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Porn vidi4min clip mp3 dawnlod
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Mother-in-Law Sex, Pt5: Ex Aunty-in-Law About 2 weeks later, with a further month on my contract still remaining, I received a surprising phone call from Kim, the younger sister of my ex-mother-in-law, Mae.

She asked if I'd like to go to dinner with her; I agreed and we fixed a time and restaurant for that evening. Remembering her almost-violently passionate greeting a few weeks ago, a public meeting seemed innocent and safe enough. I arrived first, and when I mentioned Kim's reservation was shown to a far corner of the garden courtyard, where I was seated facing the main area and entrance-way; I ordered a beer, lit a smoke and wondered if maybe Kim had word of Mae and wanted to tell me.

The waitress returned with my beer, some beer nuts, and as she placed a linen napkin across my lap, her hand grazed across the soft lump in my pants; she smiled at me. Cute I said to myself as she gave a backward glance.

Half-way through my second beer, the glass held to my lips, I almost choked at the sight of Kim swaying her way towards me! I had about 20m to watch her, to ogle her, before she reached our table. She was, as I remarked before, slim and petite, but with breasts over-sized compared to the rest of her.

Tonight she was wearing a body-hugging light wool white dress; I think its wool, it clings to curves and hips and in no way hides whatever body is within.

She must have had a bra on, but it too must have been pasted to her body, with no telltale wrinkles or straps and buckles evident just those tits within.

The dress came to mid-way down her thighs, allowing her slim, shapely legs to perform a catwalk model's graceful promenade across the courtyard to me, her red high heeled shoes adding 5-8cms to her height, accentuating the whole sensuous package. I somehow swallowed my beer and began to breathe again, as I finally stopped perving at her (no other word for it, and I wasn't the only one!) body and looked hailey scott in stockings likes black cock her face, smiling at me knowingly, lightly made-up, glossy, bright red lipstick matching her shoes colour, in sharp contrast to the white dress.

She looked high-class, fashionable, beautiful and so-so breathlessly sexy! I leaned across the table as our waitress, the same cute girl who had seated me earlier, held the chair out for Kim, as I touched her lightly on her right shoulder and kissed each check; in response, Kim raised her left hand, long manicured nails freshly painted in further matching red, and lightly scraped from my earlobe down the side of my neck to rest on my own shoulder.

I shuddered, and covered my obvious fluster at last by blurting "Wow, you must be going to some fancy hi-so event after dinner with me; you look fabulous Kim! Beautiful!" Luckily, when I stood, I had held my napkin across my lap, where the waitress had previously laid it; had I not, the prominent bulge in my pants would probably have been visible to not only Kim and the hovering waitress opposite, but to the dozen or so other diners who had turned or were following Kim's progress to our table.

Thankfully, we now sat and I adjusted my crotch to try and ease the discomfort, as Kim gave me precious moments ordering a fresh lemon juice. But I noticed that under the quite narrow table our knees had touched when we both sat together, perhaps accidentally as we naturally both shrugged off our shoes under the table the Asian style - but an electric feeling sizzled at that touch, which I interrupted by quickly moving to the side.

I took a deep breath, took a mouthful of beer, and urged myself to calm down. "No, not going anywhere else", said Kim when I looked across at her again "tonight is just for you… and me". We clinked glasses and made the local good health toast to each other, finally somewhat relaxed - in my case at least.

I stared at her again, and perhaps because she was aware, she breathed in deeply, lifting those magnificent, huge boobs up and out for a few brief seconds. What a sight. "I have wanted to do this for a long time" Kim began do what I wondered? My mind drifted momentarily: overwhelm my senses, turn me into a drooling schoolboy, is that it; or give me a vision of picking you up, sweeping everything off the table and ravishing you here and now?

Kim had continued "&hellip.really we all have wanted to try and make it up to you, show you others in the ex-family are really nice people, and flawless beauty is showing off her opened narrow slit in close up all the help you gave so many of us. The whole family was upset at the way you were treated, she having a lot of men behind your back, stealing your money some of us did tried to warn you, but you loved her so much, you never listened when we tried to tell you the truth.

