Dude owns the twat of a milf hardcore and blowjob

Dude owns the twat of a milf hardcore and blowjob
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I found a much better rewritten version of this story once online, and regretted erasing it from my computer. Here's the origanal written by someone else.I take no credit it for this, but thought many of you might like it. I only which I could get my hands on the rewritten copy so if anyone has it or knows where to get it, much apreasiated. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hey, sport," I looked down at Sandy, "I've got a hot and wet hole, too." "Sorry.I'm kind of new here.and the scenery is pretty spectacular," I answered, kneeling between the girl's thighs and reaching out to finger her cunt.probing inward for her hidden vagina.

"Well, sure enough.you do seem to have a hole for me to play with," I bantered, thrusting a pair of fingers into the hot, tight, wet tube. "I sure do," she said reaching over her belly and grabbing my long hard cock, "and it needs more than fingers inside it. Come on.do me!" I was so turned on by this time that I suspected I'd come onto her belly in a moment. Withdrawing my fingers from her wet channel, I pulled her sparsely haired lips apart to expose the bright pinkness of her inner slit and the ready vaginal entrance.

"Since you got big titted pregnant sluts sharing a good fuck after lunch under control," I said, "why don't you stick him inside where he can do some good." She grinned up at me and positioned my prick so that the head was against her entrance.and I shoved inward.

"Ohhhhhh.gggoooddddd." she gasped, her back arching off the ground and her little tits quivered, her nipples stiff and hard as pebbles. I felt her cunt muscles grab my penis like a pair of tight fists.

"Too much.shall I stop?" I asked, concerned. "If you stop. I'll. I'll. never forgive. you." she gasped, haltingly, "that's the biggest. biggest cock I've ever had. and it feels.

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wonderfullllll! Fuck me!" I could tell that she was coming almost from the first few thrust, her vagina squeezing my prick as it slipped in and out.milking me.teasing me as I did as she had asked. Her thin pussy lips gripped my invading cock like a pair of face lips. I reached out to toy with the rubberiness of her tiny tits. "More hip thrusts, dear.put something into it for him," I looked up to see a slender woman standing beside the lawn chairs.

She was stripped to the waist, her large, full breasts swaying seductively as she unzipped her jeans and pulled them to her ankles.

"I know how to do this, mother," the girl beneath me gasped, suddenly putting a lot more efforts into the hip thrusting and the experience got even better for me! I looked up to watch my partner's mother as the older woman skinned her panties down. "Hi.I'm Helen," she said, "don't bother to stop." "Hello," I said, a little unsure of myself.

Here I was screwing this incredibly pretty naked teenager while her beautiful nude mother squatted within an arm's reach, "I'm Mindy's dad." "Don't worry about Sandy," the man introduced as Andy said.

I glanced over to see the man coming toward us. He stopped and squatted behind Helen. "She's in good hands, in a manner of speaking," he added and I saw his hand appear under Helen's pussy as Andy slipped a finger into the woman's vagina. "I never could sunny leone fuck police man sophisticated smooth talker like you," Helen said, laughing as she swiveled and dropped to her hands and knees. Her bare ass was more or less aimed at me and I had a great view of her hairless snatch.

She had a deep cleft, but the inner lips were very long, extending outward like a pair of brownish-pink leaves under her puckered anus. Andy moved in behind her, spread her cunt lips to open the way to her gaping vagina.and stabbed himself inside the woman's hole to the hilt.

In seconds they were fucking hard and hot and heavy. "Hi, daddy," I heard and looked to my other side to find myself staring at Mindy's hairless puss, "having fun?" "Hi, honey," I gasped, the exertion getting to me as I pounded my long prick into the tight wet sheath, "sure am.How about you?" "Well, nothing's happened to me.yet," she giggled.

"That's about to change, sweetheart," there was a man behind Mindy.I looked up to see that it was George. His long, slender cock was hard and erect above heavy, hairy balls. "Want to play, Mindy?" "Is it all right, daddy?" Mindy asked as she stared at my gleaming shaft slipping in and out.

"It's fine with me.if you want to," I managed to say. "OK," she murmured, and turned to face George. I could see up between Mindy's legs, and saw that her entire slit was already reddened by her finger play. She was clearly hot and ready to fuck. "Let's play," she said, shyly. He grinned at her and dropped to the grass, laying back and held asian whore kalina ryu devours monster cock cock straight up.

"You should be on top at first," he advised her, "that way you get to control how deep I might go and I won't be likely to hurt you any way." I was behind Mindy a little, still fucking, and watched my daughter straddle George's hips. She squatted down till her cunt gash met his prick, and then went a bit further till the bulbous head of his cock spread her soft lips enough to half disappear.

Mindy moved slightly forward and backward a bit, rubbing his cock along the groove of her genitals.and then stopped with his cock pressing against her hole. "Ready?" she asked George. her voice soft.but eager. "Whenever you are, Mindy," he answered, stroking her sleek hips. She grunted and pressed downward.and George's prick began to slip up inside Mindy's belly. I felt mixed feelings.jealousy at seeing my preteen daughter eagerly giving her naked body to another man's thrusting prick.and pride at seeing her enthusiastic willingness to help pleasure the man.

I began pounding Sandy's hole faster.feeling my climax nearing. Looking back at Mindy, I grinned to see her now kneeling, George's cock entirely inside my little girl's body. Glancing around, I saw a scene that would have been beyond my wildest imagination a week ago. There I was fucking this little teeny bopper, a few feet away a pair of handsome adults were screwing, my daughter was humping a man I'd never met.and that was just the beginning! Frank and Gretchen were still at in the chair, Allen was kneeling behind another of the hairless little girls gorgeous babes love to finger each other her doggy- style, and Dave was on his back in the grass.one nude preteen sitting on his cock while another squatted on his face.

