Hidden cam caught not my sister masturbating in living room porn story

Hidden cam caught not my sister masturbating in living room porn story
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It was a sunny day outside the prison, six years after Jennie Connelly had been locked up, and it was finally the day of her release. She signed the release papers and walked to the entrance, and stepped out into the brilliant sunshine for the first time in six long years.

It was at that moment that Stephen pulled up in his car. Stephen was one of the guard's at the prison and him and Jennie had had a secret relationship going for the last few weeks of her time in prison, and Stephen had invited Jennie back jav collection horny miss who cum so squirting and legs ass his house to live together, rather than her going to one of the shelters run by the prison for newly released inmates.

Jennie walked over to the car and climbed in the passenger side, "Aren't you working today," she asked. "No, I took the day off so I could get the house ready for your arrival." Officer Hughes replied "Oh, OK, thanks." She said smiling They began driving the twenty minutes from the prison to Stephen's house. About halfway through the journey, Jennie put her hand down and touched Stephen's thigh, she began to rub her hand gently up and down his leg.

Gradually climbing higher until it was stroking the thick pole running down the inside of his trouser leg. "Thanks for doing this," she said. "Doing what?" Stephen asked trying to maintain concentration on the road. "Letting me come and stay with you." "Oh, it's nothing; it'll be nice to have a beautiful woman around the house." "Thank you," Jennie said smiling at the same time.

They drove for a few more minutes, and then Stephen said; "Right then, here we are." They pulled into Stephen's house; it was a large detached house in the country. It used to be a farm, however the previous owner could no longer manage it and so he sold it to Stephen, who'd bought it at a relatively cheap price.

Stephen who had no interest in farming, but liked the idea of a quiet, country house with no neighbours nearby, then sold the fields to the surrounding farmers.

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"Wow, nice place." Jennie said amazed at the size of the house, it was much larger than she had expected. It was three storeys tall, with a large garden surrounded by a high hedge to give Stephen some privacy from the animals around. "I'm glad you like it." Stephen said as he pulled into the driveway and stopped the car. They got out and Stephen let them in. "Well, welcome to your new home, I'll give you a quick tour of the house and then you can get changed before dinner.

I took the liberty of buying some clothes for you, I hope they fit." Stephen said. He then showed Jennie the lounge, the kitchen and then upstairs to the bathroom and the guest bedroom where Stephen had laid out a selection of clothes, for Jennie to try on. "Anyway I'll leave you to it, come down and join me in the kitchen when you're ready." Jennie surveyed the clothes on the bed, and picked out a nice looking black dress, she undressed out of her jeans and t-shirt and slipped it on.

It was a good fit, the dress hugged her curves well, it had straps over the shoulders which tapered down to a point at her cleavage, there was enough showing to make it sexy, but not too much to make her look like a slut. The same was true for the legs, the dress was short, showing off most of Jennie's pins, but it did not give the impression, that she was gagging for it (although she was).

She admired herself in the mirror for a few seconds before making her way downstairs to the kitchen. Jennie entered the kitchen to find the table laid out in a very romantic way, there were candles, on the side and on the table.

Stephen was also standing there with two glasses of champagne. "Wow!" Jennie said, "Did you do all this?" "Yes, to celebrate your arrival at this house." "Why, thank you." She said, completely flattered. Stephen then stuck out his left hand and gave Jennie the glass. "Dinner's in the oven and should be a few minutes, so I thought we'd have a drink before hand." Stephen then lifted his glass and drained the whole glass in one. Jennie sipped hers; as Stephen pulled out one of the chairs and allowed Jennie to sit like a true gentleman before taking the short story sex our business is private opposite her.

Jennie took another sip of her drink, whilst Stephen poured himself another glass. "Come on drink up, there's plenty more." He urged. Jennie took a bigger drink, so the glass was half empty, then the two of them started to talk, and found they got on fairly well.

Jennie talked about her life before prison and about how she was constantly getting into worse and worse trouble, until eventually she ended up in prison. "Anyway, enough about me," Jennie said, "How about you? Tell me about yourself." Jennie drained the last of her glass, and Stephen took it off her and began to refill it, whilst starting on an account of himself. Jennie watched him as he did this but soon realised that he was becoming blurred and her vision was going.

She put her hands to her head and tried to clear it, but it was getting worse, at first the shapes seemed a bit hazy, but now she could only see outlines. tasting a gigantic cock deepthroat and blowjob you alright?" Stephen said. Jennie clearly wasn't and before she could reply she slumped forwards on the table fast asleep. What Jennie didn't know is that Stephen had spiked her drink. Stephen placed steamy hawt trio sex smalltits and hardcore glass down on the table and walked round the other side, the first thing he did was to check she was breathing and once he was sure of that, he picked her light, slender body up in his big, strong arms and threw her unceremoniously over his shoulder.

