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Chapter 1 (All stories are inspired by pictures from Lucien and Joixxx from Rule 34.All characters not OCTOBER are not mine only borrowed.) Deren moon awoke grogily in a soft bed that was not his own.The sheets were blood red and softer than any he he felt in his whole life.

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He wondered what had happened.One minutehe was getting ready for bed and the next he was in here.What the hell happened?He couldn't wrap his head around.He seemed to be in a large tent of some sort which was expensively furbished.Whoever lived here must be raking it in big time.He himself was dressed in Silver and black armour and had a freaking SWORD on his back.Two in fact.What the hell?

As he continued to contemplate all this he heard strong,rough voices that seemed to be approaching the tent quickly.Two large figures were walking towards the tent's entrance if the shadows on the tent wall were any true.They were conversing as they walked and daren could not help but listen to them.

"Do you think the Emperor is in a good mood Gurok? I'd hate to catch him in a temper.Especially with all the drama these wenches are bringing him.I mean how could those bloody humans send him such a disobedient female for his harem? After all his done for us.None of our females give him any trouble.They are glad to service him and bear him heirs to the throne."One of the voices said in a gruff tone.

" It's that whore,Telva's fault.How that slut could even think of hitting the emperor with a poison dart is beyond me.Anyway good mood or no,the council is convening and the healers say he should be fine now.They left him sleeping in the he royal tent."The other voice answered. "Still.To think they would try to kill him after all his done.All races were at each other's throats before he came along.Any alliance we had with each other was shaky at best and yet he came and changed that.Now we are finally at peace and the burning legion is no longer a threat but servants to us now.Oh well.might as well wake him now." Oh gods on high!

He must be in this so called emperor's tent.And where the fuck was said emperor? It was bad enough to get caught here in this world(wherever here and this world was?)but now he'll be accused of killing some emperor.Seeing no way out,daren waited with bated breath as the tent's door flaps were pushed aside to reveal two.orcs? HOLY SHIT!!! In front of him were two real,live orcs straight out of world of warcraft.Huge, green,muscled and armed to the teeth with armour and weapons.He was a goner!Fuck slitting his throat.They'd cut him to pieces and eat him for dinner.Those sharp teeth and tusks weren't for show!He was shaking like a leaf in the wind.Game over.Both orcs looked at him in surprise and began to.bow?!?

"Ah,your majesty.Your awake.Me and Ugnosh skingrinder here thought we would find you still asleep after what happened in the morning.Terrible how those humans tried to have you assassinated.Lady proudmoore is already aware and is punishing the conspirators now though lady Telva is awaiting your public punishment of her in the council tent.If you would just follow us,we shall." It was too much now.He had to let it out.

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?,WHERE THE FUCK AM I? AND WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS SACRED ARE YOU ADRESSING ME LIKE I'M FUCKING ROYALTY?!?!" The two orcs could only look at him in shock at his outburst,mouths gaping. ############################################### In the space of ten minutes,the two orcs had called for healers who then proceeded to pronounce that he emperor had severe amnesia.Most likely permanent.It seemed that he would have to be reminded of everything he had forgotten,said the healers.It was quite clear that amnesia was the case when upon seeing a Worgen bodyguard daren had jumped into the arms of a busty elf healer in fright before realising who's arms he lay in and promptly fainting.

News of the amnesia spread throughout the camp where they were staying in.They had just come from a diplomatic meeting when the day's events had unfolded and now this! Many were bent on doing murder to the lady who had caused this and the guard around the lady Telva was tripled as she awaited punishment in the council tent. ############################################### From what little Daren had pieced together from his own thoughts was that he had beebeen transported to a world where a replica of him was emperor of the world of warcraft universe.His twin copy must have died when this lady Telva had struck him with poison and he,daren,had taken his place.Talk about leaving it all behind and rising from rags to riches.Though his subjects thought he had amnesia he knew that was far from the truth.He would just have to wing it.Besides.He was an orphan back in his world.Noone would miss him.He was eighteen and an adult so nobody would bother if he was gone.

He now sat on a golden throne in the council tent as his subjects arrived as well as members of the council.He saw high and night elves,Both male and female.Tauren,Worgen,Draenei,Pandarins,Humans,naga(they was a lake nearby so they wouldn't run out of water)Dragons in human form,demons,succubus and even some undead and orcs.Not to mention goblins,trolls and some of the burning legion.To think he was their ruler was daunting and he had to swallow a gulp when some of each race's females liked their lips in want and last at the sight of him.

He had checked on his package and almost fainted.His cock was the size of a horse's and he had almost blacked out when he looked at his nuts.They were big,hot and swollen.The size of oranges and filled with fertile cum.What had happened to his modest 6 inches was left an unsolved mystery.He had waited for quite before he spoke in a somewhat small voice that had many worried at his condition.

"Bring forth the prisoner." Two Worgen male came into the tent holding firmly shahrukh khan son xxx story a beautiful lady with long silver hair,agenerous bust and blue eyes with soft pouty lips.She wore a white dress that clung blonde nurse got cumshot on her ass stockings hospital her body leaving little to the imagination.This was the lady Telva.The woman who had inadvertently brought him here.A squire read her charges.