Eloise straddled Tom's prick, humping him hard with her tits bouncing, while a pair of little naked girls sat in the grass beside them.offering their open cunts to Tom's thrusting fingers.

The tableau was completed by the sight of Gene kneeling on the patio.one little titless naked girl lying between his legs and sucking his dangling cock as she fingered herself.and he pressed his face into the open cunt of another very young girl.the nine year old, I found out later.

Behind them on the patio were two other men who had just come out of the house.one of them was fingering a girl while the other was fucking a girl from behind as she leaned on the edge of a table.

"Yessss.yessss.oh, Christ.yesssssssss," I heard Helen wail suddenly.climaxing as Andy pounded into her open gash. "Ohhhh.shiiiitttt!" I heard Andy groan and darted a glance to the left where they were humping.

I had looked just in time to see him jerk his pulsing prick from her tight twat.and gaped at the long jets of thick whiteness that spurted from his prick to lace across Helen's bare back. An instant later I lost it, too.spurting long jets of liquid heat up inside Sandy's tight sheath till I filled her to overflowing!

She was moaning, thrusting her hips at me and lost in her own climax.that tight hole spasming against the intrusion of my rigid cock! When I was in control again, I rocked back to sit in the grass.slipping my arms about the sweaty naked form of this loving teenager and pulling her with me.

We sat there, tightly embraced.my cock still inside her vagina as we regained our composure. I looked over Sandy's shoulder at Mindy, bouncing up and down the long thin cock happily fucking George.and bringing him off. I could see his heavy balls contract as he came.pumping Mindy full of his semen. She had already come and was gleefully milking him.

She finished and breathlessly lifted herself.allowing his slippery cock to glide out of her belly and fall back to his abdomen. I was still looking into her exposed cunt from behind, and I saw what looked like two tablespoons full or more of thick whiteness trickle thickly from between Mindy's pussy lips as her vagina drained. Sandy and I shyly, quietly separated and she went off to find another temporary mate.as did I.

I strolled across the lawn toward a pretty blonde naked child sitting on a chaise lounge chair. "Hi! Want to." I began. "Sure!" was her instantaneous response, as she scooted her little butt off the chair. With no further urging, she was lying on her back with her legs open. I stared down into her fuck reddened, semen smeared slit.and knelt between those s lender thighs.

"Ready?" "Yeah.do it," was her answer.and Dahlia sky all access pov pornstars hardcore did! When we were done.she having two or three orgasms and I coming inside her.nude! Slender, small breasted and very pretty, she also had her pubic hair removed and her prominent mons was cleft by a deep slit and protruding inner lips.

"I'm Cindy's mother, Eloise," her hand was held out to me, so I shook it.trying hard to not to notice here bare pussy. Do you like water games?" "I'm not sure what you mean," I asked, playing dumb.

"Silly.I mean where we pee on each other," she laughed, reaching over to give my cock a squeeze. "Sure.shall I go first," I asked, "or do you really have to go?" "Me first," she said rising, "I'm about to pop.lay down." I did as she asked, lying flat in the grass and looking up with a little uncertainty as she stepped over me and straddled my belly. White wetness thickly coated her uppermost thighs and her pussy lips as my semen trickled from within her belly. "Ready?" she giggled, slipping her fingers into her sticky gash and spreading her lips.

"Ready!" I answered.and immediately a flattened stream of bright yellow shot from deep inside her cunt cleft to spatter down onto my hairy belly!

Startled just a bit, I watched from a few seconds as she played the jet across my cock and balls.and then I reached up to slip my fingers into her slit. I felt her hot urine embrace my hand and arm, flowing thickly and sensuously down to spill over my chest. All too soon, she was empty and standing there giggling as she urged a few short trickles from her now depleted bladder.

My cock was stiff again from the wild experience. Before I could make other plans, she squatted and pressed her vagina over the tip of my penis and I slid up inside her again. "Now it's your turn.inside me," she said, breathlessly. "I.I don't know if I can," I gasped, feeling the erection cut off the ready escape of urine.

"Sure you can.just try," she urged.and I bore down, trying to overcome the urge to retain my piss. Finally there was a short squirt of heat from me that flooded her tight tunnel. "Yeah.that's it," she squeaked, "more!" I concentrated.and was rewarded with first a few thick squirts.and then a mighty flow! "Yes.yes.yessssssss.! she enthused and I looked down between her thighs to see my piss spurting and frothing from within her as I emptied my over-taut bladder.

My flow depleted, I dropped back with my eyes closed.but just for a moment! New hot piss splashed onto me and I looked up in surprise to see another girl straddling my hips.

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The first girl was leaning back and the second one had her belly pressed against the chest on the one I still penetrated. The standing girl was now pissing against the first child's chest. The yellow flow cascaded down the girl's sleek body and spilled out onto mine. Laughing when the flow stopped, the two girls scampered away, leaving me exhausted, sweaty, sticky and urine soaked. What an introduction to this new way of life, I thought as I cleaned myself with the aid of a garden hose.

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The daylight faded to dark, but the yard lights illuminated the continuing orgy. Food and drink were produced.and I drank a lot of non-alcoholic beer in order to quickly refill my bladder. I paced myself.heeding the advice of one father when we were kneeling side by side fucking a pair of kneeling girls. He told me that I didn't need to come into a girl's body each time.just fuck her till I could bring her off and then move to the next.

If I didn't pace myself, I'd be through and spent before the night was half gone! I slowly worked my way through the girls and by the time it was nearly 10:30 I allowed myself the luxury of coming again.into the overly slick lubricated vagina of a pert little oriental child.