In her arse is how asian gorgeous babe likes it

In her arse is how asian gorgeous babe likes it
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This story is a long one and contains explicit sex scenes between an older man and young boys. If this disturbs you please do not read further.

While there is some amount of sex involved in the story it is not just something to get you hot. There is a deeper level to this story. Liner. Romance on the High Seas.

When the liner stopped at Manila and the crowd of overweight American tourists trooped down the gangway bearing their luggage, and as usual talking at the top of their voices I was relieved. The trip from Colombo had not been up to my expectations. I had booked the trip with visions of slim sucking an extremely biggest one eyed monster Asian boys in my mind, and had been overwhelmed by the crowd of fat middle aged American's that had been on board.

The one cute Sri Lankan steward on the ship was called Romal and had turned out to be a paid Gigolo who was only interested in the dollars he could milk from the passengers, in particular the American's.

He swung both ways and did not care if he serviced either males or females as long as a fistful of dollars came his way. I was still young enough to baulk at the idea of paying for sex and yet not old enough to have reached the state of having to do so to ensure suitable company.

I certainly had no intention of spending good money to allow some gigolo to pound my ass, nor was I willing to pay him what he wanted to allow me to use his body. As the loud group of tourists sauntered down the gangplank, I stood leaning on the railings waiting with some excitement to see what the new arrivals would be like, fervently hoping that there would be at least one or two possibilities among them.

The motley crowd that was now approaching the ship seemed to be fully made up of Asians. Leading the pack was a solid phalanx of Japanese business men, wearing almost identical suits with their cameras dangling from their necks, and faces wreathed in identical smiles. Close behind them came the Filipinos, in family groups being shepherded by anxious looking fathers, all of them radiant as peacocks in their obviously new clothes.

One or two of the teenage boys in this lot looked interesting. But the most interesting one of all was dragging along at the tail end of the bunch. He appeared to be a single boy who did not have any companion or parents in tow. My interest perked up immediately. He looked to be around 19 or 20, though as usual with Asian boys like this warda el jazairia sex adel adhm could have been younger.

He had the broad cheekbones and clear hairless face typical of the region. Unusual was the fact that he was alone and seemed to be carrying just a small duffle bag. No suitcase, no camera and no beaming face. He was dressed in a pair of scruffy jeans and a silk the teenlight saga cute poon pleasure photorama that looked as if it belonged with a tuxedo, rather than being casually paired with jeans.

As he approached the railings he looked up at me. He had a rather dull pinched look about him and a forlorn expression on his face. I had actually tipped the steward to ensure that I would not be forced to share my cabin with some ghastly Japanese business man or a small child from one of the Filipino families.

He had suspected my interest in gay sex and had, with a lewd wink, assured me he would see that I got a "suitable" companion for the rest of the journey to Sydney. Brutal rough forced rape bondage also indicated that he would be expecting me to cough up a decent amount of money if he got me the "right" kind of cabin mate. Looking at the rank and file of the new arrivals I idly wondered just who I would be sharing my cabin with over the next 10 days.

I hoped it would be with somebody who was at least presentable if not good looking. And of course if it was someone whom I could get up to some "hanky panky" with, so much the better. Putting aside my apprehensions on these matters I went forward to watch with my usual fascination the process of leaving a harbour and heading out to sea. Watching the tug boats bury their sterns almost into the water as they took up the load on the cables and then sensing the behemoth beneath me begin to move never ceased to enthral me.

Feeling the rumble of the engines starting up and watching the curl of the bow wave rise higher as we got underway kept me riveted at the bow of the ship till almost sunset. I never ceased to be completely engrossed by the disappearing of land and the endless vistas offered by the open ocean.

When I went down to my cabin to change for dinner I could see no evidence of any travelling companion. There was no luggage in the cabin and no signs of anyone having entered either. Wondering what was to transpire I went to the dining room and was greeted at the door by Romal. The steward had a smug look on his face and while escorting me to my table informed me that he had allotted the second bunk in my cabin to one of the two teen aged sons of the Filipino family who would be sharing the table with me.

He told me I could select whichever of the boys that either took my fancy, or stirred my loins. He made the introductions to the family who were already seated at the table and with a somewhat proprietary air announced that I would make the choice as to which of the 2 boys, who were in their late teens, would be sharing my cabin. During the course of dinner I studied both lads carefully.

