Tied up hentai girl gets vibrators hardcore animated

Tied up hentai girl gets vibrators hardcore animated
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A high school choir from China is visiting California for a competition. My dad, being the leader in the group that liaises with the Chinese organized the choir to visit here in Seattle as well on their way back to China.

My dad asked me to help out during the weekend that the choir was here to look after some loose ends and to do some translations when they needed it. The choir consists of almost 60 students, all of them were, of course, Chinese.

They were all around the age of 14-15 with a couple of them 16. Of the 60 students, probably 50 of them were girls. I guess a little introduction about myself. I'm Robert, people call me Robert, Rob, Bob, but I don't care as long as they can get my attention. I'm 16 and in a few months will be 17. I'm an average kind of guy, leaning towards being a nerd. I'm not too heavily into any after school sports teams or clubs and I'm a little shy. I'm the type where I go to school, learn some stuff, go home, do homework, have some lessons, and get good grades.

Nothing spectacular. As such, you big tit mother fucks pal first time outdoor sex already imagine that I'm not built with a six pack and crazy biceps. I'm not skinny either, a little towards the chubby side, but not fat or obese.

I stand at 5'7" and weigh 160 lbs.

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Yes, you can probably tell that I'm Chinese too, so let the stereotypes begin. I've never had any experience with girls. I'm not close with any girls at school as all my friends were guys. The most I did with a girl was just talk to them in class or with people I meet elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, I do get along with people (including girls) just fine.

It might be because of my Chinese upbringing with parents strongly opposing any girlfriends before college and that I should focus on school that I never had any experience with girls. Anyways, enough about me and back to the weekend. It was a warm August Friday that the choir arrived at Sea-Tac.

Since it was summer vacation, I went with my dad to meet them at their hotel that we booked for them. When mujde ar hot sex story got their, I saw the whole brother and sister x story enter the hotel lobby and I helped distribute the keys to their rooms for each group of 4 or 5. The guys would stay with guys and girls with the girls. Everyone was very shy at this point, watch worthy interracial xxx hardcore and blowjob me just saying "Hi" and directing them to the elevators while they just thanked me.

We brought them to a Chinese restaurant nearby and had a nice chat with a group of them. I didn't know their names as we didn't formally introduced each other, but they did know I'm Robert. The next afternoon they had their local performance at a nearby church.

Everything went without a hitch and by 4 o'clock, we were all cleaned up and left the church. A local business who sponsored the performance had offered to organize a BBQ for the choir later that evening. Smutty milf prepares for hawt scene pornstar and hardcore choir went back to the hotel to change from their performance outfits and my dad and I went home to recharge and change.

At 6 o'clock, we arrived at the hotel to bring the choir the business. They ran a restaurant and they had a nice-sized yard behind it. They had set up grills out there and we all settled ourselves in. My dad spent the rest of the BBQ socializing with the principals of the school and officials from China. I went and grabbed stuff to eat and was standing alone under a tree and watched the choir all formed into cliques chatting with each other.

As I was taking a bit out of my pork chop, the group of girls that I talked to the day before walked over. We chatted about how different school is between China and here and this time I got to know their names.

There were 4 girls, all around 5'3. Mabel was skinny with long black hair that was tied to a ponytail. Rebecca had shorter hair that went to her shoulders. She had dyed a couple strands of her hair on the right side a very light brown. Emily was the tallest of the bunch and was the curviest of the bunch. Jessie had long black hair that flowed to her shoulderblades and had these gorgeous brown eyes. Her body was the best of the bunch as it was in the perfect proportion.

I didn't notice it at that particular moment as that wasn't what I was focused on. I complimented how they had non-traditional Chinese English names and they told me it was because they all came from a higher middle class family where they were exposed to more Western Culture. Rebecca then asked me a question that surprised me. "Do you have a girlfriend?", she asked.

"No, I don't. Not planning to have one anytime soon", I responded. Mabel then chimed in, "Our school has so many couples." "I can imagine that, cause we do too over here," I told her. "All over the school after classes are over, you find these couple. you know.", Jessie said while winking. At that moment, I can see all these teenagers fucking in their school uniforms around the school yards in my mind.

Keeping my composure, I denied that happening here by saying "That definitely doesn't happen here." I can feel my cock getting a little hard, but it went away as we went on and talked just about life in general and what we liked.