He then carried her down into the basement where he dumped her on the hard concrete floor. Stephen looked at his prize, as she lay there motionless on the floor; she truly was a stunningly beautiful woman. She lay there on her side, her blonde hair flowing in all directions. Her knees were bent, which pushed up the black dress even further, showing off even more of those gorgeous legs, she was perfect, although she would be waking up soon and so Stephen had to get to work.

Stephen first had to have a look at that gorgeous body in its totality. First however he pulled out two pairs of handcuffs and handcuffed her wrists and ankles just in case she woke up. Then he slowly unzipped the dress.

Stephen then ran his fingers lovingly up her back, before grasping the shoulder straps and pulling them down hot sensual lesbian sex of two horny beautiful babe her smooth arms to the point where the handcuffs restricted them falling any further. Stephen then quickly undid the handcuffs and pulled the straps off her arms before redoing them. Once the handcuffs were on he slipped the dress over her legs and surveyed her pale body again.

She looked even more gorgeous than before in nothing but a pair of skimpy lace undies. However Stephen was nowhere near done; this bitch needed to be taught a lesson, that she couldn't use her stunning looks on men and then stab them in the back when they're not looking.

Stephen then took out a pair of scissors and bent down to cut the bra strap at the back, but just at that moment Jennie started to stir, she let out a small moan. However Stephen was prepared for this and quickly pulled out a cloth and a bottle of chloroform and placed it under her head and as soon as Jennie started to breathe it in, she was fast asleep once more.

Stephen then took the scissors and cut the bra straps (for Jennie wouldn't be needing a bra anymore, or panties for that matter). As soon as the bra was removed, Jennie's tits popped out to their fullest extent. They were as amazing as every other part of her body; they were large but not too large, about a D cup. Stephen stared in awe at Jennie's beautiful breasts for a long time, they were so ancient secrets of the kama sutra 1997 movie then slowly Stephen reached out and brushed the mounds in front of him.

His hand brushed the smooth skin of her breast and then over the small ridge of her nipple, at once he felt the nipple harden.

This gave Stephen added confidence to play with her perfect nipples. He pinched them making them harder and harder as he aroused them like they hadn't been aroused for six years.

Stephen then bent down and started to lick the left nipple, whilst continuing to pinch and rub the right. Her whole body was beginning to show the sign of heightened arousal, not only were her nipples as hard as nails, her breathing was getting heavier and there seemed to be a sign of dampness in her panties, as Stephen continued to stroke Jennie's nipple with his tongue.

But Stephen had to get back to work, for as much as he would have liked to play with those gorgeous tits all day; he had to finish what he had started. He pulled out a rope and started to snake it around her arms pulling them tight together, he then knotted the rope off securing her wrists firmly together behind her back. Stephen then took off the cuffs around her legs. Stephen then slid the panties down her legs and removed them.

He then put them to his face and gave them a good long sniff. "Oh my God, you smell so good," he said to the unconscious damsel in front of him. Stephen then grabbed some more rope and tied her ankles together as well. Stephen stood back to look at his handy work.

There was the stunning blonde lying asleep on the floor, a cloth in front of her face. She looked so peaceful, her hair streaming out in all directions. He then looked down the line of her body to the perfectly round breasts and then to the small mound of lightly coloured hair between her legs. Stephen picked up the cloth and pocketed it. He then bent down and picked her up so that she was standing but using his body to hold her up.

He then removed the handcuffs on her wrists and used them to attach the ropes around her arms to a pulley system.

He then let her go so that she was standing on her own. Stephen then began to wind the pulley so it pulled her arms backwards, but also started to pull her off the ground. He waited until only her toes were touching the floor. Stephen then walked to the corner of the room and sat down in a chair.

He knew that the pain in her shoulders and toes would soon wake Jennie up. A few minutes later, she began making grunting noises. Then she woke up with a gasp. "Huh, what's going on, where am I?" she said stupidly. Then as she woke up some more and started to take in her surroundings. "What the fuck, why am I naked? Stephen are you there?" She wriggled against her binds but was getting nowhere.

"Help me please, somebody help me." She sobbed. Stephen let her struggle for a few minutes.

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Then he got up and started to walk up to her. "Well who's in a bit of trouble then?" he said evilly. Jennie's head shot round. "Stephen what are you doing? Why have you tied me up?" She sobbed; the pain was clearly getting to her now. "Two reasons said, now circling round her body so that he was standing in front of her.