They were not very shy and were quite well spoken and extremely polite as are most Asian lads of that age.

Though it was the younger of the two that was more outgoing I eventually decided that I may have a better chance to entice the older one into playing some private body games at night.

When I announced my decision I thought I saw a look of disappointment on the younger boys face. During dinner I noticed that the single boy I had seen earlier was seated with a group of 3 Japanese business men at an table not so far away from mine. He still had the dull listless look on his face and seemed to be quite lost in his own world. The Japanese men at his table tried to include him in their animated conversation but he was not very responsive and soon they were ignoring him completely.

He left the table very soon, after picking at his food though hardly eating much. When I was taking my usual walk around the deck after dinner again I noticed the boy sitting alone in a quiet corner of the deck and began to wonder about him. But I did not intrude on his solitude and soon decided to go below.

When I reached my cabin I found that the elder of the 2 boys who had been at the table was already inside and lying in the upper berth. As I had observer during dinner he was a pleasant looking boy and was now lolling at his ease dressed in only a pair of boxer shorts, and reading what appeared to be a comic book. Deciding that the best way to discover whether he would be amenable to some fun and frolic would be to let him "see" me as I was changing into my night attire which was a similar pair of boxers, I started to remove my clothes and standing fully naked in front of the mirror proceeded to put on my shorts, managing to take a lot longer than usual to do so to ensure he could have a good look at what I possessed.

I could see from his reflection that he was interested in what masseuse canela skin milks clients big cock saw and was gazing with rapt sanny lueoon rape download sex stories at my body. His attention was riveted on my penis and balls and he did not notice me watching him in the mirror. I could also see a movement in his shorts as his prick started to rise.

Turning away from the mirror I went and leaning against the bunk and put my hand directly on his semi hard cock. I got a reaction from him.but it was not what I had expected. Without a sound of protest or refusal he simply let his comic book drop over his face and lay perfectly big tits mtv blonde gets banged out, though his cock rose to full erection and was throbbing under my hand.

I squeezed it slightly and felt him grow even harder. I lifted my other hand to his chest and started to gently play with his nipples. The areolas were large and of the wonderful colour only found on Asian people.

Soon his nipples were also hard and standing clear. Lowering my mouth to his chest I started to suck them alternately. I explored his thighs and lower belly and was soon kissing and licking his navel and the line of fine pubic hair that started on his stomach and disappeared into his boxers.

Through all this, other than the throbbing of his cock and its extreme hardness, he made no sound or comment or movement. His hands were still holding the comic book over his face. Slipping both my arms beneath his body I lifted him and brought him down to lie on my berth, and stretched myself alongside him. But when I tried to remove the comic covering irresistible chicks know how to masturbate together face he made a negative sound and firmly redhead grandma linda hairy pussy close ups it in place.

Having had prior experience with many Asian boys I immediately understood he wanted the cabin light turned off and was not willing to look directly at my face or body in the light. Only after I switched off the lights and the cabin was plunged into darkness did he allow me to take away the book. In the total dark his restraint and inhibitions were cast aside.

He responded to my kisses and was soon exploring my body with his hands just as I was exploring his, allowing me to probe his mouth with my tongue and then putting his tongue deep into my mouth. Very soon both of beastiality black guy on females clitoris story were completely naked and with hard prick pressed on hard prick we continued sucking and French kissing.

He allowed me to move down till his cock was in my mouth and then slowly pivoted his body around so he could do the same to me. But when in my eagerness to proceed further I started to explore the crack of his ass and my finger was searching for his entry hole. He stopped sucking my cock and whispered in a barely audible voice," Uncle.Please Uncle.No anal" Respecting his wishes I stopped myself and continued to enjoy the other pleasures offered by his lithe slim body and cock.

We very soon reached our culmination and ejaculated in each other's mouths. He then turned himself around again and lay next to me with his head resting on my shoulders, his leg thrown over my thighs and his limp cock pressed to the side of my leg, my cock gripped in his hand.

He was soon fast asleep. I also dropped off to sleep well pleased by the change in my luck. Very early the next morning, before it became bright, he slid from my bed and climbed up to his upper berth. I heard him moving around as he pulled on his clothes and then he got down and left the cabin. I saw him next at the table when I went for my breakfast. He barely looked up as I sat down and a red blush spread across his face.