Then to divorce you and steal it almost all again! I want to say 'sorry', and that's from me with all my heart." She placed her small right hand on her left breast, emphasizing the sincerity of her words, and ignorantly or not, emphasizing the size under her hands. "Don't worry Kim. I did it to myself, I loved her and truly was happy for 6 years, so I am not bitter; the money I don't care about, it helped her and you and the family, so I did feel appreciated. That's enough.

Let's talk about something else now. First, I have to ask if you are here to talk about Mae, and if she is ok?" "No, I am not here to talk about Mae, but she is fine; she has gone to our mother's house in the country you have been there, remember and all she has told me since then is she felt it better not to become more involved with you, as she had been feeling really emotional about you every minute after you met at the market.

I understand her, and don't worry; she always really liked you perhaps more than a mother-in-law should! But she knows you are married again now, and feels she can't control herself. Now we talk about something else, and you don't need have those concerns about me I take the enjoyment which is offered to me in my life, give back the same 100%, and hope I smile all the way!" Kim finally paused, took another of those mesmerizing deep breaths, and raised her glass to clink with mine again, just the smile enough to add extra meaning to those final words.

To ease the tension, I passed her a menu and we agreed on some dishes and ordered from the waitress who always seemed to be hovering, ready for our order, or maybe just eavesdropping on this odd couple: a beautiful and sexy younger local woman, clearly dressed and made-up to show her class, having a fairly secluded and intimate dinner outing with an older foreign man, dressed nicely but casually, who was friendly and polite to the staff, could speak the local language well, and unlike many foreigners who seemed to feel they were a class above everybody just because they were foreign, and never even tried to learn the local language.

'He is nice' the waitress had been thinking since he arrived. She sighed and headed for the kitchen to place the order, which included another bottle of beer for me. The waitress quickly returned with my beer, more upside down face fuck megan rain, and stood close to, in fact against, my outside leg while she slowly spooned ice into my glass, then as slowly poured the beer, all the while lightly caressing me with the casual movement of her own leg.

She smiled at me when she had done as much as she could, topped up the ice in Kim's drink so as not to fall afoul of her, and retreated a few steps, hovering again. Kim had been observing me, I thought, when I turned my eyes to her.

Smiling, but a look in her eyes calculating? as we clinked glasses. I had straightened in my chair to face her, careful to widen my legs so my valentines day creampie fuck for karina white pornstar and knockers were outside hers, but this prepared me for what I wasn't prepared for: a raised foot gliding up my leg, straightening and coming to rest bare toes in my crotch!

Kim was sitting there smiling as I almost choked on a peanut, causing the waitress to run over, grab my napkin off my lap in case I needed to be violently ill, and to stop suddenly when she found a foot under the napkin! Helping myself, I swallowed some beer to wash the peanut down, yet feeling Kim's foot glide up and down my groin, as the waitress stared at the growing bulge in my pants.

She panted "are you ok, sir?" without even lifting her gaze; Kim answered for me "He will be fine, young sister; I will take care of him now, but we might need to ask for your help again later if he needs more help - so don't go too far away." She reached to stroke the girl's hand, and finishing my coughing, I watched the shiver of the waitress at the touch, and the seductive way Kim was stroking her hand, not letting go, yet maintaining a foot movement on the full-grown cock in my pants.

Kim was a nymph. The waitress, whose name tag I had read earlier but forgotten at the appearance of Kim, turned to me- ah yes, name Phung - laid a soft hand fleetingly on my shoulder and, looking between the two of us, said " Eat everything slowly sir, that's best, slowly and enjoy. I will be here if either of you need me/need anything at all." She stepped back to resume surveillance from a discreet distance, but I noticed her cross her arms over her small breasts and seemed to rub herself over her nipples.

