice dinner, shaved my face twice to get all of the stubble off, and showered for my date. I put on underarm deodorant, after-shave, and even put baby powder on my crotch. I arrived just after dark as Mary requested. I walked out behind the church and sat down to wait for her. Soon Mary and Beth came out of the parsonage next door and walked toward me.

They were wearing short sexy baby doll negligées. I could not believe that they were allowed to dress like at home let alone come outdoors dressed like that. They each gave me a big hug pressing their titties into my chest and then took me right into the church.

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They didn't want to turn on any lights and just led me directly to the door leading up to the balcony. Once up there the girls removed their baby doll nighties and stood there totally naked in front of me.

They hadn't even worn panties. This was more that I had even would happen. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness of a streetlight illuminating them from the outside coming through a stain glass window I could see their bodies much clearer. Oh my God! Two totally nude preacher's daughters right inside the church. Holy shit!

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They desperately wanted me to get naked too so I did. Mary grabbed my cock first and started sucking on it. Then Beth wanted it mens girlfriend watchs how he fucks other and I watched the two girls fight over who would get to suck my cock. Finally I told them to play nice and share or I would take my toy and go home. They both giggled but agreed to share it.

I was glad because the very last thing I wanted to do was to leave these two gorgeous naked young ladies. Meanwhile I felt of their firm breasts, pinched their delicate nipples, and rubbed their tight asses.

Then I started fingering their pussies. Soon we were on the little bit of floor that was available up there in the balcony.

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The two girls were on each side of me with their feet toward my head. They had their heads near my cock and seemed to be taking turns sucking it. Meanwhile I had a couple of fingers in each girl's pussy and was thumbing their clits as I enjoyed the blowjob. I found that the girls sucked harder if I rubbed their clits harder.

Soon I was filling someone's mouth with a big load of fresh cum. It turned out to be Beth's mouth. Then I watched as the girls kissed and shared my cum too.

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I asked the girls to get me hard again so I could enter them and they got both excited and a little nervous at the same time. That's when they told me that they were both still virgins. I told them that it was fine with me if they wanted to stay virgins.

They said that they really wanted to me their virginity as an offering to God! Then I asked them to get into a sixty-nine to help excite me. Apparently they had done that before because they were very good at it.

After watching the two girls eat one another's pussies for a short while I was hard again. I asked Mary if she would like to be the first one to loose her virginity. She said that she would like that. Then she got on her back and raised her knees for me. I smiled thinking that the missionary position was the perfect one to do in a church.

I held her legs open as I crawled into position. Just before entering her I asked her one more time if she really wanted to go through with it. Mary said something religious in a rather loud voice, "Oh dear God let women give of herself unto man!" Mary kissed me and said, "Fuck me in the name of the lord!" What! I was religious of course but this was very strange.

Fuck it! Hell, fuck her! So I did! I lowered my body forcing my rather hard cock into her virgin pussy. I had to smile at something Captain Kirk always said on Star Trek, "To go where no man has gone before!" Anyway I had thrust into her pretty easily and she hadn't cried out in pain or anything so I just kept going in. Beth was rubbing my ass and playing with one of Mary's tits while I fucked Mary. After a few minutes of enjoyment I started to feel the urge to cum.

Apparently Mary felt it too because she shouted out, "Oh God I'm cumming! Oh God I'm cumming! Thank you God!" Then I lost it and spurt cum into her pussy like nothing first sapphic experience in front of the camera pantyhose lesbians. When I rolled off of Mary she lifted her knees to her chest, Beth covered Mary's pussy with the palm of her hand to hold my cum inside of her, and then they prayed together. "Oh God if it is meant to be let it happen to me!

May the daughters of man multiply!" What to hell! Was she expecting to get pregnant! Why? I thought that she on the pill but I never did ask! Shit! From down in church Fran said, "Mary can I come up now?" Beth said, "Yes Fran you can come up now! Mary is praying!" So I heard the door at the bottom of the stairs open and heard Fran come up the stairs.

Fran was also wearing just a flimsy sexy baby doll nightie like her sisters had been wearing. Beth said, "Take your nightie off so he can see your body! It'll make him hard again faster so that he can have intercourse with me next!" Fran smiled and removed her nightie while looking at me.

I looked xxx bcomhot best six story her fourteen-year-old body and I was very impressed with it. She looked just her fifteen-year-old sister Beth and of course they both looked almost the same as Mary.

It was just incredible. Then Fran rubbed her tits up against me, stroked my cock with hand, and placed one of her tits in my mouth. Oh my God she was so sweet and sexy that o got hard immediately. Soon Fran said, "Okay Beth I got him ready for you!" With that Beth got on her back on the rug and welcomed me in between her legs too. I sexy bobbi enjoyed riding a big shaft not resist these lovely young virgins. I had to make love to Beth.

I just had too. My mind and my cock wouldn't let me do anything else. I slipped into her pussy and started fucking her nice and slow so that I could enjoy her wonderful pussy for as long as possible.

I know from past experience that I could last several minutes longer the third time around and I am sex tamul xxx grils storys that I did. As I came Beth shouted out, "Oh God I'm cumming! Oh God I'm cumming! Thank you God!" When I rolled off of Beth she lifted her knees to her chest as Mary had done.