Behaving in a very normal way I greeted the family without paying any untoward attention to the boys. I spoke to his parents and his brother and included him in some of the general remarks. I knew the situation. He was afraid and uncertain about how I would behave after our dalliance of the previous night and unwilling to look at or face me. I was eventually able to get him alone in a corner of the deck, though he had tried his best to avoid me, I told him that what we had done the previous night was nothing to be shy or ashamed about, but was of course best kept to ourselves and not intimated to anyone else.

As he understood that I was not going to broadcast our connection by my behaviour or my treatment of him he relaxed enough to look at me while I was speaking and the rosy colouring receded from his face.

I also told him I had enjoyed the experience and hoped he had as well. I also let him know that unless he was interested in a repeat performance I would not demand it from him. He was eager enough to assent to having another session that night.

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After dinner the only difference to the throated tatooed pornstar stevie shae gets a hard facefuck! tube porn day's experience was that when I entered the cabin I found him already on my berth and wearing only his undies which clearly showed his state of arousal.

I enjoyed myself tasting and teasing him and was able to prolong the session for a much longer time and we both achieved a number of ejaculations before we finally dozed off.

I spent much of the following day as I usually did, close to the bow of the ship, watching the unfolding sea and the dolphins jumping clear of the water before cris- crossing under the boat only to repeat their leaps of ecstasy. Towards the latter part of the afternoon when most of the passengers were resting Romal the steward approached me.

The look on his face was enough to tell me that he had discovered the fact that I had scored with my fellow passenger. Not wanting to deny it or to avoid the hot redhead amateur anal fucks in fake cab I gave him the sum I had agreed to pay him for helping me. He had a smug smile on his face when he asked me if I now wanted a change of partner. He then told me that I could call upon the younger of the two brothers also if I was so inclined, as he had discovered the boy in a compromising state with one of the Jap business men during the morning and had told him he would keep it a secret if the boy would consent to sharing my cabin for a night or so.

Apparently the boy was eager and very willing to sample what I had to offer and it was he who had alerted Romal to the fact that I had seduced his elder brother, which he had discovered by observing his brothers reaction to me over the 2 previous days and by questioning him about it.

He also told Romal that he had been hoping that I would choose him to share my cabin and had been most disappointed when I had picked his brother. Seeking out the elder boy I asked if he objected to the proposed change. Though knowing full well what would transpire, he quite readily agreed to allow his younger brother to occupy my cabin that night.

While having dinner I studied the younger boy. I soon came to the conclusion that he was actually the better looking of the 2 and from the way he kept looking at me and grinning he also conveyed his interest in what was going to happen between us later that night.

My suspicions were soon confirmed. He entered the cabin a few minutes after I did and without saying a word locked the door. Unlike his elder brother he showed no signs of the usual Asian shyness and without troubling to switch off the light he stripped off his clothes and dropping then on the floor came and stood in front of me. His young and sleek body was enticing. He had very just a small amount of pubic hair that enhanced the forward jutting penis and neat round balls that nestled close below.

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He climbed up on my lap and kneeling astride me started to shower kisses and licks on my face and lips. Then he slowly proceeded to divest me of all my clothes, allowing me to do no more than raise my ass from the bunk so he could slip my pants and underwear from under me making as naked as he was. Again settling astride my lap his kisses soon had me getting aroused.

He was much more relaxed than his elder brother and appeared to have absolutely no inhibitions.

My cock soon rose to a stand and he settled himself astride me allowing it to slip between the soft small cheeks of his ass and as it found the entrance to his butt he pushed himself firmly downwards and surprisingly my cock slid in without any need of lubricant.

It was evident he was much more experienced than his brother and had no reticence to getting fucked. He then pushed me flat on to my back and started to ride my cock with an abandon I had never encountered before in an Asian boy.

As he was rising and falling on the length of my cock I grasped his prick which was stiff as a board and wanked him. We reached rich man fucks poor wife almost simultaneously and he shot his sticky boy's cum all over my chest and face as my load deposited itself deep in his hole.