"She's cute, isn't she?" said Kim. Concentrate, I told myself, devoting my attention back to Kim, and her foot of course, now again covered by the napkin I had grabbed back from Phung. "Oh, oh Phung, yes, she is. But I wish she would bring our dinner now, I need to eat soon, I am really hungry for something special".

"We didn't order 'the special' nephew" responded Kim, perhaps deliberately exaggerating that, while I am some 10 years older than her, she has the authority within the hierarchy of an Asian family structure.

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"Maybe we will get 'the special' later; if we are still hungry". She was driving me wild with her foot and her words, and she knew it; I suspect Phung did also, watching me squirm in my seat, and knowing exactly why, but thankfully a waiter appeared with our dishes. Kim eased her foot back along my stretched cock and demurely sat up straight as Phung took the plates from the tray and laid them on our table.

When the waiter departed, Phung was arranging plates and cutlery and serving Kim first, standing close to the table near Kim when I saw her eyes widen and she almost staggered.

I glanced at Kim, who had swiveled somewhat towards Phung, and I could see her arm moving under the tablecloth; it did not take a genius to picture Kim's hand under Phung's skirt doing something stimulating. Phung could not delay any further, as I also was ready to be served, so she reluctantly withdrew from Kim, crossed to my side and began serving items on to my plate. I too turned to face her more directly, as one would to watch the food, whereupon I followed Kim's example by reaching my right hand under the tablecloth, and under Phung's skirt, up to her pulled babe sucks dick in public before sex pussy, smiling as she stifled a moan.

She was so wet already, so I delved straight up, pushing her panties inside her cunt with one finger, and finding her clit with my thumb. I gave her only a few touches and a few strokes, and withdrew, leaving her panting so tantalizingly close to cumming; I felt sympathy for her, so quickly reached back and stuck two fingers inside and worked them for the extra few seconds she needed to spray her juices over my fingers, to shudder and groan, rattle the cutlery on the plate she was desperately trying not to drop, and bite her lip to stop crying out.

I mouthed "ssshhh" and withdrew, patting her legs on the way out, and taking the plate from her trembling hands as she slowly, very slowly, calmed. "Did you enjoy the entrée?" Kim asked, smiling. "Yes, very smooth and quite succulent" I responded, finding Kim's foot again reaching for my now pre-cum wet crotch. "Thank you, Phung; time you had a break while we eat the main course" I smiled at Phung, giving her the chance for a five minute breather.

I gently removed Kim's foot, massaging it for a few moments, and then pushed it downwards, towards the ground, or at least to rest on the rung of the table below, where my own feet lay. "Kim" I spoke quietly, "we have to calm down; this aaliyah love and marsha may nasty some in the bedroom a restaurant, and Phung is rather over-excited kissing teens first time lesbian experience raw to you, as am I: also thanks to you!

You have done this to 2 others, yet can't receive anything yourself. Sorry". "Let's eat" said Kim, "Looks delicious; I can't wait for dessert!" as she spooned some food into her mouth. I never got the chance to eat, needed a beer, as she hooked her leg under mine and guided my bare foot up, up under her dress to rest on the edge of her chair, and use one hand to push my toes down and straight to her bare very wet pussy. "Oh, Kim!" I groaned, "What are you doing to me?" "Enjoying the dinner I wanted" she calmly replied between mouthfuls, as she squirmed her hips just a little to wriggle my toes closer between her pussy lips, which were dripping and protruding and inviting.

With the table so narrow, and Kim perched virtually on the edge of her chair it was not terribly difficult to plant my big toe square into her cunt, my other toes above and able to squirm on her clit. She moaned, just as Phung returned to stand at my corner of the table facing Kim, a Kim now writhing rather agitatedly and moaning. There was no-one behind me in this corner of the courtyard, so with Phung standing there writing on a menu pad as if taking another order from us, I couldn't resist sliding my left hand under her skirt, feeling silky smooth thighs as I leisurely meandered upwards.

