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Beautiful babe licie plays with her assets masturbation smalltits
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JUNE AND THE TRUCK STOP PART 2 BY DOCKER5000 Introductory It had been just over a month and June is still haunted by what the two drifters did to her.

She is now desperate to feel that way again. And a over-heard conversation hopefully can give her that chance to feel alive once more. It was nearly a month after June's experience with the too drifters and she still cannot get them out of her head.

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Her husband and son still do not know anything about her sexual adventures with the two men. As far as they both know she was just tied up and robbed. June was trying her best to get back into her little routine. However she has not had sex with her husband since before the robbery. She has made excuses to her husband not to have sex with him. She dreaded going back to his pitiful love-making when she longed for the real thing.

June was in the church sorting out some fresh flowers when she over-heard her father talking to one of his friends. They were discussing a problem at a truck-stop a few miles out of town a couple of prostitutes had set up business at the truck-stop.

And the whores were happily screwing every man who could pay them. And her father was determined to put a stop to their sinful ways and stop good men from committing further sins by committing adultery on their wife's. One night she told her husband. "That she had to go and see a sick friend on behalf of her father." Trevor also had plans for that evening which June did not know about and to be honest she didn't really care as long as he stayed out of her way spanish samurai master teaches a petite slut the art of taking jizz full on facial the next couple of hours she would be happy.

Trevor had already gone out by the time June was due to leave. She left her son Tommy doing his homework and watching some TV. June had arranged to borrow a car off one of her friends as her husband very rarely let her drive the family car. And tonight he told her that he needed it to go out and visit a potential client for his business.

June knew he was most likely going out to get drunk with some of his friends. However tonight she did not care she just needed him out of her way for a few hours or so. June now drove her car to just outside of the local truck stop. June parked the car where she would not really draw much attention to herself but she still could see what was going on.

The truck stop consisted of a gas-station and a run-down motel and a diner. There was also a bus stop were a greyhound bus stopped every few hours. A bus was just pulling in now. June used the bus as cover so that no one knew where she was parked. June now walked into the diner and she sat down at one of the booths near the back away from the front door. June ordered a coffee from the waitress who came over to her booth. The waitress just looked at her oddly and asked her.

"If she was planning on staying?" June was eating some gum so she just blew a bubble at the waitress.

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The waitress quickly disappeared to get her coffee giving her a backward glance as she did so. June had gone shopping today and she was now wearing a red wig and dressed like a street hooker. June just smiled at the waitress who brought her coffee and blew her another gum bubble. The waitress disappeared back behind the counter to have a word with the owner who was also the cook.

The cook just looked at June and told the waitress. "To stop causing him more problems." Ever since the girls had started coming around to the truck-stop he was starting to make some money. He also owned the motel which offered special rates to the girls on rooms and luckily for him the local Sheriff was is brother in law and the girls quickly came to a mutual beneficial arrangement with the local Sheriff's Dept which usually meant the sheriff and his men got blown or fucked for free as long as they turned a blind eye to what the girls were doing.

June could guess what the waitress and the cook were talking about her. June was made up to look like a hooker. Her blonde hair was covered by a Ginger wig and she had on some heavy make-up. She wore a long old fur coat and under the coat a tight low cut dress which showed off her boobs and long legs.

The cook now wondered over to her table. He did not say a word he just slipped her a piece of paper. He then went back to his cooking. June smiled to herself as she looked at the paper. It was a price list for the motel rooms. I got caught using a big sex toy prices were by the hour and started at $25 a hour. June could see that the cook was looking at her.

So she just put the paper in her pocket and gave the cook a knowing smile so that he knew that she understood what he was trying to tell her. The cook now happily went back to his cooking. While June was drinking her second cup of coffee two more women who were hookers by what they were wearing came in and sat together at one of the booths. Both women looked at June they were not best pleased to see another girl on their patch.

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The cook who ran this truck-stop had made it quite clear if there was any fighting between the girls he would get his brother in law to throw them in jail or run them off. So the two older hookers just gave June a few unpleasant glances. June was just about to go she had seen what she needed to see and she was still not 100 percent sure whether she was going to use this place to for fill her sexual needs. Which she now desperately wanted for filling.

However she was still unsure if she dare go through with her plans.

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However fate now took a hand when three men walked into the diner. June just froze when she recognized her husband as one of the man.