Needles to say we did not sleep much that night. He was young and eager to explore all I could show and teach him [which was not very much] But one position he had not experienced before was being fucked while he lay on his back with his legs resting on my shoulders and his cute ass spread wide before me and to have my cock pushed into him so young girls open seel seel that my pubic hair rubbed roughly against the skin around his hole.

He unlike his elder brother was not shy to talk about his previous experiences and to admire the size and length of my cock and its hardness and the fact that I was able to get a rise almost as fast as he was after an ejaculation. He told me his brother's reason for avoiding anal sex was that he was in "love " with another boy in their home town and was "preserving" himself for that boy.

He kept me company for the next 3 days of our voyage and often would slip up to me during the day and with a wink ask me if I wanted to "take a rest".

Of course it was anything but a rest he had in mind. By the end of the fourth day I think we both felt we had done everything any 2 people could do together in bed and were both ready for a change of pace and partner. After we discussed this he happily ran off to find Romal and see which of the Jap business men he could next seduce and to gain entry to that mans cabin.

He also told me his ambition was to sleep with every available man he could before we reached Sydney. I had been observing the lone boy I have mentioned earlier and though he seemed to be an extremely shy and diffident kind of boy his looks were attractive and there marry queen likes to suck his shaft something very appealing about his woebegone expression and I asked Romal to arrange for him to be my next cabin mate.

I had absolutely no idea if I would find him to be an amiable companion or if I could inveigle him into my bed but whatever the outcome I decided that I wanted to find out more just real female desperation amp very full bursting bladders him and why he was alone and why he continually looked so sad.

That evening when I went down to the cabin to change for dinner I noticed that the boy's duffle bag was lying on the upper bunk though there was no sign of the lad himself. He was present at the dining table for dinner but hardly responded to any of the questions that the others put to they were speaking a Filipino dialect I could not understand what was being said but from the short responses the boy gave I gathered that he was not saying much.

I myself refrained from saying anything other than a "Good Evening" When I returned to the cabin after my usual after dinner walk around the ship's deck the boy was already there.

He was lying on his bunk staring at the ceiling and appeared lost in though. Even though he was not very willing to answer my questions I was able to drag some of his story from him with slow patient and simple questions. His name was Manuelle. He had lived in Manila from his birth, and was now on his way to Sidney to join a college after he had won a scholarship there. He was unhappy at having to leave everything he had ever known and to have to go to a strange and new place.

His family circumstances prevented any of his people from accompanying him and he was very apprehensive of what he would find in Sydney. At that time I did not make any open reference to my reason for having him as my cabin mate for the rest of the voyage, nor did I indicate, that after seeing him at much closer range than I had in the past few days, was quite taken with his looks and that the desire to have him in my bed was getting stronger by the minute.

After I had heard his story, during the telling of which he had got more relaxed and had started to respond more easily, I turned off all the lights and went to sleep. It was well into the still watches of the night that I was woken by a sound. It was the sound of someone stifling his crying.

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I got up from my bunk and turning on the dim blue night light in the cabin, saw that it was Manuelle who was crying. I poured him a glass of water and giving it to him asked what the problem was. Eventually after much hesitation he told me he was feeling very homesick and missing his brothers and sisters and family.

How I got him to do it I do not know, but I got him to come and sit next to me on my bunk and putting an arm around his shoulders told him not to worry too much.

At first he was stiff and resisted my comforting him but then slowly relaxed enough to put his head on my shoulder though his body was still shaken from time to time with his sobs. We sat like that for quite some time and his crying slowly came to a stop, though I could feel his whole body was tense and trembling. I got him to lie down next to me on my bunk and wrapped him in my arms. We dropped off to sleep lying like that with the blue night light still on.

There was nothing sexual lovely teenie opens up narrow vagina and gets devirginized our actions just one body taking comfort from the proximity of another. I woke the next morning to find his head nestled on my shoulder, his arm across my chest and one of his legs thrown across my thighs. I could feel the whole of his slim slender frame pressed up close to my body. My feelings were quite complex.

I was still attracted to him and interested to seduce him but there was also something so vulnerable and fragile about him that it created a protective instinct in me that wanted to wrap him up and keep him from being hurt in any way. When he woke up and found himself pressed up to me like that he jumped up from the bunk and started to stammer out apologies. I calmed him down and told him it was not a problem.

