Cute year old beauty gets fucked hard hardcore and massage

Cute year old beauty gets fucked hard hardcore and massage
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It all started on a school day not unlike most others; a quick breakfast with bites in between glances at the clock, a few hours of monotonous classes, a lunch break, and then the long stretch of time in between lunch and the last moment of school.

But what occurred that particular day would change the course of my life in high school, and make Junior year the most fun by far.

I'll start off by introducing myself and a few other important characters in this tale. My name is Chris Hollis, and I attend Medford High School in New Hampshire. I wouldn't call myself popular in school, nor a loner of any kind. I was simply average, with a small group of friends upon whom I could rely, a steady 3.5 GPA, and a star spot on the lacrosse team at my school. It is ironic, I notice while describing myself, that the other significant character in this story is not all so different in some ways, but completely different in others.

Katie Quinn was the epitome of a "preppy" girl. Legend has it that she once received less than a 95% grade on an exam or classwork assignment long ago, but nothing has been proven. She spent her entire day either studying, socializing while studying, or studying while socializing. Katie, as it happens, also happened to have ebony minx sucks on a white cock of the most perfect bodies that any man has ever laid eyes on.

For a 17 year old, she was luckily endowed with a set of gorgeous legs, a torso that was more curvaceous than I actually thought was possible, a gleaming visage with perfectly symmetrical eyes cheeks, all set by a light tan that was seldom seen in the wintry state of New Hampshire.

This is not even mentioning the aspects of her appearance that were sexual. To walk behind Katie Quinn in any situation for more than several seconds is a privilege that most male students at Medford High would strangle their loved ones for. Her ass was like something created by some kind of sexual sculpture artist; her round, tight cheeks swelled generously out from her curving waste and the sliver in between beckoned all who looked at it.

In addition, her breasts were not unlike her ass; completely and totally perfect in most's eyes. The gorgeous, identical, round tits bounced with every movement she made and they were each roughly the size of a melon; not massive, not so tiny as to appear prepubescent, but perfect.

It was a regular occurrence, not to mention, that her miniscule little nipples poked curiously out of any top she wore, even though it was clear that she did not go braless. To put it simply, Katie Quinn was a goddess. Every guy, and some girls, at Medford High, lay awake at night dreaming of stroking that long, auburn hair, of lightly squeezing the cheeks of that tight ass, of cupping and suckling on her delicious tits. The only problem was that she was ungettable.

Katie Quinn, as long as anyone could remember, had had one boyfriend, and it had been in sixth grade; nearly 6 years prior to when this story takes place.

She had broken up with the lucky boy and from then on, focused purely and completely on her studies. Katie would not date a soul, no matter what. No one knew why; black hair teen karly baker cum showered on her face speculated that she wanted to concentrate on her schoolwork until she secured a position at a top ranked college, but everyone wanted more than anything for her romantic "drout" to come to an end.

It so happens that she was focusing on these very same aspects of her life - school - when this entire ordeal began. I am able to describe Katie in such detail because I see her every day, in our advanced Chemistry class. She sat inches from me during every lab, and during notetaking. This class, however, would not be like any other. The class began normally; the mid-50's teacher calling weakly for us to take our seats and begin following out the instructions on the board.

Katie and I peered at the instructions and began the procedure; all was normal, until she reached under the lab bench to pull open the drawer, and the contents of her pink backpack were dropped in the cavern under the bench. Katie scrambled to restore her backpack to normal and I, being a gentleman, kneeled down to help her. It was at this moment, that I laid eyes on the 3 or 4 inches of plastic that would prove to be the catalyst in the happenings of this era of my life.

I saw, clear as a bell, 3 or 4 inches of smooth, hot pink plastic sticking like a sore thumb out of one of her binders. The smooth plastic rounded at the end of the piece, in a helmet shape that I could not fail to recognize.

Startled, I reached for a different binder, and Katie snatched up the one with ami nishimura ends with cum on mouth after is fucked like hell facesitting position dildo in it.

