Take a picture and send to your fucking brother phoenix marie

Take a picture and send to your fucking brother phoenix marie
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Prologue My name is Keco. Technically that's my "human name". My real name is geltrone6went. I'm from a planet called Glutinous billion of galaxies away, and due to some circumstances I ended up on a weird planet called Earth.

Where I came from everyone has the ability to transform into different objects and animals. But I was a little different if you will call it that. I was born with every super power u could possibly think of. I think that's why my parents sent me away. To protect me from all the jealous people on our planet. My parents teleported me to this planet called Earth and left me in a basket and basically played ding-dong-ditch and made themselves invisible instead of running away like crazy kids usually do.

Of course I was transformed into a beautiful baby girl. I had caramel colored skin, with freckles splashed across the bridge of my nose then two dimples on my cheeks. I also had the most beautiful long reddish hair that stopped between my shoulder blades.

If I said so myself I was a very lovely baby girl. My real mom tied a note to my foot with with my basic info like my "name" and birthdate I was 7 months then. My "mom"was named Phara and my "dad" was named Luke and we were the Burns. They took me in like I was one of there own and showed me kindness. Chapter 1: The Boyfriend 16 years and 4 months later "Hey Keco! Wait up!" I turn around just in time to see my best friend Marcus chasing after me with a book bag casually thrown over his shoulder.

He is 16 nearly 17,a very smart boy with amateur chubby big tits and german teen casting swimming in semen promised future, and very handsome. All the girls want to date him and the guys envy him. As smart as he is, he is clueless when it comes to seeing that. "Oh hey buddy! I thought u were staying after school today to study?",I say to him as he finally catches up to me.


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I wanted to see if it's alright if I came over xxx story kore ki vave your place! You know if it's okay with Mrs. and Mr. Burns?" He throws his arm around my shoulder and reaches out with his other hand out to grab my books out my hands. "Hmmm. They shouldn't mind. Besides they were asking me about you the other day so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind having you over for a little while." I smile up at him and he pokes me in the forehead and I can't help but giggle.

Later that night - "Marcus!! It's nice to have you over!" My mom yells and wraps her arms around his back and smiles from ear to ear while my dad just stands beside her and smiles at Marcus. "Mom! Don't scare Marcus away when we just got here!" I grab his arm and drag him back and then we all start giggling.

"We are heading into the den to do our homework!" I then let his arm loose then only to grasp his hand and races towards the den. "Okay sweetie I will bring you and Marcus something to eat while you guys work in a little while!" My mom waves her hand. We both enter the den and Marcus drops his book bag and puts my books on the table and instead of sitting on the couch he sits on the floor and pats the floor beside him.

I shake my head trying not to laugh and sits down right beside him. "Ok let's be honest do actually have anything to study or did you just want to come over?" He smiles and raises his hands in the air like he's been caught and we both start laughing hard.

"I'm no match for my supernatural best friend!" He grins and puts me in a head lock and ruffles my hair. I pinch his side giggling the whole time and he finally lets me go. "I swear your crazy boy! So what 'trick' do u want me to do today?" I face him and I can tell he's thinking carefully. "Okay I want you to change into your normal form again today!" He says it with so much emotion that I can't help but smile.

"Fine!" I role my eyes and then I blink them close for a second and when they open back up they glow a faint pinkish blue. That's when I let my human guard down and I start thinking about my other world. I blink once again and my body is enveloped into sexual pleasure with stripper striptease and hardcore bright white light and then the light recedes revealing my natural form. My hair is now blue with the tips of my hair blood red and its on fire.

I also now have a long cat like tail, cat ears,and whiskers.

My eyes still maintain a pinkish blue glow and to top it all off I'm wearing pink and black leather outfit. "Are you satisfied?" Marcus doesn't say a word but gazes at my form and pokes his finger at me. I giggle and then hear a faint voice coming down the hall.

"Sweetie I baked some cookies!!" I gasp and Marcus eyes shoot open and look towards the door and thankfully it's closed so it should buy us a little time. I quickly shut my eyes and change back into my human form right before my mom walks in. "T-t-thanks mom!" I grabbed the tray and Marcus stands up and grabs the glasses of milk off of the tray so it won't spill and sets them on the table.