We spent much of that day inside the cabin talking chubby bondage did you ever wonder what happens when a superfuckinghot teenager getting to know about each other. At first it was not an easy task to get him to talk about himself and he was especially shy when it came to his emotions and experiences, but as the day drew on he small compilation of the best bukkake whores tube porn to be much more open about his life.

That night when we returned to the cabin after dinner it did not take much to persuade him to come and lie down next to me. Strangely for me I never made any attempt to introduce any sexual component into our relationship and for the next 3 days and nights our relationship was platonic and consisted of spending much of brother force fucked his own sister defloration day together, chatting and learning many details about each other.

The nights were spent first time with a bbc visual purr suasion talking and then sleeping together in one bunk with him lying cradled in my arms. Eventually I did tell him about my sexuality and liking for boys but also made it quite clear that I would not make any demand for sex or expect him to do anything he was not interested in.

After I had told him this I quite expected him to avoid sharing my bed that night but was astonished when he himself came and lay down beside me after he had turned off the cabin lights including the blue night light that had been kept on for the previous few nights. As the darkness settled around us he hesitatingly told me that as that would be the last night that we would be together he was willing to let me use his body as I wished, as a repayment for my kindness towards him.

Surprising myself despite my desire to explore his body I told him that I was not interested in such an arrangement. I was attracted to him and would have enjoyed having sex with him, but that it should be, that he wanted to do it, because he liked me and not to repay me for just a simple act of kindness. Lying next to me in the darkness he seemed to feel more secure and began to speak about his apprehension of reaching Sydney the next day and of what he was to do.

His doubts about being able to find accommodation and of what would be facing him in the college. When we eventually dropped off to sleep he was still comfortably wrapped in my arms and as on the previous 3 nights slept through the night without any signs of the first night's homesickness or angst. It was after we woke the next morning and having finished breakfast returned to the cabin to pack our belongings in anticipation of the landing at Sydney that I began to broach the idea that had been germinating in my mind from the previous night.

I had learnt that the college Manuelle was to attend was very close to my place of business and in the area I had been allotted a company flat. Though I was alone the flat allotted to me was a 2 bedroom one. So I proposed that instead of him occupying a room in the college or trying to find digs or staying as a paying guest in some rooming house he could come and share my flat till he was settled in the college and had found his way around Sydney.

Of course I made it quite clear to him that I would not expect to receive any sexual favours from him in return for this.

Our arrangement would allow him to feel secure as he would have me around in the evenings and since he was now somewhat familiar with me he would not feel so alone or become too homesick.

I expected him to hesitate or show some signs of his earlier aloofness, but as I made the proposal, I saw his face and mood lighten and for the first time since I had laid eyes on him 10 days previously I saw a big smile spread across his face. Throwing his arms around me he hugged me close and said he would be only too happy to come and stay with me in the flat. It was past 6 pm when the ship berthed and when the landing formalities were over we were almost the first ones to disembark, catching a cab we went directly to the flat.

Getting the keys from the building super we let ourselves in. It was a pleasant east facing flat and from the balcony in the front we had a nice view of the beach dappled with the shadows of the buildings thrown there by the setting sun.

On the right side there was a large bedroom also facing east, with French windows that opened to a separate balcony and a slightly smaller bedroom on the left side of the sitting room. I offered to let Manuelle use the larger room as his need of space to keep his books etc was more than mine.

But he said he would prefer to have the smaller room and was soon busy unpacking his merger belongings in it. I unpacked my stuff in the master bedroom and flopped down on the broad bed and without meaning to, was soon sound asleep. It was well after midnight when I awoke to find that I was not alone. Manuelle was lying next to me with his arms around me and his whole slim body pressed to the length of my own. It was quite a bang buddies natalia starr amp august ames pussy lick amp fuck sensation since we had spent the last 4 nights sleeping in somewhat the same manner, thought the bed in the flat was large and broad with plenty of room unlike the berth on the ship.

Next morning it was quite early when the pearly light of the rising sun coming through the open window roused me from my slumber. Manuelle was still lying next to me though now it was my arms wrapped around his body and his pert bottom pressed back into my crotch.

Over the next few days and weeks this became the position we almost always woke up in. I would come home from the office to find Manuelle deep in his studies. We would either cook ourselves a meal or go out for dinner and come back to the flat.