"Here", I muttered, sliding the restored binder to her across the top of the lab bench, trying to look as normal as possible. "Thank you.", she replied, eyes darting nervously to and away from mine, then looking calm.

She was sure that I hadn't seen it, but oh, how wrong she was. The plan I had formulated started at that very moment, and was in the making for hours that night after I got home. What I failed to mention earlier, when describing how badly the entire school wanted Katie Quinn, was that I was probably the one who wanted her most, and I had found a way to get her.

It was risky, yes, and I fully intended to take the consequences should it backfire. But if it didn't.Genius. The next day started normally once again, no disturbance in the world of Chris Hollis could be seen by an outsider, but my high school experience was about to drastically change, that very day.

We took our seats in 7th period advanced Chemistry II, and the teacher once again gestured to the instructions on the board, telling us to follow them. Katie and I started the lab and all went normal. I was nervous, but optimistic, for already one aspect of my plan had gone well; Katie was wearing a knee-high son and mom in bathroom. I set the plan in motion with a single movement; knocking a small stack of papers off the bench.

I bent down to pick them up, and muttered for Katie to keep working. I made sure to take my time, as I needed a good while down there. Slowly, I slid her pink backpack towards me, out of her sight, under the bench, and unzipped it. Finding the blueish binder which I knew was the right one, I grinned wickedly, hoping that it was there. Sure enough, my grasping young couple is streaming a live sex found the smooth, cylindric dildo.

The easy part was over, now came the execution. There was little room for error, and little time, so I had to proceed quickly. I slid her backpack back to its original position and eased a bit out from the empty space under the bench. I found one of Katie's smooth, bronzed legs and my eyes traveled upwards, moving my gaze to underneath her skirt. I had hoped for the impossible; that she wasn't wearing any panties, but to no avail. Still, I had to follow through.

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So, I took a deep breath and, swiftly, my trembling left hand grasping the pink dildo, I shot my hand under her skirt, wrenched off her panties, and in one fluid motion, aimed the dildo and slid it as far as I could into her tight, pink pussy. The reaction was immediate. Katie did not scream, thankfully, but gasped and her eyes widened. Her hand shot downwards toward her midriff but I caught it gently, and whispered, "No." directly into her ear.

Katie's eyes widened further, staring at me, "What - you can't-" "I can do anything I want to now." I replied menacingly. "I-I'll t-take it out.please." "I don't think I want to, I think despite the circumstances, you're enjoying this.

Besides, I don't think you're very inclined to scream, unless you want the entire cherry angel gets a cock up her bum to discover that perfect, celebate Katie Quinn keeps a hot pink, 8 inch dildo in her backpack." Katie quivered, her legs shaking, and bit her lip. I could tell that although her vertical position, the dildo was still at least 6 inches deep inside her tight cunt, and had no intention of leaving.

"Sit down." I whispered. She glared at me, whimpering. Cautiously, I lifted up the back of her skirt, found the protruding end of the dildo, and slammed it forcefully upwards. "Ahhh!" she cried. I could feel moisture on the dildo. Tracing the outer regions of her pussy lips with my fingers, I also felt light fuzz.

"Perfect Katie Quinn shaves her pussy?" I whispered, taunting her. She just looked at me, half glaring, half pleading. "Now sit down" She did, moaning as the plastic cock shifted inside of her.

"Now, you're going to do exactly what I say, okay?" I brought my hand down from her back to her firm ass, and gave it a squeeze. "Please." she whispered. I shook my head, and squeezed her tight teen ass again. She nodded reluctantly. The class went on as normal for several minutes. We were in the very left edge of the class room, with nothing behind us but wall. This allowed me to, every so often, lift the back of her skirt up again and push the dildo back in as it would slide out gradually.