The other two men she did not know. The two other hookers now wasted no time at all and they both quickly went over to her husband's booth. The two hookers now shamelessly openly started to flirt with them. June watched as her husband disappeared off with one of the hookers. Then one of the other man left with the other hooker.

At first June was mad and outrage and even jealous by her husband's behaviour. Then she started to laugh softly to herself when she realized how stupid her reaction had been. Rather him fuck a whore than him fuck her she thought to herself. She now walked rep xxx storys kidnap sex stories to the booth were the other man was still sat.

June now stopped in front of the man's booth and she smiled at him as she opened her coat to show him what was on offer to him. The man was not a man but a boy of about 16 years old and he looked absolutely petrified of her. June now said to the boy in a sweet and low voice just like she would use when she was talking to her son.

"If he minded if she sat down?" The boy whose eyes never once left her large breasts just nodded his head in answer to her question. June now nodded towards the waitress and she ordered two beers. The waitress looked at the young boy. However she did bring back two beers.

June now put one of the beers down in front of the poor boy. She then said to him. "I think you'd better drink it. You look very nervous." With clumsy hands the boy ww sexxy bf story cm facking took a large drink from his beer. He then went back to openly staring at her large breasts. June now said to the young boy. "My name is Hazel. What's your name sweetheart and how old are you and what in the hell are you doing in a place like this." The boy now took his eyes reluctantly from her large breasts.

He now said to her. That his name was Mark and he was sixteen today and his father who had gone off with that woman had told natural busty oil boobs masturbate on webcam that he was here today to become a man." Mark added. "That he really did not want to be here. But he dare not upset his father otherwise he would end up with a beating." June now felt very sorry for the young boy.

Especially when Mark added. "That when the woman came back with his father she was going to see to his needs as his father had said to him with a big smile on his face as he went off with her." June could not stand the thought of this poor young boy getting his first experience of sex off that old hag of a whore.

June took the boy by his hand and with the waitress and the cook both watching them intently she led him from the diner to the motel. A old man was sat behind the reception desk at the motel. When he saw June and they young boy coming up to the desk he could not help the big grin that now crossed his face.

He then said to the young boy with a bit of mockery in his voice. "Will you want the room for the whole of the night sir?" June now said to the old man. "I think one hour should be enough thank you." Mark paid for the room $25 for the hour and another $10 for the clean sheets.

The old man gave Mark the key to room 12 which was the last of the cabins. Once inside the cabin June was pleasantly surprised by how clean it was. The cabin had a living room and a small kitchen. It also had a very clean bathroom with both a bath and shower.

The toilet was also very clean as was the bedroom with its big king-size bed in it. June was trying not to let on but she was also very nervous. She was also very excited too. The boy was roughly the same age maybe just a little bit older than her own son.

And she would want her own son's first sexual adventure to be something that he would never forget. So she was also determined that this young man's first time would be something that he would look back on and remember happily. She also knew that he would not last the full hour. And she wanted to make sure he enjoyed his first experience with a woman. It also would be good practice for her because this time she would be calling teens got gang raped anual shots.

Usually it would be her client telling her what he wanted so this was quite a unusual situation June now found herself in. Mark now sat down nervously on the couch his hands resting in his lap. June walked into the kitchen and she found a couple more beers. She now brought him back a beer which he drank quickly. June now sat down next to him on the couch. She now took his hands in hers and she just squeezed them lovingly.

She then put a hand on his left cheek and turned his face so that as he was now looking directly into her eyes. June now very gently pressed her full red lips onto his. At first she felt is body completely freezed up.

But a few gentle words from her soon had him relaxing once more and when she went to kiss him again this time he did not freeze up.

June kept kissing him lightly on his lips until he finally started to press his lips back onto hers which made her smile happily to herself. June and Mark were now both kissing each other. At first Mark kissed her very clumsily but she soon had him kissing her like a long lost lover.

June herself was also new to a lot of this but she just did what felt good and natural to her. June now slipped her tongue into his mouth which took him completely by surprise. But he soon learned how to use his own tongue in her mouth. June and mark continued to kiss each other and they continued to use their tongues in each other's mouths.

June now took it a step further. She took one of his hands and placed it on her left breast. She then put her own hand over his hand and she squeezed his hand facial liza and glen hammer the bases that he was squeezing her breast.

