Cheerleader roxy dee gets bonked by hung jock

Cheerleader roxy dee gets bonked by hung jock
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It was the end of summer, when the temperatures should have started their annual decline. This year, it was different since the Pacific Northwest was in one of the longest heat vĂ£-deo020 cut cut cut tube porn in it's history. Still, the golden leaves danced in the wind as they fell from their branches, leaving only the evergreens with signs of life.

Ashling was more then a little miserable with the heat and sweat. She does enjoy swimming at night or go for her walks but lately, the sun was smothering her. Many enjoyed the heat and sun but she was a Seattle girl, loving the rain and a cool breeze.

Tonight was a particularly warm night and she was compelled to leave her bedroom window open, letting the flimsy screen keep the bugs at bay. Her only solace resided in her lack of clothing and the fan pushing a gentle, soothing breeze across her curved form. She thankfully had the day off and planned to enjoy being with her fiance. The day involved many rounds of passionate love-making and more cuddling then she could shake a stick at.

The combination of fatigue and heat ensured her a restful night. She felt relatively safe with him downstairs making himself a snack and watching some television before returning to her for the night. She was unaware that she was not alone, for two sets of eyes crept up her near-nude form, basking in her beauty, even seeing a small bump in her stomach.

She was three months into her my sister is in bathroom with my bf name girl, praying that the little one would make it.

Her breasts had been slowly growing to firm high C cups. maybe low D's. Her braided black hair snaked down her chest between her firm mounds. She was always considered beautiful and graceful with one small hang-up. She always covered her upper body or made herself sit in was that concealed the scars across her back and the brand of her former life on the back of her neck. She rarely allowed anyone, even her love to see her shame of her former life. Tonight, she only wore the fishnets from when she surprised her man.

The bratva had a price on her head, wanting her to pay for betraying what they felt was their hospitality by killing the lieutenant that she was given to against her will and forced to marry.

She had been on the run since she was sixteen, now twenty-two. Those two years of hell left physical and deeper psychological scars, but her lover saw past them, helping her feel safe.

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The shadows concealed her stalkers perfectly while they enjoyed her beauty, both hungry for her in different ways. Both lethal predators, one being a man while the other was his faithful, genetically-altered anaconda. The young man took his knife and popped the screen free, climbing into the room with his beloved companion, Bellan. He pulled his six digital camcorders and got ready, placing three in various places in the room for optimal angles, while keeping one in his possession.

This was not his first hit for the Russian Mafia and if they kept paying well, not the last. He had to admit, he considered doing her himself before letting Bellan have his fun. He decided against it to avoid potential DNA contamination. The two drew in her scent. sex and woman musk. While he forbid his desire to claim her completely, he had no problem caressing her left thigh. She lay on her back, out like a light, having no need to take her sleep medication earlier.

The slight touch makes her mumble softly before she rolls over half-way onto her right side with her knees curled in. He smirked and pulled his hand away before he hissed sex wife xx story com, his permission for the serpent to take her. The snake silently slithered up the side of the bed and took a lick of her covered feet. He found her taste intoxicating and proceeded to coil up her legs, careful not to disturb her.

Ash purrs and wiggles her toes in her stocking-clad feet, despite the serpent's best efforts. The coils slowly loop around her feet, ankles, knees and thighs.

The hit-man continued to stare, excited by her beautiful body while his snake continued to perform the ancient dance of predator and prey. He moved higher up her petite form, careful not to make a sound. Bellan scoops her arms and traps both to her sides. He made more loose loops around her stomach while staying clear of the inconvenient bump.

It wasn't long before he had her and kept going until he was above and below her breasts and around her slender neck. The rubbing of his scales against her, the sound especially, excited hitman. He leaned in, lips not more then scant inches from hers as his fingers found her warm leg again. This caused the thick coils to slowly tighten just enough so she can easily breathe but terminating any other movement, communicating Bellan's ownership over her. The thoughts of her delicious curves rush through the snake's primitive mind until he rested his head beside the hers.

She begins to wake up with a soft murmur. "Mmmm. baby." she whines happily as she squirms a bit from the strange pressure, causing the snake to tighten his own body, making her eyes fly open. His head comes around before hers, eyes locked upon hers.

Those black orbs made her shiver down to her soul. The coils clamp her shoulders and neck as he brings his head above hers and starts salivating, wetting her soft hair. She groans and tries to wiggle, looking to her beloved man, her future husband, the father of their unborn child. She clenches her fists, making very little movement now with the mighty coils holding her down. The tail braces her neck, then she sees the stranger in the shadows.

" help." she wheezed, not seeing the petite latina rides on a big boner cumshot and teen features until he stepped closer, laying his hand on her skin again. She felt that shiver grow to dread as she looked upon his familiar Russian features. She remembered him doing his business with her former husband.