I would read for a time and he would study or we would sit together and chat about our day. I would usually go to bed before he would and when he had finished his study he would slip into my bed and press against me.

It was a pleasant sensation but still without any form of sexual excitement. For me to be in bed with a nubile youth and yet not to want a sexual release was something I had not yet experienced in my life This platonic sort relationship was something very unusual for me. I was more accustomed to having sex than doing without it. But for some reason I did not want to be the one to initiate any form of sexuality into our relationship. Normally I would have been very aroused by the presence of such a attractive boy, for Manuelle was very much of the kind of boy I always liked.

Since his face had lost the worried and pinched expression he had carried when I first saw him he had over the intervening time blossomed into a very sweet looking and attractive boy. His slim lithe body was without a trace of hair [or at least what parts I had seen of it were] and his face had taken on a radiant look with a beaming smile forever hovering around his full lips.

And though both he and I were often semi erect in the morning when we woke I had no idea of what he had hidden beneath his shorts. It was perhaps around 6 weeks from when we had moved into the flat together that the situation altered. It was a Friday evening and the next 2 days were holidays.

I was quite late in returning to the flat having stayed in the office to clear all pending work so that Saturday and Sunday could be spent just lazing around on the beach or wandering around Sydney seeing the sights.

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As was my want when returning from work I went straight to my bedroom and stripped off my clothes and headed into the bathroom for a shower. Standing under the streaming flow of water I was quite unaware of the bathroom door opening and the entry of another person into the room, until I felt someone press up against my back and 2 arms came around and gripped me in a tight embrace.

It was of course Manuelle and he was still fully dressed. Holding his body hard against mine he began to speak. He told me that he had expected me to make the first move towards introducing sex into our relationship. In fact he had been expecting me to do this for over a month and had even tried to entice me by wearing skimpy shorts around the flat and when sleeping next to me he had tried to show me he was ready by often pressing his ass against me.

He also told me he had often spied on me when I was showering and had started desiring my body. He then proceeded to ask me if I still desired him in a sexual way or if I had lost interest in him or if I had found another lover. Unclasping his hands from around my chest turned to face him and then kissed him fully on the lips. His body melted into mine and I could feel him trembling much as he had been when we had first touched on board the ship on the night he had been sobbing in his bunk.

But this time I knew that the trembling was not fear or apprehension but from desire. How much time elapsed as we stood deeply kissing I really don't know but it seemed to be aeons. Eventually we pulled apart and then I slowly removed his wet clothes revealing for the first time, to my hungry gaze, his beautiful body. He stood patiently under the needle spray of the shower as I traced the lines of his face and chest.

My fingers followed the contours of his flat belly to the junction of his legs where a light dusting of hair drew my attention to his cock which was at half mast, then down his slim legs to the perfectly proportioned feet. Turning his pliant and willing body around I then examined his back and the shape of his arse which fitted my hands to perfection. All that I saw only server to enhance my sense of completion. this is what I had been seeking all milf nina elle shares cock with daughter step daughter older younger my life.

Despite the number of boys I had seduced over the years and the number that had seduced me what I was experiencing with this boy was something totally alien and wonderful. Of course the fact that we were both naked created its own separate fission in our bodies and the mutual desire now took the upper hand. Turning off the shower we hurriedly dried off and lost no time in repairing to the comfort of the large bed where we spent the rest of the night exploring each other.

Though he was shy and diffident at first as desire drove him onward he soon became open in amateur mature orgasm hd first time the mature lure search of the ultimate pleasure derived from another's accepting and willing body. The feelings I experienced when I penetrated his backside for the first time were unprecedented for me as were the feelings he had when I first took his beautiful cock in my mouth that day.

We have been together for over a decade now and yet every time we make love it is just like the first time. He finished his college and got a job here and though his parents have often said they want him to return he refuses. I completed my stint in the company and was able to wangle the ownership of the same flat as a part of my settlement. I think the greatest gift we have given each other is the feeling of contentment and fulfilment that permeates our lives.

I can look at the most beautiful boy I see today without feeling even the slightest bit of sexual desire. And Manuelle tells me he has never been attracted to anyone except me in his entire life. Finis. The events recounted in this story occured in the late 1980's. It may interest readers to know that Manuelle and I are still together as I write this story.

{10/2015} Feel free to message me if you liked my account of how I found True Love.