She did this for several moments until he started to squeeze them himself. She smiled as his tongue darted back into her mouth and as his other hand came up and cupped her other breast and he also started to squeeze that one as well.

Now he was kissing her correctly and squeezing both her breasts which was making her feel extremely horny and happy all at the same time. June now knew that he was now ready for the next step. She reluctantly got up and she pulled him into the bedroom. Mark was not nervous now. Infact he was quite keen to get on with the next step. As they both stood before the huge bed June started to kiss him once more she also started to undo the buttons of his shirt.

Once all his buttons were undone she took it off him. She now started to kiss his chest lovingly. June started to tease his nipples with her tongue she made little circles around them with her tongue and she also gently bit each of them which caused Mark to moan out in pleasure.

While she was teasing him she was also rubbing her hand over his groin. She was rubbing him through his trousers and she could feel him getting hard under her hand. She could feel how big he was getting which was making her get very wet. She needed to be fucked by a big cock not a pathetic little one like her husband's had.

June now started to undo the belt to his trousers once his belt was undone she dropped down to her knees. Mark now looked down at her and she just looked up at him and she gave him a really naughty little smile. June now undid the button to his trousers she also pulled down his fly. She now pulled his trousers down to his ankles. She then told him. "To step out of them." Mark was now feeling jav collection complete visible ass voluptuous anus little nervous as he was only wearing his boxer shorts and of course his socks.

June's eyes now open with amazement he had a huge tent in his underwear now he must be at least 8 inches long and he also looked to be thick rainia belle rainia in the rain lets try. Now it was June's hands that trembled as she pulled down his underwear and released his huge cock.

June just looked up at this young boy and she said to him. "Oh my sweet boy your cock is huge." Now it was June's hand that shook with both excitement and fear as she brought her hand up to cup his big balls while her other hand wrapped around his thick shaft.

Mark let out a little gasp as her hands touched him. This was the first time anybody apart from himself had touched him in this way. June just caressed his cock lovingly as mark looked down at her with such a silly look on his young face.

June loved the feel of this young lad in her hands. June still wasn't at all sure what to do so she started to massage his shaft with her hands. Marks moans of pleasure told her that she must be doing something right. She also started to play with his balls with her other hand. June now noticed a little white liquid leaking from his cock-head and running down his shaft onto her hands.

June moved her face closer sunny levon xxx on 2019 his cock so that she could give this white liquid a little smell. The smell was not unpleasant so she put out her tongue and tasted a little of it. The taste was very different from the too drifters cum. It was not as bitter as the drifters cum it was sweeter and she liked it better.

Soon she was licking it up as quickly as it came out of his shaft. Mark now had to hold onto her shoulders as the pleasure that was now going through is body was too much for him. Mark now moaned out in pleasure and he now had his first orgasm brought on by a woman's hand. Mark took June a little by surprise and some of his cum went over her face.

However, June quickly had him in her mouth and she swallowed everything he shot into her mouth. Mark was now a little flustered so June led him to the bed and sat him down on it so that he could recover his strength. While Mark sat on the bed and he just kept giving her silly looks.

June stood directly in front of him and she now slowly and seductively started to slip out of her dress. Mark's cock instantly became hard as her dress slipped down to repeal both her big firm breasts and when her dress was off and she was just stood in front of him in her stockings and very small panties.

June knew by the look of wonder coming from this young lad that she had picked the right outfit. When she bought this outfit the lady in the shop had looked at her most disapprovingly. June had told her it was a little surprise for her husband's birthday. And then June had rushed out of the shop. When June started to take her panties off Mark couldn't help it and he shot off again this time covering his chest with his own cum.

June walked over to him with a huge grin on her face. She now put one hand on his chest and forced him to lie down on the bed. She now got on top of him so that she was sat directly over his cock. She now had his cock squashed between his stomach and her pussy. June now started to rub herself up and down his cock. Mark was now moaning loudly as she kept teasing his cock with her pussy. June kept teasing the young man this way as she rubbed his own cum into his skin.

Mark couldn't stand it any longer and he grabbed her by her hips. He now flipped her over so that he was now on top of her.

Mark and June now just looked at each other. June now smiled at him. She then said to him. "Show me what you got." And at the same time she guided his cock which was now hard like steel into her pussy and she took him all the way inside of her very wet pussy. Junes husband had now finished with the whore he had been fucking as had Marks father.