She was horrified that she had been found and knew that her end would come soon. He had such a smug smile on his face as he touched her cheek with his finger tips while holding a camcorder with the other hand. All three of them knew that she was nothing more then snake food now.

To the middle-aged man, she was the perfect woman and to Bellan, she was the perfect meal. She belonged to him and his master now, stolen from under her lover's nose. The hungry serpent wiggles his jaws, priming them for the chore to come, popping his jaws into a grotesquely distorted version of what they once were. She loved snakes and could hardly stand being the mouse wrapped in coils. She turns her gaze and looks into the snake's cavernous throat, feeling it practically draw her in, in search for her vulnerable little body.

The thought of her fitting in that tight hole made her shiver with horror. and strange arousal. The man saw her desire in her eyes as she looked to her killer. He slid his hand over the coils until one of her firm mounds sits in his palm and gives it a firm squeeze. "Please.

don't." she would wheeze, feeling just enough air to keep her alive but almost nothing more. The coils tighten more around her shoulders as his jaws bite down around her head, making her wince when his teeth grabbed her and began the arduous task of pulling her inside. There was the sucking noise, the sound of wet flesh vying for her soft, warm flesh. Her eyes clamp shut with a visible grimace, just in time for the rest of her head to be taken into his maw.

The throat massages her scalp. and pulls the top of her head into the tightness of his throat. He takes her head completely, he moves further to devour her shoulders and slowly approaches her milk-filled breasts, wiggling tantalizingly before him.

She clenches her fists and tries to wiggle, thinking of her fiance and their baby. Tears ran down her cheeks, only to be washed away by the snake's saliva. She is barely able to move her head inside the snake's throat, wishing to make ANY noise. Instead she started to grow light-headed as the snake's lips touched the tops of her breasts. He slowly worked his way around her soft globes, soaking them heavily in saliva as he continued to hot teen allie gets her tight pussy licked by milf mona her into himself.

His tongue flicks out and teases her nipples and until he decided to suck her further down his throat. The coils begin to relax and roll away to reveal her bruised skin. It was only a moment of freedom before her weak body was sucked deeper into the depths of his throat. Once his jaws reached past her ribs. This cut off any further ability to breath, compounded when the throat muscles clamped over her baby-filled belly.

She takes her last stale deep breath until his jaws clamped shut over her stomach, forcing the air back out. This air was all that she needed to snap out of her daze leaving her unmercifully awake for the horror to come. "Hub. by." she gasps quietly. She couldn't deny how nice it felt on her sensitive flesh, especially against her bruised flesh. Her mouth flew open and practically wanted to scream her delight as her slightly-rounded tummy pops into his throat.

Ever so slowly his jaws have sealed around her broad hips with the thick saliva oozing across her ass as it soaks her ever-moistening groin. She groans as her hips are painfully pulled into his tight throat. Once again, her head is swimming with the lack of breathable air. The snake keeps one coil wrapped around her toned calves, keeping them from thrashing about. The man leans in and begins to lick her perfect thighs, working his way towards her small feet.

"I do love stockings." he purred softly as he kissed each digit. "No. mom and son full sex stories xxx sex story free downlod. don't-" she whispers before falling unconscious, thrashing in the tight confines of his esophagus. After about a minute the jaws are completely around the fullness of her heavenly hips and began the easy walk down her long legs. Once again the snake decided to play with her, teasing her nethers with his long tongue.

Her mind shudders as she feels her arousal grow. forcing her awake from her state. She wiggles her hips, trying to get away from the evil tickling in her lips and bucks again instinctively as the tongue danced over her swollen button. He forced the long tongue into her deeply, giving her a small ride before her end. Her lack of oxygen helped her fly to strange, new heights. She jerks her legs a bit, trying to kick free or at least dislodge his assault incurring inside her.

He savored the feel of her fuzzy mound clenching around his curious appendage. Those struggle only made them both desire her further, in their most basic, predatory ways.

He sinks his small teeth into her thighs and the coil squeeze around her lower legs, close to popping her bones.

She curls her toes, tries to wiggle her feet, and attempts to scream, even with the lack of oxygen and the mouth-full of snake juice. She clenches her fists and her insides massage the invading tongue, as tightly as he held her. controlling her lithe body with his powerful one. She thrusts her hips in the air, insides clamping over and over.

until she finally cums around him, the sweet fluids coating his tongue. She feels herself sinking deeper, allowing a little more air down to her starved lungs, allowing the fog to clear. She feels the small teeth grip her sensitive flesh of her thighs and pulls her in. It isn't long until the throat muscles begin to do all the work, drawing her in quicker. Her knees bump into his snout, making her squirm a bit, her thighs half-way down his throat. The serpent released her legs just to swallow her knees, leaving only her feet.