Fran covered Beth's pussy with her hand to hold my cum inside and then they prayed together with Mary joining in. "Oh God if it is meant to be let it happen to me! May the daughters of man multiply!" Then from down in the church Gale, the girl's mother, called out, "Do you need my help yet girls?" Fran said, "Yes Mommy!

He needs to get hard again for me!" With that I was confused. Why was their mother downstairs listening to me making love to her daughters? I heard the lower door open and Gail come up the stairs. When Gail immerged she too was wearing one of those sexy baby doll nighties.

Gail just came over to me and straddled my face letting her pussy lips brush up against my lips. I kissed her pussy. Then I smelled how great her pussy odor was. It was like an aphrodisiac. I instantly got hard once more. Gail told Fran that I was ready for her. Gail wanted me to fuck her three daughter!

This was really strange! Fran got on her back and I got between her legs. Gail reached under me and even guided my cock into her youngest daughter. She fondled my balls and played with Fran's nipples to stimulate her some.

As before I lasted a lot longer this time around. I sort of felt sorry for Fran having my cock thrust into her for more than twice as long as Mary had to endure it. She didn't care in the least. As I came Fran shouted out, "Oh God I'm cumming!

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Oh God I'm cumming! Thank you God!" When I rolled off of Fran she too lifted her knees up to her chest. Gail covered her daughter's pussy with her hand to hold my cum inside of her and then they prayed together with Mary and Beth joining in.

"Oh God if it is meant to be let it happen to me! May the daughters of man multiply!" After a few minutes Gail said, "Now it's my turn!" I had never cum four times in an evening before and now she expected me to get it up a fifth time.

I was sorry that the girls had sucked me off earlier. This time I actually resisted it as Gail sucked my cock deep into her very talented mouth. I swear that I could feel the head of my cock slipping into her throat. I was not hard yet so she was stretching my cock out to its maximum length as she sucked on it. She reminded me of those gadgets they sell that are supposed to make you cock longer.

Time and time again Gail released my cock, blew cool air on it, and then sucked it back into her throat. After a few times she started playing with my balls softly as she did it. Still a few minutes later she stuck a finger up my ass while she deep-throated me. That did it. I got hard. Gail got on her back where I had been laying and assumed the position.

She pulled me into her. Gail was certainly no virgin but her pussy felt absolutely incredible. Her pussy milked me like her mouth had been doing earlier. I was just as hard as I had been when I first made love to Mary. I could not believe it. This woman was simply fabulous and all I wanted to do was to fuck her brains out. I was thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow.

I lost track of how long I was in her pussy but I knew that for the very first time in my life I had actually been inside of a woman's pussy for long enough. As I filled her with cum Gail shouted out, "Oh God I'm cumming! Oh God I'm cumming! Thank you God!" When I rolled off of Gail she lifted her knees to her chest. She covered her own pussy with her hand to hold my cum inside of her and then she and her three daughters prayed together "Oh God if it is meant to be let it happen to me!

May the daughters of man multiply!" When I looked around Mary and Beth had finally lowered their legs flat to the floor. Mary noticed that I had noticed their legs down and said, "Mommy said to hold that position for half an hour afterward sex to insure that your sperm would flow into our uterus and give your semen a fighting chance to get us pregnant." I said, "Oh shit!

I was huge acesquirt interactive sex toy is breaking hot little redhead pussy masturbation brunette that you would be on some kind of birth control or something!" Mary said, "No way! That wouldn't be right! Sex is only for procreation! You must pray for conception if you have sex!" Beth said, "We all picked you out to father our children when we first saw you!" Fran said, "Mommy said that you were sent from God to impregnate us!" Gail said, "Thank you for your seed!

My husband had an accident after Fran was born and cannot reproduce! You are the first man that I have wanted since Fran was born! You cannot imagine what it has sophie marceu naked part 1 like to be celibate for almost fourteen years!" I asked, "So why did you pick me and why did your daughters give me their virginity?" Gail said, "Okay first off you impressed me at first glance!

You looked like nice father material!

You passed our test with Mary right after church! Then as a family my daughters decided to offer their virginity as a sacrifice to our God!" I asked, "What about you then?" Gail said, "Well I couldn't very well ask them to do something that I wasn't prepared to do!

Now could I?" I asked, "What about your husband?" Gail said, "He is in the house, on his knees, praying just as we have been doing!

He would be the happiest man alive if his whole family was pregnant with child this Christmas." Then I realized that it was March the twenty-fifth and that in exactly nine months it would be Christmas day. For the rest of the week I got to repeat my performance every evening in the church choir loft with the four of them. That Sunday I was greeted in a new fashion at church. All of the men thanked me for donating my seed to the Lord.

All of the women asked me to give them a donation too. That next week I had four new women up in the cheeks in club screwed undress dancer striptease hardcore loft waiting for me every day when I arrived. There were thirty-one women of breeding age in this church and each week they announced the new pregnancies until I had impregnated each and every one of them.

Between Christmas of this year and Easter of the following year I would be a father thirty-one times, unless some of the women gave birth to twins. It runs in my family. I am only twenty-one years old myself and I wonder if I am ready for this honor. Maybe I am! After all my mother is half Mexican and she named me Jesus! For those of you that don't know the proper pronunciation it is sort of "Hey Zeus." So it was that a twenty-one-year-old name Jesus was sent to impregnate thirty-one women.

Praise be to God! The End The Preacher's Daughter 66