During the conversation, Emily looked in her purse then suddenly almost yelling, "I can't find my camera. Maybe I left hot playgirl rides like a wild pro pornstar hardcore at the hotel." So then I took the group over to where my dad and their teachers was talking and they ask if they can go back to the hotel to get it.

Their teacher was at first reluctant, but then let them go on the condition that they had someone to bring them back there. The girls asked the teacher if I can bring them to the hotel. Their teacher asked my dad and he said yes. All of which happened without me saying a single word or agreeing. And so, I led the 4 of them back to the hotel. Once we got to the hotel lobby, I offered to wait for them at the lobby and told them to take their time. "Come up too so you can help us find it", Mabel said.

I reluctantly agreed and we went up the elevator to the 11th floor of the hotel. The hotel was a pretty nice one. A 3.5 star hotel near the downtown core and it was very clean and spacious. We got into the room that the 4 of them were staying, The 4 of them went in first and I followed.

I just stood by the bed as I didn't know where to look and didn't really do anything.

Without notice, Emily and Jessie pushed me onto one of the bed. All 4 of them were giggling and I was in a state of shocked.

"What's going on here?", I asked while Mabel and Rebecca were trying to pull my t-shirt off. I kept pulling my shirt back down, but Emily and Jessie helped out and successfully pulled the shirt off my head and threw in onto the couch at the other side of the room. "Oooh, look, That's a nice smooth body", one of them commented, "a really small, cute belly too". By now, Mom bang teens samantha ryan ava hardy and Mabel were rubbing my nipples.

Emily was staring at my crotch, which is starting to tent a bit from the good feeling from the nipple rubbing. "We just had a sex-ed course last year and we always wanted to look at someone real", Jessie told me whilst still rubbing my nipple. I've never seen a girl naked before either. I knew that I should not be in this situation and asked if we can go back to the park. With all the girls seemingly ignoring me, Emily all of a sudden put her hand on top of my crotch.

"Look! It's growing and it's hot!", she added. With that she unbuttoned my cargo shorts, unzipped them, and pulled them free, while the others were holding me back. My boxers were those with an open fly and one of them, sitting from the side exclaimed, "I can see it, I can see it." At this point I knew it was a lost cause to fight them.

Without further time wasting, Emily, yanked by boxers off and threw them with my shirt. Mabel took off my ankle socks and now I'm lying on their hotel bed fully naked with 4 fully clothes teenaged girls who were younger than me.

Jessie ran his hand over my black pubes that was growing above my cock. My cock was fully hard. "He has a foreskin.so he's uncut. See, I do learn something in class," exclaimed Jessie and she then proceeded to pull my foreskin down as it hasn't fully retracted. "Look at the red head, that looks so different from the books. It's so cool!", she continued. All four girls gazed further down and focused on my balls. Each of the girls gave them a touch then a little tug.

Now that they've examined my body, Jessie, without warning, leaned down and put my cock into her mouth. I groaned and my eyes shot wide open, staring at her, but it felt so good to resist her. Up and down her head went, all the while her licking the head with her tongue. All I can come up with was "Ooooh.

Ahhhh.". The other 3 girls, standing there watching figured it was a good time for them to strip down. They took their t-shirts off and jeans or shorts off, revealing a wide variety of different colored bra and panties.

Emily was wearing a black bra with matching panties, Rebecca wore a deep red bra again with matching panties, and Mabel was in her white bra with a pinkish-white pantie. Emily told Jessie that she would take over so that she can take off her clothes.

Jessie took off her white tank top and long khaki shorts very quickly and threw them to the side. Without any hesitation, she unhooked her bra and revealed a nice pair of round and decently sized breasts. Her brown nipples slightly larger than a quarter complemented her breasts perfectly.

I bet Emily felt my cock twitch when I saw the pair of beautiful breasts.

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She continued down and took off her panties very slowly; first showing her porn vidi4min clip mp3 dawnlod of black pubic hair, then revealing her wet pussy. She then bent down and wrapped her arm around my neck. Very slowly, her head inches closer and closer with mine until our lips touched.

Her tongue darted into my mouth. For a split second, I didn't know what to do. Then I our tongues found each other and we went on a very long passionate kiss. As our kiss ended, she took both my hands into hers and positioned them on top of her soft breasts and encouraged me to take a squeeze. I complied and squeezed them softly and then rubbed my hands all around.

I heard a small moan from Jessie. The sucking of my cock seemed to have stopped and I looked up to see all 3 of the other girls took this time to take their underwear off. Four girls now stood completely nude around me. Jessie and her dream body was kneeling on the right side of the bed, ready to attend to me.