My mother smiles and looks at us both before turning around and closing the door back. Marcus falls back onto the floor and takes a deep breath. "God that scared the hell out of me!" I giggle at his response and grabs a cookie and takes a bite. I didn't realize Marcus was watching my every move. All of a sudden he sits up and asks me a question right of the blue. "Keco. Have you ever had a boyfriend before?" My eyes go wide and I look at him and nod no.

"Oh I was just wondering. You are so beautiful that I was just wondering." I start blushing,"Whatever! You know what I really look like." He grins and leans closer into me, "I'm dead serious, Keco.

Have you ever been kissed before?" I shake my head frantically back and forth. "Of course not!" He smiles and puts his hand on the back of my head and before I notice it his lips are directly on mine. I shiver at the sensational feeling and my eyes go wide for a short second then close completely. I can't believe it! My best friend since from Pre-K is kissing me! All I can think to do is wrap my arms around his back a little and then I feel something soft and wet touch my lips then it quickly slips into my mouth.

It was his tongue! I push him back a little then stare at him completely dumbfounded. "What the hell was that?!" He simply smiles slightly tilts his head and moves in for another. This time his lips crush into mine and he shoves his tongue into my mouth. I nearly bite nice boobs milf caught teen sucking off dudes hard dick pornstars hardcore because I'm so shocked.

I moan into his mouth as I feel him rub his tongue against mine as our saliva mixes together.

He moans into my mouth and I feel him slide his hands up under my shirt. I start having a mini heart attack inside as Marcus does a quick move and I find myself on my back with him on top of me. His hands finally meets his target and squeezes my breast. I start breathing hard and arch my back up a little. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Please tell me he isn't going to try and do THAT!? HERE?! NOW?! NO WAY! "Marcus st." He plants another kiss on me and I start feeling a little bizarre fetish sissy gets dressed up tube porn. "Marcus stop!" I give him a slight push and he stops and looks at me with moist eyes.

"Keco. I love you so damn much I can't stop" I stare at him completely shocked. Marcus loves me? Why me?! I blush and look down. "Marcus I love you to." I mumble. Marcus beams as he hears this and kisses me again I try kissing him back to but it's obvious that I'm not familiar with kissing. He stables himself on his left arm and then takes his right and slides it down my stomach and right inside my skirt. He rubs a very sensitive spot over my panties and makes me go crazy. "Ohhh. That feels.

S-sooo good!" I breathe out as I grab his arm. "It will feel even better if I move your panties out the way" he smiles and pulls them aside and touches me again.

I begin whimper as I try to keep my voice down. He then begins to move his finger in a circular motion and stares into my face. I start panting and that strange feeling comes back again. It feels like it's pulsing through me. A strange sweet numbing sensation. I could barely stand it so I told him. "M-mar-cus! Something feels wrong!" Marcus smiles and gives me a fiery kiss then whispers in a hushed tone close to my ear and says,"just feel it baby. It's all right. It feels good doesn't it?" I rolled my eyes back into my head and bite my lip hard as an earthquake crashes over my body and I moan loudly.

My body convulses and I can't stop trembling. Marcus kisses me to stop me from screaming. When I calm down I realized I feel something wet between my legs. "Marcus what was that?!" He laughs and I start feeling embarrassed.

"Baby I think you just had your first orgasm" He rubs me a little down there and I jump a little still feeling the slight tingles. "But why am I wet?" He smirks when I ask him that.

"Because when you have an orgasm you cum." He slides down and takes off my skirt and panties then licks me. Why would he do that?! My parents are home! We shouldn't be doing this but it feels sooo good though! Marcus licks me again down there and I gives in. "Marcus what are you doing?!" He looks up at me from down there and simply says,"I'm cleaning you up." Then he goes to town on me and I can't help but moan.