She had jane darling and peter north her panties! Now it was an open pussy my fingers reached as she spread her stance a little wider, allowing me to feel wisps of wet hair and a sopping slit. With a toe going in and out of Kim's cunt, a small prick to be sure, but it seemed to be pleasuring the recipient, I now put two fingers together and moistened them in Phung's juices as I pushed them up and into her tight but ready cunt.

She yelped! Some close diners glanced at the noise, but only saw a smiling man using one hand to eat with his fork, his companion with her back to them moving around a little as if uncomfortable on the wooden seat, and a waitress taking an order. A perfectly normal scene.

Phung wobbled and, proving how horny she was, gushed juices down my fingers and arm as she clearly climaxed. Kim watching Phung did likewise on my toe as I pushed it in to its limit and my other toes pressed hard against her clit.

My cock ached to do the same, but a wet patch under girl's skits is more easily hidden than one glaringly obvious on the front of a guy's pants, so I begged my cock to be patient, to wait for another time.

Releasing hands and toes and slowly sitting back up straight, I looked at Phung and asked "what do you recommend for dessert?" and to Kim lounging back in her chair "what more would you like to eat?" Both girls somewhat vaguely glared at me interrupting their languid come-down from their peaks, but I grinned, looked at Phung and sweetly asked "another beer as my dessert please".

Kim said she would have 'the special', to which Phung replied "that would be me then", handing Kim a page from her order pad, no doubt with her phone no. and possibly address written on it. She handed one also to me, but I did take note that it was to Kim she had handed the info first, and at Kim she was now looking. I smiled at the romance, and the eroticism of this simple meal in a restaurant with my ex-aunty-in-law; 'enjoy life' Kim had said earlier. Well, it was pretty enjoyable at times.

Phung returned with my beer, bringing Kim a small, bobbling caramel tart, which Kim proceeded to sexily slide into her mouth, facing me, rolling it around on her tongue before swallowing each mouthful and with an exaggerated lick of her lips. She was a minx! But so seductive to watch and be with, as I sipped my beer and enjoyed an almost post-coital cigarette. Kim slipped her feet into her shoes under the table, stood and smoothed her skirt, and went to the bathroom, attracting the admiring glances of men and women alike as she glided past.

She was away for quite a while, another beer's worth, which I ordered from a different waiter in Phung's absence. Kim's return provoked more stares, envy and lust I surmised, not this dirty lesbian gets her ass filled up with the strapon because she had put her hair into a pony-tail, trailing down her back, but only further accentuating her front, dominated by her breasts, which in turn exaggerated the slimness of her lower body, firmness of her stomach, and I knew from the rear, her trim buttocks all moulded inside that clinging dress.

She had also touched up her make-up, and her eyes shone with excitement, and she bubbled with suppressed excitement when she sat down, smiling or grinning, with contentment. "What have you been doing all this time? I was getting lonely" I smiled at her. "Well, by coincidence, I bumped into Phung in the bathroom and so I gave her my phone number and then, you know, we were just doing 'girl-things'" she even blushed, as I raised my eyebrows to Phung returning to stand at our table, blonde milf is to horny not do it on webcams touched-up and seemingly stimulated.

"Uh-huh, I think I get the picture" I nodded, and what a picture it was playing in my mind, of the two of them doing 'girl-things' for the past 15-20 minutes. Phung presented the bill to Kim, clearly pre-arranged as Kim said "my treat; I invited you".

I shrugged acceptance after one pointless attempt to offer to pay. After Phung had taken the money, and a sizeable tip from both Kim and I, Kim asked "what would you like now, my ex-nephew?" "Very funny, but if you are in a fun mood, and asking for a straight answer: I need one more thing to remember this night absolutely forever." I paused; "I would like to go to a karaoke cuddle bar room, and have your beautiful tits in my hands and my mouth.

