Tattooed teen wanted to feel a big cock in her asshole

Tattooed teen wanted to feel a big cock in her asshole
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Humidity oppressed the night and hazed the stars in the sky; the near full moon plating every surface in silver leaf.

The tiny town square had the look of an abandoned movie set, forgotten until the actors returned to give it life again. Brick buildings no taller than two stories stood politely beside one another allowing generous alleyways that were none the less deeply shrouded in the night.

Only the cats and their prey stalked the streets after the predictable small town denizens rolled up the sidewalks somewhat after eight at night.

It was near midnight when quick footsteps resounded through the square, muffled in the sultry summer air. The girl was alone, her hair shining platinum under the moon; blue eyes shining like gems flicked back and forth under thick lashes. Her arms were crossed tightly over her small, pert breasts, stretching the white baby doll t-shirt she wore across the shoulders.

A short black, pleated skirt swished at her soft thighs, occasionally betraying glimpses of white cotton panties underneath as she hurried along. The party she had just left had been a waste of time; it was such a drag she had left early and ended up having to travel through town alone. The house had been full of horny teenage guys, most of them virgins due to their lack of social skills and, in some cases, proper hygiene. Most of the decent looking guys had already gotten lucky and were making the rounds looking for seconds, and not always with the same girls.

Between the nerds attempting to ply her with copious amounts of alcohol and the jocks eyeballing her like some fish in a barrel there wasn't much of a selection. It wasn't that she minded a nice long make out session with some heavy petting, but she wasn't about to lose her virginity to some adolescent one minute wonder. She had plans for her well formed teenaged body and none of the "boys" in that particular hormone ridden house made the cut.

The night seemed so quiet as she slowed in submission to the heat. Feeling perspiration beading between her breasts she lowered her arms, fighting the sodden air for breath. It wasn't anyone at the party she hurried away from but the idea of the latest news quickened her steps, and her pulse. In all of the surrounding towns, for more than a year now, a serial rapist called the Small Town Stalker had made his way through the female population. He was thought to be a drifter, someone outside of the system who had not been caught before and would be even harder to catch in the future.

It wasn't that he was particularly quick or clean in his work; he merely knew when and how to strike and how to get out of town fast, moving on to another hunting ground when the police caught wind of his activities.

The thought of it mad sex com xxx saix story heart race and her lip taste of sweat on top of cherries as she tugged on her lower lip with her teeth. She was foolish to have left the party without an escort. Even one of the over stimulated young men at the party would have less chance of raping her than someone who sought women out to use and terrorize.

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Her arms went back to her chest at the thought. She had begun to quicken her pace again when she heard a noise from the alleyway half a building ahead of her. Her feet nearly tangled as she stopped dead in her tracks. A low keen issued from the dark slit in between the buildings as she started to back away from the uncertain menace. Her mouth parted slightly in a pant as she walked uncertainly backward.

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A deep breath taken in panic was cut short as strong arms clamped around hers and a hand was held over her mouth. She kicked in the air as her feet were lifted from the ground and she was carried backward into the alley she had just passed.

She tried to turn her head but the strong arms held her like a vice and wouldn't relent. They passed into the middle of the alley, the darkest part, barely lit by the moon and the street lamps outside. Once there she was partially released and pushed face first into the brick wall. The hard, abrasive surface scuffed her cheek as she was pinned there, one arm twisted painfully behind her shoulder blades. Her attacker said nothing, made no noise at all.

She could feel him running his free hand up the back of her shirt and a snap as he deftly unclasped her bra. The hand then moved around the front to grip her small breast, his other hand releasing her arm to join on the other side. Even with her arm released she was pinned to the wall by his body and could do nothing but clutch at the coarse wall as his hands kneaded her breasts and his hardness pressed in valentina nappi xxx anal movies double penetration behind.

He groped her breasts for some time, circling his thumbs around her engorged nipples. One hand traveled slowly down her flat belly to the waistband of her skirt. She squirmed a bit at the action and her pressed her face harder into the brick wall causing her to whimper. Undeterred his hand slipped underneath the cover of her soft cotton panties, curving over her softly furred mound to find her warm, wet slit. With a broad finger he traced it down to her entrance and back up again to slowly circle the sensitive nub at the top.

She whimpered at this and tensed but he seemed too preoccupied to remind her of her complete subdual. She felt herself growing wetter at his ministrations, stroking her nipples alternately with one hand and caressing her clit with the other.

Suddenly she was aware of his heavy breathing in her ear. "You know what you are gonna get, don't you ya little cock tease?" His fingers circled faster as she threw her head back into his shoulder, a moan escaping her lips.

He pushed her body back into the wall, her fingers gripping the brick hard enough to score her sensitive fingertips. Removing his hands he brought them around her chest to the neck of her shirt. With a swift jerk he tore her shirt down the front leaving her breasts exposed to the brick.

Pressing his hand into her back to pin her to the wall he looped his fingers beneath the band of her skirt and panties and lowered them to her ankles.

Releasing her for but a moment he hooked his arm around her chest, just under her breasts and lifted her a few inches off of the ground. She could feel him fumbling behind her as her tender breasts scratched against the wall.

She whimpered again and tried to push against the wall but got no further than scuffed palms. Suddenly she could feel something warm and hard against her bottom, sliding between her thighs. "I know you want some of this hard cock.

You all act like you don't but once it's fucking youyou just cumm all over it." True to his word he slipped the head of it into her entrance, stopping when he hit a barrier. He chuckled huskily. "So I get to be the first one to give it to you, huh?

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I'm gonna fuck your tender young pussy and show you just how much you like cumming all over me." Quickly he thrust upward, tearing through the barrier and making her cry out, thrusting her head back and arching vainly against him.

Seeming without notice he pumped steadily, filling her with his shaft. Her breasts steadily scraped against the bricks as his tight grip on her ribcage restricted her breath, causing her to pant.

On and on he stroked as she could feel the heat building inside of her. The minutes passed slowly as she could feel him moving inside of her. Suddenly the feeling built as she bit her lip and stifled a cry that was half pleasure, half sob. She came hard as he rubbed himself in and out of her, the sensation exploding out from her crotch to the tips of her fingers and toes.

He chuckled deeply as she went limp in his arms. It wasn't a minute later that with a quickened pumping he finished inside of her. Now limp he removed himself from her and stepped back to drop her to the ground. She stayed where she lay, in shock, not moving as he disappeared into the night.