"One, you are a stunningly beautiful woman and you look extremely sexy tied up like that." Stephen then stepped very close to her now. "And two you are a lying, evil, manipulative little bitch." He spat maliciously. "But I thought you liked me, I thought we were going to live here together?" Suddenly Stephen raised his hand and slapped Jennie hard across the face, rocking her head sideways.

Stephen grabbed her chin and pulled her head round so that she was face to face with him, her cheek was already blossoming red, and her eyes were filling with tears that began to pour down her face. "There you go lying again." He shouted, spraying spit all over her face, she closed her eyes and tried to innocent cutie sucks penis in pov and gets pink slit penetrated away in disgust.

"Look at me!" Jennie was too scared to refuse. "I heard you and your prisoner friend talking about how you were going to pretend to be all lovely and nice and then big brother reality show 2019 sex scene hungary I went off to work you'd rob me and run off, taking all my stuff with me.

So don't give me this bullshit about living here with me. You're right I did like you, but now you disgust me, you thieving little whore." Stephen then turned away and walked towards a curtain that was draped across the far corner of the room. "Stephen, I'm sorry." Jennie sobbed.

"Please let me go, I promise I won't do any of those things. I'll do anything you say, I'll do jobs around the house, I'll do whatever you want." "You'll do whatever I want anyway, you aren't in any position to negotiate. Anyway it's time I taught you a lesson.

Would you like to know what's behind this curtain? Behind here I keep all my toys, they are very interesting, let me show you." Stephen pulled back the curtains and revealed a table full of all sorts of sexual toys. Jennie's eyes scanned over a selection of dildos and vibrators, cuffs, shackles, ropes, ball-gags, harnesses, canes, whips, riding crops and many other sinister things she daren't remember the name of. Stephen smiled at the open mouthed look on Jennie's face. Jennie couldn't believe that the kind, friendly guard she'd known was a massive sadist.

"So what do you think of my collection?" Stephen asked.

"What are you, some kind of sadistic freak?" Jennie screamed. "I don't like the way you speak to me." Stephen said quite calmly, but with a hidden menace.

This scared Jennie more than if he'd shouted. "You should never speak to your master like that. I think I need to show you some discipline and lay down a few rules." Stephen then picked up a black flogger, with its long tails curling down; he started to walk over to Jennie an evil grin on his face.

Jennie's eyes widened in fear as Stephen got closer and closer with the flogger. She then screamed as loud as she could. "Scream as much as you want, this cellar is sound proofed, and it just makes my cock harder and make lesbian silvia sun and her lesbian girlfriend want to punish you more." Stephen goaded menacingly.

Jennie shut up after this. "Now firstly we need to establish some rules." Stephen started pacing round to Jennie's back. "Rule Number one you will always call me either Master or Sir, got that?" "Yes." Jennie sobbed. "Pardon," Stephen said, "did you forget something?" He then gave Jennie a harsh strike across her backside. "Yes Sir!" Jennie screamed. "Rule number two, you must do everything and anything I say without question, no matter how horrible or disgusting.

If I tell you to strip off all of your clothes you do that, if I tell you to clean out my toilet with a toothbrush you do that. Got it?" Stephen then reinforced his point by striking Jennie's arse again with the flogger. "Yes Sir." Jennie cried "Good. And finally rule number 3, you are my slave but if you are good and do as I say, then I might find it in my heart to forgive you and set you free." This was of course a total lie, Stephen had no intention of freeing Jennie because if he did she would go to the police and he would be screwed.

However this gave Jennie some hope. However she was brought out of this by two more painful flogs to the arse. "Don't you think you should thank your master for giving you the chance to free yourself?" "Yes Master, thank you Master." "Good good, you are learning already." Stephen said excitedly.

"I will enjoy educating you in the ways of the slavegirl. Firstly however you need your punishment; you called me a freak, which I think deserves ten lashings. However if you make a noise Chirpy hottie receives lusty pounding tube porn will double that because I feel I am being very lenient as it is your first indiscretion." Then before Jennie had time to prepare herself he lashed out with the flogger and caught her painfully across the arse.

Jennie couldn't help but utter a squeak as her ass blossomed red. Stephen hit her twice more on the arse, and Jennie managed to hold in the sound this time biting her lip sunny leon fuck xxx story stop het uttering any more noise. She hoped Stephen hadn't heard. Unfortunately she was mistaken, for after the third strike Stephen walked round to face her again.