On the left side, Mabel stood with the smallest tits of them all, just barely a bump and I assumed she was also the youngest. Emily stood beside Mabel and had the largest breasts of them all, but not oversized for her body. Rebecca had average breasts for her age and a nicely trimmed bush. With me still lying flat on the bed, Jessie climbed onto it, then straddled one of her leg over and sat onto my chest. I felt her warm and wet pussy contacted my chest.

She scooted forward until her pussy was right up against my face with her squatting. Without any more cues, I stuck my tongue out and started to find her clit with my tongue. She gave a powerful moan and asked me to continue and I complied with her now thrusting back and forth. I took a second to look down and see one of the girls giving me a handjob, trying to mimic the tempo of Jessie's thrusting.

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I asked her if she was enjoying it and she just swiftly nodded her head and bit her lips as she brushed her long hair back.

I continued circling her clit and decided to take a gamble and stuck 2 of my fingers into her soaking wet pussy. "YESSSS.", she exclaimed in total enjoyment. I felt that I couldn't last too much longer with the stroking from the other girls. I stopped licking Jessie and yelled, "I'm going to cum, I'm going TO CUMMMMM!", then without wasting anymore time, white fluid gushed out of my cock and covered my body and Rebecca's hands.

Clearly disappointed, Jessie said, "Come on. That was too fast." She climbed off of me and started to lick the semen off my belly. The other girls followed suit and within no time, all the cum were off my body. Jessie gave my still hard cock a final suck to clean it from excess cum. "Looks like he wants more," Emily pointed at my cock which still haven't softened while giggling.

I was about to get off the bed before the girls held me back. "We're not done with you," Mabel informed me. Once again, Jessie climbed on top of me and took my cock with her hand. She positioned herself facing me and moved my cock until it barely touched her pussy. She teased me by moving me cock sex is the superlatively good award for a adorable hottie hardcore blowjob the outside of her pussy lips.

Finally, she couldn't stand it any longer herself and put my cock into her tight wet pussy. She gave a soft moan, then screamed like she was hurt. I asked her if she was ok and she nodded. After regaining her composure, she started to move up and down.

Trying to find a comfortable position, she leaned backwards with her hands on the bed to support her body. This gave me a clear view of her gleaming wet pussy with my cock inside of it.

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The feeling I got was indescribable. It felt hundreds of times better than them sucking it earlier. Now thrusting back and forth, Jessie continued on a steady tempo.

After having to watch all of this, the other girls felt left out. Mabel and Rebecca each started to suck my nipples again with Emily climbing on top with her pussy just above my face in a now familiar position. I extended my tongue and gave her the same treatment I gave Jessie earlier. Mabel and Rebecca each grabbed one of my hand and placed it onto their pussy.

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I stuck my fingers into their wet pussies and continued an in and out motion at the same tempo as Jessie's thrusting. I felt like I was in heaven. The four girls were all yelling and moaning and made my cock even harder.

Back and forth Jessie went, in and out my fingers were of Mabel and Rebecca's pussies, and around and around my tongue circled Emily's pussy. Jessie's thrusting went faster and faster, as did my fingers. Jessie's yelling got louder and louder too. "Oh my god, I don't think I can stand any longer," Jessie yelled. "Me neither," I told her very loudly.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh," I screamed as cum once again came out of my cock and this time right into Jessie's pussy.

At the same time, Jessie yelled, "YESS, YESSSSSSS, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS", and I felt her pussy contracting. After the cum stopped, Jessie pulled my cock out of her pussy and just sat down between my legs. Her pussy was full of juice and white cum. The other 3 girls just stared at us in awe. "That was amazing. Thank you girls," I said showing my gratitude. "No, thank you," was all Jessie can mutter. "I think we better get back to the park. They might get suspicious soon." I told them and I went and tried to sort out our clothes to find mine.

"Can I keep your boxers? I'll give you black boyfriend fucks teen girlfriend with his big dick panties," Jessie asked and offered. I threw her my boxers and stuffed her panties into my pocket. We quickly got dressed, minus underwear for me and Jessie, and headed back to the park.

The next day, I went to the airport with my Dad to say goodbye to the group. The girls came up to me and thanked me again. Jessie gave me a wink as she stepped behind the frosted glass door of the restricted area. Deep in my heart, I told her "Thanks for the wonderful time, I will never forget it."