You asked, and that's what I would really like now please Kim." She took one of those deep, chest expanding breaths, but this time rubbed her hands up from her lap, over her hips and on to smooth up the side of her tits before cupping them and squeezing them right before my eyes.

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"Oh, I think I would like that, they can feel it already" she moaned, tweaking her nipples erect, poking out through her bra and woolen dress towards me. "Maybe we could invite Phung to join us when she finishes work…?" I smiled agreement.

A quiet word to Phung as we left, name of a bar given, and we headed for Kim's motor bike; not having a licence for a bike all these years (against company policy when I lived here), I was used to being a pillion passenger. In truth I loved it as it gave ideal opportunities for closeness: my crotch pushed up against Beauty gives blow previous to sex smalltits and hardcore arse, and my hands around her waist, sometimes 'slipping' over a bump in the road, up to steady against her breasts just a small feel for the first time touching them, sometimes down to steady against her thighs.

It's another of my erotic likes, only sorry when the ride was only five minutes, and we were at the bar. But five minutes of promise of more.

The bar was small, dark and intimate: normal for this type of establishment; we asked for a private room, the waitress arrived with a tray of beers and glasses and ice within minutes of me requesting them, turned on the machine to play non-stop romantic karaoke songs, then left with a smile and a reminder she would only come back if we pressed the call buzzer.

Hardly had she closed the door, and I had poured a beer for us, when Kim stood, swayed to the music, and had her dress up and over her bare pussy and up and off and thrown it casually on the other end of the big sofa we had to ourselves.

She stood, hands on swaying hips an arm's length in front of me, letting my eyes rove up from her legs, pausing at her pussy which I had so recently had my toe inside, tautness of her abdomen no less without her dress; I closed my eyes momentarily, imagining where next I would gaze, but when I opened them it was even more than my mind had pictured.

Kim had unclasped her bra in front, and the second my eyes opened, she let it drop away, revealing the treasures I had asked for in all their bare, smooth, uplifted glory. My breathing stopped, and a pounding heart warned of an imminent attack as she stepped closer, reaching down to grasp my hands, gravity swinging those pendulous boobs hanging down. She raised my hands, lifting them out as she sank to her haunches on my lap, squashing the risen cock in my xxx sex english storys mxvp4 as she gave her breasts to me.

I had to use 2 hands to cover just one, cupping one side, my thumbs in the middle at her nipple, rubbing each side and around, squeezing it to its length as it responded, then lowered my tongue to lick at the protrusion of nipple I left available and open above my squeezing thumbs, using my hands to push up the entire breast closer to my mouth.

Kim moaned; so did I, as I slipped my thumbs sideways when my mouth needed to open wide and plunge on to the entire nipple and as much of the il surprend sa soeur avec la bite du cheval mound as possible. She hissed an intake of breath as I let my tongue play with her swollen nipple while my mouth tried to suck up and in the whole tit; an impossible task.

The thing was they were totally real and natural, a fact she clearly was happy to now point out to me, but without necessity: I knew how they felt and tasted, how smooth they were, how fiery sexy threesome delight hardcore and blowjob reacted to my touch, but just to prove it, she gently moved me to the other breast to repeat my actions as if reassuring me both were equally all hers.

They sure responded equally. I swiveled and laid her down on the sofa, letting her be comfortable, while I kneeled in between her legs and leant over to kiss her mouth, her face and neck, nibbling around to my favourite: earlobes, which always seemed to be an erogenous point for the ladies I had been lucky enough to be with. Kim groaned and arched. I was still fully dressed no sandals of course in an Asian house/room and Kim reached for my shirt buttons, undoing them enough to reach her hands inside and fondle my chest and my tiny, pointed nipples, then hug me encircling my back.

She unclasped me and reached for my pants clips, but I backed away out of reach, and said "I wanted just this one more pleasure with you; I didn't ask for more." And I leant back and kissed her mouth, open to tongues clutching and swallowing, Kim with as much vigour as me, oblivious to my beer and cigarette-tasting mouth thankfully. Relinquishing her mouth, I traced a saliva trail down her chest, branching off one side then the other: destination boob and nipple right, then left after a suitable time exploring; trying to equalize my attention between them, as no way could I get both to/in my mouth at the same time!

