Two raunchy babes pleasure a fat dick pornstars and big tits

Two raunchy babes pleasure a fat dick pornstars and big tits
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When Sandy asked if her and the other girls were now 'sluts', they all looked at me. At the time, I didn't know why they'd all look at me, but now, I am guessing that they thought that as a boy, it would be me who would know how other boys would view their actions of recent days. I was still naked and was now feeling conspicuous so I thru on my shorts and t-shirt before saying anything, This also gave me a small bit of time to think.

Looking at all of their beautiful faces, all filled with question and worry, I started. "The thing is you guys, I mean &hellip.we're all having fun, and let's face it, we are all enjoying the feelings that we get. I don't think we can help that. We're just built that way. If we like it, we like it! Right?" They all nodded and waited for more from me. "Guys don't get names…except maybe 'Playboy' or something, and that doesn't sound bad or even affect us much.

Girls though, aren't supposed to like sex as much as guys, which doesn't seem fair. I think that after everything we've done, I could never think a girl who likes the stuff we do could be a 'slut', but I really don't know how other boys…or girls…would react." "Nobody even knows about what we're doing, so how could anyone call us sluts?" said Jane.

"But what about when we make out with boys and want them mama japonesa borracha y follada por hijo do stuff like the stuff we do with Michael?" asked Lorelei. "Don't jump into it." I continued to put forward "When you are with a new boyfriend, just act shy and pretend you don't really want him to do stuff. Make him work for it and make sure you make him wait. " The girls seemed to be satisfied with this approach and we spent the next hour talking about what to do the next day.

We ended up deciding to just go back down to the river. The next morning, as the sun rose, so did the temperature. It was going to be a scorcher.

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Lorelei and I were going to be meeting Sandy and Jane at our private spot, so after we did some chores for my aunt, we packed a lunch and headed out. As we walked, we talked about the news of the day. Woodstock was up there, as was the whole San Francisco, Height Ashbury scene. Free love, marijuana, and anti-war protests were big topics for us.

None of us had tried marijuana yet, but we had all had alcohol at some point. We all longed to be in San Francisco and were all disappointed that we couldn't be a part of Woodstock. Before we realized it, we were deep along the trail to our river spot.

We heard voices and knew Jane and Sandy were already there. As we approached, Lorelei signaled me to be quiet, and she began to stealth along. She soon stopped, and began staring through the bushes. She wiggled her finger for me to join her, and I moved silently up beside her.

There in front of us, both completely naked, Jane and Sandy were both giggling and talking. Jane was face down and Sandy was on her back. They were talking about their nudity and how embarrassed they'd be if someone came along and caught them. "I love this" moaned Jane "I feel so free!" Sandy dusted something off her breasts. "I wonder if boys that go to nudist colonies walk around hard all the time." Jane said "I doubt it. I heard that they are against that and that boys have to take salt-peter or something to stop them from getting boners." Sandy giggled, "Too bad.

What fun would that be for us?" "Why Sandy, you little tart. So you want to see a whole bunch of boners do you?" "Yeah man.

I love Michaels and would love to see others. Don't you find them kind of fascinating?" "They are fascinating! Just the fact that they grow like they do is sooo neat. I love watching Michael squirt. I love actually making him squirt too. It makes me feel kind of powerful." "Me too! I wonder what it would be like to feel him squirt inside my vagina." "Mmmm, I bet it would feel really good.

Probably messy after though. His stuff teen allys feet and tentacle finally shes got her manager dick either leak out, or glue your hole up!" Sandy broke up laughing "That stuff gets sooo sticky!" There was a slight pause and I could tell Lorelei was just about to announce our presence when Sandy sat up and with her head lowered, not looking at Jane, she quietly said "I think I want to go all the way." Jane bounded up to her knees and stared at Sandy.

"With Michael? Sandy blushed and said "Maybe" "Are you sure? I mean…god Sandy, his penis is sooo big. Have you even had anything other than your finger up you?" "Gosh Jane…people do it all the time. I mean, it is supposed to fit and we do have babies." "I heard it hurts a lot the first time. Are you ready for that?" "I get so horny and wet when I'm making out with you guys and Michael.

I feel like I just want to feel more now. I really like Michael and I think he'd be really gentle. He seems to understand us a lot and he has never been mean or gross.

I'm kind of used to his penis, and I'm not afraid of it or anything." Jane looked down then, and unbelievably, she blushed. "Me too." Sandy looked at her and automatically said "Me too what?" "Me too.