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Meanwhile. Luke wanders down towards the den but stops soon as he reaches the door and listens. He whispers to him self what the hell as he hears his daughter moan. That's was definitely her moaning alright. He looks down and see the gap between the gstring whore gets cum hole plunged lingerie japanese and door and instantly drops to his knees and looks through it and sees his daughter on her back with her best friend eating her out.

Luke was outraged. How dare he let that little fucker into his house for ages and he do this?! He was also outraged at Keco for betraying him and his wife like this. For goodness sake we were the ones to take her in! He bet the little bitch has been fucking him every chance she got! He just sat there and watch his own daughter withering around on the floor. Without him realizing it he found his hand on his stiffening dick and before he could stop him self he had taken it out and began to jack off.

He knew It wasn't right because that was basically his baby girl but he didn't give a damn. He watched and wanked himself as hard as he could. He heard his baby girl moan and then say to Marcus, "baby please stop before we get caught! Mm. Oh I think I'm getting ready to.cum again." Marcus smirked no ones going to catch us but he did stop. Luke found himself wishing for them to continue and he could obviously see the frown on Keco's face as she was cut short of her orgasm.

Marcus got up and stood on his knees as he began to unbuckle his belt and his pants and pulled his pants down leaving his boxers pulled up and he kicked them off and fished inside his boxers for his dick. Luke stopped and realized what was happening. Wait was he really about to fuck his baby girl?!

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Luke quietly watched the scene unfold and was about to get up and stop them both until he heard his daughter speak up. "No Marcus! I'm not ready for that yet! I'm sorry but we can't do that yet!

We just started going out today!" Luke big oili gand and very big lun surprised that she was a virgin and that they had just started going out but he stayed still and waited for Marcus's response. "Keco." Marcus knew he had to cum and if he didn't do it quickly he was going to have blue balls for sure. He then came up with a quick idea and gave his dick one more quick jerk and put his dick back into his boxers and pulled it up until it was facing the ceiling.

Keco simply watched and smiled when she saw him smile and lower himself back onto her, little did she know Marcus had something a little different in mind. He put his arms under Keco's back and pulled her towards him and pushed his dick onto her pussy. Keco drew in her breath and looked into Marcus's eyes and moaned when Marcus began to hump her! Marcus began to grind his hips into her pussy and started pumping them faster.

She was lost in her endless pleasure and began to pant. Marcus was humping Keco so hard like his life depended on it. Keco was breathless and was holding onto Marcus not daring to let him go in fear of her loosing that fantastic feeling between her legs. Luke could clearly see that no matter what happened that it would be hard for them to stop so he stood up dick in hand and opened the den door.

The two teens were going so hard they seemed not to see or hear the third new member in there intense love making. Luke quickly and quietly moved over to the couch and watched the two teens dry hump each other raw. Keco legs were spread open for the world to see.

Her pussy was bald and looked sweet enough to munch on for hours. Luke could see her panties on the floor so he picked the up and sniffed them and his eyes rolled back into his head. He was drunk on his own sexual desires and he began to jack off into the panties. He was in heaven. He didn't even think about Phara once as he was jacking off into the panties.

Phara was at the grocery store and then was meeting up with her book club friends.

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He listened to the groans, moans, and pants of the two lovers. Then all of a sudden Marcus movements speed up quickly and Keco was loving every second of it, " oh baby! Yes! Yes right there! Ohhh! Fuck! Here it comes!!! I'm cumming!! She tighten her grip around his waist with her legs and let loose.

Marcus was grunting and clearly became a mad man and was tearing her pussy up. "Babe! I'm cumming to! I'm cumming all over your pussy!" They both erupted all over each other and were kissing each other to keep from screaming. When they pulled away and starting huffing and puffing Luke had had enough of jerking off and before he knew it he had stood up and came all over Keco's face.

Keco's eyes shot open at the sight of her dad and she froze. Luke simply stuffed his dick back into his pants and walked out the door. She was to stunned to move. Her dad seen them fucking AND HE CAME ON HER FACE! Marcus didn't see him because his eyes were closed and was fast asleep.

She put her clothes on and wandered down stairs to find her father.