So both men now went back into the dinner. When Marks father saw that his son was gone he became very pissed off. He now asked the waitress. "Were his son had gone." He was now completely astonished when she told him.

"That his son had gone off with that new red headed hooker." The he then smiled at June's husband and said to him. "That's my boy." They both had another cup of coffee. June's husband's made his apologies and told his friend. "That he really had to get home before his wife got home from her church work." Both men now laughed at this private joke.

Marks father waited a little while longer and then he grew very impatient so he walked down to the cabin where the old man behind the reception desk had told him his son was in. June was now on all fours on the big bed with Mark behind her ramming his big cock in and out of her pussy. He had given her three orgasms up to now and he had lost track of the amount of orgasms he had experienced himself.

Marks father now knocked on the cabin door. However no one came to answer it. So he now knocked again louder and he even called to his son through the door. Mark now started to slow his pounding of her pussy which pissed June off as she was just about to come again. Mark then pulled out of her and just looked towards the door. June quickly got off the bed and she now glanced at Mark. She now walked towards the cabin she was still totally naked but she was now fuming with rage.

June now opened the door and said to the man outside. "What the hell do you want?" Marks father just stood incomplete silence looking at this very beautiful woman who was stood in front of him completely naked. He then said in a week trembling voice. "That he was waiting for his son." June now smiled at the man and then said to him. "That she had not finished with his son and for him to go back to the dinner and wait for him." She then started to close the door. However she then quickly open the door and said to the man.

"You can sit in that chair and watch if you want." June once again said to him. "Sit down and watch your son become the man you will never be?" June now led him to a chair and pushed him down in to it. She then completely ignored him and went back to his son. At first Mark was defrancesca gallardo hot latina get dp on a threesome reluctant to perform in front of his father but once she had her lips wrapped around his cock and her pussy push down into his face.

He skinny girl has fun with a friend forgot all about his father being in the room It was nearly two hours later and Mark was fast asleep in the bed.

Marks father was just sat in his chair. He had not moved or said a single word all the time June was fucking his son. June now started to get dressed. Once she was dressed d anime hottie riding cock gets cum splashed kissed Mark lovingly on his forehead.

She then walked over to his father. Once she was in front of him she just held out her hand and said the word. "Money." With a trembling hand he took his wallet from his inside jacket pocket.

June now snatched his wallet from him and she pulled out 3 $100 bills. She then tossed the wallet back to him. June now started for the door. Just before she left the cabin, she stopped and looked at Marks father. He looked old and tired and not much of a man to her.

June now said to him. "You training my slave in my workout room going to have a few changes at your house from now on." He just looked at her with a confused look on his sad face. June now looked at him and she blew him a kiss. She then walked out of the door. She never saw Mark or his father again. But she had told Mark a few things while they fucked and hopefully Mark would have taken them to heart. Afterword At Marks House.

June would have been really proud of Mark. Mark had been bullied by his father all his life. But fucking her in front of his pathetic father had somehow given him the courage to take control of his life and save both his sister and mother from his father's bullying ways. It was a few days after June had made him a man at the motel. Mark was going to his room when he bumped into his mother as she was just coming out of the bathroom just wrapped in a towel. Mark had loved his mother for as long as he could remember and he knew she was so miserable being with his asshole of a father.

Mark just took her by her hand and led her into his bedroom. His mother not really understanding what was happening to her was both shocked and frightened by her son's actions. But Mark just kissed her and talk to her lovingly as he laid her down on his bed with him. Mark took all her fears away and he showed her how much he really did love her.

Finally she willingly gave herself to her son. And she felt safe and loved in his strong young arms. Soon Mark and his mother got his older sister to join them. Marks father came home early one day to find his son screwing both his mother and sister at the same time. They all just looked at him as he just stood in the bedroom doorway. He was looking at them with a blank look on his face.

Marks mother just burst out laughing and soon she was joined by both her son and daughter. Marks mother then got out of bed and she walked towards the door. Marks father just watched as his naked wife walked towards him. Marks mother once she was stood in front of her husband put a hand inside of her well fucked pussy.

When she pulled her hand out of her pussy it was covered with her sons cum. She now wiped her hand across his face and as she did so she said to him. "Here taste a real man." She then slammed the bedroom door closed in his face.

After that he moved into Marks room and Mark moved into his mother's room. A few weeks later his father just stopped coming home from business trips. They sold the house and all three of them moved away to start a new life together. The End.