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Katie moaned lightly every time I did so, and it made me incredibly hard. Deciding to up my game, I grabbed a strip of duct tape from the teacher's desk and returned to our lab bench, where Katie was working, fidgeting uncomfortably. Briefly looking around, I lifted up the back of her skirt and taped it to the small of her back.

This made it so that her tight, naked ass was revealed in the back but nothing could be seen from the front. She whimpered more. After a few moments, I brought my hand stealthily towards her ass and gripped the small part of the dildo that peeked out from her tight pink pussy, then slid it out almost completely.

For a moment, she let out a quiet sigh of relief. Laughing to myself, I gripped the son get mother pussy tlicking tightly, then slammed it back into her cunt. "Oh, fu-" she cried, almost letting herself swear. A few nearby students looked at her, startled, then returned to their work.

I continued this for a few minutes, sliding it in and out, in and out, over and over. Her taut ass cheeks gained a rosy hue from the pounding and her cunt walls started gripping the dildo caton leone xxx story sex stories 2019 com aggressively. I watched her all the while, her eyes scrunched close and face only slightly contorted with pleasure, biting her lip. After about 5 minutes, the pink dick was sopping wet, and rivulets of pussy juice were making their way down the back of her thighs.

I knew she couldn't last much longer, and I was close to breaking her. When it seemed she just wouldn't cum, I decided to go even further. Whispering in her ear, I muttered "Drop your book under the bench, get it, and while you're down there, take your bra off." She looked at me incredulously, again a pleading frown on her face. I gestured towards the space under the bench, and she sighed. Katie knocked her book off the bench as subtly as possible and bent down to get it.

I couldn't help admire the way the pink dildo jutted out from her sweet, moist pussy lips, surrounded by her incredibly tight ass. Several moments later, she tapped my leg to show me that she was stuffing her bra into the confines of her backpack. I nodded, and gave her bare ass a squeeze in thanks. With her bra off, it was amazing to see how firm her tits really were. There was no visible change in the way they bounced as she moved, the way they jutted out of her chest, perky and round.

For several minutes more while we worked busily, I again slid the dildo in and out of her cunt, this time with more quick, rhythmic thrusts. She moaned audibly this time, managing still to keep our classmates from noticing. This time, however, I also told her to turn around to the small shelf behind us where several materials lay. With her back to the class, I had to remove the piece of tape and let her skirt fall back into place, but her front was now concealed.

Snaking my hand in front of us, I moved to cup one of her glorious, round tits through the thin material of her shirt and squeezed it firmly. I felt her nipple spike out against my hand and become rock hard. Katie moaned softly as I squeezed and massaged her braless tit, stimulating it. We then switched sides, and I began to work on her other breast. I knew now that she was closer than ever, I had to execute the final stages of my plan, and with perfect timing; the teacher was now making his way towards our table for tiny asian girl destroyed by black cocks to present our lab results to him.

Mr. Nickerson greeted us brightly, then asked us to begin. I did my part, explaining the different types of metals, non-metals and metalloids we had mixed into each compound, and why.

Then came her turn. "Well, um, with the magnesium and Hydrochloric acid mixture, we noticed some intense fizzing and." Katie started, going into her student-mode.

I had different plans, however. As she proceded with the presentation, I moved a bit close to her, as to completely hide my hand behind her.

Then, I lifted up her skirt once again, gripped the dildo, and started slamming it as hard as I could in and out of her juicy, tight pussy. "And that showed us the relationship between both metalloids and - AHH!" she moaned abrubtly, as I gave the first pound into her teenage cunt.

"Are you alright, dear?" Mr. Nickerson said, concerned. "Yes.I-I need." She bit her lip step sister is a pervert closed her eyes, fliching every second or so as I pounded 8 inches of plastic in and out of her. "N-Nevermind." Katie said, and continued the presentation. With each thrust I noticed her resolve weakening, and her pussy once again my skype webcamsex girls womens no gays leaking sweet juices down her legs.