The fear in her eyes was evident, as Stephen got closer and closer beating the flogger against his hand. "Did I hear anything after that first strike Jennie?" Jennie shook her head frantically. "Don't lie to me you stupid bitch, I know what I heard." He snarled. "I'm sorry Master," Jennie sobbed, "Please, I did make a noise but don't hurt me anymore I beg you." Stephen thought for a moment.

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"OK, as it's your first slip up I won't punish you for that lapse in concentration." "Thank you master," Jennie said. Stephen stepped closer. "Give me a proper thank you!" It was clear he wanted a kiss, so Jennie leaned forward and planted a quick kiss on the lips. "Oh no, no, no give me a proper kiss!" Stephen then grabbed the back of Jennie's head and forced her lips to his. Jennie knew she had to do it properly so started to kiss back.

A few hours ago Jennie would have done anything to be kissed by a strong sexy man like Stephen, now in the situation she was in, it wasn't quite as appealing. However there was still something good about kissing a guy, something she hadn't done for six years, with the exception of the couple of times with Stephen in prison.

As they continued to kiss Stephen placed his hands on Jennie's still painful arse. She winced at the pain but continued kissing him, this was the first enjoyable thing she'd had so far and so she was going to make it last as long as possible. Then whilst kissing Jennie; Stephen took the flogger and whipped her red arse three more times. Jennie was totally not expecting it and if she hadn't had her lips blocked from moving by Stephen's she would probably have made another noise.

Stephen then stepped back. "You were enjoying that kiss a bit too much there Jennie. You really are a little slut aren't you?" "Yes Master," Jennie said, ashamed there was some truth behind his words.

"Yes you are AN EVIL LITTLE SLUT." With these last four words Stephen flogged Jennie's breasts. They bounced up and down amazingly because of their size. Tears were forming in Jennie's eyes again; the first three hadn't daisy haze get big black cock too bad as the bounce of her breast had taken a lot of the impact on the soft skin; however the fourth strike had caught her across her nipple cutting it painfully so that blood was leaking out.

Jennie winced in pain but just managed to control the urge to scream. "Sorry did that one hurt, I'll kiss it better and Stephen leaned in and started to lick Jennie's nipples. First he removed the blood my mom and her new toy on spy camera one hard stroke of his tongue, then he began to slowly circle her nipple getting closer and closer to the erect point in the middle.

He also grabbed hold of Jennie's other nipple and began to massage it between his fingers as it got harder and harder. Whilst he was doing this he bit down on the right nipple, causing Jennie to moan in pain, however there was a hint of lust and arousal in there as well.

Now that her nipples had been given the necessary attention, Stephen pushed his hand between Jennie's legs. Although they were tied together he could still just about work a few fingers in between.

He could feel that her pussy was beginning to get wet with arousal, as he stroked his finger between her pussy lips. It was gone midnight and he knew he needed to get to bed. But before he did another evil thought came into his mind.

He turned round and walked over to the table and picked up a spreader bar. He then walked over to Jennie and lowered the winch slightly so that Jennie was no longer standing on her aching toes. The relief was evident on Jennie's face, her toes were agony. Stephen then untied her legs and placed one end of the spreader bar on her left ankle, he then pulled her right leg as far apart so that he could fit the bar in between her legs. The bar was big enough to make it uncomfortable for her, but not too bad.

Stephen then walked back to the table and picked out two more items. He was careful this time that Jennie didn't see what they were, so he placed one in his pocket and the other he held behind his back. As he walked over Jennie tried to remember the items on the table and remember what had gone, but there were too many items, it was impossible. This put fear into Jennie's heart, not knowing what was coming was terrible; it made her shake just to think about it.

"Now I need to punish you again." Stephen said. Jennie looked shocked. "But sir," she pleaded, "I thought you said that you wouldn't punish me for making a noise." "I did, I only gave you ten flogs and I stand by that. However now I am going to punish you for lying." The realisation dawned on Jennie's face. "And that is a much more serious offence, because no slavegirl should ever lie to their master." The fear was now evident in Jennie's face the flogging had been painful enough, but Stephen had said that this punishment would be worse.

Her body started to shake uncontrollably at the thought, she was petrified. "Because of the severity of the punishment, I'll have to put this in." Stephen said maliciously producing a ball gag from behind his back. "Your screams might get tiresome after a while." Jennie nearly fainted at these words, but held herself together. She then reluctantly allowed Stephen to put the ball between her teeth, she didn't have much option.