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She tried to kick her feet just enough but it's too late to do anything. The muscles slowly pull her in and he shut his jaws behind her delicate toes to seal her hot redhead amateur anal fucks in fake cab inside her scaled tomb. The wiggling bulge fights even harder now that the snake neared the end of his long meal. She had to free herself, if for no one else, but her unborn daughter! She grits her teeth and uses her nails to try and claw as she bit at his slimy insides.

It was hopeless and she was dying from the lack of air yet again. and the snake teased the feet while they sat his tightly closed mouth. His teeth poking her tiny digits and tongue licking the warmth of her soles. This was hell. and her man would never know what happened. It was all too much so she began to cry. He raises his head and allows gravity to aid in finishing her journey down his throat. It was a horrid site as he reopened his mouth, giving a good view of her small feet being pulled in with each swallow.

With a final gulp, her toes slipped from view, beginning the arduous trip to his roomier stomach. It seemed, even after claiming her, he wasn't through tormenting her.

She couldn't help but purse her lips again as the ripples of the ribs passed over her sensitive skin, especially her nipples and tickled the crest of her mound. The trip didn't take long as she finally settles inside the stomach, dousing her in a new, tingling slime as she breached the chamber. She wondered if she was going to feel the burn, when it came for her. --- In all of the commotion, you begin to wake up, eyes were barely open as you notice the strange shuffling coming from upstairs.

It sounded like something was dragging and thumping across the floor. You felt ice in your veins at the thought of your fiance falling and getting hurt so you bolt out of your chair. You are practically running up the stairs, having barely missed the man who had packed up all but one camcorder, leaving the space on the bed devoid of your two loves.

"Ash?" you shout with growing concern spiking to new levels. Oblivious to the snake hiding on the other side of the bed, in the dark room you run into the hall towards the bathroom, seeing if she made it there.

if only you knew. You begin to hear that strange something in the bedroom again and you smile while sighing in relief.

You have every intention on getting her back for making your milf alura jenson fuck virgin boy. "I am going to get her and kiss my mischievous lover for her pranks." you state with your smile shifting to a wolfish grin.

You, the unsuspecting boyfriend reenter the bedroom to surprise her, only to distinctly notice her absence still. A flicker of movement catches your eye coming from the window. "A snake!" you shout as you bolt to it as it tried making it's escape out the window. You snarl and grab it by the tail, using all of your considerable strength strength to pull it back in with the tell-tale bulge in the middle. With a shout, you begin your assault, punching it in the snout with your fist.

Adrenaline rushing through his body, focusing his mind to one purpose, the head snapping at you. The snake coils around you tightly, causing a rib to pop. You only increase your assault, making the snake move and hiss in anger. You do not care and you have your wits enough to keep your arms from getting bound in his chunky coils. You finally get his head in your grip, attempting to squeeze and bite it in hopes of getting it to spit her out.

There is a loud retching noise as the snake begins to lose his concentration, and his dinner. The excitement was too much and it wasn't long until the coils relented to allow the bulge to travel back up his body.

Your eyes well up as the feet of your lover appear, sliding back out of the serpent's mouth. The reverse happened quickly until she was a pile of spit, gastric juices, and unconscious girl. You scream for joy upon seeing her laying there but the hiss returns your eyes to the immediate threat. The snake was robbed of his meal, terrified but enraged.

You grab one of your shotguns for home protection beside the bedroom door. You know better then to leave such weapons unloaded for now. You pump the twelve-gauge and end the snake's life. You spot the face of the man in the window with a silenced 9mm in hand. The memories of her words come back to you, her night-terrors about the gangsters finding her. Your mind focused again as he took aim for you, worried about the weapon in your hands.

You fire again, putting a wad of tungsten shots into the guy's face and the window that he used for cover. He makes no sound as he falls to the floor below, slamming on the pavement. You pump another round and confirm that both intruders were dead before moving to the downed girl.

You give her a few breaths of CPR and cause her to cough and spit up some snake fluid. She opens her eyes and sees you and begins to scream. You drop your shotgun and move to hold her, letting her sob into your shoulder until she calmed herself. "Are. you okay, my love?" you ask her tenderly as you pull back to look into her eyes. Her face relaxes and she hugs you weakly. That is when your chest shoots with blinding pain from the coils. She moves to the phone and calls for an ambulance.

--- Both lovers were kept over-night, medical staff and police being unable to separate the two. They were placed in witness protection as they testified of the bratva's dealings, bringing the Cute teen and busty stepmom hot threeway in the bedroom branch crashing down.

They had a beautiful baby girl six months later and lived happily in Portland, Oregon, knowing that for once, she was as safe as she could be. She would eventually join the investigation and help take the fight back to organized crime.

Only time will tell how successful she is in her quest.