I want to go all the way too." Sandy now saw Jane's blush and her mouth dropped. "Oh fuck Jane! You want to do it too? With Michael?" Jane kind of shrugged her shoulders and said "It doesn't have to be Michael.

I know you like him in a different way than Gorgeous gf fucked slowly before a climax pussyrubbing eatingpussy and me and I don't want to do that with him if it would bother you." Sandy was quick to alleviate Jane's concerns. "No,no! Look, I like Michael a lot. I think I love him, but everything we've been doing to him and doing with him this summer has been shared.

I get that you would be comfortable trying sex with him. I also get that it doesn't mean you love him. Just maybe let me do it first?" "Oh Sandy, of course! I think it would be wonderful if you two virgins did it first together. Are you going to let me and Lorelei watch?" Sandy's eyes flew open wide "Oh god! You want to watch us fuck? What if I cry or Michael doesn't want you too?

What if he doesn't even want to fuck me?" "First, I expect you to cry. I'll probably cry with you.

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Second, I guess it would have to be something Michael wouldn't mind, and third; are you crazy? Of course he wants to fuck you! He's a boy!

He wants to hump anything! Does he know you want him to be your first?" "God no! I was going to talk to him today if we get a bit of private time together." Lorelei was busy rubbing my penis through my shorts as this conversation went on.

She leaned in and kissed my cheek. "Lucky you. I'll make sure you get some private time with Sandy. Oh&hellip.if Jane gets to watch, I do too." She then spoke loudly "Michael, I think I see them over here." Lorelei and I kind of crashed through the bushes and made our entrance. My head was reeling. I so badly wanted to feel a vagina around my penis, and here was the girl with the most beautiful vagina in the world saying she wanted to go all the way with me.

I was crazy about Sandy. I loved her small pink tipped breasts and flat stomach and cute firm round little butt. I especially loved her vagina. Her soft red pubic hair was too new to be bushy but still showed itself enough to declare her ripe. Her vagina was bulging and smooth, almost with an engorged look about it. Her inner lips were hidden until exposed by either herself or by someone else playing with them. I was all of a sudden very nervous again.

Nervous about what I'd heard, nervous about hurting her, nervous about where to even start. But most of all, I was nervous about my own self. What if I couldn't get hard? Ridiculous! What if I came too soon? That was very likely. What if she didn't like fucking? Could I fuck her long enough to make her orgasm? Would she hate me after? How do I even put it in her? Does she do it? Oh god! Sandy and Jane british cfnm masseuse tease and blows cock towels and covered up somewhat when we appeared and greeted us.

They knew that we could see their obvious nudity, and so just checked to see if we minded before once again removing their towels and relaxing again. Lorelei quickly doffed her clothes and joined them, and I kind of moved down from them a bit and sat on a log, staring at the river. I was all of a sudden once again a bit shy I guess.

This was pretty heavy for me. Lorelei nudged Sandy a bit and glanced over at me with a look that basically said 'Get your ass over there and talk to him'.

Sandy rose up, walked in all her beauty over to me, and sat down on the log beside me. "Hey Michael& ok?" "Fine.yeah…you?

"Yeah, I'm great!" Brooke berettas pussy fucked doggystyle by kyle mason brunette uniform looking at me, and noticing that I had resumed looking straight ahead, she continued "You seem a bit spaced out." Moving her hand to my thigh.

"You also seem to have a bit of a boner there" Moving to feel my erection. "Michael&hellip.are you sure you're ok? I mean, you're hardly looking at me. Are you mad at me or something? I'm stark naked and I'm feeling kind of exposed all of a sudden.

Don't you like my body?" Oh shit, she thinks I don't like her goddess-like body! All of a sudden, I had an idea. I whispered "Can they hear us?" She whispered back "No". Speaking quietly, I said "Sandy, I love your body.

I think you're beautiful and sexy and nice and smart." I fidgeted a bit and adjusted my erection which caused her to smile as she looked at my face again. "Ok, then what's wrong?" "Well& know how we've all been kind of learning about stuff. Well…I mean…I like you all and everything, but I think I like just you in a different way, and I kind of feel funny about it." I was a bit relieved that I had confessed my love for her, but she obviously didn't get it.

She looked gloryhole swallow heather 2nd visit long me quizzically and said "Huh?" Shit. "I like you in a way that wants me to do things with only you. Like alone. Just us." "Ohhhh." She looked down and I could see her smiling as she whispered "Me too." Then she looked into my eyes and her look was definitely encouraging.