The ball was uncomfortable and made her mouth fill with saliva so soon she was drooling. Then Stephen pulled out a pair of nipple clamps from his pocket. Jennie's eyes widened at this, and she began to wriggle and attempt to shout but all she could say was, "MMM, MMMMNN!" as Stephen advanced on her with those sinister bits of metal. "Shut up or I'll put another pair on your pussy." These continued evil comments proved to Jennie what a sick fake taxi nadia elaina pornstars big tits disgusting mind Stephen had and that he could think of all types of agonising punishments if she did not comply to his every wish.

She stood there shaking as he pinched and pulled her nipples until they were rock hard, then he attached a clamp to each nipple. Asian legal age teenager nipples pinched and caressed schoolgirl and japanese pain got more and more as the nipple was flattened, it was especially bad on her right nipple where the metal was cutting into the cut made by the flogger.

Both clamps had weights attached to the ends so when Stephen let go the weights dropped and yanked her nipples painfully. Stephen then gave the two clamps a vicious pull to test if they were secure. Jennie's screams of agony proved they were; as her breasts and nipples were stretched. "That's not it honey. I really don't like liars." Stephen turned and walked back to the table. "I want you to meet a good friend of mine." When Stephen turned round, Jennie's fear heightened tenfold, for in Stephen's hands he was holding one of the most awful things Jennie could have imagined.

He was holding a thick, black dildo in his hand. It was about twelve inches long and four inches wide. Jennie had never had something that size inside her before; it would probably rip her apart.

However that wasn't the worst part about this monster, the worst part was that the vibrator was lined with lots of sharp metal studs along its length. Those definitely would rip her apart. Jennie was absolutely terrified, as Stephen advanced on her with this torture device.

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"What do you think?" Stephen asked, "Do you like it?" Jennie shook her head. "Oh well." Stephen said and as he said this he placed the tip of the vibrator on the lips of her pussy. Stephen started to tease her by moving the end of the vibrator around her pussy lips, rubbing it on her clit. Jennie tried to wriggle and scream through her gag but to no avail, then Stephen pushed the dildo slightly further in so that the first studs were just touching her pussy lips.

Jennie was so scared now she stopped moving. Stephen then leaned in and kissed her on the cheek and slid it slightly inside. Jennie's head rocked back as she tried to scream through the gag. The pain was massive, her pussy was being stretched and the studs were digging into the highly sensitive skin lining the inside of her pussy. It was agony, she tried to wriggle, but all that did was make the studs dig into her pussy wall.

It also moved the weights on her nipples around, pulling them painfully, so she had no option but to stay still and take the excruciating punishment, there was clearly no chance of her getting free. Tears were pouring down her face, her breasts and pussy were in agony. However despite this and her pleading looks for him to stop, Stephen kept guiding the monster further and further inside until it was halfway in.

Jennie's pussy was screaming it was stretched so wide by the massive sex toy as well as the fact that as the studs scraped up inside her they had cut her so that her pussy was weeping blood. Stephen then slowly started easing the dildo out until it only 3 of the twelve inches were still inside.

Jennie hoped it was over and the hope must have shown in her eyes, because Stephen then looked at her. "You think it's over do you?" He gave her russian mature getting fucked by young boy wicked smile and slammed the toy upwards hard.

This tore Jennie's cunt wide open as fresh wounds appeared from the monstrous studs. The thrust had pushed the fake cock almost to the end and Stephen worked the last widest part inside.

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Her pussy was so stretched now that Jennie wondered if it would ever return to its previous state. This also meant that her pussy was black cock gangbang petite devirginized for my birthday hard on the spikes inside her. Stephen finished off by securing the dildo in place with a strap around her waist.

"Now the great thing about this vibrator is that I can set it to vibrate every five minutes, three minutes whatever." Jennie was so scared now; the dildo was painful enough if it started vibrating how bad would that be. She didn't have to wait for long to find out… "Right it'll go off every five minutes for ten seconds or so, I'm off to bed. Have a nice night, sweetie." Jennie couldn't believe he was going to leave her alone. She suddenly realised how cold the cellar was, and she was totally naked with nothing but a vibrator and a pair of nipple clamps on.

Stephen then kissed her on the cheek goodnight, and as he did it, he leaned in and placed his hand between her thighs and pressed another button to set the vibrator going.

The motion pushed the studs into her pussy and then as it twisted it ripped the studs out, it was pain to a totally new level, after an agonising ten seconds, it stopped, but Jennie knew that in five minutes it would start again. Stephen spanked her arse and then walked out, leaving Jennie on her own to contemplate her fate. She tried to undo the ropes but Stephen had turned out the lights and she was in pitch black and the ropes were tied too well, she was trapped and helpless, at her master and his sick toy's whim.