Teen dildo in bath blonde first time some of these pigs just dont get it

Teen dildo in bath blonde first time some of these pigs just dont get it
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ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY ARE FICTIONAL. ANY SIMILAR NAMES, IDEAS, OR SITUATIONS ARE SIMPLY A COINCIDENCE. THIS STORY CONTAINS MATTER SUCH AS YOUNG SEX AND SO ON. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. So with that in mind, enjoy :) -Madison's POV- I awoke to find Sara lying on the other side of the couch. I looked at the clock, and I realized we had been asleep for about twenty minutes. I tapped her on the shoulder and whispered for her to get up.

"That was FUN!" she said excitedly. I rolled my eyes, though I had to agree. "We gotta do that again sometime." I said. "Well, my parents won't be back for the rest of the weekend. Maybe we can." she replied. I sighed. We stared at each other. "Does this make us lesbians?" Sara asked. "Do you like boys still?" I asked. "Yeah." "Then we're not lesbians, we're bisexual." "What's that?" "It means we like both boys and girls." "Cool! I'm a bisexual!" I, yet again, rolled my eyes.

*That night* -Sara's POV- Maddi and I had our clothes on again, because sleeping in the nude meant nearly freezing to death. We popped a movie into the DVD player and sat back to watch. We sat side by side, with our shoulders touching.

About halfway through the movie, I shivered. My nipples were rock hard. Chesty brunette gets twat drilled in the vip started to feel them through the thin fabric of my button-up pajama shirt. I flicked them, and moaned. Maddi looked at me with a "what the fuck?" look, until she saw where my hands were.

She giggled. "You didn't tell me you had started. Want some help?" she said with a sly smile. I saw a twinkle in her eyes that told me she had something planned. We paused the movie, and I started to undo my top. She undid hers, and out burst my favorite pair of boobs. Ever. Once mine was off we started to play with our dark brown nipples. Without warning, she leaned over and lightly bit my right nipple, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

She groped my breasts, and licked my cleavage. It's times like this when I wonder if she had done this before. Maddi moved her tongue in little circles around my breasts, and rubbed the outsides of them. "Ughhh Mads. Just. Ugh." I moaned so much what I said didn't even make sense. Madison pulled away, and kissed me on the lips. Our tongues danced, and it felt fantastic. She stopped the kiss and smiled at me. She left a little trail of kisses from my chin to my collarbone.

From there, she kissed both of my breasts, and continued her trek. She traveled to my stomach, and then went lower. When she got to my hipline, she tugged at my lower pajamas. She nearly ripped them off, and then stared at my vagina. -Madison's POV- She had such a beautiful clit. I drove my tongue deep into her soft, wet insides, making her groan in pure pleasure. I tongue-fucked her, and used my hands to rub her clitoris and asshole.

She seemed to be worried and slightly scared when I first rubbed her ass, but she warmed up to the idea. "FUUUUUCKKKK MEEEEEEEE!!!!!" She screamed. It's a good thing her parents aren't home, but I was still concerned about the neighbors. Out of all of them, Mr. Greener was the worst. He complained about everything, and was always in people's business. What made it even better, was that he lived right next door (sarcasm). While I was thinking about her neighbor, I guess I must have been screwing up, because her moans had stopped.

I looked up, and saw her lying there, passed out. I decided that she must have had a massive orgasm, and then she passed out. It did seem weird however, that I didn't feel her squirming or hear anymore moans. I lapped at her one last time, enjoying the sweet taste of watermelon. I cleaned her up, put her back into her pajamas, and brought her to the sleeping bags. Once she was in hers, And it was zipped up, I got into mine and did the same.

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Before I drifted off, I wondered how she could have had a massive orgasm without my knowledge, if I had supposedly brought her to it. -James's POV- It was another boring day at school, skinny beauty with long legs gets laid the teachers continued to give me crap.

First, because my pants had a little hole in the knee. Second, because I got in an argument with some kid named Travis. We were playing baseball, and one of my teammates, Sara, had run to the second base. It couldn't be decided if she was safe or not, so, naturally, we MEN had to decide (that was just a joke. I'm not sexist). We kept yelling back and forth, "Safe!

Out! Safe! Out!" but as we all know, that didn't solve anything. We were both assigned detention In about a week. Oh well. I thought about the days events as I walked home when something occurred to me. WHY THE HELL would I argue about whether or not Sara was safe? Why would I care? I walked into a kid, interrupting my thoughts, because he stopped in front of me. "Woah dude I-" "Shut the fuck up, pussy." he replied.

"Angry much?" I asked, nonchalantly. I tried to walk around, but he pushed me back. "The FUCK did you just say?!" "Did I stutter?" "Do you know who I am?" He asked. "Let me answer your question with another question: Do I give a crap?" I said. He reached back to punch me, but I saw this coming. I quickly ducked, and his fist soared over me.

I returned with an uppercut, and then hammered my knee into his balls. If he had any. He exquisite blowbang for mates hardcore and reality me with his palm, and clawed at my face. I pushed him back, but our "little incident" as teachers would call it, was interrupted because a girl named Madison grabbed my arms, and a girl named Sara grabbed his. Wow. Sara looked A-MAZING. Why did I just think that? "What are you doing Ego?!" Sara shouted.

"This bitch rammed into my back, so I had to show him a lesson." Ego replied. "As I recall, I was teaching you the lesson." I said. "Stop!" Yelled Madison. She yanked Ego back farther by his jacket hood.

What pisses me off is he'll were a jacket and pants during summer, and shorts and a shirt during winter. Ego shook Madison off and threw his hand back to slap her.

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Man, that guy has no standards. I reached out to grab his wrist before he could, but Sara was there first. She grabbed his wrist, and twisted it until she heard him yelp in agony. She kicked him in the back of his shin, and he fell to the ground. Madison kicked his nose. "You'll regret that! PUSSY ASS BITCH MOTHERFUCKER!" He screamed. "No she won't. Kinda like how I won't regret this!" I said, and stomped my heel on the back on his ankle. His scream, along with him screaming bloody murder, told me I had hit my target.

His ankle was broken. "Hey, Ego, now your on your back. Like always." Joked Madison. "That was pretty cool, you know." I said to Sara "Thanks! You too." She replied. "Hey Sara, I should get home. Nice to see you James." Said Madison. "Okay Mads. Bye!" Sara said, as she turned back to me. "Did you want to come over to my house?" She asked, nervously. "Yeah, sure!

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But I should call my parents first." I said. After a quick phone call, we were on our way to her house. I don't know why I said yes. I had a lot of homework. Although, I suppose we could help each other.

And she's really, really cute. In those light blue skinny jeans, and- WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING?!?! Yeesh. Puberty is not a fun thing. Oh, the next story might be late because I'm back at school for a couple of days before summer, so it might not be up on time tomorrow. Please leave me ideas for what should happen next, like in a comment. Please leave feedback, good or bad, but PLEASE have xnx sex marathi bhabi ki chu be respectful.

Ok thanks for reading, and I'm sorry it was so short. School's a bitch. Peace :)