It didn't help that she squared up her shoulders, raised her arms and swept back her hair. Her chest stuck out towards me and her breasts were topped with hard pink nipples begging to be touched. I kept a lid on my lust and continued. "Well…I'm a virgin. I don't really want to be, but I don't want to go all the way with just anyone…ya know?" She only nodded in agreement, keeping silent so I could continue.

"How bout you? Do you ever think about going all the way?" "Yeah…I mean I wonder what having a penis inside me would feel like. I'm scared of the pain but I think about it all the time. I mean girls do it all the time and seem to really like it. I know when I get horny, I really feel like I need more of something, and I cutexezra facial in the shower that's probably a boys penis in me." I went for gold.

"Would you&hellip.I mean…do you think I could…you know…me and you, could you go all the way with me?" She turned red as she stared at me. "To tell you the truth, I was just telling Jane that I was going to ask if you would do that with me. I think I like you a lot. Not just as a friend. I think I like you special. Like a real boyfriend." I was in heaven. "I feel the same way about you.!" Sandy looked at me and giggled.

"I think you like me as a girlfriend not a boyfriend Michael. But that's great." She moved closer, took my face in her hands and kissed me passionately, moaning and squirming as she did. She rose up, and straddled me wrapping her arms around my neck. As her lips locked with mine, she began sliding her vagina up and down along my engorged penis. We just sat on that log and necked for a long time.

I was clothed, she was naked. I let my hand roam all over her body eliciting groans and moans and gasps. I reached down between us and fingered her vagina with one, then two, and at the height of our making out, with three fingers, which caused her mouth to drop open, her brow to knit, and her body to shake and flow with orgasm.

"Oh god Michael. I want you in me.! I undid my zipper and let my penis spring free. She began sliding her soaking vagina along my length. Her brow was screwed up and she panted and groaned as she pushed her vagina harder and harder against my penis. "oh fuck.oh god Michael…this is sooo nice.

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Oh Michael…I think I'm going to cum all over you…unngh… …oh god!" She cried out and shook, and then she kind of collapsed forward for a minute.

When she began to recover, she looked down between her legs and saw my rock hard penis. She immediately slipped off me, leaving a wet trail along my shorts. Now on her knees in front of me, she grabbed the waistband of my shorts and looked up at me.

"Up please." I rose up so my shorts could slip over my butt. My penis sprang free and she smiled and began giving me a blowjob. I came in her mouth quickly with a loud groan. She surprised me by taking all my stuff in her mouth and looking at me with complete passion, she licked me clean. She rose up and sat beside me again. "Thank-you for that. Fuck…I was so horny. I almost shoved your penis in me right then!" "You were pretty loud this time. I think they heard you in town." I joked.

"What did you mean when you said you talked to Jane?" Sandy kissed the tip of my mildly softening penis and looked at me. "I just said I like you a lot, and that I want to go all the way with you. She wants to watch, but I'm not sure I want someone watching us do something that…sort of private. I said I'd talk to you about that." "She wants to watch? Why? I mean, I guess I can understand her wanting to share everything.

I mean we have so far, but going all the way for the first time is kind of private, especially since we're both virgins, and I for one am really nervous about lots of stuff." "Me too. It's going to hurt sooo much and I'll horny brunette slut jenna reid gets fucked for cash bleeding and I'll be crying.

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I'm not sure about someone watching that!" I took her hands and looked into her eyes. "I'll take it really slow Sandy. I'll try not to hurt you. I don't want to ever hurt you. Let me talk to Jane and Lorelei. I'll make it sound like it's me that wants privacy so you don't have to worry about them." She nodded.

We made plans on doing it right where we were the next day. We made sure we thought of what to bring. A clean old towel, some Kleenex, and of course some Vaseline. We were years old. A condom didn't even enter our minds.

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In those days, we called them 'safes'. I did speak to Jane and Lorelei about Sandy and I going all the way, and of Sandy's desire to have privacy. While they were very excited for us, they were also disappointed that they couldn't be beside us when we did it. "Awwww…but c'mon Michael…we really want to watch. Said Jane. Lorelei added "Yeah…we won't say anything or bother you guys or anything.

We just want to see you guys actually doing it." They continued to pester me until I finally caved and told them they could hide at a distance if Sandy didn't know, and they grinned devilishly at each other.