I could now smell the aroma of her teenage pussy wafting up from behind her. I drank it in. Every so often, when I noticed the class becoming a bit louder, I gave her tight ass a slap, making her jump and stutter during the presentation. As the presentation was coming to an end, I realized I had little time. She would cum eventually from the pounding into her, but it needed to happen sooner.

Finally I gave one last slam into her, and withdrew the dildo completely, putting it in my jacket pocket. She again sighed in relief, but moments later I replaced the dildo with two of my fingers, now thrusting them wildly in and out of her. Her eyes widened still, and she gasped slightly. As her pussy became wetter and wetter, I eventually fit four fingers into her cunt, pounding them in and out of the swollen folds of her teenage cunt.

My hand was sopping wet. "This mixture was the most.ahhh.reactive.i-it produced a large amount of.oh god.pressure." I grinned as she started to break. Still pushing my four dripping fingers in and out of her pussy, I got ready. "It also caused the.oh my goooddd.chemicals to.oh, FUCK!", Katie exploded with pleasure, the orgasm tearing through every part of her body.

My hand, forearm, and the ground behind us was splattered with her molten pussy juice, and her pussy squeezed around my hand, almost trapping it. She moaned softly and her legs wobbled. "Excuse me?" Mr. Nickerson said, angrily. "I.I'm sorry.I" she struggled for words, the aftermath of her most intense orgasm ever causing her to lose touch with reality momentarily, "Forgot what to say next in the presentation." "Ms.

Quinn, that is no way for a student to speak", Mr. Nickerson scolded, "Especially one with as much prowess as you. I will give you a warning for now, as we have never had problems in the past, but let this be a lesson to you.

I shouldn't have to pound the concept of proper language into you." I laughed quietly at the irony. "Sorry, s-sir." She added. Mr. Nickerson left us for the next group. Katie turned her head to me. "You.I can't.Why?" she asked.

"Why not? You have to admit, that was really funny. At least you got to get off on it." I replied. "You embarassed me.that was- You can't just do that to someone, let alone in school!" "I think you enjoyed it, didn't you? Even though there's a tiny stain on your perfect record, I know for a fact that you were, and are probably still, horny as hell." I said. "Well.nonetheless, please, never again." she begged. I replied, "Oh, not that. That was way too risky, I got carried away.", I whispered.

"But you can be sure I'll be sticking something that isn't plastic into your tight pussy some time soon," I said, flexing my fingers that were still deep inside her as I did. Katie moaned and bit her lip, moisture beginning to drip from her cunt again, "What makes you think I'll let you?

I don't date just anyone, I don't just fuck-" "Oh, I didn't really intend for it you to jump at the opportunity, but I think it won't be too hard to convince you. Seeing as you just came allover my hand, and all.", I said. Father caught masturbating with s dildo allowed a laugh to escape from her small mouth.

" did feel pretty good." she said sexily, wiggling her ass slightly against my hands. As she brought her incredibly lustful eyes to meet mine, I felt her small hand grasp my dick through my jeans, which was still insanely rigid from earlier activities, and stroke it up and down. "And who knows? Maybe I'm not so perfect after all." I shuddered as I felt her work my dick slowly, then stop. The bell rang, and everyone started filing out of the class, this being the last one of the day.

My work done, I withdrew my four sopping fingers from her tight pussy, and dipped the tip of each in my mouth. The taste was intoxicating. "See you soon, then." I said, and she nodded. With a final squeeze of her bare ass, I brought her skirt down to normal, before realizing something and bringing it back up. Withdrawing the 8 inch dildo from my jacket pocket, I slid it into her cunt again, playgirl demonstrates sex skills hardcore and blowjob "You forgot this." She moaned and smiled at me.

As I hopped into my car and drove home that day, I was amazed and relieved by how well it went. I had managed to turn 17 year old Katie Quinn, the ungettable goddess, the hottest woman on the planet, from a preppy, abstinent bookworm, to a wet-pussied slut, who had been dildo-fucked in her 7th period Chemistry class. It was going to be a good year.