"The accused is charged with attempted murder of the Emperor and high treason.Since it is the emperor who was attacked,his majesty will decide a suitable punishment,be it death or otherwise,from the punishment list.May his majesty show mercy on you." A scroll was placed before daren as the crowd begun to jeer at Telva.Some were ready to rip her to shreds while others seemed ready to slice off her head though she did not seem scared and seemed ready for her death.As daren looked at the list of punishments,he found he could not make a decision since he did not know what the punishments implied.He finally just pointed one out to the scribe,who nodded and announced it.Daren hadn't chosen death or torture.He was still just twenty in a 30 year old body after all.

"His majesty,the emperor of all of Azeroth and it's peoples,has decided on the accused's fate.She shall be subjected to the BITCHING!" Daren had never seen the colour drain from a person's face faster.Telva went from calm and assured to begging for mercy as the crowd roared it's approval.A upturned and raised log was brought and Telva tied to it with strong rope.Daren could only watch in silence,wondering what he had done.The lady's legs were raised and stretched back to be tied to her already bound hands as her dress was torn off to reveal her shaven pussy to all but mostly to daren as she was placed on the log near his throne.He could feel his horse/monster cocktail twitch and rise slowly at the sight.

Suddenly a sultry,raven haired,red eyed succubus came towards the throne and bowed before him before,amid his protests,she tore the front of his trousers to reveal his horsecock to all.A roar of approval.Her red painted lips were in a smirk as she flipped her hair behind her back and placed his cock in her mouth and began sucking on it,her long serpentine tongue wrapping around it and massaging it.

"Oh heavens.Suck on that cock.Suck that horsecock you little demon slut." He could not stop his words as he received her warm mouth on his meat.Her slurps filled the tent as she expertly milked his dick for the prize in his boiling nuts.Each time her lips and mouth sucked on his cock he felt ready to explode.And explode he did.Grabbing her hair,daren pushed her warm mouth down to the base of his monster horsecock,right to her belly.

"Take it bitch.Take all that HOT SEED YOU DEMON SLUT!!!"he roared,as the succubus's eyes rolled into her head as he flooded her belly with his royal cum.The crowd roared as he filled her gut with cum before slipping her off his spit covered cock to give her a heavy cumshot which she took like an expert,not missing a drop of his thick seed.She lapped at a strand on her finger before bowing to him once more and moving towards a bound Telva.

Telva struggled feebly as the black haired succubus rubbed her now slightly bulging seed filled belly and reached her pussy.Removing her own dress,the succubus muttered a spell before an exact replica of a darens horsecock grew from her pussy in all it's 19 inch glory.Just as thick and formidable as his own.Also the bulge in the demonness's belly shrank only for her ballsack to bulge.With a look of triumph,the succubus spread Telva's pussy lips for all to see before rearing back and slamming all 19 inches of her cock into the bound woman.

Telva screamed in pain,last and pleasure as the succubus climed on top of her with her cock still fully in her pussy.With a hum of pleasure the succubus began pissing out daren's thick seed into Telva as the silver blonde haired beauty cried in despair and lust.All could see the succubus's ballsack shrink and convulse as it sprayed the bound lady's womb.

With a sigh of satisfaction,the raven haired beauty climed off her conquest as her horsecock disappeared.All saw the thick white seed dripping from Telva's conquered snatch drip to as a prize for a good workout lady dee gets huge dick from her trainer pornstars hardcore floor.Daren's seed would ensure fertility.Now for the punishment.

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A large wolf dog was brought into the tent to cheers of the crowd and the renewed struggles of Telva.Her screams for mercy went unheeded as her now fertile cunt was magically cleaned of cum and the dog brought next to her pussy which it began to link before mounting her and allowing it's huge red cock from it's furry sheath.This was the bitching.Impregnation by canine.Not death,no.But a deeper shame of being a dog bit a breed bitch.

After some humping,the dog slid into Telva's warm,wet pussy and began to fuck her in earnest.The dog's hips were a blur as he plundered her pussy with accuracy and speed,making her moan in pleasure like a wanton whore. "Breed that bitch.Give her some pups to birth.Make sure she gets a litter full boy."a worgen encouraged the dog. Telva meanwhile was trying desperately to get free as the dog continued slamming into her.She suddenly felt something hard at her pussy entrance slip into her,sealing her hole and making her or gas like a slut.It was the dog's knot.He was about to cum.

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"NO! Please get it off me.Shit please get this dog off me.Shit it's about to cum.Please don't let it breed me.I don't want to be a dog bitch.Get this FUCKING DOG OFF! OH SHITTTT! I'M CUMMING!

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IT FEELS SO GOOD.SHIT IT'S CUMMING! I CAN FEELS IT'S THICK CUM.ITS FUCKING KNOCKING ME UP WITH IT'S PUPS! GET IT OFF.UUULLLLLMMMMMMPPPPHHH!" Her tirade was cut off by the dog sloppily kissing her mouth and lips,coating her mouth with drool as she was forced to return the kiss and suck it's tongue into her mouth.Meanwhile,with its knot in place,the dog bred her pussy with a new generation of pups for the kingdom.As she was human,she would give birth in two months.The bitching was busty brunette sucks dildo and fingers pussy year long punishment.Many litters would be expected from her before the end.As the dog's knot slipped from her battered leaking pussy,Deren was escorted back to his tent by armed guards.Tomorrow would be another day and he had some thinking to do on his new life.

To be continued.