I feasted non-stop, there was so much breast in front of me to roam over, my hands and my mouth couldn't seem to get enough; at times, I snuck in a deep mouth kiss, a nibble on Kim's ears, sucking gently on her neck but always I soon returned to a nipple or a breast. Kim appeared to be enjoying all this attention, but wanted more, and I knew I had to break part of my promise, if only to be fair; after all, I was getting my emotional rocks off, if not my physical ones, with sublime contentment, and wanted to satisfy her also.

I trailed my tongue away from her breasts, kissing and licking down, sucking into her tiny belly button, obliging my hands to leave her boobs for the moment, to slide under her buttocks and lift her slightly, my thumbs together in the crack, as my mouth reached the mound of her pussy, pausing at the intake of breath Kim made, as if this was now the start of a climax for her.

My tongue liked what it found, a gaping cunt, swollen lips and sweet juices lubricating the area copiously. I licked it up with glee, and down also; across and around, down to the sensitive perineum, Kim writhing considerably now as I tickled her rosebud with my tongue, just a flutter of touch to gauge her reaction: she pushed it out at me, reaching her hands down to push my head into her hard!

So I did, trying to curl my tongue into a driving force, forcing it inside her, until now she did cum with shudders and squeals, and juices from her pussy oozing down her crack and covering my hands holding her buttocks. I was pleased to have done this for her, and let her relax by transferring my tongue back to her pussy slit, gently slurping and swallowing the juices found there, cleaning her while stimulating her differently.

I continued for some minutes, slowly and tenderly, causing small shudders and much moaning, before lifting my soaking face up, removing my hands from under and leaning back up along her body to again engulf breasts, one by one, then to her mouth for a lingering kiss. She sighed. I eased away, lifting her legs while I sat back on the couch, then laying those slim, shapely legs across my lap; I reached for a now warm beer, added what little ice was left in the bucket, and after drinking and placing the glass down, I used my hands gently to massage from her feet to her thighs nothing sexual, just a soothing massage; it worked as Kim dozed off under my hands.

I was captivated by her sexuality, but purely that; no professed love or emotional linkage to our actions, just as she had said "…take the enjoyment which is offered…" I used the remote to turn down the volume, lightly stroking Kim's legs as she slept, more than happy to do so, and happy she seemed happy.

Eventually, we were disturbed by a knock at the door, and a voice announcing it was Phung, and could she come in. I asked her to wait for a moment and draped Kim's dress over her body as she stirred, then I opened the door. Phung had changed from her uniform, and looked even more beautiful, as she stood smiling, before taking a step and leaning into me, a deep kiss, hand to my groin, while I reveled in the firm points of nipples pushing against my bare chest.

Kim stirred a little more, hardly awake, but enough to pout "Now I need a fuck to finish off". She was open about her need, that's for sure! "I think you will be well taken care hardcore latina swallows and gets a facial without that, Phung is here" I responded, kissing Phung but stepping back from her before I gave in.

"Me, I am going home; it's late and I have to work early. Besides, I asked you for one more taste of heaven, and you gave me two. I mustn't be greedy, and if I stay here now, I might lose my self-control!" Phung glided herself across my body as she passed and made her way over to Kim, lifting the dress and leaning down to kiss her deeply on the mouth.

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I wasn't needed for the passion to continue, so I smilingly buttoned my shirt, adjusted my cock in my pants, and felt for tell-tale wetness, but luckily it seemed only to have seeped inside my underwear. I moved over to the girls, kissed Phung nicely, kissed Kim passionately, and said: "good night, girls, I had a wonderful evening." "Let's have dinner again, very soon" Kim breathed. "And let's start with dessert!" finished Phung as I let myself out.

"When?" I asked myself.