Adorable white chick angel smalls bangs her driving instructor

Adorable white chick angel smalls bangs her driving instructor
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Chapter 2 X awakes and stretches. He gives and yawn and looks around the unchanged land. He gets up does a couple of stretches. He grabs a flat rock and gets to work carving one of the giant stick he has for a spear. After the work he takes off his white shirt with a green snake on it and makes a hole big enough to put the spear in and walk around.

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He reputs the shirt on and puts the spear in its hole. He looks around the encampment wondering what all he can find in this land and hopefully find other champions as the elders would call the ones that were chosen. "Maybe I should visit the lake again." He heads back towards the way the lake was thinking about it and what seems to be a shorter distance walks out onto the lake front on what seems to be a diffrent edge.

With the sun still rising he doesn't see the otter from before and gives a sigh of relief.

He really doesn't feel like dealing with residents like that. He begs looking through the waters for something to find and looks out at how far the lake goes. The lake seems to go so far. He doesn't even see where the other edge from the beach head ends. He than wonders how deep it is. He shrugs his shoulder not wanting to find out right now and keeps looking around. He is about to leave when he hears a giant explosion from somewhere.

He quickly turns around and see a giant mushroom cloud past the point where he stopped. He quickly heads over there wondering what he will find. He gets over there and sees what seems like a dead humanoid rat on the ground. It wears a green trench coat that is covered with a little bit of black dust. He guess that its from the explosion. "Hey you alright?" He asks jumping down to him leaning down and checking on him. The rat coughs and sits innocent girl is geeting peed on and bursts wet pussy. "Yea just a little bit of a mix up with my ingredints." The rat says dust some of the blackness off him.

I help the rat off the ground and he looks me over. "Well what brings you here?" He asks moving some broken glass off the table and grabbing a cloth to clean off the liquid of the table. "I was passing through gathering supplies." X says watching the rat move about.

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"Ah! Not many of those around espesially with marae corrupting everything. Anyway the names Rathazul. What's yours?" He asks looking the man over. "I'm X" He replies. He than notice that Rathazul is slow moving and seems to be crickled skin somewhat. "Hey are you okay?" X asks worried for the rat.

"Ah yea I'm quite able as a old rat really." X's hunch is assured about the rat being old. Ratzahul shaeks his head and says, "Wish I could do something to help you but don't think I can." X nods his head and walks off bidding the rat a farewell.

He returns to the camp ground as his stomach rumbles. "Shit. I need food. Maybe there's smething to eat around here." As he walks under the tree something lands on his head. "Damn." He says rubbing his head looking at the ground looking at the red bumpy fruit. Though strange it still seems to be edible. He than wonders why he hadn't seen the fruit before but quickly dismiss the idea thinking thats because it wasn't in season at the moment.

He picks up the soft yet hard looking fruit. He bits into it and juices that are sweet flwo into his mouth. The juice quickly turns from sweet, to sour, to bitter, to spicy, and back to sweet. The quick change of taste makes the food taste all the better. He finishes the fruit filling fuller sensual teen stretches wet cunt and gets deflorated he did before.

He looks up in the tree noticing even more fruit in the tree. "Sweet." He says looking at all the fruit he has. He walks off towards the forest to the right keeping a hand on the spear. He walks around and keeping his camp in mind. He notices a light and walks out into his incampment. "Wha. What the hell?" He asks himself shocked by his discovery.

He turns around looking the way he came. He fast walks back and ends up walkin the way he would to go towards the lake into camp. He turns around and thinks to himself how he should find the lake and finds it just like he said he should. He makes a mental note of this that if you are thinking of a certain location than you'll end up there no matter where you go.

"Such a confusing land." He says sighing. He than sees a creature with a large chest moving about collecting things. He walks over to the seemingly female creature and says, "Hello?" The woman turns towards him at first with a frown and than with a smile probably cause he's not a creature of corruption as X would put it.

"Hey!" She says marrily walking towards X. X shakes the woman hand who introduces herself as Whitney. X introduces himself and they have a nice conversation and ask if he can come to her farm.

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X shrugs his shoudler saying sure not really seeing how anything wrong could happen. Whitney and X walk to the farm and X helps her around it.

X starts walking how but Whiteney quickly catches up to him handing him a weird fruit of somesort before heading off. X walks back to his encampment through the forest looking slutty doll gets cum load on her face eating all the jizm the strange fruit.

Takes a rock and cracks it open and looks at the seed and the inside of the fruit. The inside seemed to be meaty in examination and the see seemed to be bumpy.

"Intresting." He syas examinign the fruit. He tosses it to the side and decides to rest up a bit not really in any kind of danger. After a while of resting he heads back out letting his mind freely rumble. "Hey there stud." X quickly pulls out his make shift spear and looks towards the voice to see a a girl with reaveling clothes on, green skin, and a belt with potions on it standing here.

She came up to about midriff making her a dwarf. "Who are you?" X says spear still in hand not wanting to take any chances. She takes a potion off her belt and throws it at him with skilled ease. X jumps out of the way in time of the fast bottle as it smashes into a tree.

"Guess no fomalities." X says turns around the tree running towards the green creature. The creature reacts by throwing another bottle with blue liquid instead of reddish pink like the other. The bottle smashes against his chest making him double back.

The creature pull out a blowgun ready and darts ready to fire. X quickly ducks behind a tree as darts fly from the tube at him. He starts panting feeling th potion seep into his skin spreading pain through his body. He looks around the tree to see her ready to shoot. He looks around for someway to get this battle over with and see a rock at his foot. He picks it up and throws it to his left. The girl quickly looks that way and fires and as she does this X turns the other way and throws his spear at her.

The girl is slow to react as she turns towards X and the spear goes through her chest pinning her to the ground as her body twitches. X walks over to the creature and notice that all blonde teen gets handled in the woods bottles broke on the impact but some green sparkling gems have fallen on the ground.

He picks these up and puts them in his pocket knowing that the creature won't be needing them anymore. He pulls the bloddies spear form his chest and walks away from the dead creature knowing that this is the destiny he now rides on. He makes it back to his camp ground with the sun past half way in the sky. He grabs a fruit off the tree and eats feeling a bit more refreshed and less injuried.

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X thanks the tree for its fruit and heads back out to the forest free minded. He lets his thought wonder as he walks through the forest collecting sticks, vines, and grass. He returns back tired and places his pear against the tree and lays the grass down in the small shelter for better custion.

He also starts extending the shelter to a bigger shelter using the vines and sticks he collected.

"Second day huh?" X says sitting down against the tree, "I wondeer how Z, Rydia, and Milly are doing." He shakes his head and falls asleep arms crossed behind his head agaisnt the warm comfort of the tree.

He sees himself walking towards the tree arms open eyes glazed. He seems to be merginign witht he tree as he hugs it. A voice whispers in his head over and over again about helping her be alive and other things. X awakes in a sweat laying on the ground away fromt the tree.

X looks at the tree and wipes off some of his sweat. "Things. are getting worse."